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Beauty Ideal   16 y  
Allure Magazine takes a Poll of what's so in Women's/Men's Ideal Beauty
9 Out of 10 Women are Actually Happy With What They See in the Mirror ... According to National Study - The Allure State of Beauty Monday May 23, 5:20 am ET New Research Unmasks the Beauty ’Ideal’ 81% of Women Derive Their Confidence From Work Success; 66% of Men Prefer That Their Partners Avoid the Knife NEW YORK, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Allure Magazine, the monthly bible of beauty, today released the surprising and revealing findings of a nationwide survey of men and women, ”The Allure State of Beauty Study” that looks at modern attitudes about beauty, confidence and success. The ...   read more

165 Million in Golden Parachute?   16 y  
What would you do with 165 Million Dollars *pinkie rises to corner of mouth*
Gillette Awards Options to Top Execs No severance for laid-off workers, however; ’’It would seem like this is a tide that’s lifting only yachts, and not all boats,’’ says a Massachusetts regulator. Stephen Taub, May 23, 2005 Gillette disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it has awarded large numbers of options to top executives in advance of its planned $57 billion acquisition by Procter & Gamble Co. The Boston-based consumer products company made its filing on the same day it announced that workers who lose their jobs as a result of the merger ...   read more

Bank Data Stolen   16 y  
Do you know where your Social Security number is right now? How about your bank account balance?
Bank Data Stolen Bank of America, Wachovia, other banks warn thousands of customers of theft. Plus, MCI laptop with employee information stolen from a parked car. Stephen Taub, May 23, 2005 Two new reports of stolen customer and employees data were released this morning, following reports of last week’s hacker break-ins at ChoicePoint and LexisNexis. In one case, former bank employees from Bank of America Corp. and Wachovia Corp. allegedly sold customer account numbers and balances to a middleman, who then resold the data to collection agencies, according to the The Wa ...   read more

Illuminatree-Path of Buddha   16 y  
Guess what happened at Midtown Spiritual Community Today?
In service this morning we had the enormous treat of Steve Coopers ”Path of the Buddha” ancient mystical production ”experience”. What a treat! What a person and teacher he is. I will be just like him, (but me), when I grow up! I will do great things with his teaching. Mild mannered, unconditional love, humbleness, sweetness, teacher, mythologian, creating in the moment-skillful practitioner! I enjoyed myself so fully, and became so engrossed in the pageantry, the musicians, the global heart choir, Val Cooper’s lovely solos...I grinned and meditated and lived in that moment-so impr ...   read more

Talent Contest   16 y  
Talent Show finally arrives, and a great potluck to boot.
Last night was the talent show that has been on the calendar since Leslie’s Passover dinner. Last night was my BIG Debut-as psychic extraordinaire! And, although, this group has been gathering together for over 10 years, and are familiar with each other and their many talents-they volunteered me to go first. The mental picture that assailed me was that of a line of military recruits with a ”Captain Hulka” demanding volunteers- As if on que everyone steps back leaving one poor fool~me~ stuck out in the original position! Yes, that was pretty much how it went. Our hostess, Anne, pr ...   read more

O'Connell's Pub Is...   16 y  
The Mad Divine Scientist of Life
A dive, but a FUN dive. I remember how much I liked neighborhood dives when I frequented bars. My old buddy, Dean, turned me on to neighborhood bars. Up till then I had only frequented upscale restaurants (”meatmarkets”) Dean introduced me to the low lit, pool tabled, scuffed dance floored, live music bars of North Costal County. Dean, is now an ex-pat in a small Central American Country-and will not be coming back to the US anytime soon~but that is another story. Back to last night (I miss Dean!); The band called ”blue” had a Dave Matthew sound, had 2 good musicians and 2 others tha ...   read more

Off to a BAR?!!!!   16 y  
How I spent my Friday Night!
To reiterate, I do not spend time in bars, or drinking, or smoking, or doing drugs-but I have taken almost all addictions to the stage of vice at least once-so I certainly have done all and more than listed above-That being said, I have been reformed for the last decade. A friend of mine has connections to a band that is playing at O’Connells- Irish~ like ME! I t may not be a dive but then again...enough said..- the band starts at 10 pm so I said I would go and listen to them for an hour or so and have a beer-or a coke or something equally ”icky”. Hey, how bout tequila! That’s the ...   read more

Birds, Bees, Man, Child, Woman   16 y  
Surrender, Appreciation and Pure Love~ All were embodied in my Life today!
As I left off yesterday or the day before-the Port District has a yen for my bee hive-Mind you, it was not ’my’ beehive ,until upon his asking I stupidly showed the ”gardener” from the Port District where it was located. He came back with a supervisor to determine the action needed to indemnify the Port District of risk and consequences of law abiding bees. The Port District truck arrived at about 1pm, I saw the ever present yellow ”beanie” light on top of the truck hood-but they seemed to have forgotten what they came for-they emptied the trash, and left 2 piles of clippings from the ...   read more

Less Cold Water Blog with Dolphins   16 y  
You don't need a weathervane to know which way the wind blows!
One of the days I was incommunicado due to new, better roadrunner connection, I went to the ”spot” and swam my usual. I got a treat which I have witnessed 4-5 times before; the Navy’s dolphin trainers putting ”flipper” through her paces. I am always tempted to swim out and see if ”flipper” will play with me. The two times I have spotted the little gray skiff with trainers and fish being thrown, I have been waved off by the selfsame trainers. I suspect that the dolphins are trained to apprehend ”frogmen” (or in this case women.) The first time I saw the dolphin I happened to be o ...   read more

Healing Food   16 y  
Healing Food
Healing Spring Salad - Recipe More Soups & Salads Recipes Solutions Inspired by Meals That Heal, by Lisa Turner (Inner Traditions, 1996). After a winter of eating denser, more fatty foods, our systems crave a gentle, nourishing cleanse that will help to rejuvenate us and clear any digestive heaviness. Simple Solution: printer friendly version This refreshing, high-fiber salad is just the ticket. Greens and fresh herbs inspire us with their upward-growing movement and lively flavors. Peas, asparagus, and radishes add fiber and nourishment, and berries with their tart-sweet flav ...   read more

Math of Life   16 y  
Likes sands through the hourglass...These are the days of my LIFE
So much has changed and so quickly.... Haha, I see the guiding ”hand” of the true me on everything- and it is surprising to me how little I know myself~that is until I come face-to- face with the changes. Then, if I can be present and centered, I see the me in me(if 20/20 hindsight counts as present). It was not at all what I thought. Impatience has been my tool of the past (what is done is done and gone)or in the future of what I thought my circumstances would look like! None of the above has any relevance what-so-ever! Stunning! Funny. Mystifying. I am a totally different cre ...   read more

I am moving   16 y  
and I need all my homies to send massive amounts of energy and support my way- I am having difficulty staying present and when I am not present I am complaining about past or in the fear of the future...Or in disagreement with reality. I am on my way whether I like it or not. I did KY this afternoon and I feel 50% better-but when I get home I am living with large boxes-no silverware -ohoh stop now- And a lack of cooking utensils- Betwixt and Between- It is unsettling for I guess right now, settled is not where I belong- Frankly, I have been to some degree unsettled for 18 mo ...   read more

Stuffed Hotdog Recipe   16 y  
Here is a great Recipe of Courage- The moral is "Live dangerously, and Don't be afraid of your Food" Your mind is the Culprit!
My buddy, who shall remain nameless- to protect the innocent- Made ”Stuffed Hotdogs” for Mother’s Day. I said ”So how do you stuff a Hotdog? She laughed and said it was one of her Mom’s ”family favorites” and so being a good daughter, she offered to make it for Mother’s Day! Generally speaking her diet is pretty clean, not raw, and not 100% vege, but no hotdogs and soft drinks. So I ask ”what is the recipe for ”Stuffed Hotdogs”, and she says~”well, actually they are pretty good, and here’s how I make them.... ”First I make make stuffing”- she tries to glide right by...I ask ”W ...   read more

Body of Love   16 y  
Another Miracle of being in and at the "Spot"-
} =Yummy! Pat and I laid out on our towels and spoke of the changes that have occurred over the last 4 years and of the great reckonings we both have experienced...How I love that bone drenching intimacy with my friends. Pat leaves Tuesday and willnot be back for some time, we both take off from other pressing ”duties” to connect again for the last time in a long time! I feel such appreciation and love. Now off to work- I need to pack! I Love You! 9th   read more

An Interview with God Video   16 y  
Here's What God has to say to Me and You
An Interview With God Video   visit the page

Red Sails Inn Rocks   16 y  
Kidz, Kids, Music of the 60's played by kids from the 90's. Perfect-
Just got home from the most cool charitable event to support music in Point Loma School District- I mean it was great to see all ages of kid’s up there drumming, electric guitars, singing-Rock and Roll- Cream, Jimmie Hendrix, Rolling Stones- watching them play out their fantasies and their egos...then after a song or two- letting their artiface down and beaming with the joy of rockin’-Yea Baby! Cut Loose! Some kids were only 7 years old with electric guitars almost as big as them-others were age 11 and already accomplished musicians. We, the audience, sang Satisfaction, while Glen Fis ...   read more

9thbody, Queen Heloise   16 y  
I am feeling home-makerish this morning-It's a definite "nesting" sign. Huh! It is fun to begin to recognize I want through my feelings and behavior! Very calming, and centering. Also for you bloggers, it seems we must log on to post!
Unclog a drain. Clear the sink drain by dropping three Alka Seltzer tablets down the drain followed by a cup of Heinz White Vinegar. Wait a few minutes, then run the hot water. Don’t throw out all that leftover wine: Freeze into ice cubes for future use in casseroles and sauces. Left over wine? What’s that?! :) Spray your TUPPERWARE with nonstick cooking spray before pouring in tomato based sauces and there won’t be any stains. Spray a bit of perfume on the light bulb in any room to create a lovely light scent in each room when the light is turned on. Blood stains on cloth ...   read more

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