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Master Cleanse Log--DAYS 1-10   17 y  
Step-by-step journal of my Master Cleanse.
Iím atleast doing ten days on the Master Cleanse, but frankly, I think I can make it a lot longer than that because so far Iím doing okay and I feel stoked about my success. Thatís why Iíve decided to take it one step at a time, but I keep in mind the Master Cleanse detoxification strategies that state: ĒWhile a short fast will reduce the symptoms, a longer fast can completely heal.Ē I am not in this to Ēreduce symptomsĒ, I intend to get my health back and not be a slave to any more nasty symptoms. Here is my log. I will update it regularly: -Day 1 Symptoms: growling stomach, weakne ...   read more

Liver Flush Tricks, Tips and Advice From An Experienced Flusher   17 y  
As far as drinking the olive oil, dont' try to gulp the stuff down just because you want to lay down & get into position faster. You can make your stomach spin like that and you might get less stones.
First of all, I do the Hulda Clark liver flush as many people do. Itís listed in Curezone and is a wonderful flush. I have done 18 of them to date. Take malic acid. That is the biggest and most simple advice I can give you. Buy one of those bottles that have 800mgís per pill and a week before your first flush, start taking them. Lets face it: Liver flushes arenít fun. They occupy your whole weekend and why get 10 stones out when you can get 100 out? Or why get 100 out when you can get 500 out and end up neededing to do less flushes in the end? I took a couple pills after every meal an ...   read more

One Year Annaversary of Cure Zone Cleansing!   17 y  
Premature aging: One year ago, I looked like my skin was melting off my face. I looked like a walking corpse. What an improvement a year of treating my body right made.
My Health So Far--12 Months After Starting Curezone Cleansing & Dieting. Diminishing symptoms thanks to persistent cleansing. Iíve done 18 liver flushes since September of 2004, plus many, many other things to regain my health. My goal was be healthy again within 1 year, so hereís my progress: Premature aging: I looked like my skin was melting off my face. It was sore, red & looked like I was left in the oven for a few minutes. I went from looking 20 to looking like I was dying. The closest I can describe it is a what a druggie looks like. My skin was red, sore, and literally droo ...   read more

What a great soap! Miracle II, Miracle Soap   17 y  
Miracle Two Outreach Product by Tedco
Okay, I donít sell this product...I donít sell anything. I was reading the forum, ĒAsk AndreasĒ and he recommended Miracle II Neutralizing Gel to improve the skin from premature aging, so I got some because I have that problem. I loved it so I bought the soap too! You can wash anything with this and it cleans amazingly. First, I washed my tub with it really quick with a light sponge because my son colored all over himself and the tub with shoe polish. This stuff cleaned it, plus a ring around the tub that I just could not get rid of! I cleaned the tub for just a couple minutes like ...   read more

Good & Bad Lessons Of Suffering With Bad Health.   17 y  
Lessons I've learned through my bad health.
Iím going to start with the bad lessons Iíve learned & save the good lessons for last. BAD LESSONS: People do not understand--When attempting to explain my health problems, they cannot grasp that the possiblilty exists because theyíve never heard of such a thing before. Infact, they prefer to believe Iím a little crazy. Iím sure thatís a lot more amuzing than trying to understand and show compassion. People notice flaws in other people and donít notice flaws in themselves..Or maybe they do and they wanít to steer the focus away from their problems and concern themselves with mine ...   read more

My Health So Far--10 Months After Starting Curezone Cleansing & Dieting.   17 y  
Diminishing symptoms thanks to persistent cleansing.
Iíve done 17 liver flushes since September of 2004. My goal was regain my health back most of the way within 1 year. I have also been taking Milk Thistle Seed, Sun Chlorella & some coconut oil. I also excersize 3x a week. All of this has done a lot to help my skin. Plus Iím doing a colonic once a week(& full liver flushes with a colonic once per month). Here are my symptoms and how much Iíve improved: Premature aging: Mine was bad. I went from looking 20 to looking 35-40. My skin was red, sore, and literally drooping from my cheeks. Now itís beginning to really get better. I have sli ...   read more

Sun Chlorella A Is Saving My Life--My Testimonial To The Product.   17 y  
Sun Chlorella A has improved my health in many ways.
Itís been almost 10 years since I received the Depo-Provera shot that caused my health problems. I only became worse until I discovered Curezone last August, 2004. Iíve done 15 liver flushes that have helped a lot, eat a vegan diet and have done many other things to become healthy. What Iíve discovered is that Sun Chlorella A is curing me. I started taking it on April 28th, so itís been just over 3 weeks now. Within 5 days, my skin became softer and more radiant. The redness I had all over my face cleared up. Within a few more days the insane itching I experienced all over my body s ...   read more

6 Day--My Health After Stopping Blessed Herbs   17 y  
Small improvements, but too early to tell about all the benefits.
I went to the bathroom 4 times and lost a lot more MP! As soon as I began eating regular food again, the ropes just wanted to come out. They didnít seem to be like tar as much as the ones I got on my 5th day of Blessed Herbs. I really think I got a lot of the nasties out. The main things Iíve noticed about my health is that my body: 1. Itches a little less, but still itches. 2. Food doesnít taste as good to me--even though I eat healthy. Before Blessed Herbs, I thought of foods like pizza and breaded chicken as poison. I had little interest in eating them because I saw them as su ...   read more

122 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
5 Day Cleanse Is Complete
Thank goodness itís done! Here is my last picture and Iím on regular food now. I feel really great so far. Iíve had a good amount of engergy and no big die-off effects. I did get a canker sore or two, but nothing bad. I will post tomorrow to let you all know what I feel like after Iíve had a chance to fill my body back up with food again to see how I handle it now. The last two ropes came out more like tar. They were the nastiest of all! They are also darker than the rest. I sorta felt bad when I woke up and realized it was over, even though Iíve been craving food all weekend..I guess ...   read more

98 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
Darker, more toxic MP.
This is another large mucoid plaque rope. This one is thinner and has a stronger spine. Every rope I get smells more toxic and than the previous ones. They are darker and/or have more than one color. I didnít save some smaller pieces of MP that were very light. You can first tell itís mucoid plaque because it floats. Normal bowel movements sink, unless youíve been eating greasy foods. Also, you should be able to lift it with something and it will slump over the tool raising it. Feces do not do that. Next, poke it. If it bounces back into shape like rubber, itís MP. Also you can tell ...   read more

84 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
Here's more...
Hereís more mucoid plaque. Iíve gotten a lot out today and Sunday will be my last day...I canít wait to eat real food again, but I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this 5 day cleanse. I havenít really lost much weight either, which is fantastic news for us skinny people :)   visit the page

72 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
flushing my intestines
This one is softer, more delicate and shaped round instead of long. It falls apart much easier than the ropes because there is no actually winding rubbery center to help hold it together. Itís got more color variations than the others. More vivid green contrasting with black.   visit the page

71 Hours After Starting   17 y  
intestianal cleasnsing
I my stomach really last night to everything up. After that I becameere so packed with moving MP. At onepoint I even ĒLook, my baby is kicking!Ē lol.I think that helped.   visit the page

48 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
A lot more when I woke up today.
35 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
proof that they are really going to start coming out.
more frequently. This is only my second day and I hope I get most of it out in five days. I hope this helps anyone considering taking Blessed Herbs   visit the page

32 Hours After Taking Blessed Herbs!   17 y  
Another Rope to hang yourself with
Hereís another. 32 Hours After Taking Blessed Herbs! :)   visit the page

24 Hours After Starting Blessed Herbs   17 y  
Picture of my first mucoid plaque rope from my intestines!
Welcome to my first BLOG post!   visit the page

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