Forgotten Words!
by kerminator
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Scissors   11 y  
Many things are not done in proper order and then due to certain circumstances, lead to undesired results! Here is one of the problems with an public opinion driven Congress!
    Run with the Scissors Volume XVI No. 36: September 9, 2011   Lawmakers of all political stripes are fond of reminding everyone in earshot that the Constitution gives them the power of the purse. Congress wields this power through twelve spending bills that fund all facets of government and have to be passed each year. Well, fiscal year 2011 turns into a pumpkin at midnight September 30, just three weeks away, and how many of the dozen bills have been signed into law? Uh, that would be zip, zilch, zero, nada.   ...   read more

Struck by Lighting!   11 y  
Some things you will find to help in an emergency!
  Lightning © 2003 Jeffrey E. Isaac, PA-C From the Experts When there are only a very few real experts on a subject, it is a rare and wonderful privilege to learn directly from one of them. Such an opportunity was presented when Dr. Mary Anne Cooper was invited to speak at the annual meeting of Wilderness Medical Associates instructors in October. Dr. Cooper is an experienced emergency phys ...   read more

About God in your life!   11 y  
we pass through this life and many times never look at those whom have been placed upon our pathway of life! Then we continue on as if the whole world revolves around us and our personal desires!
    Intercession Revision – 1 Saturday 27 th August , 2011 By kerminator   Intercession! Many people sit around waiting on God; yet everything has already been done for your Salvation, over 2000 years ago; so you just have to learn to accept and claim it!   There are some things within the realm of your Eternal Salvation which you should do and others that you can not do: ” I had much rather have my Eternal Salvation sure; than the rest of my life spent in pleasure! “ Consider that for most people it tak ...   read more

Remember all the %#@*&^* Warming scare?   11 y  
Remember the warnings by some that everything is going to hell in a hand-basket theory? Well just saw that the earth has not risen in overall temperature in past decade, plus it appears that we may be going into another ice age!
There have always been suth sayers and those who warm of global distruction, in order to get public reconiction or fame...  Then of course there has been the many millions of followers who follow every word!  But I have never been a follower,  are you one?   Al Gore Goes Nuts in Aspen Speech Global warming crusader Al Gore lost his cool and dropped several s-bombs in a recent speech accusing climate change skeptics of manipulating the media. Addressing the Aspen Institute in Colorado on Aug. 4, the former vice president declared that skeptics &l ...   read more

Liberal policies crush the modern society   11 y  
This is an overview of the failure of Liberalism in the world today! How is it that so many do not see what is happening, maybe because they are getting rewarded {paid} for nor doing something from others who actually work!
  Liberal policies cause harm to the society Based upon a post by Columnist: Dennis Prager;  who presented this historical over view…   Here we can see the truth played out which has contributed to the present state of affairs for the United States and many countries in the Western World! ****   Liberal policies harm society! “ liberals are certain about the moral  superiority of liberal policies, the truth is that those policies actually diminish a society’s moral character. Many individual liberals a ...   read more

Green Drinks!   11 y  
Most of what we consume is junk; and drinks are the prime culprit! So why not start looking at what you drink!
   If you watch what you consume into your body, then you will have some degree of control over your weight and appearence!  HUH!     Popular Topics:     Health Info     Best Organic Skincare      Anti-Aging      Green Websites     Success & Prosperity Comparing Green Superfood Products, Making Sense of Green Drinks November 27th, 2010 UPDATED November 27, 2010 by Christopher Van Buren The number of green superfood powders that have spr ...   read more

Habit diet!   11 y  
Much of our diet is based upon habit... What do you expect in your life? If you want to improve your life start looking at how you live and eat!
  Antioxidants   help prevent   cancer   and   heart   disease ,   maintain healthy   memory ,   reduced   risk   of degenerative   diseases   as  Parkinson’s   and   Alzheimer’s ,   fatigue ,   blindness   caused   by   macular degeneration ,   cataracts and   even   wrinkles   as   a sign of   aging , bacterial   and   viral   diseases ,   those   caused   by a fungus   ( Candida   ) and   strengthen t ...   read more

Truth in my life   11 y  
There is a great difference between having some knowledge and actually coming to a complete understanding of how to use it, or what it means! This is the problem with most of the world today!
    Some knowledge is not a full understanding! The only effective use any information is the ability to understand it! We are all bombarded by vast amounts of information each day; yet with out the a complete understanding you are at a lose...  So much of our life is spent chasing different ideas and principles, most of which without a complete understanding lead no where! Before you can partake of anything,  first you must have the knowledge necessary to carry out that operation or event, but to be completely successful it is necessary to have a com ...   read more

Discernment!   11 y  
What helps determine which way you will go! Take time to discern what really matters... Use the wisdom that God has given you through our God given intelligence!
  Posted on Words to live by!  Words of wisdom   Topic started by: Kerminator on 17,Apr  2011,  Title: Which words? Post by: Kerminator on 17 ,Apr 2011,  21:54*: GMT     " Life is based for the most part on imitation;  but from what or whom? "   a True-ism   Observation;  then stopping to notice what others do,  can help us to learn a better or proven path...     Wisdom is the ability to discern...   [dih-surn, -zurn] ...   read more

One day! Wham! Rev.1   11 y  
We humans seem to just get into the "poor me" syndrome, and think only about ourselves... Which is why one day, you are going to wake up and run smack dab into the rock solid wall of reality; and it ain't going to be nice, folks... That is when the Truth hurts!
    Are you ready for eternity?  What will it take to wake you up to the fact that there is nothing here on this earth that will save you?  People get in the habit of going about their day to day life and not paying attention to what’s happening around them!  Then one day when they depart this temporary earthly trip and find they were going the wrong way, what a surprise!   Your future is out there in the unsighted Spirit Existence of Eternity!  This is the real place of Truth...  What ever you think, or feel for the most p ...   read more

How to know a True friend!   12 y  
** It is not very often in this life, that we get the opportunity to find a true friend! Abou Fatma was a true friend to the end! ** See how you measure up! ** { This period is presented in the Book by Sir Winston Churchill " The River War " read for more on the historical points! "
  From: Topic started by: Kerminator on 16, Dec 2010, 14:00 GMT Title: Abou Fatma a True Friend! Post by: Kerminator on 16, Dec 2010, 14:00  GMT    ” In this world when you chance to come upon a true friend; from time to time consider it a Blessing!”    a True-ism     When you find such a friend, cherish them and learn to care!      The Four Feathers is a 1902 adventure novel by British writer A.E.W. Mason that has inspired many films of the same title. We will consider the 2002 film version:   By 1884 over a quarter o ...   read more

RiSo Triene   12 y  
Rice is nice!
   ***  Rice offers some of the best for alll....    A Breakthrough Discovery Allows The Two Parts of Rice to Be Separated Without the Onset of Rancidity Unfortunately, until recently it was not possible to separate the germ and bran from the starchy part of the rice kernel because when separated the rice bran goes rancid within just hours of being separated. But, a little over 10 years ago, a process for stabilizing the nutrient dense part of rice was discovered. This process involves mechanical extrusion of the rice germ and bran, breaking the ...   read more

Bridge the Budget Gap   12 y  
It is time we start to consider where the U.S. Government budget is taking us! It looks more like a trip down the Primrose Path, (later or 2nd definition). If the USA does not get it budget under control (Balanced) then we may soon be under either the Chinese or Islamic Sharia Law system... HUH!
    Read and then think about this article! Bridge the Partisan Budget Divide Volume XV No. 44: November 5, 2010 As the dust settles over the 2010 elections and the final handful of races are settled, we can clear out the balloons and confetti and start thinking about what the 112th Congress needs to tackle. (Of course we should note the fiscal year 2011 spending bills still need to be tackled, but we think that will be resolved in the lame duck...) The ascendant House Republican majority’s Pledge to America included a promise to tackle ...   read more

It is time for the truth to come out!   12 y  
Many times people like to voice change, yet change happens even if we do not want it, so be careful what you ask for... HUH!
   Looking at the future, one thing for sure is that there will be change, so you do not need wish for it!  There will come a time when change happens, some good some bad, but always it will change!    ***   Read the following article     Larry Elder Republicans Need To Man Up and Ask Black Voters, ’Are You Better Off?’ Email Larry Elder | Columnist’s Archive                 ...   read more

Does politics control your money?   12 y  
What makes money, politics or sound investment? Read and decide... ** From an article by Dave Ramsey .com
  Most people are looking for sound investments for their money... Politicians have a way of making dire predictions of what will happen if this legislation passes or that policy isn’t approved. It is important to be aware and involved in the issues. But when it comes to your investments, it’s more important to tune out the talking heads and focus on your long-term goals. The truth is, investment success depends more on the resilience of the U.S. economy and your dedication to a long-term goal than on which candidate or party is in the White House. ...   read more

Control?   12 y  
What exactly do you (we) control? Not much in all reality! Most is wishful thinking on our part...
    What ever got into our feeble minds that made us (you) think that we could or would control much of anything in this earthly life?  Well lets look at what little we know about this phenomena...  While the world and our human mind try to tell us that we can do anything and control so much of nature and others; it is one of the biggest lies ever brought before us...    All of our God given intelligence plus the freedom of decision; does allow us to consider many things in our life!  Some things we can control to a limited extent, whi ...   read more

Thermodynamics...   12 y  
There is generally always a better answer... ** read about some thing that some would tell you that this HHO is not possible! See where the truth is!
  Thermodynamics of Electrolysis of water Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) due to an electric current being passed through the water. This electrolytic process is used in some industrial applications when hydrogen is needed. An electrical power source is connected to two electrodes, or two plates, (typically made from some inert metal such as platinum or stainless steel) which are placed in the water. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode (the negatively charged electrode, where electrons are pumped ...   read more

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