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Let's talk about sects, baby!   17 y  
What is a sect? How is it different from a denomination? Are such divisions proof of an "inferior" religion?
Dictionary: Sect: [Middle English secte, from Old French, from Latin secta, course, school of thought, from feminine past participle of sequ, to follow; see sekw-1 in Indo-European roots.] 1. A group of people forming a distinct unit within a larger group by virtue of certain refinements or distinctions of belief or practice. 2. A religious body, especially one that has separated from a larger denomination. 3. A faction united by common interests or beliefs. Denomination: 1. A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name and organized under ...   read more

The Word of God   17 y  
What exactly is it? Can oral tradition be included? How was the Bible canon determined?
Why Only Books? Whose Books? Lost Books?   read more

Hermeneutics: How To Read The Bible   17 y  
A link to an aritcle explaining the basics of proper treatment of text.   visit the page

It's a No-Brainer   17 y  
How Biblical meditation is radically different from all other forms
Meditation in the Bible is always the practice of filling one’s mind with deep thoughts of God and his Word, pondering his teachings. A glance at Psalm 119 reveals this unmistakable fact. That this is completely opposite from the meditation in various other religions is quite obvious, as will be shown. Yet in spite of this, the Christian church is largely unaware of the subtle teachings that have infiltrated it to an alarming degree. Terms like ”contemplative prayer”, ”centering”, and worst of all, ”the silence” have become household words in places where they should be considered c ...   read more

Why do bad things happen to good people?   17 y  
The book by that name paints an erroneous picture of God in an effort to answer the question. This is a rebuttal of the book.   visit the page

Where Did Cain Get His Wife?   17 y  
Bible critics often cite this question as an attempt to discredit the Bible on both internal and external grounds.
from (Ken Ham) ”And Adam called his wife’s name Eve: because she was the mother of all living” (Genesis 3:20). Over the past fifteen years of full-time involvement in the creation ministry, the question have been asked more than any other is, ”Where did Cain get his wife?” First of all, it is vitally important for the Christian to be able to answer this question, as it relates to defending the fact that all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve; and, secondly, that it is only their descendants that can be saved. Let me go through these ...   read more

The Resurrection: more theories... and the facts.   17 y  
A summary of the facts and lame theories concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
Evidence for the Resurrection by Josh McDowell For centuries many of the world’s distinguished philosophers have assaulted Christianity as being irrational, superstitious and absurd. Many have chosen simply to ignore the central issue of the resurrection. Others have tried to explain it away through various theories. But the historical evidence just can’t be discounted. A student at the University of Uruguay said to me. ”Professor McDowell, why can’t you refute Christianity?” ”For a very simple reason,” I answered. ”I am not able to explain away an event in history--the resurrect ...   read more

The Resurrection: The Historians Speak   17 y  
What do respected historians have to say about the Resurrection?
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ By: J. Hampton Keathley, III , Th.M. Introduction Now, Something happened 2000 years ago, something that has changed the course of history from B.C. (Before Christ) to A.D. (the Latin Anno Domini--the year of our Lord). That “something” was so dramatic it completely changed 11 men’s lives, so that all but one died a martyr’s death. That something was an empty tomb? An empty tomb that a 15-minute walk from the center of Jerusalem would have confirmed or disproved. But even after 2,000 more years of history, a large portion of mankind hasn’t fo ...   read more

The Resurrection: could it have been faked?   17 y  
There are several popular theories that try to explain away the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Here is the most popular.
From This possibility has been raised by critics ever since Jesus rose from the dead. But it has never taken root except in some Jewish circles because the New Testament account does not support a faked resurrection theory. Nevertheless, in order for the disciples to have faked the resurrection of Jesus, several conditions must have been met. Let’s take a look at them and analyze them. 1. The disciples would need to concoct an elaborate plan. You can’t just walk to a tomb guarded by Roman soldiers and ask for Jesus’ body. So, in order ...   read more

Bible Scholars: Josh McDowell, saved by the evidence.   17 y  
Josh McDowell's hatred of Christianity was his undoing!
A brief testimony: ”I was a skeptic until I took a good hard look at the claims of Jesus Christ. In college I met several students who challenged me to take a closer look, to study and examine the Christian faith. I took the challenge, feeling certain I could prove Christianity to be false, a religion built on nice stories that couldn’t stand up to the test of truth. But as I dug deeper and deeper into the claims of Christianity, I was shocked. I found facts, not fiction. I found so much evidence that I could only come to one conclusion: Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was cruc ...   read more

Bible Scholars: the unsurpassed linguistic genius of Robert D. Wilson   17 y  
Robert D. Wilson applied his gifts and education to the scientific study of the Old Testament text.
The Remarkable Robert Dick Wilson by Wayne Jackson Christian Courier: Penpoints Monday, April 24, 2000 Robert Dick Wilson was truly a remarkable gentleman. Bible students are indebted to him for the masterful work he did in helping to confirm the credibility of the Old Testament. Robert Wilson was born in 1856; he graduated from Princeton University at the age of twenty. He went on to earn both a Masters degree and a Ph.D. He then did further post-graduate work in Germany for two years. He was a brilliant language student - when he was still in college he could read his New Testam ...   read more

The Amazing Prophecies of Daniel   17 y  
Daniel is the book the critics hate most, because it predicted in detail the rise and fall of four major world empires in order.
Daniel’s Visions of the Future written by Paula Fether (see also Revelation and Prophecy articles) Vision #1: The Statue Daniel 2:41 In that you were seeing feet and toes partly of wet clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom. Some of the strength of iron will be in it, for you saw iron mixed with wet clay. 2:42 In that the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, the latter stages of this kingdom will be partly strong and partly fragile. 2:43 And in that you saw iron mixed with wet clay, so people will be ...   read more

Women and the Bible   17 y  
What does the Bible say about women? Here is an outline of the book, "10 Lies the Church Tells Women".
Ten Lies the Church Tells Women J. Lee Grady outline by Paula Fether LIE #1: God created women as inferior beings, destined to serve their husbands 1. Overview In spite of a long proven track record of leadership and evangelism by women, both men and women in the Church have considered women to be God’s "second choice". 2. A theology of male chauvinism The Church has not adopted Christ’s revolutionary liberation of women. Respected church leaders such as Tertullian, Martin Luther, and John Calvin viewed all women with co ...   read more

Dispensationalism   17 y  
A discussion of the history of God's dealings with mankind
Dispensationalism: Key to Understanding the Bible Paula Fether, October 2004 Introduction Hermeneutics, the theory and methodology of scriptural interpretation, depends entirely upon a good understanding of the series of dispensations or ages by which God has revealed himself and his prophetic plan to mankind. This foundational understanding is crucial because it will prevent the Bible student from making great (and possibly heretical) errors on such teachings as salvation, security, Christian living, and worship. Many cults were born out of ignorance of ...   read more

Legalism   17 y  
What place do "works" (deeds) have in the life of the Christian?
The Law written by Paula Fether This document deals with the question of whether the Old Testament (OT) law, also referred to as the Law of Moses or the Levitical system, must be observed by Christians. It is presumed that the Law does not save anyone from sin but merely makes us aware of it ( Romans 3:20). So the focus here will be on whether these ordinances apply to Christians, and whether there is any difference in how it may apply to Jews who become Christians. First let’s look at the strictest view: that all the Mosaic law applies to Christians. If that i ...   read more

Passion Week   17 y  
A bird's-eye view of the time between Jesus' public entry into Jerusalem and his Resurrection from the dead.
No Text   visit the page

Salvation   17 y  
What is it? Why should I want it? How do I get it?
No Text   visit the page

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