40 Day Juicing Detox
by RedFizz
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Day 40   15 y  
Day 40!
Wow. Day 40. I am greatful. I also have a lot of mixed emotions. My boyfriend snapped at me in front of my friends and really embarrassed me. It was to the point that my friend pulled me aside and told me I should have really stood up for myself. I am back to the same decisions I had at the beginning of this fast. Oh well. I did this for me. And I am so proud. I watched episode after episode of You are what You Eat, which I am finding extremely useful in deprogramming me from the stand american diet. Tomorrow I will be eating again, and this will all be the past. I am so happ ...   read more

Day 39   15 y  
This is my last Friday
I am doing well. I think what I am going to miss most from my fast is the time that I have to myself each evening. My boyfriend refuses to eat in front of me, which I am forever grateful, so I have about an hour to myself. At the beginning of the fast, I was completely bored with this time. Now I clean up my apartment, light some candles and read. Or I will meditate, or take a bath. I am really going to miss that time. I guess I will need to find that time when I start eating again. Hunger is not a problem for the most part. I did ride my bike to the grocery store yesterday. I ...   read more

Day 38   15 y  
This is my last Thursday!
It’s the last Thursday. I am more than excited. I am ready to eat. I had more leek broth last night. My urine smells like leeks now. Ha. But it really as helped change things up for me. We went to the farmers market yesterday. My boyfriend got some organic bib lettuce that was harvested 2 days prior. He said the difference in taste was amazing. He is convinced that we will shop at the farmers markets from here on out. I remember prior to my fast I bought some tomatoes from a road-side stand. They had picked them that morning. I normally don’t like tomatoes - or so I though ...   read more

Day 37   15 y  
This is my last Wednesday.
Day 37. Oh ya. My last Wednesday. Last night I tried the leek broth. It was not bad at all although it did taste a lot like flavored water. I realize that that’s all broth is, but it was like taste without substance. It was nice to have a little change up though. I found a great sushi recipe book, and I cannot wait to try the recipes. I am concerned because my last day is Saturday, and then I travel next week, come back for a half day, leave for the weekend, come back for a half day and then leave for another week. Trying to eat healthy on the road is such a challenge let alone w ...   read more

Day 36   15 y  
This is my last Tuesday!
I am getting more and more excited. I am thrilled that I did not give up. Again, I continuously thank my boyfriend for the advice he had given me when I was thinking about ending it early. I played the Wii last night, and it kicked my butt. No really. It was embarrassing. I tried playing tennis, and I guess every player has a ”level”, and 1000 is the half way point separating the amateurs from the pros. The first pair I played against (I was playing against the computer) were levels 89 and 81. They beat me. The second pair were 45 and 51. They beat me. The third were 14 and 16 ...   read more

Day 35   15 y  
My last Monday on the fast
I am getting so excited. I am amazed at this. One of my main concerns having a low metabolism right now and gaining the weight back. So I bought a Wii this weekend, which just went on sale for the first time. The new Wii Fit Plus is released on Sunday, so I will get that to help increase my metabolism once I start eating. I have begun walking to the grocery store rather than driving. It’s only 1.5 miles, so that gets my heart rate raised a little. I guess the low impact, raising your heart rate is what melts that fat away. I am struggling with people telling me I have lost too ...   read more

Day 34   15 y  
This is the last Sunday of my fast
This is my last Sunday! After my first fast, I lost an additional 40lbs by eating a mainly raw diet, which can be extreme to some people. But today I only eat fish, fruits and vegetables. The only grains I eat are gluten-free grains such as quinoa and millet, which are awesome. The only reason I started gaining the weight back was because of my excessive wine drinking (empty calories), cheeses (oh how I will miss those), and chocolate. Dave Ramsey once said, ”If you want to be rich, watch how a rich person spends; if you want to be thin, watch how a thin person eats.” I also learne ...   read more

Day 33   15 y  
Finally in the zone
Yeah! Day 33. I am SO excited I stayed with it. I finally made it to the 120s. Granted, that is with NOTHING in my tummy/digestion, but it is great! I just want to thank my boyfriend for convincing me wait one more day to decide if I REALLY wanted to end the fast. I have morning congestion, but for the most part I feel better; whereas everyone else at the office is having to take antibiotics. I am really looking forward to eating, but I am definitely getting into the zone. Weight: 129.5 / 27.1%   visit the page

Day 32   15 y  
I need to feel like I look pretty even if I can't feel pretty.
Will this cold/flu ever go away? I no longer have a fever, but my throat is a little sore and I am coughing up the leftovers. Blah. So I discovered something pretty profound. (At least for me.) I know people preach that processed juices are completely different than fresh juices, and man were they right! I bought some apple juice yesterday, and it threw my system totally off. I had diarrhea all day long. My tummy sounded like a thunderstorm rumbling over the horizon. I juice apples all the time, and this has never happened with the fresh juice. Man, I want to eat just because ...   read more

Day 31   15 y  
Yeah! Day 31 and feeling better
Finally! Day 31. I am ready to eat, but it’s not as desperate as before. Yesterday was my friend’s birthday, so we took her to see The Wizard of Oz’s 70th Anniversary showing in the theater. Then my boyfriend made her a cake. It smelled good, but I really didn’t want any. I am feeling better. My throat still hurts, and I am having coughing fits. But my fever is gone and I feel much better. What’s interesting is that most people in the office have had this, but they ALL have had to go to doctors for antibiotics, whereas, my body has been able to recover on its own. Perhaps they ...   read more

Day 30   15 y  
It's the home stretch now
Woo-hoo! I am getting near the end. I am feeling a little better, but still sick overall. I am going to go ahead and go on into the office. I will go home if I feel bad. Weight: 130.8 / 27.8 %   visit the page

Day 29   15 y  
Getting closer and closer
I am getting over being sick. I love my friends, but I wish they would have stayed home when they were sick. I cannot wait until I am done. I am looking through some Japanese recipes. Yum! Weight: 131.2 / 27.1% bmi   visit the page

Day 28   15 y  
Sick again, but this time thanks to an overly generous friend.
Day 28. Wow. That’s as long as Daniel fasted when the angel was able to respond to him. My friends came over Saturday - even though they were sick! So guess what I am fighting. I am not a germ freak, but I am tired of people’s inconsideration. If you are sick, STAY HOME. My weight is up 2 lbs, but I did juice before weighing, and I was wearing clothing. Oh, and I did do a psyllium shake and hadn’t had a bm yet. I feel so blah. Ugh. I am glad that I kept going though. I am appreciative to my boyfriend for encouraging me. Last night I got onto a website to start looking for ...   read more

Day 25-27   15 y  
I am glad that I kept going.
Traveling home was not terrible, but they did serve nice, hot meals in first class again. But I kept reminding myself that the meals must be laden in preservatives and MSG, so that made me feel better. I have been doing well. I did get a little moody on the way home, so I knew something was being released, and I was correct. I ended up expelling a lot of bile. So the bile must have collected the toxins that were released that were causing the moodiness. I was nauseous yesterday, so I did an enema, and it really took care of the problem. My boyfriend is astounded how soft my skin ...   read more

Day 23 & 24   15 y  
I was so ready to eat. I just need to go home and have juice.
I am getting exhausted. The combination of the limited juice while on travel, the heated business meetings, and the reduced oxygen with high altitude is getting to me. I am doing okay. I cannot wait to get home tomorrow to have a good, giant, fresh juice. Yesterday I really wanted to start eating. But I had a bm not induced by a psyllium shake or an enema. I wonder if that had anything to do with a slight bought of moodiness yesterday. I was upgraded to first class for my trip home tomorrow. Oh man, I really hope they don’t serve food in the flight. I don’t know if I will be a ...   read more

Day 22   15 y  
I don't see how parents do this when they have to cook for others.
This is the hardest it has ever been! I walked off of the plane in ABQ, and the whole airport smelled like one giant tortilla shell. I mentioned it to a coworker, and she said she noticed the same thing. Then I get to the hotel, and the restaurant smelled delicious. I headed down my hallway, and I smell something so wonderful, and I notice someone had placed their tray outside their door - I wanted to gobble up their scraps! So I thought I was safe when I got into my room. Nope. I walk in and there is a bottle of sparkling wine, cheese, crackers, dried fruit. KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHN ...   read more

Day 21   15 y  
The liver detox was wonderful in the end.
The liver cleanse was quite a success. I was bouncing off of the walls by last evening due to the amount of energy I had. I ended up laying in the sun to lighten my hair again (completely covered with a visor on making me a character from The Big Bang Theory once again), and I ended up falling asleep in the sun. It was so relaxing. The wind lightly blew over me keeping me cool. Then I got up and did an enema, and it was a surprisingly relaxing experience! Who knew??? But I ended up passing the rest of the dislodged stones with the enema. I think I passed ~100 small ones, ~10 that ...   read more

Day 20   15 y  
The liver/gallbladder cleanse strikes back.
Ohhhhh man. What a night. What a morning. What an experience. I started the liver cleanse last night. It is one of the worst cleanses, and I really dislike doing it. But I did not realize how sick my liver is. I woke up this morning around 6am extraordinarily nauseous. Now, everything I have read has warnings about this. It’s indicative of how toxic the liver is. I was also extremely dehydrated, so I got some bottled water and sat next to the toilet. Needless to say I was throwing up about 5 minutes after drinking the water, which I figured I would, but I always feel so much bet ...   read more

Day 19   15 y  
I suppose I need to cleanse my liver.
Wow, day 19. Tomorrow is day 20. Like I said, the only time I want to eat is when I get bored. But I am noticing the boredom comes RIGHT before some form of purge. Really interesting. I didn’t have any more problems yesterday. I did an enema this morning and expelled some candida and some solid waste. I feel 10 times better. My complexion looks a little pallid. I have a lot of energy. Here’s the thing about natural healing. My aunt’s friend had cancer. She went through chemo and it came back. She didn’t want to go through it again, so she figured she would try natural or ac ...   read more

Day 18   15 y  
I got very sick, but it seems worth it.
Oh man, it’s getting bad. This morning I was so nauseous that I thought I was going to throw up. I knew that was usually indicative of toxins being released. Then I started cramping really badly. It was debilitating. But it finally subsided and I headed to work only to have to turn right around and go back home. I had a really gross bm. No plaque, but definitely different and putrid. Lots of mucous-y stuff, which tells me some candida is being released. I also had a high fever. Low fevers are normal for me when I go through a cleansing crisis, but it’s rare for me to have a high ...   read more

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