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[video/audio] Why is Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana illegal? READ (Important)   12 y  
Do I sound like a pot smoking hippy? That's what the government want you to think...
If you have been reading my blogs you will know that the THC in hemp oil is claimed to be able to cure cancer, and that some people believe we are now at "peak oil", which will be followed by the p...   read more

Conspiracy theory   12 y  
Thoughts on conspiracy theory.
I'll say something on this, because my next blog will touch the edges of it, but I don't really believe in conspiracy theory. However intelligent people can manipulate others. Especially when they ...   read more

Life, the Universe etc   12 y  
Memories of looking at stars and watching the Apollo 11 moon landing
Have you ever lay down on a mountain, gazed at the stars through a clear sky at night, and wondered what life is all about? I have, as a child. What made me recall this now is that my friend is ...   read more

[video/audio] Humanure, Solar Ovens and a bit of a ramble   12 y  
A look at raw food, solar cookers, low water vegetable production, the importance of soil, and humanure as a fertilizer
I was going to look into humanure, but when I searched humanure on Curezone I found one of Lapis's old blogs about raw food I thought that was interest...   read more

More Nutrients in Organic Foods? (a short entry)   12 y  
Just a brief note written as I do some "live" research into nutrients in organic food.
You know for many years I regarded organic food as being a bit silly. OK, you get to buy apples with no traces of pesticide on them, but you can wash that off anyway, so why pay the extra? Howev...   read more

[video/audio] John Zerzan, William Paul Young, anarchy or hierarchy?   12 y  
A quick look at the award winning "Adventure of a Speck of Dust" video by John Zerzan, and a comparison of that video with some words from Williams Paul Young's book "The Shack"
Take a look at this somewhat gloomy video by John Zerzan, an American anarchist and primitivist, directed by Ljubodrag Staroviah. It won the best prize for the Best Experimental film at the 54th Be...   read more

[video/audio] Richard Heinberg , Peak Oil, Cuba, Porn and a Black Cat   12 y  
A look at Peak Oil, with some comments on Organic Gardening and some interesting video and pics of a cute li'l pussy.
I have ordered my organic seeds, a pH meter and a oil testing kit. I tried to test the pH of my soil using some urine test strips that I used for water fasting, but the PH scale is quite large, it ...   read more

[video/audio] Organic Gardening   12 y  
I feel it's time to take my nutrition and health into my own hands. Back to basics. I have no clue about growing things. Here's my starting point, these excellent videos.
This will be fun. Myself and a friend are going to try organic gardening, but neither of us have the faintest idea where to start. We are both reading this excellent video playlist on YouTube http...   read more

Good Nutritarian links   12 y  
Some links for nutritarians
As I broaden my searches I am finding some good quality nutritarian links. I would love to look into this more, there is so much to do. But I guess I have got more time now in which to do it, thank...   read more

[video/audio] Videos that I will play and possibly review later   12 y  
The content of these should be good because I am familiar with the speakers.
At some stage I will probably view and summarize some of these. The above one is old (2002) the link below shows a newer one and it covers all in the above plus depression etc. And...   read more

[video/audio] Dr T Colin Campbell, co-author of the China Study at the Wellness Forum   12 y  
Dr T Colin Campbell, co-author of the China Study, addresses the Wellness Forum
The wellness forum, Dr T Colin Campbell, co-author of the China Study This will probably be too long a video for most people, but I am doing it because Campbell wrote the China Study, and th...   read more

[video/audio] Hemp oil (cannabis resin) cures cancer and many other illnesses   12 y  
Review of Rick Simpson's Video "Run from the Cure (second edition)", in which it is claimed that hemp oil cures many things including cancer, but the authorities and medical profession are against him.
58 minute video, Run from the Cure, second edition. Distribute freely. Summary? Rick Simpson rediscovers the cure for cancer, and shares it with everyone for free. But the authorities don'...   read more

To do   12 y  
A list of things / people / sites I need to check out, feel free to make suggestions
MACFADDEN ========= maybe one day I will check out - "Bernarr Macfadden (1868 - 1955), the "Father of Physical Culture This Web Site Faithfully Presents His Ama...   read more

Peasants: Were they rich or poor?   12 y  
Were peasants rich or poor?
While driving through the Brittany region of France last year, I noticed how many lovely cottages were coming on the market at cheap prices, with acres of land. My knowledgeable travel companion...   read more

Video review - Doctor Caldwell Esselstyn at Albion PA   12 y  
A lecture with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., M.D. Author of the book "PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE" at Albion PA
Part 1 Bonnie Little, founder, Albion PA. Invited Dr Esselstyn to come and meet them. She read Esslestyn, Campbell and F...   read more

[video/audio] Fuhrman Radio broadcast review - "Healthy at 100" with John Robbins, Author   12 y  
A summary of Dr Joel Fuhrman's Voice of America Broadcast called "Healthy at 100: Achieving a Long Healthy Life" with guest John Robbins.
This is a pre-taped show so no phone-ins on this one. Special Guest John Robbins Launch in external player or download. Originally broadcast o...   read more

[video/audio] Radio Broadcast review - what the hell is sarcopenia?   12 y  
A summary of Dr Joel Fuhrman's Voice of America Broadcast called "Preventing Sarcopenia: the Major Cause of Age-Related Disabilities". It is about osteoporosis and strength training, with guest Steve Reis of Santa Rosa Strength
Launch in external player or download. Originally broadcast March 14th 2007 Note: Dr Fuhrman has one over-riding theme, that a plant based nutrition...   read more

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