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Ups and Downs   15 y  
Passion is greater than Fear, Be True to You, Your Dream is Truer than Your Fear
In 1902, an aspiring young writer received a rejection letter from the poetry editor of The Atlantic Monthly. Enclosed with a sheaf of poems the 28-yr-old poet had sent was this curt note: “Our magazine has no room for your vigorous verse.” The young poet rejected the rejection however, and went on to see his work published. His name was Robert Frost. In 1894, a 16-yr-old found this note from his rhetoric teacher at Harrow, England, attached to his report card: “A conspicuous lack of success.” The young man rejected the rejection and went on to become one of the most famous speakers of ...   read more

Outrage and Volunteerism   15 y  
just do it!; GET OUT AND DO GOOD It seems there are many who are outraged at GW’s lack of response to those poor people trapped inside hospitals, stadiums, and their own homes. I do not think it was an accident. And this is just political mind masturbation. Don’t get me wrong I engage in it when lives aren’t at stake. I look at the actions or lack of actions that people do or do not take. I think there are no accidents and then the hurricane can not be an accident either. So if one views events people and things without huge emotional response, one has more c ...   read more

Sadhana #10   15 y  
Yes, it's true! I fell asleep on the beach and almost missed an appointment.
i am so tired   visit the page

Time is so valuable   15 y  
What's next Hurricane 9thbody? Yes the archetypal matter is spinning waiting for the birth through my vessel. I am an artist of matter now what will I stand for?
I am up a little early for Sadhana- YES! it only took 10 days (not 6 as originally surmised) So cute, really I am precious-all shit is kicked up everywhere with this practice of taking a stand for several venues in my life. All the archetypal information is coming up, and swirling turdlike around the atmosphere. It pays to breathe deeply before any words escape, but if one can’t manage it -hell then let it fly. Circumstances and Circumseption are closely related etomologically speaking. I have no time to waste. I am honing my vessel to become the chalice for good- all abundance ...   read more

9 days completed/katrina   15 y  
Hurrican Katrina and Sadhana~ and head wet! Went swimming and I am so depleted that I could barely swim my 1/2 mile- along with yoga, and work. And I actually got cold- something this girl has plenty of resources to deal with up till now!
seems like longer but it’s all good!! I am more concerned about the hurricane and all the destruction. The only hope is that these areas come back even stronger than before - that they knit themselves into a tapestry of passion, compassion, and love. I truly don’t know what to say. The ways of nature are inexplicable at times, leaving us to wonder what it all means. Hold the world in your kind thoughts - today and always. We are all fragile and vulnerable - if not to the forces of the planet, then to each other and the storms that rage inside every heart.   visit the page

1 week completed   15 y  
Only 33 more days and other self jokes
This has to be quick ( yes, we can all breathe a sigh) it is 3:12 PDT and I must brush my teeth and get on the road for...Sadhana..hehe. I got up at 11:40pm and have been up since ay say , ”huh?” Well I think Imust have fallen asleep at 7pm and woken at 11:30pm- to eat and then...I’m up- Huh Just when I thought my body clock had adjusted, eh? Ah well, it is a small sacrifice...I mean who wouldn’t want to be up at 0 dark 30 and then do 22 minutes of leg lifts..heheh Only the strong thrive.. I’ve noticed after 1 week my tummy and my endurance has increase 12 fold. ...   read more

OCA Victory over USDA   15 y  
Organic "seal" is protected and supported. Dr Bronner's -right here in San Diego County- filed suit for organic body care, supplements, and pet food (I didn't know Dr Bronner's was a hemp producer... what happened to the peppermint soap?)
VICTORY! USDA YIELDS TO OCA’S DEMANDS The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is proud to announce a major victory this week. Following a June 14 lawsuit filed by the OCA and Dr.Bronner’s, a leading organic body care and hemp food company, and a nationwide OCA grassroots pressure campaign, the USDA has agreed to allow certification of qualifying organic body care products, pet foods, and nutritional supplements. Since last summer, the USDA National Organic Program has been telling certified organic companies to remove the ”USDA Organic” seal from all non-food products. Taking advantage of ...   read more

Sadhana#4   15 y  
Just an update on Sadhana #4, I am clearing the vessel to receive all my good! Sat Nam and so it is! stronger and more open~ May we live ininteresting times!
Went today at 4 am;same group, but one new male who was so funny, he sang every chant for 1 whole hour. What made it especially humorous was that I sang every chant for the entire chanting hour the first time I appeared- 4 short days ago. I have now learned to conserve my energy and sing one or two of the six chants, and rest between exercises...ALL of which are stomach exercises...My weakest point! (So of course now we know why God directed me there, my intuition knew my next step was to strengthen the core-hahahah...My intuition led me to exactly what I needed. I can pretty much count ...   read more

Big Kitty Pic   15 y  
Kitty, kitty- is he real or memorex? Hey hahahahah Jokes on me the kitty turned into a happy face giving me the rasberries
Here kitty, kitty!   visit the page

FUNNY-Watch This   15 y  
So I am putting my love where my mouth is! ready?- the ancient Sadhana~ We shall see what I am made of.... The State of the Union of North American Health? This blog is not about anything funny...It is really about a great courageous undertaking, because it has to do with missing sleep- A HUGE determiner in how I function and feel... I have committed (mainly by putting this in writing!) to do Sadhana at 4am everyday for 40days Sadhana Consists of 21/2 hours of ”connecting” during Amrit Vela~ the pre dawn time when the window to the ”other worlds” is the most open (4am -6:30am) We will do a little chant, then Kundalini yoga for an hour ...   read more

Eddie Traversa   15 y  
Spiritual Blog   visit the page

Video Quip on Health   15 y  
here is a little fun for your morning coffee, splenda, and white powder creamer
If One is interested in a little humor about the state of the average North American Health.... This is a video/audio quip on health:   visit the page

SOM Affirmations   15 y  
Here are the posted affirmations for the last week of august on or by subscribing to their newsletter!
Your Daily Affirmations for the last ten days of August, 2005 Monday, August 22, 2005 I live in joy because I know that I am living and expressing God in all that I say and do. Life is joyous! Tuesday, August 23, 2005 I now stop deceiving myself and know that I am perfect. I am centered on my inner perfection, and I see the perfection of God in every aspect of my life. I live in fullness and joy. Wednesday, August 24, 2005 I am a creative, intelligent, and talented expression of God. Today I remember that I am the gift and I am a blessing to life. Thursday, August 25, 200 ...   read more

Swimming with Sardines!   15 y  
Another swim blog, I saw another first at the spot today and I marveled in the miracles of the spot. What a treat for the eye, and the skin to swim inside the flow of a school of sardines!
Today I went down to the spot and saw the most awesome site..But first I got the opportunity to swim with my webmaster Pat, and discuss the product and services of the 3 sites we are making. I am very excited and hope to make $550-$1000 additional cash flow...I have other buddies that are have sites that they may allow me to link to. I’d have a better ”optimization” (??)...Ok so we had a great time plotting and planning and being ”in our heads”...Then discussing Politics so we can get ourselves all riled up...; }Then it was time to enter the Sacred Baptismal of the ”swim”! As I walked ...   read more

In Dark I "SEE"   15 y  
Dear Me this is a Strange One- as Strange One Do What's Inside of You---that is If you can figure out what that is? Perhaps, just a minute by minute Being??
eyes ”In a dark time, the eye begins to see.” -Theodore Roethke (1908-1963) I can see I am in a strange mood tonight, but you know, that’s part of the spectrum also...the good, bad, and the ugly~ then the strange. For me, I began to make fun of what I want the most, and I observe while this process/humor occurs and I begin to kinda laugh at myself. I do find it the highest order of enjoyment..this witnessing of self. This seeing and NOT believing. I realized some things tonight as I stood in front of the board and gave my presentation. I am beginning to see patterns around p ...   read more

Almond Milk   15 y  
How do you make Almond Milk and what is it good for?
Sat Nam, I would like to know if there is a recipe for almond milk or is it something you have to buy? Almonds increase ojas, thus almond milk is very nourishing and is good for all constitutions. To eat almonds, soak them, as soaking raw nuts and seeds activates them, turns off the enzyme inhibitors, thus making them easier to digest. Almonds are saatvic, energizing, and balancing. The almond tree belongs to the same family of plants as the rose, the plum, and the peach. The ayurvedic way to make almond milk is to blanch the almond and then soak them overnight befo ...   read more

Kundalini Yoga & Food   15 y  
This is in response to the previous blog posting Conscious Choices on addiction
This is in response to Awtar’s post in the previous ”Conscious Choices” Sat Sangeet Kaur shared something incredibly important. Most people don’t think they have it in them to do what she did. And most of us who went through something like that had to do it alone for the most part because we were creating a new way to handle our problems. Now there are more people thinking along the same lines. For instance: Do not think about fixing a problem or a disease or an addiction, instead think about where you’d like to be and support that which your soul is inviting you to be. ...   read more

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