Resonance: "a vibrational collection"
by Lapis
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Thought Is Your Reality   18 y  
Through the field of "Onethingness" we shape and direct, through thought, infinite potentiality into experience or 'reality.'
“Thought is your reality. The things you see around you are the result of thought. Everything you see around you is first created in thought. Thus, thought is the creator, and whatever you “think,” has already been created in thought. The rest is just the physics of how thought energy creates and attracts like energy to bring about what you desire. But your life, your reality, is created first in thought. Remember this always.” From ”The Greatest Secret”   visit the page

Courage to Transform   18 y  
" We all come into this world with a certain set of weaknesses to overcome and a certain set of strengths to acquire. The circumstances of our lives are such to teach us about these qualities within ourselves."
The Courage to Transform This last week-end my husband and I went hiking along the Appalachian trail that partially runs through the Ozark Mountains, when we came to a place where we began walking along the top of a cliff overlooking a stream. It was beautiful! I wish I’d had my camera, but instead I took some time to enjoy the view. It was then that I realized that I was standing about 6” away from a drop-off of about 100’ or so, and I have a problem with heights!! I’ve gotten a LOT better about facing my fear because I take every opportunity to control my though ...   read more

Visualize It   18 y  
"Where there is vision, there is life and growth, accomplishment, fulfillment and joy. Visualize the very best for your world, and allow your life to follow that vision."
Follow that vision You can visualize anything you choose. Your imagination is yours to control as you wish. So make use of that powerful imagination to visualize the best of all possibilities for yourself and your world. You don’t need any special resources, you don’t need anyone’s permission, and you don’t even need to be realistic. Simply go in your imagination to the place where you’d most like to be. Visualize all the details, all the richness, all the feelings of the experience. Make it real in your mind, and you’ll be well on your way to making it happen in your world. ...   read more

Good Feels Good   18 y  
"...when you allow Source energy to flow through you, you thrive. When you pinch it off, you thrive to lesser degrees."
Good Feels Good, Bad Feels Bad Are you letting in your Inner Being who adores you? Are you allowing God Force or Creative Life Force, or whatever it is you’re wanting to call it, flow through you here and now? Or are you using some flimsy excuse of something that happened when you were 16, or something that happened last week, as your excuse to not let in who you really are? Accept yourselves as the eternally evolving, blessed beings that you are, who have only one question to ask, and that is, ”Here and now, am I lettin’ it in? Never mind what happened back then. I can’t g ...   read more

Stay Positive   18 y  
"Whatever you dwell upon the most is what eventually shows up in your life. Do you have the courage to stay positive? "
The Courage to Feel Good ”Men are that they might have joy.” Being happy, finding one’s joy and living in a pleasant state of mind is essential to the manifestation of magical goals. If we only realized how important it was we’d make more of an effort to get there and stay there. I’ve learned a trick to this that works for me every time, that I’d like to share with you. Whenever I find something I can identify as that which I Don’t Want in my life, I allow that thought to take me immediately to the question. ”What is it I’d rather have?” What is it I DO Want instead? T ...   read more

Vibrational Being   18 y  
" I more deliberately vibrate, then I have deliberate creative control of my own experience--because the Law of Attraction is matching my vibration to me."
”I am a Vibrational Being and I transmit a signal with my thoughts about whatever I give my attention to that acts as a powerful magnet attracting similar vibrations. So as I am more selective about that which I focus upon, then I have a measure of control of what my vibrational offering is, because, as I give my attention to something, I include it in my vibration. And as I begin to more selectively choose that which I remember, or that which I focus upon in my now, or that which I contemplate into my future--as I more specifically focus, then I more specifically, deliberately vib ...   read more

Vibrate It   18 y  
"That which you give your attention to, particularly your emotional attention, you draw into your experience."
Have you decided upon a magical goal? Once we have the goal firmly envisioned. The next task is to Dream It Alive!! The Universe doesn’t know or care whether the Vibration you are transmitting in your thought comes from something that is actually happening in your experience, or from that which you are imagining. When I can think of myself already having this thing in my life, then I am sending out a matching vibration to that which I Want. When I can do this, without cancelling it out by thinking about NOT having it or how disappointed I am that I don’t have it, then the Un ...   read more

Why "BAD" Happens   18 y  
Yup it's all about polarity (contrast)!
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People Did you ever see something go wrong around you and suddenly burst out, ”How on Earth did I create that?” Really, how can bad things happen, even to the sweetest, kindest, most spiritual people on the planet? Where’s the fairness in that? The root of the question lies partly in the fact that we live in a state of polarity consciousness. This is a point of view where life is seen as a contrast between opposing forces, and that events are either good or bad. Good or bad is a judgment issue. Judgment belongs within the frequency band ...   read more

Fear of Flying   18 y  
" Fear of flying (or fear of anything) is all about focus and vibration. Life itself is all about focus and vibration."
Fear of Flying John Cali As I’ve been reminded lately, there are several people among my close family and friends who are terrified of flying. You probably also know someone like that. Most of them cannot understand why I love flying so much. And they understand even less how I could have been a professional pilot for so many years. Defying death, as they saw it, almost daily. Yet nothing ”bad” ever happened to me. I had no fear of flying then. Nor do I now. I make valiant attempts to explain that to those who ask me about it. I talk about fear, focus, vibration. But ...   read more

Parallel Universes   18 y  
I like this essay. It shares an important concept on the possible outcomes that we tap into and choose, as we creat our reality.
Parallel Universes ”Parallel Universes ae brought about by thought. Here we can create alternatives and variations to life. We create ’reality’ by our thinking. This means that the full spectrum of the way life is lived is created by each individual, both in their own personal life and for the planet as a whole. On an individual basis, whatever you most believe will occur, does occur. On a national basis, the same thing applies. What the majority of people believe is most likely to occur within a specific country, will become the reality that will be lived by the people ...   read more

The "Story"   18 y  
Break free from your unempowered story and create a new one out of clarity and freedom.
The ”story” is an ongoing process of which an author creates and captures an experience. That experience is up to the author as they create the story...the story doesn’t create them. To create a harmonius, passionate, compelling story, it is important to focus where they are taking the main character as opposed to where the main character seemingly wants to take them. What I mean by that is this. What seems like obvious reactions to the author by the main character being influenced by circumstances and interactions in the story, may be trapped thinking on the author’s part. ...   read more

Key of Healing   18 y  
The quintessential distinction for healing or any empowering aspect of life experience.
The absolute key for deep and lasting healing is to understand the distinction that YOU create your reality/experience and thus any harmony or disease. If you are trapped in victim consciousness you cannot heal. You are not in control of your path akin to sitting in the wrong side (passenger)of a moving car hoping that the ’ghost” in the driver’s seat will take you where you want to go....Fruitless. You must take responsability for your life. By getting back in the driver’s seat and choosing your path in a fully conscious manner, you will create new momentum and overcome the intertia of ...   read more

Attraction Blunders   18 y  
Here are some interesting Law of Attraction blunders people tend to make.
Do You Make These ”Law of Attraction” Blunders? - By Bob Doyle Learning about the ”Law of Attraction” can be one of the grandest blessings you can receive in your life. When you learn the true ”cause” of your experience of reality, and that you can actually ALTER that reality in any way that you wish, it opens a door of Infinite Possibility! After all, imagine that any level of wealth can be yours! Your life can be enriched with the most fulfilling relationships imaginable! You can spend your time doing only those things you love, and in return, experience abundance that seems im ...   read more

Your Greatest Dream?   19 y  
What is your greatest dream?
More Vibrational Articles Here Manifesting Abundance by Jeffrey Sax What is your greatest dream? Imagine everything in your life going absolutely right, what would happen? What would you do? Where would you live? Who would be in your life? Set no limits: let your mind wander freely! What’s the absolutely wildest thing you can imagine right NOW that would help you? Write this down. Know that there is a line of probabilities where all this and more does happen. Know that this line of probabilities is open to you. It’s your choice. When you never have enough money, one reason is ...   read more

Vibrator Freinds   19 y  
Having like minded people to nurture each other's creation process and stimulate positivity opens up great potential for conscious growth.
More Vibrational Articles Here Positive Vibrations are Always Good by Eva Gregory Want to know how to amp up your vibrations easily and effortlessly? The answer is simple. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people! You don’t even have to be focusing on the same outcome, but if you’re all in a state of attraction, your vibrations will pack a wallop. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. Have you ever been in a fantastic mood, called a friend and had your mood changed faster than a revolving door? Not only can s ...   read more

Mate Attraction   19 y  
Can I apply the laws of the universe, the universal law of attraction to manifest a mate? Can I apply positive thoughts, and creative thoughts to intentionally attract a woman, attract a man, attract a relationship and can I manifest someone specifically?
More Vibrational Articles Here ATTRACTING: Can I deliberately manifest a relationship with someone specific? Anisa Aven If the other person wants what you want, then yes you can manifest a specific person into your life, even if they are presently unaware of what they want. However, this is always a delicate matter because you cannot manifest or create in another person’s reality without their participation. In other words, no matter how badly I want to manifest Mel Gibson or how badly my honey would have liked to have manifested Heather Locklear, the Universe cannot delive ...   read more

Subconscious Mind   19 y  
How to take charge of your life by directing your conscious mind which in turn programs your subconscious mind.
More Vibrational Articles Here What Is Your Conscious Mind Telling Your Subconscious Mind? Jan Tincher The most important duty of your conscious mind is to . . . Tell your subconscious what you want! So, what HAS it been telling your subconscious mind? Chances are, if you are where you don’t want to be in your life, it’s been telling your subconscious mind that things aren’t going well. That you can’t remember things. That so and so doesn’t like you. That you can’t do it. That you are broke. That business is bad. And guess what. Your subconscious mind has believed ...   read more

Getting Clear 3   19 y  
Part 3 of "Beyond Success and Failure."
More Vibrational Articles Here Beyond Success and Failure 3 Communication: We are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. Many hope to escape this common fate of all individuals by seeking to understand, or more impossible still, to be understood by, those around them, The desire to be understood sets up tensions of frustration when we discover that the fancied closeness we believe we have created with someone leaves us miles apart at the action level of experience. We see in a flash that we have only been talking to ourselves at times, when we thought we were expressing, or ex ...   read more

Getting Clear 2   19 y  
Continuation of "Beyond Success and Failure article.
More Vibrational Articles Here Beyond Success and Failure 2 The leanings dependent individual, however, finds it difficult to imagine any love other than eros. The person who habitually seeks close attachments, with all their bickerings, mutual controls, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, boredom, banality, cannot imagine how he would get any satisfaction or warmth in a nonpossessive relationship. He is so accustomed to the tensions, anxieties, hostilities, uncertainties of the struggle to possess, dominate and use the partner, that ...   read more

Getting Clear 1   19 y  
Getting clear is a must for spiritual awareness and power. This article is in 3 parts.
More Vibrational Articles Here Beyond Success & Failure The mind is filled with misconceptions, which add up to dependency on outside authority figures. The misconceptions must be destroyed. It is simply not possible to alter oneself-to go beyond old conditioning-without first destroying the compulsive hold that habit has on us. There must be a period of unlearning, so that the person can de-condition himself to his old, habitual responses. We greatly underestimate how much of our life is built around our ”bad” habits and t ...   read more

Bully..Meet Victim!   19 y  
"...instead of each person having to control the actions of everyone else, it is only necessary for each person to control his or her own vibrational space. Now we can dispense with the inevitable conflicts which result when people are trying to stick their noses in each other's business."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Law of Attraction --- An Illustration This universe is a universe of vibration --- and vibrational matching. All events proceed from this fact. Let’s introduce Joe Doakes, a muscular, solidly built guy who likes to lift weights and enjoys sports. Mr. Doakes has, some would say, the unpleasant quality of being belligerent. Mr. Doakes is a warrior. When we look at him we can immediately see a ’high volume’ kind of guy. Joe chooses to find an outlet in the joys of conflict. To Joe, ...   read more

Manifesting Abundance   19 y  
"When we focus on "having less" then we create that experience for ourselves. When we focus on "I hate my job" then we will never notice the aspects of our employment that might be satisfying. Basically, just wanting something isn't going to bring that to us when we continue to obsess on the not having of that something. All we will experience is "not having" and will be ultimately blocking our true desires."
More Vibrational Articles Here Manifesting Abundance Phylameana lila Desy Understanding the Law of Attraction You likely know someone who is a great at manifesting. You may even have felt somewhat jealous of that person because it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these things with little effort as if they were born under a lucky star. Well, it may be that they very well were born with the knowledge of manifesting already intact. I say this because I believe once we learn something in another life (Yes, I believe in past lives, parallel existences) it is not lost, ...   read more

Using Law of Attraction   19 y  
"We create the reality we experience by our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings create a tone or a vibration that acts as a magnet which draws to us more of the experiences or events that will give us more of the same thoughts and feelings."
More Vibrational Articles Here Using Law of Attraction: If I create my reality: Why am I getting this ?! by Lorna Levy In arguing against law of attraction as a valid principle, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “If I create my own reality, why on earth did I create this”? Sometimes it is phrased: “I can’t possibly be creating my reality because I never would have chosen this”. Everybody wonders about this. This article explains how we create and why trying to understand why we created something is a pitfall. How we create We create the reality we experience by ...   read more

3 Steps To Ideal Life   19 y  
"Before you begin to manifest your ideal life, you must get clear on exactly what you want. Examine your desire from a mystic perspective. Is it something that would be of benefit to many people or is it a purely selfish desire? If you are attempting to manifest your desire at the expense of someone else, there will be a steep price to pay in the future. Remember, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap,” so why saddle yourself with additional burdens? If your desire seems selfish, reframe it so that it’s of benefit to others."
More Vibrational Articles Here 3 Steps to Manifesting Your Ideal Life by Edwin Harkness Spina Over the past several weeks I’ve received dozens of email solicitations for books, CDs and videos that promise to reveal newly discovered techniques to improve my life. These emails promise a wide variety of benefits: how to get rich, lose weight, meet the woman of my dreams and buy a million dollar mansion with no money down. In some cases the salesman will throw in a “Ginzu knife” or “pocket fisherman” if I order immediately! While some of these marketers may actually believe t ...   read more

Law of Attraction Interview   19 y  
Short interview with Michael Losier.
More Vibrational Articles Here Here is one of the Law of Attraction gurus, Author Michael Losier in a short interview. Once you get to the link, scroll down and choose episode number 40 ”Law of Attraction.” Enjoy! Michael Losier Interview   visit the page

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