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Day 1 of Water Fast – I didn't fast today   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 8, 2011 I woke up having a funny feeling. It was because of the dream that I had. I had a dream that I was cold (which I was, because one of my blankets had fallen off me) and my father came to me and covered me up and brought me a glass of water. It was a lovely dream, but it was very real too. I felt like a little kid again. I remember as a child how my father would cover me up and kiss me good night. It has been so long, since I have felt that way. The last time I can ever remember my father tucking me in to sleep was when I was 6 years old, before he married my stepmother. ...   read more

Day 1 of Water Fast- Another failure   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 7, 2011 I have noticed that my urine has been a bit cloudy off and on since around February. At first I thought I might have a urine tract infection, but it never hurt to pee, but I drank a whole container of cranberry juice just in case. I wasn’t happy about it, since it wasn’t the low sugar kind and I hated putting so much sugar in my system. When I thought I might just have a bit of a yeast infection or something since it did show up after my last monthly cycle I did some research about Phosphates that can cause cloudy urine. There is a trick to find out if it is phosph ...   read more

Day 1 of Water Fast -FAILURE   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 6, 2011 I didn’t sleep well last night and I keep having dreams with Phil it in, which I couldn’t remember the particulars of, other then they tore at my heart. I laid in bed off and on through out the day, reading and doing other things. I didn’t do anything I probably should have been doing. I really needed to do laundry, pick up my bedroom and do some dishes, but I didn’t do that at all. My heart wasn’t in it. I really didn’t want to eat either, but I did any way. I guess to just do something. I was suppose to be starting my water fast, but nothing was normal or even plan ...   read more

Day 16 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 5, 2011 I wasn’t happy that I got back last night from Christy, it was raining again. I knew that it was suppose to rain, but I think I have had it up to my ears with rain. I really feel horrible about the people that live in Prospect and LaRue, as they are still trying to recover from flooding that happened on Monday, February 28, 2010 and now we are getting MORE rain. The radio was saying about 3 or 4 inches! That is ridiculous! I woke up around 5 a.m. to go to the bathroom, and I looked out my bedroom window, to see how the rain was doing. I could see that it was filling ...   read more

Day 15 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 4, 2011 Wow, was it hard to get up in the morning. I felt so sluggish and then again, I was up late, as I couldn’t get to sleep due to having all the sugar in my system. After getting dressed and getting ready for work, I immediately took the box of the remaining paczkis out to my car so that I could get rid of them at the office or my friend’s house. I didn’t eat breakfast, as I wasn’t hungry at all. I know that I should have eating something, but I think it was the after affects of the all the sugar in my system. I only had a cup of dandelion Root tea until I had large sa ...   read more

Day 14 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 3, 2011 My day was pretty good. It was mostly reflective when I had time to myself. I was thinking about my father, Phil and which direction my life has went into. I have to say that I have been worrying a bit about my father, and his health and why Phil hasn’t talk to me much. I guess with Phil, it probably is just trying to get over the break up and rejection of trying to work things out with him. He seems so distant, and has for a long time. I talked to Dad about Phil a couple days before he went into the hospital. I think my Dad understands that I am lonely and miss Ph ...   read more

Day 13 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 2, 2011 This morning, I realized I hadn’t been as active as I was in the last week or so, plus I had a long weekend that I didn’t do anything but eat and snack (it is so funny now that I love to snack on carrots and other healthy stuff like pumpkin seeds. Lately I love any meal that I make, as long as I put a lot of carrots in it. LOL Well I got up and weighed myself. I was 129 pounds. Yesterday I was 132 pounds, but I am sure it was because I really really retaining water due to eating so many salted pumpkin seeds. I thought that I would measure myself to see how my measurem ...   read more

Day 12 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
March 1, 2011 Wow, I can’t believe that it is March already. February is always a short month, but still! My morning was as normal as possible, other then dealing with post flood issues. I got up early enough to check out yard and my car, before work. I grabbed an apple for breakfast and decided that I would grab a healthy salad at Baires restaurant, that I go to once in a while for lunch. I really haven’t made any bean stew and didn’t want to invest in it, since I will be starting a water fast on March 6th, which is only 5 days away. Plus I had already bought more fresh veggies ...   read more

Day 11 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 28, 2011 Wow, today was something else. I was up really early (around 3:00 a.m.) as the peel of thunder woke up me and Mekong. Since I fell asleep early, I was fully awake for a while. I got out of bed and looked out the window. I noticed that that an amount of water was collecting in the intersection beside my trailer. My trailer sits on a lot that faces the main roadway in the park, and a cul de sac is right off of the road. My drive way is on the right as you drive into the cul de sac. In the past, water has collected in the intersection, but it never has gotten as bad as ...   read more

Day 10 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 27, 2011 I laid in bed doing nothing until Noon. That was a good start for the day (sarcasm). Actually, I laid in bed reading a book, falling back to sleep again and then reading a book again once I woke until noon, to document correctly how my morning was. When I finally got up and did my morning thing, I realized that I was kind of hopeless on weekends if I am left to myself. I putted around the house finding things to do: dishes, laundry, organizing my crochet patterns ( I drug them all out), looking over my recipe binder and find some type of organization for my books ...   read more

Day 9 of Post Water Fast    9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 26, 2011 The roads were better so when I woke up, I got myself ready like I usually do on the weekends. It is funny how I don’t follow normal routines on Weekends, but I will continuously make my bed regardless. It is funny how I can keep that routine going, but not always others. LOL I went over to Christy’s house for a couple hour. I did what I normally do when I am over there (read, watch TV, help clean). It was funny once I got there Christy was wondering where I was yesterday. She is used to me coming over on Fridays as well, but I told I didn’t because the weather an ...   read more

Day 8 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 25, 2011 Yeah, it is Friday. I love short weeks! And boy did we get some snow! When I woke up it was a level one snow emergency at 6:30 a.m. I looked out the window and found my car covered with the lovely stuff. I took my time getting ready for work, to see if the County Courthouse would close or not, but I had been planning on going into work anyway, since I really needed to get my check. My car insurance automatically comes out on the 27th of each month, so I needed. The roads were really bad doing into town, but I went slow, but the time I got to work it was a level T ...   read more

Day 7 of Post Water Fast    9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 24, 2011 I am curious how bad the snow storm is going to get. We are suppose to get it tonight, but most of the time, we never give as much a snow as they say we are going to get. I am kind of hoping that we get lots of it, since I would love to have another snow day from work. LOL Of course, when I woke up in the morning, I looked out the window and no snow yet. Sigh. I know that it will come. I am still wear my size 10 black pants as I don’t like how my size 6 fit, but I have been wearing my size 8 crème colored small welt corduroys. I went to goodwill to see if I cou ...   read more

Day 6 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 23, 2011 Man, I threatened Mekong this morning that I am going to shut her out of my bedroom so I can get a good night sleep without her laying on my shoulder, my back, on my face or my stomach the whole night. LOL. I love her to death, but it is so hard to get comfortable enough to fall in a deep sleep sometimes when her laying on me. When my sleep pattern is off, then I don’t get up as early as I would like, because I don’t want to get out of bed. Work was busy, as usually, which is great, other then the other secretary loaded me with a bunch of stuff she didn’t get don ...   read more

Day 5 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 22, 2011 Gosh, it was so lovely to get back to work after having three days off. I realize how utter boring I get when I don’t make plans to keep myself busy. I am feeling really antsy and I really want the weather to get better so that why I can go out and do thing like take walks and stuff. I hate this coldness and I want SPRING! I talked to my dad on Sunday and were were sharing how cooped up we have been feeling. For my Dad it must be much worse, because he has to be very careful about protecting his lungs. He can’t go out in the bitter cold, so he doesn’t get to get out ...   read more

Day 4 of Post Water Fast    9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 21, 2011 I could have slept in, but I didn’t. I was wake by 9:00 a.m. and up by 10:30 a.m. I laid in bed until 10:30 a.m., as I was crocheting a row on my Black Skull blanket. I guess I was trying to get into some type of routine, after three days of no routine. LOL It was really nice to spend time with my friend, Christy last night, but I can see that it will be a problem for me, as all the smoking is getting to me. It was horrible enough to have 6 people in a living room (not counting myself) that smoke. And once 2 or 3 of them started smoking, I couldn’t breath. I fi ...   read more

Day 3 of Post Water Fast   9 y  
My daily Journey to a healthier life style
February 20, 2011 I got home a lot earlier then I did the night before, but I still stayed late at Christy’s house. Of course, my kitties were waiting for me as usually. They are not used to me not coming home until late. Mekong was crying and crying when I came in the door. It is just like her to miss me and want me to give her attention. LOL When I got home, I tried to read a bit, but I ended up falling asleep quickly, as I was tired and happy to be home in my own bed. When I woke up around 10:30 a.m nothing was normal or routine was it was the weekend as usual and I still hav ...   read more

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