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Cold Water Blog-Waldorf   16 y  
What are the elements of my life that entrain and enroll me in the love of life...And is the current situation temporary or?
So I am in the thick of a ”job” again- and today I am due ”at work” from 9am-3pm on Saturday and I have missed both my SOM classes this week that I paid good money for and will result in a designation RSCP-thought practitioner... I am ”giving” up things I love for this undertaking and for all my training and hakomi-with my best friend/acupuncturist...I am not feeling good inside and I am taking in so much data so quickly form so many different perspectives that I am confused and daunted by the 2.5 Million budget needed (albeit phased in over 2 years) So I have decided to go into full ...   read more

Commitment   16 y  
This Bud's for ME!
Our lives are filled with commitments of every description. Just agreeing to meet someone at a restaurant for lunch is a commitment. We make short term, midterm, and long term commitments, or lifetime commitments in every conceivable area, from agreeing to serve on a committee to deciding to have a child. The spirit we bring to each daily living commitment often sets the tone for our experience in acting on that commitment. We may commit ourselves in a spirit of contribution, participation, dedication, -in which case we will usually experience ease, joy, and free-flowingness i ...   read more

WeightWatchers?   16 y  
More about attitude of Gratitude, and mindful activities
food ”Dinner, a time when one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely.” -W. Somerset Maugham One way we can honor ourselves and our food is by paying attention to what we eat. Start the meal with gratitude. Enjoy the company of people you love. Share with each other, both the food and the conversation. Pause after the meal to rest and digest before transitioning to another activity.   visit the page

IRS considers ditching dreaded 1040   16 y  
Whoops this was a Spirit of Mony Blog-well I am due in it stays as is
IRS considers ditching dreaded 1040 Uncle Sam considers return-free tax filingBy Tim Hanson Updated: 6:05 p.m. ET June 7, 2005How happy would you be if the IRS announced tomorrow that you were no longer responsible for filing a tax return by April 15? Mildly happy? Exceedingly happy? My guess is ”overwhelmingly happy.” Tax time is an awful time of year when all of us struggle with memories, receipts, forms, numbers, and other extraneous piles of paper. advertisement That’s why I was intrigued by the minutes of the May 17 meeting of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Re ...   read more

Good Morning Winners   16 y  
Rock and Bop-Start your Morning with rocking, Bopping LOVE!   visit the page

Sublime Love   16 y  
Poetry for a fine summer's day
Sublime Love I have comforted thee for centuries Soothing the wild heart in thee Come to me, come to me now Know thy tenderness shhhh, shhh you are in good hands Nothing untoward can happen I am soothing thee as I have for centuries Relax in my embrace feel the comfort and the sensuousness of my breathe on your cheek Feel the warmth and generousity of my breast I am educating thyself in me gently, gently ever so slowly I melt you into me for our sublime comfort.   visit the page

Sublime Love   16 y  
Some poetry for a long summer's day
Sublime Love I have comforted thee for centuries Soothing the wild heart in thee Come to me, come to me now Know thy tenderness shhhh, shhh you are in good hands Nothing untoward can happen I am soothing thee as I have for centuries Relax in my embrace feel the comfort and the sensuousness of my breathe on your cheek Feel the warmth and generousity of my breast I am educating thyself in me gently, gently ever so slowly I melt you into me for our sublime comfort.   visit the page

The Play   16 y  
Larry Ziegler a stand for kids experiencing theatre!
I don’t know if I’ve blogged this tidbit but I grew up here and attended Pt Loma High School. Last night I had the wonderful experience of ”going back”. My mad glass artist friend still has a son in high school, (hahah) and he plays drums. He plays drums very well....He happened to be in the orchestra pit playing with Larry Zeiger’s 29th ”gotta sing, gotta dance”, Princess of Princeton...A wonderful revue..that features 70 kids from Pt Loma who wrote, scored and directed (helped Larry, that is) this extravaganza of song and dance....WOW. What fun sitting in the auditorium and seeing ...   read more

The Company I Keep   16 y  
The earth Plane is all about Relationships, and I have some really great Souls on the journey..
The mentors are coming fast and furious-all men! Well, one woman....yes, but generally male If anyone knew all the stands I have taken to put women in all phases of my health care and healing (jokes on me)- THEN One dear Soul changed all that. My acupuncturist-Oh such patience as all the stuff moved through; such care, and comedy. And BAD Jokes, all to take the ”little mind” off the crappy internal conversation.... The one human who eased my soul, very loving...This one is the real deal, a healer, kind and gentle..full of Mother/Father/God...Gifted in his abilities and sight. Then ...   read more

As Good as It Gets?   16 y  
What if this is as good as it gets?
is giving me a pain in the ass..... Every night of the week I am getting to look at my cause in the matter-UGH, yk, stand in fear to feel it, to be with it, UGH! Play the victim in the case of Self Actualizing, be the interrogator (Blamer), the game of ping pong pity! Be the caretaker, that is a slight reprieve from ping pong of pity~but may still fall short of Responsibility...Give comfort because I so desire it for myself? Take responsibility...for nonsense...Bah Humbug..... Ok, now what... Ah, give love in the face of nothing...UGH, have patience that the joy and pat ...   read more

Fear or Love    16 y  
Every week at the path of The Buddha we are sent home with a way of being that permeates our feeling and thinking for the week...Mine is Fear!
Last night was week 5 of the Path of the Buddha: Siddhartha has traveled outside of the Walls to see the 4 signs of suffering 1. Old Age 2. Illness 3. Death 4. The enlightened Monk in saffron robes We acted all the parts. I was a mourner of the dead one-In costume and in Tableau- First the story-ala J Campbell, then the walk into the underworld-different music -vibratory- underworld-and we walked our path in the large room, in silence getting into the feeling of the shadow- The we sat down for a long meditation with the most powerful woman singer/chanter- and the range of ...   read more

Cooper's Gala   16 y  
Cooper's Gala Memorial Day, 5-Course Indian Meal....Plus
I had the joyful experience of eating and playing with Steve and Val Cooper yesterday. He is my current ’teacher’ in Path of the Buddha-What he is actually teaching me is ”How to embody transformation” through art, dance, story, myth, meditation, ~let us not forget~ mind, body, soul participation....Much as Waldorf ”teaches” children through projects that are carefully thought out for age appropriateness; the concepts of math, English, physics, the concepts are brought down from the head into the body-for a grounding of sorts... Yes, Embodiment~ this is the message of the ...   read more

Seminar for Whole Children   16 y  
Waldorf Schools, an interesting training in fundraising.
I spent all day yesterday and into the night with K-8, Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf School teachers and parents...(Schuggell, where are you?) I was invited for training at a How To: Workshop on fundraising, capital campaigns, bequests & trusts for this gentle childhood education. I am impressed by the level of intuitive intelligence each of these parents and the administrator’s has for the innate intelligence of their children. The basic trust that the child will learn by being included in activities and projects that the teacher carefully plans to demonstrate a cross section of related Eng ...   read more

Spiritual School   16 y  
Roots Vision, a class on philosphical Influences on Ernest Holmes
I am taking classes at Midtown Church-One of them is about some of the philosphical influences of on Ernest Holmes. These philosophers are Emerson, the great essayist on nature and the natural order of ”things”. Emma Hopkins, a woman who first was associated with Chrisitan Science and then broke away and formed her own brand of ”new thought”. And Troward, a English judge that served in India during the ”Jewel in the Crown” era. Of these, Troward is the only one I have not read, or even heard of. I was not looking forward to him, based on his (rumor has it)- very long analytical writing ...   read more

"A" Letter-   16 y  
"A" letter is a free service of Bob Bauman's, ex Senator, on the international issues of Americans~and more!
Dear A-Letter Reader: Federal Express is famous for its overnight deliveries, and now it may have become, overnight, the one delivery company to avoid at all costs -- if you value your personal and financial privacy. A front page Wall Street Journal feature article (5/26) details how FedEx voluntarily has become a willing partner to the US federal police establishment, turning over names, addresses, credit card information and lists of when and where FedEx customers send and receive packages. Mind you, this is done under the guise of ’fighting terrorism,’ since FedEx managem ...   read more

Soap Box   16 y  
Don Quixote is tilting at Windmills this morning!
Ever hear the old adage, ”you can’t fight city hall?” Me, too! But I am anyway. I’m almost positive I should be an attorney, and start a Ralph Nader type practice. At any rate, the first law of fighting the civil system, they are not beyond lying to protect themselves, and then documenting the lies in the ”file”-but luckily, or not so luckily, I have an iron fist mind-with a memory for dates and numbers that is actually pretty frightening! To a large degree, I can remember the individual words spoken in the context of conversation. I was down at City Hall with our Neighborhood Cod ...   read more

Financial Fluidity   16 y  
One of my Incarnations (in this lifetime) was that of an Investment Advisor, Stock broker,& Insurance Broker. I still read all or most of the old data sources. Since some of my readers who are "in the know" about this tidbit, ask me questions off-line, I've decided to post on-line.
If you have ever said -- or even thought -- any of the following, you need to re-examine your investing philosophy. 1. ’I love this company.’ This is the statement that gets investors into more trouble than any other, and here’s why: You are not buying a company -- you’re buying stock in a company. There’s a universe of difference between the two. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A:NYSE - news - research) buys companies; Cisco Systems (CSCO:Nasdaq - news - research) CEO John Chambers buys companies. When Jack Welch was running General Electric (GE:NYSE - news - research), ...   read more

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