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Life Unfair?   16 y  
We've all made mistakes in Life, the "winners" have enough healthy self esteem and respect for their maker to realize it has no real effect on their future . They cycle the emotional energy through and build on their experience. Claim your Good...
Put Your Hound Dog Out of His Misery (Avoiding the 7 Rabbits of Highly Defective Hound Dogs) Roger Reece ”You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, just a’cryin’ all the time.” Who hasn’t heard Elvis belt out that rock and roll classic, but did you ever consider the hidden meaning behind those words? Clearly this was a song about the long-term effects of a negative attitude, and the hidden implication is, ”put your hound dog out of his misery!” The Hound Dog Effect A negative attitude has a way of giving your face and body a whole new look. I call it ”the hound dog effect.” Your ey ...   read more

Your Past Lives   16 y  
Who were you in your past life? Me? A beekeeper in NZ (but of course!) cause of death .....   visit the page

I'm Claiming MY GOOD   16 y  
Ode to Roomie. He's a good choice. Communal Cooperation. Harmony
Time to check in again, with myself through you. I have a roommate who is young, male and very enrolling! kinda cool. I am enjoying getting to know him, and by virtue of sharing space we have begun to spend some concentrated time together. I’ve just noticed that he cleans up after me. This just tickles me, because I have 2 grown children that I picked up after for many years..and a husband. Enough said. Now I am the child and he assuming the parental role..and he is young. Ha Ha! Second childhoods are radical! I love and enjoy the rich irony. Now he cooks (not because of m ...   read more

Dairyland Site/Bomb Blast   16 y  
My Buddy from Church-Her take on The London Blast-Personal Responsibility at the Cellular Level...We are One   visit the page

Isabelle Allende   16 y  
The Cook Book of Love
Woman is like a fruit, which will only yield her frangrance when rubbed by hand(s) Like Basil, unless warmed by the fingers she emits no perfume The same with women, if you do not animate her with your frolics and kisses with nibbling her thighs and close embraces You will not obtain what you desire You will experience no pleasure when she shares your bed and she will feel no affection for you! paraphrased Isabel Allende   visit the page

Swimming   16 y  
Form, speech, movement, satisfaction
Harmonious Patterns Flow Metrical pattern Cycle Cadence Lilt Tempo Undulation Style Form   visit the page

Heal   16 y  
Please take some time today between 9am-1pm (PST) and send healing and prayers
We have, in case one hasn’t noticed, a perfect vehicle to do some astral work for each other. If we can agree to support one another as a team with prayer/request. I have a dear friend and healer who is tweaked from a car accident. He pretty well gives 24/7, and I would like those who feel called at the curezone group to think of him healed...get up there in the 3rd eye and think of him healed or send a prayer of comfort and healing... He has taken care of me for a year now and now he is in need~ He takes care of many patients some for a very low cost so he can help as many as poss ...   read more

One with Halibut   16 y  
Fullfillment and Contentment in Nature's revelation
I was down at the spot today preparing for my ”heart thought” paper, reading that old goat Troward...He is a very wise Old Goat though~ I do no think there is a new thought on this plane. It is sad to see we are the recyclers of Truth and Beauty without much rising in race consciousness...But this is not what I wanted to tell you...God I am in that Monkey Mind again... While sitting in Lotus posture on the bottom slab of cement stairs, then dangling my brown calves off the side into the water...daydreaming, getting still, entraining with sounds and feeling of the Bay, the loveliest re ...   read more

Creating Intuition   16 y  
This poem is satisfying a requirement of one of my SOM it is not entirely inspirational...but it is the Intuitional and Creative Ideas I hold 'near & dear'
When we advance to the conception of Spirit as containing in itself The Ideal Form as well as Power, we shall cease from the effort of forcing things into a particular shape, whether on the inner plane or the outer plane, and shall be content to trust the inherent harmonious or Beauty of the Spirit to produce combinations far in advance of anything that we could have conceived ourselves. This does not mean that we shall reduce ourselves to a condition of apathy, in which all desire, expectation, and enthusiasm have been extinguished, for these are the mainspring of our mental machinery; b ...   read more

The Comforting Shape   16 y  
A catch-up on Creative Living in Process
Yahoo! I have decided to work 3 days a week during the summer, I will worry about the winter schedule when the winter schedule is real.... I am estatic, yes siree Bob! I have stopped having to look a certain way at work- like showing up 5 days a week in summer...I am exploring more creative flowing ways of relating to people that can further the Waldorf Cause...And a wonderful cause it is! Oh, how I wish I was a ”Waldorf Kid” More even than a ”Toys are Us, Kid”..and anyone who has intimate knowledge of me KNOWS how much I LOVE toys.....I give them to all the people I love....squirt g ...   read more

Zeigler's Follies   16 y  
San Diego Reader article, Josh Board, Party Crasher, Larry Zeigler's Follies, Point Loma High School, 29 years of continuous follies at Point Loma High
Crasher -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zeiger’s Follies By Josh Board Published June 23, 2005 [Crasher from previous weeks] When my brother and I were in high school, he was in some boring Shakespeare play that I got dragged to see. It was fun hearing him talk about the cast party, though. Larry Zeiger, a Point Loma High School English teacher, runs the school’s Gotta Sing Gotta Dance productions. Zeiger told me I’d have fun at one of their shows. He and I had talked about movies at a previous party, so I figured I would trust h ...   read more

Asilomar   16 y  
Asilomar the beautiful and the great. Rich in history and frequency! And So It Is...... I am going to this beautiful place and I hope my beautiful daughter will join me for a nice relaxing healing week...with some absolutely inspiring speakers and livers.... I am so very happy to get to spend time with my daughter and all the souls and hearts that frequent the Asilomar Frequency....... Here is another link that explores the poetry of Asilomar: Asilomar was a YWCA retreat that was designed by the first Licensed woman architect, Julia Morgan, wh ...   read more

Personal Best?   16 y  
You are God!

Development Deva   16 y  
And So It Is, Creative Love is flooding my Universe, and for that I give thanks, and release it to the Universe...
I have been going to work like a regular person for the last few weeks. Gee, it’s time consuming, and I don’t do as much yoga....or other stuff I love. Something is wrong with a system which does not address my needs for salt water and yoga...And so it is. Time to create an on line business for cash flow- or marry wealthy? Who knows each of those answers in it’s own way is not creative enough for what is next for the 9th body. Time to meditate on the Path of the 9th, and come up with freedom of time. The time of my life, likes Sands in the hourglass~ the days of 9th’s lif ...   read more

US Banks are Sharing Secrets   16 y  
Privacy Laws, only with regards to your ss#, not with regards to your $$
COMMENT: Dear A-Letter Reader: ”Bankers as Spies” was my Comment topic last Thursday, in which I detailed how American banks and their officers and staffs have been forced by law into the role of spies on their clients. As fresh evidence of this I related how William Fox, the current head of FinCEN, the US Treasury’s Criminal Enforcement Network, told 1300 US bankers last week that they are America’s ’eyes and ears’ when it comes to spotting ’suspicious’ banking activity. I also told you how it’s a crime for a banker not to report ’suspicious activity’ of all kinds, and a crime ...   read more

Master Haiku   16 y  
Haiku Comedy?
This is a great site- after being directed here in a Curezone post~ I took the time to listen to some of the other posting on this site....all you poets out there-Ready for a giggle? Scroll down to #7-Oh too bad I am on my way to work I would listen to more right this minute!   visit the page

Separate Perspectives   16 y  
Mish Mash, I am posting a batch-
I haven’t had a heart to heart with you in a while. I swam at the spot today after a beautiful service by Rev Kev at Midtown...I hope he got some $$ for our social hour after the service~ I can always tell when we are doing well the food is good and abundant-otherwise it is left overs (as it was today...) At the spot the water was 68 degrees and heavenly! I jumped right in, since I have been feeling separated from the sources of nourishment in my life...I felt greedy for the sensation of astral water gliding...I vowed that it can be managed for all to have what they need-including yes! ...   read more

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