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Lovemaker visits!   14 y  
A visit from the Love Maker
Today Kronos is coming to San Diego to see me again...I am wondering what this meeting will bring. I am not quite as excited as I was the first time we met..but it is always good to know your energetic twins- and there are many out there if one has the radar to pick them up. Thanks to ”the one who shall remain nameless” I have developed that kind of telepathy..and I am amused to use it quite often now. So I plan to scan the man, and see if this is something that will go on. He is coming down to look for a place to live so he is serious I guess (or nuts?) We have agreed that it ...   read more

Rumakei-Rumi   14 y  
Lunch of the Heart, Food for the Soul
With Passion Pray With Passion Make Love With Passion eat and drink and Dance and Play (yes!) Why look like a Dead Fish In this Ocean Of God? Ya know sometimes when I hear Rumi- I think of Rumaki- time for lunch!   visit the page

Emotional Messiness   14 y  
To Michael- the really wonderful inspiration of the unfolding of me!
All For M(essy Ness) At the Price of Contentment At the Price of Ease At the Price of Fitting In At the Price of Loneliness At the Price of Love At the Price of Pleasure It’s not like I didn’t Experience Messy ness That Cost Of all the Above Anyway. I marvel at your Courage And Your Patience And Your Love. And I feel a little twist In My Chest For All in the Ness.   visit the page

VIM-PSI Power   14 y  
Psi Power of the word VIM and categorical removal of power from us, as humans, by the the dumbing down of meanings of our natural "abilities"...
New Word, New Year- Actually vim is not a new word for hardly any of us- but the original definition is kinda interesting...Here’s the usage for today- Power; force; energy; spirit; activity; vigor. Gee I’ve always used both vim and vigor Here I think is one of the many examples of ”dumbing down” Ingo Swann speaks of in his books....MORE human powers are normal and dumbed down in this culture to keep us in harness of the work a day world and in the work a day mind- that’s how the money works....or the source of money for those who make bundles in the heirarchy. So if Vim had t ...   read more

Drinking, Driving, Rain   15 y  
Happy New Years-Party and driving
and it is wet and raining out- If anyone knows anything about So. Ca drivers- you know we don’t know how to drive in any ”weather” but sunshine-and tonight some will be drinking-slippery roads and drinking. I am wondering if I want to venture out- but I love the people that will attend and hey, dinner’s included. Since I don’t drink I am not worried about the consequences of my drinking-only others drinking and tonight the stage is set for problems all the way around. there were days that I did drink and I would not want the combination me ”celebrating” and this weather. And I ...   read more

Craig's List   15 y  
Huh A posting for a nude waiter- huh for only $15.00 an hour! Whats he stirring the- never mind!
Having a party? This was posted on Craig’s List How about spicing things up with a nude waiter or bartender? I do this for all women, all men, or mixed groups! I’m a mature, fun guy. If you’re interested, let’s chat. $15 an hour with a two-hour minimum; additional if it’s a long drive. Thanks! this is in or around SanDiego no -- it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests   visit the page

Fixers   15 y  
Huh it started as a blog, then became a poem- ??
It was great to hear your reminder that when we focus on someone ill, we must remember that the person who is ill is in control and that we are not to remove the illness but change the scene. I was having difficulty with this, this past week because a dear friend of our died of cancer a few days before Christmas and it was hard to see him pass, This comes from an anon poster. And I am thinking of my Mom who transited many years ago, and how I wdid not process that pain at the time of the passing. I alos (himdsight) began to see the connection between her passing and my divorcing ...   read more

Cultural Creatives   15 y  
We have some originals floating around the bloggy blogs, and I just wanted to acknowledge them for the cultural creatives they are!
We got some rocking bloggers Yes we do Light Lizard Lair- Infinity Play Light Lizard so cool the concept I am alight with the possibilities of the medium and the context-creative culturals here, mon! View from 3D Maragaiasong Cool combinations of yoga, quantum physics and all the yummy stuff coalesced into one blog- kudos for her perceptions and her courage of honest exploration with a higher level of thought/consciousness Daizy for the movie ”Oneness” and a couple of other things that I can’t grasp right now...but hers are no on the blog but sprinkled through the Con ...   read more

Give Me Fever   15 y  
K-Give me fever..But not the flu!
And I got the fever..... Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a fever that’s so hard to bear You give me fever when you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever in the morning Fever all through the night. Ev’rybody’s got the fever That is something you all know Fever isn’t such a new thing Fever started long ago Sun lights up the daytime Moon lights up the night I light up when you call my name And you know I’m gonna treat you right You give me fever when you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever ...   read more

Lucid Do Over?   15 y  
Seeing Judy, who passed a decade ago, and my son as a baby again! A replay of past reality- lucid dreaming?
On the second bounce he landed on the hardwood floor. The visuals was humorous ! But as a parent and a first time young parent I was tasked with protected this aerial athlete. I recouped him, placed him back in his crib..and Judy and I left the room wondering if he would go down for his nap. Judy couldn’t believe his persistence in the face of daring do and physical pain (?). We shut his door and walked out to the living room, waiting for whatever was next. Then the dream ended I was in bed and my 3rd eye was dark..with some light patterns but no Judy or baby. Before last night I ...   read more

Cycles Of Psyche   15 y  
Who are you (Who, Who chorus ;})What do you stand for in your life that is bigger than yourself?
Cycles of the Psyche Contain the Small and the upright Men of the Light are,neverless, flesh Men of the flesh attuned on the earth What flesh separates is brought together by eternal woman the void, the creative While you create your existence in prominence, and strength know that you came through the void By the generousity the joining of balance and perhaps pleasure whether for that moment or eternity In this moment you can act With Generousity Or Greed With tenderness Or Lust Your generousity of Spirit will outstrip flesh pleasure pomposity powe ...   read more

Atomic Choreography   15 y  
This may be why we are the "greatest" nation in the world..It's impressive..and strangely beautiful..Weapons of Mass destruction
Not so funny-   visit the page

* Hilarious *   15 y  
Parents *acting out farm fantasy*-caught by teenage children-Time to leave home!Banned Ikea commercial
It’s frigging hilarious   visit the page

Misbehavin' TV   15 y  
Misbehavin', Ellen Degeneres, Tom Cruise, Dr Phil, Dave Letterman, and a partridge in a pear tree..
As far as I am concerned neither Tom Cruise ,Dr Phil nor Dave letterman were misbehavin’-and Ellen was just plain hilarious, and surreal life was just plain drama-were those ladies drag queens?   visit the page

Best (US) Commercials   15 y  
Commercials that are clever?
Beer anyone?, One of my Dairyland blogging extrodinaires sent this- A couple are pretty funny- Nice way to start your Monday.   visit the page

Christmas with Kronos   15 y  
Drivel, dribble, and Blessed Holiday Season
Father Time and I spent a little time together yesterday. I am thankful for his presence. He is shy! hahahahahahahah This is very sweet, and I am intrigued by the psychic powers combined with the flesh- does not compute. But I have spent most of my life with ”A” males, although my husband was very sweet inside, he was very machissmo on the exterior- (huh, what we do in this culture to little boys)Sports guy etc. Kronos is more like my father, very high IQ, and very sexually oriented..women are the nectar of life for him. That’s a big bill to fit. I’m not sure I am comfortable wit ...   read more

Merry Christmas   15 y  
Merry Christmas
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