Forgotten Words!
by kerminator
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Just what women need to stay green?   11 y  
While there are always new products, this one will delight some, embarrass some and totally offend others... It is good to have Green innovations and progress, but please!
   **  I can share the facts...  ***  The rest of the story: Solar vibrator helps women get off while getting off the grid  by  Ashley Braun 5 Aug 2010 5:02 PM            Living  Green, sex, solar power, The Grist List, Things That Are Funny            Let’s give a squeal of welcome to the newest member of the ...   read more

Looking for love (sex) in all the wrong places...   11 y  
What is this love we seek? What really makes a marriage? Is it more than just the attraction, sexua| activity, or social status and security... It is more than convenience, and feeling good, it is about developing an eternal life style!
     Psychoanalysis:       Sex, what and why?    ” Knowledge opens all the senses to the wonder of creation;  while ignorance seals them up, and leaves the animal propensities unbalanced by rejection, enthusiasm and taste...   Where ignorance beholds nothing but a rough, inorganic mass,  yet instruction discerns the intelligible record of the primal convulsions of the world; the secrets of the ages before man was; the landmarks of the elemental struggles and throes of what is now the terraqueous globe!”      - Anonymous ter·ra·que·ous (tĕr-ā&# ...   read more

A view   11 y  
There is a view we all must share... It is the end of our earthly passage...
   " When we come to see our last setting sun,  We will think back on all we have done,  Then remember where it had all begun! "       visit the page

Debt is Slavery   11 y  
Debt is dumb, dangerous, destructive and deadly... Just to use a few words, why anyone in their sane mind would chase after such activity is beyond common sense! You should seldom borrow, then limited by what you can repay in a short time!
  Debt is Slavery Posted: April 16th, 2010, by admino How do some people think that extending debt (either personal or government) can help in the long run? There is a limit to all things, if you do not restrict yourself then other forces in life will do it for you; only you will not like it!   Once the system moves to demand and prosecute the tax paying citizens, it only takes a short time to eliminate all personal freedoms and even those who thought they were getting something from the system will see failure!  This is exactly what happened to all ...   read more

The Words we use!   11 y  
How is your vocabulary these days? Words are power and the way we use them can either Bless or Curse others! The weight of the words we use will forever follow us into Eternity!
  Be careful of the words your use!  It behooves us to always understand our intended use of words we use each...    Wasted words or words that are misdirected or cast thoughtlessly on others will stay with you for ever!  Seek to use the words you intend; rather than having to go back and appoligize for mis spoken words!    Mankind’s rebelion against Authority is manifested in word , in reason and in thought!  If they do not understand Authority; then they will speak slanderious words and lies. which usually come out of personal r ...   read more

We need it now!   11 y  
Where did the founding Fathers go wrong with the Constitution? Well it could be by not including what follows, and should be enacted as the much needed a 28th amendment! Read on dear friend!
Title: A 28th Amendment to the US Conctitution Post by: Weknoz on 25, Jan 2010, 19:22*: GMT   With the present $pend trend in the USA , from a desolation form of Government,  what can we (actually the taxpaying citizens) do? BTW: Those who have to pay the tax bills,  should agree on what it will cost!     Well there is answer; first pass a 28th Constitutional amendment;  read below:   The Forefathers of the our Constitution undoubtedly forgot this Amendment to prevent the Tyranny that they had jus ...   read more

What?   11 y  
Exactly what they do we know or understand? Most things are based upon some ideas or examples we have had to come into our life! Do you really know what you believe?
  Title: What do they know? Post by: Enchantment on  07,Feb 2010,18:36 GMT  I think that most people know that there is a God, but they  reject what they know!    Christianity is not religion or irreligious; it is something else entirely!  It is only the Grace and mercy of Almighty God that delivers us from the slavery of self that lurks even in the midst of our morality and religion...  Grace is only a threat to the illusion that we are actully  a free, autonomous self, living totally as we please; outside the wi ...   read more

Bending the will of God?   11 y  
What ever we do in this earthly life, the will of God; is intertwined! Beyond the best we can hope, there is always the Will of Almighty God!
In all our lives here on earth, it appears that most of the time we do what we like...  This is the operation of the free agency or choice given us using our God given intelligence!  So it is which much that we do!   Now the real questions arise in the fact of what are the consequences?    What exactly are our free choices and how do they effect our life and more important what does this have to do with the Will of God?    We will start beyond the obvious day to day, eating, sleeping, and basic grooming...  For the most ...   read more

Because of having been there!   11 y  
What should you do to improve the world around you?
    There is a motto which I have always attempted to follow:  " I will try to make this (Where ever you happen to be) a better place for my having been here!"     This should be one of the things you try to follow in the New Year!   It would be a vast improvement for most of the world to follow!!     Let’s give it a try, Folks!!   read more

What is all this Love stuff?   12 y  
Love is an often misused term in English language... Many others like Greek have several levels or meanings of the expression of love... What is Love anyway?
    Love is misused so often in the English language; because it has been substituted for any show of desire!  a True-ism    Many people will misuse the term love; in simple terms of personal desires or just some person likes!   They say that they love their car, or house, or job, or what ever...  When they really mean a preference!  Love is actually an eternal force, that transcends just about everything we see on the earth today!   Love is a one way action, which is the glue of all life force...   Love is ...   read more

Fruit Stuff?   12 y  
While most of the world chases after diets and stuff to make you whole; we over look the role fruits play in our lives! Why not learn to try some of the God given fruits in your life?
    Hopefully we all can learn something from this grief overview on fruits!    We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It’s not as easy as you think.. It’s important to know how and when to eat.   What is the correct way of eating fruits?   IT MEANS NOT EATING FRUITS AFTER YOUR MEALS! * FRUITS SHOULD BE EATEN ...   read more

Dangerous Ground!   12 y  
Youth of the world, now is the time for you to start working toward your future! Don't let the present political system steal your hope and dreams... Prepare to seek the truth and learn that there is more to your life than just the Facebook, IM, texting or what ever your so called friends think about you!
This started out as a message on  MySpace toward the younger citizens; then evolved into a message for all concerned people, who were raised under the general Western World view!  Read espically in light of current  political - social events in the USA and many western countries...   We are on dangerious ground folks!!! Monday, November 09, 2009  Young’uns "They are stealing your inheritance!" Current mood: aroused ...   read more

Just Maybe   12 y  
Is the answer more control or give people the freedom to determine their own lives?
Australian Shooter Magazine   An interesting letter in the Australian Shooter Magazine this week, which I quote:   "If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112 deaths, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers. The firearm death rate in Washington, DC is 80.6 per 100,000 for the same period. That means you are about 25 percent more likely to be shot and killed in the US capital, which has some of the strictest gun contro ...   read more

What happened?   12 y  
Everyone today thinks that you have to follow the hype or all type terrible things will happen... HUH! Well It ain't so...
    It seems that so many people today just follow the leader; and appear to accept any new angled idea, rather than attempting to think things through...  We have more rules and regulations now, than is necessary; in order to supposedly improve our world...  Looking back at a simpler time, with less government and other controls...   We look at the generations who grew up from 1930’s to 1980; when things were not so regulated... Life was not as complicated and demanding, as now a days...   I am from the generation that grew up in the Fifti ...   read more

Some one is not telling you the truth!   12 y  
Not everything said or put out by those who are in the so called leadership positions; is straight forward and truthful... It seems that behind the scenes a lot of money passes and other things happen!
    Why is it that all this control stuff has to be done behind closed doors in secret? Now here some info. Right in front of you! There are those who do not believe you know how to live your life or can manage yourself!  Here is proof plenty!  Even if you do not own any of the items mentioned;  it will soon become appearent that what they take away first, is only part of a bigger plan that will control more & more...  If you do not read this whole post at  least read the last ***section, it effects us all, folks!   ...   read more

What you believe!   12 y  
Many people go through this life going from one thing to another in an attempt to find peace! yet they never learn to really accept the Eternal plan available for them...
"Life is based upon three main things; our physical environment, the particular place and time in which we live, plus the beliefs we hold!"                     a True-ism    Of all these; only what you believe will determine where you spend Eternity!  So why is it that so many people follow systems that are destructive, limited and lead to a dead end!  Much if this is because people tend to want to have things to happen which make them feel better, appear happy or gain some form of ...   read more

Mirror, mirror on the wall...   12 y  
Life is your real existence, yet you will see different views in the mirrors of our life! At best they are cleaver representation, but not the original thing!
    This is an attempt to get you to think about your future through the images in your life!   We have all at one time or other stood before a mirror...  The reflection seen is actually the opposite or inverted you!  Yet we all accept this as our direct representation...  Which is really the opposite of what others see...   Such is life for most all people, they seem to go through life looking at the inverted self in place of ever seeing the real person!   Why is it, that we will sooner accept the false or substitute view of some ...   read more

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