Juice/Water FASTING Daily Progress Log- NEW March 2009
by l1724

Fast- DAY 12 3/27/09   14 y  
Fast- DAY 12 3/27/09
Weight- 132 Today was okay. Still have a coating on tongue, and stomach is growling on and off. Starting to feel pretty empty but I don't want to quit. My goal was to go to 130 and I'm almost to...   read more

Fast- DAY 11 3/26/09   14 y  
Fast- DAY 12 3/26/09
Weight- 132.6 Weight loss still slow and steady. Had a film on my tongue all day- gross! Had little energy today but 0 when I got home. It was 5:30 and I was reading a book after work when I got...   read more

Fast DAY 10! 3/25/09   14 y  
Fast- Water, DAY 10
Weight- 133 Shew! This fast really has gone fast so far but I think it will start feeling like it's slowing down. My weight loss is at a crawl but no worries, it has no choice but to pick up or at...   read more

Fast- DAY 9 3/24/09   14 y  
Fast- Water/ Juice DAY 9!
weight- 133.8 I'm pretty much considering this a water/juice fast because I haven't drank enough juice in the last 9 days to call it a juice fast. Today I had 3 drinks of my juice and water the re...   read more

Fast- DAY 8 3/23/09   14 y  
Fast- DAY 8 Juice/Water 3/23/09
Weight- 135.2 Not much in the sign of weight loss today but that doesn't phase me. I've done this enough times to know I have a few "stalls" or plateaus or whatever you want to call it. If I stick...   read more

Fast- DAY 7 3/22/09   14 y  
Fast- Water/Juice DAY 7
Weight- 135.4 Well,this is day 7 and the magnesium citrate I drank last night has been working. I wasn't sure there was much of anything left in there but there was! I had loose water stools all n...   read more

Fast- Day 6 (3/21/09)   14 y  
Fast- DAY 6 (3/21/09)
3/21/09 Weight 137.2 Today was another good day- no sign of headache for a couple days now and I'm glad about that. Not particularly hungry, but tummy a little rumbly off and on. Stuck mostly with...   read more

FAST- Day 5 3/20/09   14 y  
Fast- Day 5 3/20/09
3/20/09 Weight- 138.2 Today was okay. Interestingly enough, I weighed first thing in the morning (like always) and I weighed again a few hours later and was even a pound lower than this morning, t...   read more

Fast- DAY 4   14 y  
Fast- Juice/Water DAY 4
Weight- 139.2 I'm finally back in the 130's. It's been a few months since I've been here and I'm getting even more strength to continue as the numbers decrease. That's the key to it IF you're doin...   read more

Fast- DAY 3   14 y  
Fast- Juice/Water DAY 3
Weight- 140 Today I drank 8oz juice- mango, pineapple, kiwi- juiced. I drank 40oz water- still not enough, I just really don't feel like more. Faint headache, lower energy, but feel lighter and...   visit the page

Fast- Day 2   14 y  
Fast- Juice/Water DAY 2
Weight- 142.6 Today was pretty uneventful. I was so busy that I didn't keep up on drinking my water or juice. I probably only had 2 oz juice but I had 40 oz water, which is less than half of w...   read more

Fast- Juice/Water DAY 1   14 y  
Fast- Juice/Water DAY 1
Weight- 144.6 Okay, we're starting at square 1 again. My virus and sinus infection are better; maybe the doctor was right and the veggies and salad did help. In any case, I'm back on: Today was p...   read more

Fast- Day 4   14 y  
Fast- Day 4
Weight- 143 Have been battling strep throat and a sinus infection. Was hoping it cleared up but seemed to be worse than ever so Sat night I went back to the night time medical clinic. At the physi...   read more

Fast- Day 3   14 y  
Fast- Day 3
Weight- 143. Last night was a rough one. Hopefully I got that terrible food yearning out of my system. Woke up with a headache (of course) and still feel a little bloated. I need to get some sort...   read more

Fast- Day 2, cont..   14 y  
Fast- Day 2, cont.
Man, I now know that food/eating for me is 95% mental. I'm really not hungry, per say, but just the fact that it's the weekend is a whole different ballgame. I could fast every Mon-Fri every week a...   read more

Fast- Day 2   14 y  
Fasting- Day 2
Weight this morning- 143.4 Okay, there must have been alot of water weight lost because that's over 3 pounds, which is completely not typical. I usually go several days, even up to 6-8 days before ...   read more

Fast- Day 1   14 y  
Fast- Day 1
http://curezone.com/upload/ClipArt/tn-apple_juice.jpg Day 1- Starting weight- 146.8 and I think I'll set my goal around the 130 mark. I feel really good at that weight although the family says I...   read more

It's almost time to fast!   14 y  
Fasting- starting at midnight!
http://curezone.com/upload/ClipArt/tn-apple_juice.jpg Am beginning my fast at midnight tonight. I am 5'7 and weigh approx 145. I will have an accurate starting weight in the a.m. I am 39 and my ...   read more

Getting mentally ready for the fast tomorrow!   14 y  
FASTING Tomorrow morning, it's on!
http://curezone.com/upload/ClipArt/tn-apple_juice.jpg Went and got my fruits and veggies to start my fast tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about starting again. The 9 days I did about three weeks ...   read more

Gearing up for the cleansing fast! 3/10/09   14 y  
FASTING Journey- March 2009. Let's do this together!
Today is Tuesday, March 10th, 2009. Was planning to start a juice/water cleansing fast today but as I have strep throat currently, my husband talked me in to waiting til later this week. Getting su...   read more


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