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Day 38 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
January 1, 2011 The first day of the New Year. It was an okay transition, since I was alone. I ended up having a bit of dinner and a two glass of wine before the midnight hour. I waited until Midnight before going to bed, because I wanted to wish Phil and PJ a Happy New Year. I sent him a text saying “Happy New Year” and all I got back was “You too, Go 2011” I was a little bit hurt that he couldn’t even say “Happy New Year” back to me. Oh well. I went to bed soon after that, as I didn’t want to remember last year’s fun we had together. We snacked on cheese dip, that he made, crackers ...   read more

Day 37 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 31, 2010 My day wasn’t too bad. I tried to keep myself busy by doing things outside my home. I went and did a little bit of shopping. I found a couple interesting things at Goodwill. It was really nice to enjoy that type of shopping, since I haven’t done much of it over a year and a half with Phil living with me. I never had a lot of money to play with, so if I really needed something I would check at Goodwill or Salvation Army to see if I could find it. I had a little extra money due to my storage unit that I have. Let me explain. It cost me $49.00 to have my storage unit. ...   read more

Day 1 of Water Fast – late failure so it is Day 36 Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 30, 2010 Wow, Today is the first day of my water fast and so far so good, but it is still early to tell on how it will go. I am positive, but I know that Day one is usually very easy for me. It is Day Two and Three that I have to worry about. My evening was okay. I didn’t sleep the best as my dreams were playing with my head. I keep dreaming that I heard PJ get out of bed, get a drink of water from the bathroom and walk toward the living room and then back into his room. Since the dream was so real to me, when I woke up around 3:00 a.m., I got up and checked my kitchen, t ...   read more

Encouraging quotes that inspire and motivate   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
There are some encouraging quotes that I found typed up and printed out on a page, that I labeled on September 25, 2009. I found the page of quotes in my “Daily Power Thoughts” book by Robert H. Schuller. It probably was a past selection of quotes that I would carry around in my pocket for a week or so. I am posting them here as I thought they would be encouragement to anyone that might read them. I know that quotes have always been very encouraging to me and I always in the past tried to find a couple quotes that I could carry around with me to use as a “pick me up” when I was runnin ...   read more

Day 35 of Post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 29, 2010 Last night was not a good night(December 28, 2010) for me. I hate horribly, as I had more meat then veggies, and then I snacked on crackers and cheese as well. I am sure I could have eaten more crackers and cheese, but I forced myself to take the rest of it back into the kitchen. I can honestly say that I felt very guilty seeing it in the fridge in the morning when I opened it to get my lunch packed. I made sure that I stocked my lunch with lots of veggies to help me overcome my delicious snacking date with the cheese and crackers. At least they were Wasa Multi grai ...   read more

Day 34 of Post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 28, 2010 I felt horrible when I woke up this morning. It is hard to explain horrible because it wasn’t a physical thing and it wasn’t a type of horrible like I-have-tons-of-bills-yet-no-money-type of horrible. I think it was more like a disappointed type of horrible. I laid there for a couple moments wondering why I would feel that way. I relaxed and thought a bit. I didn’t believe it was something I ate or was lacking as nutrients. I then realized it the the interaction I had with Phil during the day. He texted me to tell me that he saw me at Family Video. Actually he joke ...   read more

Day 33 of Post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 27, 2010 I was able to do a 10 minute toning exercises for abdominal muscles, outer thighs and inner thighs last night. I did three sets of 12 on each. I was quite proud of myself that I did it even thought I had no desire to “exercise”. I guess no one really has a desires to exercise until they have developed a routine for it. I popped in Billy Blank’s Taebo’s instruction tape, that I bought a couple weeks ago from Goodwill. I watched it a little bit to get an idea what I was going to get ready for. I even did a couple of the instructional punches, early on when he was sho ...   read more

Day 32 of my Post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 26, 2010 Today is a very saddening day for me. It has been a year since I had to put my beloved 14 year old cat, Canna to sleep. It is hard to believe that he has been gone a year. I really missed him a lot as he was such a big part of my life for the last 14 years that it has been hard to deal with at times. I still at times, expect to see him walk in a room. I really miss him sitting nearby and hear his usually purr, which I could always tell between him, Mekong and Lammy. He had a very distinct purr that was just all him. I guess that if I was to start a fast on any d ...   read more

Day 31 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 25, 2010 It was an okay day. I didn’t expect anything special out of the day. The last couple years, Christmas hasn’t been very cheerful or even uplifting due to my relationship (with Phil) and past losses like losing my Uncle Michael 4 years ago to a house fire. I wanted to say that I hear from Phil but I know that he and PJ are busy enjoying their new home and having their own Christmas together in their own home for the first time in like 3 years. I only heard from Phil around midnight on the 25th to wish me a Merry Christmas via text message and then again very early in ...   read more

Day 30 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 24, 2010 The day was not busy nor was it boring either. It was kind of inbetween. I got up late and really had no plan for the day, which is probably one reason why I wasn’t able to follow my regular scheduled meals or snacks. I did some laundry, cleaning the living room, and washed some dishes. I dropped my cup of tea, that I was making. I had no idea that it was sign on what was going to happen later tonight. I ate breakfast late, but as I left the house to go window shopping/ a bit of Christmas shopping, I didn’t pack a snack or a lunch, as I wasn’t planning on being out s ...   read more

Day 29 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 23, 2010 I had a surprise text at 3:00 a.m. In the morning from Phil. I was already up because I fell asleep early and I have always had a tendance to wake up several times during the night, specially when I am alone. He texted me that he was lonely and wished I was with him to hold him, as he hates this time of year. He was just staring at the ceiling. It WASN’T even a week, since he has lived in his own place and he was lonely! I couldn’t believe it. How selfish of him. I almost texted him back and said “Yeah, it is horrible isn’t it. Know you know how I felt for a year a ...   read more

Day 28 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 22, 2010 This morning Lammy started pawing me around 5 a.m. I wasn’t ready to get up yet, so I just ignored her and rolled over. Finally when my alarm when off at 7:00 a.m, I looked at her and she just jumped up and was ready for lovings. I laid there for a while, and thought about Phil and how he was doing. Part of me wanted to text him and wish him a good morning, but I knew he wouldn’t enjoy it. He never was a morning person. I then wondered if he missed me. I wondered if his stress level has been down since he moved out. Was he happy? I can’t help feeling this way, bec ...   read more

Day 27 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 21, 2010 It is the first day of Winter and my late Uncle Micheal’s birthday, so I am going to try to make today a little special. I haven’t figure out how yet, but I will figure something out. Lammy (Lamareoux) pestered me this morning, smacking me with her little mitten paw. (which isn’t fun, as it has a claw always extended so it can scratch me. Good thing she is always gentle when she smacks me) I first covered my face and then she started to pull at the covers so she would get underneath it. I then turned over and she followed me. When I decided that I was going to g ...   read more

Day 26 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 20, 2010 Last night was a bit harder for me. I struggled to get into some routine, but I found myself wandering around my home with really no reason last night. It was so very hard. I didn’t clutch Phil’s blanket or pillow, so I could smell him, as I did yesterday and cried. I know if I did that it was just torturing myself and that isn’t healthy. It was much harder when I thought I heard the front door close more then once. I moved his blanket and his pillow off to the side, so I wouldn’t be tempted to smell it and cause me to get too emotional and text him that I missed h ...   read more

Day 25 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 19, 2010 I woke up late. I took my time getting out of bed, as there was really nothing to get out of bed for. Lamareaux slept with me throughout the night on a pillow next to me. It was strangely comforting to wake up and see her curled up in a little ball next to me and sometimes her watching me. Mekong didn’t sleep in my room. She did sit on my chest a while I was laying in bed, but she was more interested in licking/pulling her hair out while she was there. I will have to check her for fleas again or maybe it is a symptom of stress for her. I tried to get some type of ...   read more

Day 24 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 18, 2010 ”Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.”~Source Unknown Phil moved around today. My breakfast was late, as I was trying to eat it, but my heart wasn’t in it, as Phil didn’t come home last night, so when I came out of the shower, he was in the kitchen making himself a cup of tea. It was hard to watch him stand there. I really wanted to hug him and not let go. He probably stayed at his new house. I know that this will be very good for him. Maybe this would be good for us. I just don’t know. I choked down my ˝ cup of Succotash, as he ...   read more

Day 23 of my post Water Fast   10 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
December 17, 2010 After finishing my daily log for December 16, I realized maybe I am not eating enough calories, even though it seems that I am eating all the time. It is probably because I am eating complex carbohydrates. So I made sure that I had a higher calorie breakfast. I don’t know I thought about having a Toad in a Hole, but since I had eggs and a some wheat bread (which PJ makes his lunches with), I thought it wasn’t too bad for me. In order to add a bit more health to it, I had a cup and a half of my Spring greens, which tasted great without anything on them. Probably beca ...   read more

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