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Improvements In My Health   16 y  
Just an update...
I’ve been doing uropathy for almost 7 months; so bad. So things are looking good. Lovey   visit the page

2 Year Anaversary of Cure Zone.   16 y  
Where I am at now.
At the mark of my second year of Cure Zone cleansing. I no longer have: A need to help anyone in this site anymore.   visit the page

The Kidneys   16 y  
Re-occuring infection
I have been f myf this last kidney infection with the water, as I have done before. Nowl herbs and such, a I have not done UT for the past 4 days because my urine is milky thick and sme   visit the page

Working on the Adrenals   16 y  
Besides digestive problems remaining, my biggest problem is adrenals.
. It’s hard and frustrating, a couple different herbal remedies: Adrenal Energy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am also taking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ back to where it was before I ate that meal.   visit the page

Liver Flush # 4,767,820,320   16 y  
Since my 4,767,820,319th flush went so well and I got 9,485,834,848,038,683,802,135,850 stones, I decided to do another.   visit the page

Liver Flush #22   16 y  
Just a quick update on my lastest flush--small post.
My latest liver flush on Saturday 06-17-06 produced some small stones...about . possibilites for major improvements.   visit the page

Healing--Month Three   16 y  
Trying to figure out how to get better! It's heaven.
Andreas On Global Talk Radio   16 y  
Andreas Moritz writer of: The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush; Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvination.   visit the page

Urine Therapy--Month Two   16 y  
I hope to see more of the final improvements on my health
ested before it a little..   visit the page

Urine Therapy Plus Quinton Plasma.   16 y  
I have noticed immediate improvements right away when starting urine therapy. Is the idea of it discusting? Yes, but I wish I had done it years ago. I wish it were the first therapy I tried, not the last. I am sorry for those of you who are turned off by my adding it into my journal with ocean plasma, but they both compliment each other greatly.
I had the worse menstraul cyle of my life starting last Wednesday(03-16-06). Then followed a bad cold. Both affect my progress, plus I’ve been in bed and didn’t BLOG. I started urine therapy on Saturday. My urine was dark yellow and smelled putrid. I drank a sip using a straw to bypass my tongue. I gagged and couldn’t handle any more. I felt a tingling in my cheek after I took it. On Sunday, the smell of my urine was even worse and again I took another sip. Today the ”ditch” in my cheek is gone. The ”ditch” was my thoratic lymphatic duct. This is copied from an answer Andreas Moritz ...   read more

Quinton Ocean Plasma Journal--Starting Month Two   16 y  
Ocean plasma is living up to it's expectations.
If you have already read the first month Quinton Serum BLOG, I hope you enjoyed it and that all your questions have been answered. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think at the bottom of the BLOG. I enjoy helping others and love feedback just as much. Here goes. Lets hope the good news continues! = )I have been taking 40-60 ml per day. 20 ml per serving. 02/13/06 My period started today. I only felt slightly uncomfortable before it started. I usually get pms pain so bad that I don’t want to get out of bed--I’d rather curl up in a ball and sleep. Sometimes I would lay t ...   read more

Quinton Ocean Plasma Journal   16 y  
The healing miracle of the ocean.
Ocean Plasma was discovered by Rene Quinton to have the same ph level as blood and amniotic fluid. It also has the correct balance of minerals that the body needs to become healthy. I will update more on what it’s like in the near future. I would suggest you do a search for ”quinton ocean plasma” yourself. You can find some awesome information on the subject. I started ocean plasma on Friday, 01/13/06. I am taking 30ml per day. WEEK ONE ON OCEAN PLASMA: I didn’t notice any change until the 7th day, when I noitced my hands looked less wrinkly. I also noticed that I didn’t feel like s ...   read more

They Just Don't Get it.   16 y  
The answer is too simple.
One day I said to Joe, a good friend of mine also from Curezone, that nobody listens to me except other Curezone people. Don’t they want their psoriasis to go away? Don’t they want to get their hormonal balance back, get their diabetes under control, prevent cancer, have a healthy ph level, etc? Everyone else likes says natural healing doesn’t work so they can continue to be lazy. After all, natural healing isn’t the easy way, just the best way. Joe then responded as to why people don’t believe, ”No, it’s because they haven’t suffered a crisis like you or I.” Wonderfully put, Joe. They ju ...   read more

Post Master Cleanse Update--MC followed by a successful liver flush.   17 y  
Be careful not to go too long on the master cleanse if you start having intense food cravings. It could be a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency developing.
After my 33 day master cleanse, I felt terrible. I was still getting headaches, body odor, bad breath and food cravings that I couldn’t resist(I would have been a mess before if I tried eating any of these foods!). I started eating chicken in tomato sauce, chilli, corn burritos, etc. Then I suddenly started feeling better: I could eat again, I felt relaxed and feel like great after a bowel movement, whereas before I never understood what people meant that they feel lighter and healthier after a bowel movement. Maybe because there is not compaction inside my intestines and colon to leave me ...   read more

Master Cleanse Log--Days 31-33   17 y  
The last days.
-Day 31 Symptoms: Migraine headache, exhaustion, back ache. I don’t know if I smell or not until I go back to work on Monday. I slept most of the day away. I think my body needed it rest. The right side of my tongue has lost almost all of its tastebuds, my right ear swelled up and started pussing again where my ear-ring hole is and the right side of my face is covered in acne down my cheek where I never got acne before--even through the years of my digestive trouble. I know it’s correlated to some part of the body internally, but I haven’t found out what that is yet. Improvements: Wh ...   read more

Master Cleanse Log--Days 21-30   17 y  
Still on the cleanse...
-Day 21 Symptoms: Headache, sore skin, acne looking worse, bad breath & body odor. I can’t figure out why I’m still smelling so bad when I haven’t been eating anything offensive. It must be die-off, but I can’t stand it. Improvements: I think I’m getting mucoid plaque. It’s coming out in 3 or so inch swirls that are dark brown and they don’t sink right to the bottom of the toilet. In either case, I’ve gotten this two days in a row. This also may be the case for my body smelling so badly. As far as the FAQ stating that toxic removal is complete by the last stage and bodily repair is ...   read more

Master Cleanse Log--Days 11-20   17 y  
The latter part of the cleanse.
--Day 11 Symptoms: Bad breath, cotton mouth. Improvements: I feel wonderful! I don’t wake up feeling exhausted and need less sleep than ever. The cleanse is starting to get easy. The FAQ states that the pains of old wounds will come back, but since I’ve never broken any bones, I don’t have any problems. I still have some acne, but it is going away. Luckily I haven’t had a bad fast because I was eating 75% raw 25% cooked food & only veggies, fruit & nuts are in my diet previously. My skin is looking a little better....2-3 days ago it was looking almost gray and now looks pretty good a ...   read more

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