Juice Fasting 2011
by redfizz

Day 17   12 y  
Cutting the noise clutter and bringing in peace
I almost broke down and started eating again.  Once I got over it, I realized that this is typical around the time I am close to or at the half-way mark.  It was so frustrating to try to figure out why the weight has not subsided.  I called my hippy friend and she asked, ”How often are you doing an enema?”  *Umm...*  And of course, that is what needed to be done.  Ever since doing one this morning, I have had several BMs and have felt exponentially better. Still, the lack of weight loss is getting to me.  So after doing some research, I came across a really useful site: www.soilandheal ...   read more

Day 16   12 y  
So happy I stuck through yesterday.
Wow. The fast will be half done by next Tuesday.  I am so glad I stuck through it and didn’t give into my tantrum.  *sigh* I really wanted to eat - and not because I was hungry, b/c I wasn’t!  It was because I was feeling sorry for myself, and therefore I was going to eat.  Huh.  Just typing that made me look at it objectively and realize that I was going back to my old way of comforting myself with food. I really have to thank my friend for his support.  He reminded me that, no, I do not need to eat and I w ...   read more

Days 14 & 15   12 y  
Having an emotionally tough day.
I have been frustrated with the lack of weight loss, the moodiness, the lack of food.  I miss the experience of food, but I am not hungry.  I need to find a way to move. Yoga may be the answer.  I am supposed to be 125.  I get so frustrated, because when I exercise, it doesn’t work. When I fast, it doesn’t work.  I feel like a failure when it comes to my wieght.  My mom is ~350lbs.  My grandmother is ~300lbs.  I was raised on sugar, sodas, french toasts, pop tarts.  Whenever I got in trouble growi ...   read more

Day 13   12 y  
Describing cravings for rich meats...
I spoke with my good friend last night who is trained in wholistic nutrition and mentioned my lack of weight loss. She asked if I have been craving fats, and I told her about my wanting olive oil. She explained that our bodies need fats - good fats - which include coconut butter and olive oil. She said what is most likely going on is my body is freaking out that it is not getting any good fats, so it is holding on to the bad fats. She suggested going ahead and having some olive oil and see what happens, which I did last night. So far, there has been a .2lb reduction within the 12 hours ...   read more

Day 12   12 y  
Expelled a lot of candida yesterday
Things are going pretty well. I only lost .2lbs from yesterday, but it’s most likely from the vegetable broth, which has 100mg of sodium in the form of sea salt. I am sure it’s only water retention.  I will be on two full weeks as of Wednesday. I did an  enema yesterday, and it went relatively well. There was a lot of dead candida expelled, which would explain the bread and sugar cravings the past couple of days: it’s usually the candida’s last, desperate stand to be fed before it dies off.  That would explain the mood swings the past couple of days. I am ...   read more

Day 11   12 y  
Doing well.
I am doing well. I had some vegetable broth. Probably because I am crazing salts. The broth is 100% organic, minimal sodium and 100% natural ingredients. I am craving olive oil like crazy! This is just like the time I cut out sugar. My body craved and craved and craved it, until it finally learned how to find its source of energy elsewhere. Suddenly I lost a lot of weight, and I no long bonked while riding, because it was using fat and slow/burning energy sources instead of the quick-burning sugars. It looks like we should be getting more snow, which will be nice. It’s time to gr ...   read more

Day 10   12 y  
Not much to say.
I am 1/4 of the way there.  I woke up with a headache this morning.  I took  two hour nap yesterday.  My body ached a little yesterday. I am not sure why I gained .7lbs over these last 24 hours.  It doesn’t really make sense.  I am kind of frustrated. I have been sewing like crazy and would like to get some things done.  I couldn’t relly sleep well this morning. Oh well.  I have a lot of earwax. Blah.  Oh well. BMI: 143.3lb BMI: 24.46%   visit the page

Day 9   12 y  
Graphic descriptions of bodily functions. Be forewarned.
Things are going pretty well. I did want to eat some thing, but only because I wanted the taste. Not because I am hungry. I was craving leek broth, which is a detox system, so I made some. You take the sliced white parts and a little of green transition parts of the leek and boil them to make the broth. It was nice to have something warm. However, it seemed to work better than I thought. I had BMs last night and this morning. And this is without any psyllium yet. According to ”French Girls Don’t Get Fat”, the French author came back from America fat - go figure - and her father ...   read more

Day 8   12 y  
I had a larger detox yesterday but am feeling great today.
One week down! I had a pretty bad detox yesterday. I was extremely irritable and then I came down with a fever for about 2 hours. I feel wonderful now. It’s probably time to do an enema. Booooooo. Oh well. And I need to take my psyllium husk with bentonite. I don’t know which is worse. The husk/bentonite drink or the enema. Oh well. I always feel like a million bucks afterwards, so bottoms up. We got a lot of snow last night, which is nice. It would be nice to eat soup, but I know that I would go crazy with the comfort food, so it’s probably best that I am fasting right now. ...   read more

Day 7...already?   12 y  
Doing really well. Just a couple hunger pangs
Things are going really well. I am really craving oils/fats. That is usually my body throwing a tantrum looking for a source of energy and is simply used to me feeding it fats and carbs to devour. It will eventually chill and start on the fats that I already have. I did have some major hunger pangs yesterday, but they completely dissipated when I juiced. It was like nursing a crying newborn. My thinking is more and more clear. My friend said that I smelled like strawberries and blueberries. We have found that the more clean our diet is and if our bodies are not full of crap, our s ...   read more

Day 6   12 y  
Digestive system finally shut down.
I was tempted by some spices. Strange, I know. But I love lemon pepper. So I had my friend take it out of my apartment. I am doing well. I am actually surprised that tomorrow will be my first week on this fast. Having to juice 2-3 bottles prior to work is a pain, but I get into a rythm and it works out. Day 5 is usually the last day for shutting the digestive system down, and it seems to have done so successfully. The TV was on yesterday and my mind feels stagnant. I need to just read and sew and actually accomplish something. My waist is visibly going down again, which is a r ...   read more

Day 5   12 y  
Finally hitting my stride.
Things are going pretty well this morning.  Yesterday was nice.  I took a nap, but I am having issues (if you can call them that) with having so much energy in the evenings.  It’s not good when I have to be at work at 6:30am, but there are worse things in the world.    I had one or two stomach gumbles, but I am pretty sure that my tummy is finally shut down. I periodically get bad body odor, and I had about a 30-minute emotional roller coaster.  I am learning that before I bite someone’s head off, which I did not do, I need to step ba ...   read more

Days 3 & 4   12 y  
Detox cycles are starting, and I feel a little weak.
I am doing okay for the most part.  On the 2nd day, I had my first detox cycle. [Note: I figure out the detox cycle on my first 40-day fast.  The cycle is 1. I suddenly get really moody and my thoughts and emotions are not appropriate for the situation.  This is when the toxins are dug up and released throughout my circulatory system, which goes through the brain as well.  Do you not think toxins/chemicals affect your mood/brain?  Then how do you explain mood-altering medication?  But I digress.  On average, this lasts 3-6 hours.  Then I am back to my normal self for about 2-3 ...   read more

Day 1 & 2   12 y  
Starting my juice fast.
It’s that time again. I am on day 2 of a juice fast, and so far am having a decent time with it. REASON I have been traveling so much for work and struggle finding good food while doing so. I also have been eating too much cheese and have had some issues with sugar and candida again. I started "splurging" on breads, which caused many problems with my gluten allergies. I just need a reset. I have gained about 20lbs over the past two years. Also, 2011 is going to be an amazing year of positive changes. I think God (or whatever you want to call him/her/it - this is just the ...   read more


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