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Emerson   15 y  
Well, it's worth a try....
Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson   visit the page

From the desk of: The Queen 9th   15 y  
It is true that a picture is worth 1000 words?
No Text   visit the page

Love 'n Fun   15 y  
I am blessed with the sweetest, and the wierd thing is...My life looks NOTHING like what I expected, I have experienced what should have been hardship but turned out to be the path that revealed my true nature...Huh, all bets are off when transformation comes...Oh and the depth of feeling of the love and appreciaton...God, inside us, is the love of a "healthy celled" being! Love Laugh appreciate- It is a short trip...Today I'm telling everyone who is instrumental in my I feel..Try it, they will love it and you will feel it too (Micheal, Donald, Wendy, Steve, Rattana, Guru Dev, Guy, RevKev, Anja, D, KO, and more)
The Spot is a place I swim, on the Point near The Yacht Club. I also loll in the sun and get tanned, and read one of my latest books. Now I am reading Lynn Twist book ”The Soul of Money” It is a very good spiritual book on leadership through stewardship and sufficiency. A must read for all those aligning their lives for full expression of God’s purpose for you on earth. I digress, so Pat is back in town-my dear friend that swims with me down at the Spot. Since Pat lives in Mexico for 3/4’s of the year, the water seems cold here..We always have a short adjustment..but we are back on ...   read more

Life as of Late   15 y  
State of the Union of the bubblicious cells that "dare to be me"!
It’s been awhile since I’ve played catch up in human blog terms. General update: Daughter- just had a birthday and has raised all her money for her triathlon and more. New man in her life whom she likes and he admires her sense of humor (which appeared to be an area of contention with M3)She is in full training mode and finds it a bit wearing on her reserves. Son- Has a birthday tomorrow and seems to be living happily in Hawaii with his wife and his son. I am positive there is more intrigue attached to that, but I as Mom am not privy to it. Sometimes this may be better...altho ...   read more

More Wild Things   15 y  
All I really can say for this one is sorry...and maybe something ...Oh no I really shouldn't say that!
Yes, I could, if I chose, drop 35 lbs. I’m thinking bicycling might be one way of burning calories...or some other ...Oh nevermind! My friend (from church!) posted this on her site...while discussing the merits of cyling a la carte to speak...And I, being weak, succumbed to the outrageousness of this picture...Apparently, they cycle with Lance...I wonder if anyone is even reading these words~ My guess ”NO”.   visit the page

I am a Wild Thing!   15 y  
I am a Wild Thing
The wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws but Max stepped into his private boat and waved good-bye ...” 9th-Bye!   visit the page

Holmes on Health   15 y  
Health is Normal, our natural state
by Ernest Holmes Certainly in the successful experience of living, health is a prime factor. And in all probability nothing is of more importance, nothing of more immediate concern, than the present state of one’s health. From a historical viewpoint, the idea of a connection between health and state of mind is anything but new. It was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who said: In order to cure the human body it is necessary to have knowledge of whole things. And Paracelsus wrote: True medicine only arises from the creative knowledge of the last and deepest powers of the whole univer ...   read more

Wormwood   15 y  
Wormwood, I am sure it was used in potions and brews...What are the uses of wormwood~ I have this week off, so I am sure I will collect many seemingly useless facts
Wormwood Although wormwood is the second most bitter herb existing to man, it is regularly used to flavor many beverages. Wormwood is frequently used by brewers in place of hops because wormwood leaves resist putrefaction. Wormwood is also used to flavor various specialty liqueurs, such as Vermouth, Campari and absinthe. Wormwood is a bitter herb that is toxic if ingested in large quantities. Despite this, wormwood has been utilized for numerous purposes throughout history. Because of wormwood’s unique properties, its scope ranges from medicinal to agricultural domains. As the name i ...   read more

Cannabis Vodka?   15 y  
WOW, I've been sober too long! This stuff looks positively trendy....
That brown ring in the bottom are marijuana seeds-yes it’s true! I wonder if when one finishes the bottle one can dry the seeds out-(given that you haven’t drunk them on pouring) and grow an organic alcholic pot garden...Now I’m talking.... I can see dedicating my life to such a cause as this one! She was in her 80th decade of life when she stumbled on the answer to the perfect plant...the plant that when smoked gave the flavor of a good Russian vodka and the high of a Thai mountain plant- she went to her grave happy and stoned ...Perhaps the two had something to do with each other? O ...   read more

Absinthe   15 y  
I ordered it, just for fun-or to have up on the bridge...on the fridge in the kitchen
What is Absinthe? Absinthe, or affectionately known as the Green Fairy (La Fee Verte), is a high alcohol volume (usually 50-70%), unique tasting liqueur infused with a plethora of flavors derived from variety of herbs. Absinthe derives its Green Fairy nickname from its color and its humble beginnings as a miraculous cure all. Absinthe’s unique coloring is the result of the chlorophyll present in the herbs. These herbs include anise, hyssop, veronica, fennel, lemon balm, angelica and last but not least wormwood. Wormwood produces the psychoactive constituent thujone, which is responsible ...   read more

Expectations   15 y  
Is it still a victory, or more specifically~ does it still feel like a victory when one no longer expects it?
victory ”Victory comes, at times, just when one no longer expects it.” -Martin Buber (1878-1965)   visit the page

Donde es?   15 y  
The good dye young ;} Or what color is your parachute?
That the really talented Ones; like drofinnah and Shuggell are missing?And just think they did not make an pontificated exit ..they just melt away like snow...   visit the page

Oddly Enough   15 y  
twice dead, leaky coffin, buried with bullet
9th, Oh dear my humore is a little on the dark Irish today! I find this hilarous in concept, I am chuckling to mysled- I wonder if the spirit takes offense to being shot after death? Ah well, I hope I will never know that answer..but someone does! RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - A dead woman lying in her casket was hit by a stray bullet during a wake in Rio de Janeiro and mourners fled in panic, police said on Wednesday. The bullet, fired in a shootout between a drug gang and police in a slum adjacent to the cemetery Tuesday, pierced the casket inside the cemetery’s chapel a ...   read more

Physics of Belonging   15 y  
I am doing some study with SOM, and I have never felt such connection and sureness now that the outside world is unimportant...Funny even when I judged the outside world wrong, or imperfect..It essentially had sway based on the judgement itself...Now I look and see splendor. The sense of relaxation and belonging is spitirually satisifying and very sensous...My words are too clumsy to describe! This is my final treatment/paper for one of the basic classes before embarking on thought practioner. I am going to continue my training this winter while working as a development director- my life, literally, not one iota of exaggeration rePathed itself by my desire to honor my instincts and calling! Crazy Good, I claimed my Good...
Relax and Enjoy the Quantum Ride We are all the Wave of Love We are God, We are Spirit, We are Man All else is not so Love Illuminates Faith Confidence and Belief are me I exhale the breath and open the solar plexus Come in Come in! I am whole and connected I relax into the wavelength of belonging to Universal Love I ground my life in faith, express satisfaction and grounding in my Mother Earth All joy, FUN and the coherence of synchronicity Is Mine-to share I rejoice that We are One I release this to every particle and cell of All and back to One I release my ...   read more

Emerson   15 y  
Peace & Victory
victory ”The real and lasting victories are those of peace and not of war.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)   visit the page

Shoot to Kill?   15 y  
the sovereign society offshore a-letter
COMMENT: Shoot To Kill. Dear A-Letter Reader: The media dispatches from London are anguished because police shot (8 times) and killed an unarmed 27-year-old, dark skinned man who was mistaken for a terror bomber. Police say the officer had good cause to believe the fleeing suspect might detonate a bomb and take the lives of others. Within the last eight days bombs in London killed nearly 60 people. Police had orders to shoot in the head suspects in order to prevent activation of suicide bombs. The NY Times reports: ’Britons are raising questions about their ability to sustain ...   read more

Illusion of Fear   15 y  
And it can feel so real, just think of that power of mind harnessed for JOY- How would the earth look then?
Fear: Is it just an illusion? Emotional Stress - be it fear, anxiety, grief, anger, depression, - is a choice. (often times a subconscious choice) What do you mean you might be asking? Let’s examine this a bit further... Fear is a response to something. It is a response to an event or experience that happened in our past (a memory) or something that we are anticipating happening in our future. What is most apparent about fear is that it is not something we experience in the present moment. Have you ever heard the story of how they train young elephants for the c ...   read more

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