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Why Suffer   18 y  
A great (free) book based on the life of profound healer Ann Wigmore.
Why Suffer?: How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally by Dr. Ann Wigmore, DD, ND. An Inspiring Classic. Dr. Ann’s autobiography about growing up with her homeopath Grandmother in Lithuania, healing herself of gangrene as a teenager, and discovering wheatgrass juice and raw living foods as the treatment for her cancer, after the doctors gave up on her. The findings and Wigmore Diet Program of Dr. Ann, used by thousands to reverse dis-ease, detoxify & rejuvenate. Paperback, 182 pages. Available for free via download:   read more

Shift To Raw   18 y  
Interesting account about someone who shifted to raw food.
Shift to Raw by author Michael Hermiston My fear of doctors was the result of a plethora of childhood illnesses, hospital stays and operations. As I entered my 20s, this fear prevented me from taking any action when I developed a series of nagging pains in my back. In hindsight this was foolish. These pains were kidney infections! They eventually passed and for the next 20 years, my life was mostly free from illness. Little did I know that my kidneys were deteriorating due to the scarring of the infections, high blood pressure and my ongoing excessive protein intake. My childhood ...   read more

* Raw Scandal *   18 y  
Interesting from a few angles.
This Thread is quite revealing for people in the raw community and for people who conduct business in general. Check out the R’ed post and go to the allegedly taped converstation of a customer with High Profile raw community web owner/author Alissa Cohen’s husband. There was an edit made on the tape where the customer could have gotten him riled up but even so, that is no excuse to react in that manner. If that were the case, hang up and block her. Is she manipulating them? Possibly. This is one for the courts. No matter what was going on, this may not be the best way to react w ...   read more

Raw Tongue   18 y  
It takes a while on a clean raw diet to get your taste buds reset. The following info speaks to that fact.
An excerpt from Hooked on Raw by Rhio ”When switching to a more natural diet it may take time for the tongue to catch up to the new taste. This is because the tongue has been ”pickled” by all the heavy salt, refined sugar, corn syrup, white vinegar, MSG, nitrates, saccharin, Nutrasweet, and other chemicals you have been ingesting. It takes approximately two to three months away from all of these things to get your tongue back to normal. Once you get through the initial phase, then you will start to appreciate the true flavors of the fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, legume ...   read more

RAW Variations   18 y  
There are many ways to do raw. Please read through this entire blogset to get an idea of all the aspects of going raw so you can make an informed decision.
An excerpt from Hooked on Raw by Rhio ”In every system of health maintenance there is always some controversy. Remember however, that while the controversies my rage on and on, you, as an individual, can decide what works best for you. People become confused when they hear opposing viewpoints; once says black, the other says white, yet a third advocate says gray. My advice is to pass all information (including mine) through the filter of your own intelligence and reach your own conclusions. You do not have to wait for the final word to proceed.”   visit the page

Detoxifying Blood   18 y  
David Wolfe is quoted on the topic of how thinning the blood via fasting or plant food, detoxifies your blood.
An excerpt from The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe ”Within a few hours of eating food, the quality of the blood is changed. Dr. Michael Klaper, in his video, A Diet For All Reasons, shows an example of thick, heavy blood drawn from a person on the standard cooked meat and pasteurized milk diet. Surgeons know that the blood is almost immediately thickened by eating heavy foods, making it dangerous to operate, that is one of the main reasons they will only operate after the patient has fasted on water for at least 8 hours. Eating raw plant food thins the blood, as does fasting ...   read more

Life & Energy   18 y  
Here is a quote from Victoria Boutenko on the importance of life giving enzymes.
An excerpt from chapter 1 of 12 Steps to Raw Food by Victoria Boutenko Life and Energy ”When people talk about raw food they usually talk about enzymes. Enzymes are energy. Enzymes are life. We cannot see enzymes with our naked eye, but we can see the life and energy that is the result of enzymes. For example, if I take two almonds, one raw and one roasted, and plant them in the soil, within 3 weeks the roasted almond will have disintegrated into the soil. The raw almond will remain where I planted it. In spring the snow melts on the mountain and flows down to water the soil, inhibit ...   read more

Raw Skin   18 y  
A few raw skin treatment tips from David Wolfe.
An excerpt from Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe raw Skin Treatments ”Avocado Mask: For Dry Skin Puree one ripe avocado with 6-7 drops of a fresh-squeezed ripe orange. Add one tablespoon of hemp oil. Massage this mixture into the face and neck. This mask has excellent effects on any part of the skin. After application, lie down and relax. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes. Cucumber Mask: For Oily Skin Peel a cucumber. Finely grate it. Lie down, relax, and apply the cucumber to the face and neck. After applying, place a warm towel over the face. Relax for 20-30 mi ...   read more

Handling Cravings: Raw   18 y  
Good article on handling cravings when going raw.
Understanding and Handling Cravings ”... We have tolerances in our body that have been developed over years from foods that we eat that are highly toxic. Its just like drugs. If you take a drug into your body the drug is poison, but at the same time your body rises up to fight this poison so you develop a tolerance. Then if you remove the poison you still have the tolerance Your body is still pushing against that poison even though the poison isn’t there anymore and you feel that. And that tolerance is what you feel when you feel a craving. You want to bring that poison back into your b ...   read more

Raw Chocolate Cake   18 y  
From Jinjee's Newsletter comes this raw chocloate cake recipe. Enjoy!
Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake (its really raw carob, not raw chocolate, shhhh) Grind up 1 cup of raw organic almonds (don’t soak them) in the blender on high for about one minute until they are a fine powder. (Best is the Vitamix blender, using the pummel to push the nuts down as you blend) Keep grinding until they start to get a little doughy due to the oils being released Add 2 tablespoons of raw carob powder Add 1 and a half tablespoons of raw unfiltered honey Continue to blend (and push with pummel if available) for one minute. Use a spatula to remove from blender and roll ...   read more

Iron Rich Raw   18 y  
Here is a juice recipe for those needing a natural iron boost.
An Iron-Rich Drink Recipe - by Jinjee and Storm If you are feeling sluggish of foggy-brained it could be an iron deficiency. No supplement can up your iron levels like a tall glass of green juice daily! If you need iron power in your life, here’s a great formula: Juice or blend: 1 bunch spinach 1 bunch kale 1 bunch chard 1 bunch cilantro 1 bunch broccoli 1 bunch celery 1 beet All ingredients should be organic and as fresh as possible. Drink immediately. Do this every day for a week and your iron levels will be through the roof! If you can’t stand the flavor - its rather sw ...   read more

To Our Roots   18 y  
"Everything about us, as a species, says herbivore loud and clear: from our teeth, jaw and saliva down to our stomach acid and through our intestines. Herbivore, herbivore, herbivore! Heck, just trying to eat like any true carnivore - or even an omnivore - would probably have us in a hospital before the day was out."
Returning to Our Roots: Research Supports a Plant-Based Diet - from Veggies in Motion News: Obesity, heart disease, stroke, and most cancers are all on the rise in the United States and are clearly related to diet. With our continued failing health, as a society, maybe it’s time to look at our behavior for some important answers. Think back to the last time you saw another human run down a squirrel or rabbit; jump on its back and sink her teeth into its neck and crush its larynx. Maybe you just missed those super-human feats of athleticism and ...   read more

Raw food healing/Percentage   18 y  
Here is a 2 part newsletter that Jinjee shared concerning fruit/raw food and diabetes as well as candida overgrowth. She echoes what I am hearing by so many people that have experimented with varying degrees of raw food percentage intake. It seems to take a commitment of 100% raw foods to bring about effective healing. Even 1% cooked is enough to hault the healing effects of raw food in some conditions and people.
If you are healing from a sugar-related condition such as diabetes or candida and you are not 100% raw then even fruit sugars should be avoided and green juices be substituted instead. But amazingly enough a woman with type 1 diabetes went on the OJ Diet recently and emailed me that she was able to cut her insulin out completely by the end of the two weeks. She went back on a 100% raw food diet and found that because of the foods she had to increase the insulin just slightly (still she’s down to 4 units instead of 30 previous to the OJ Diet). She was also re-diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ...   read more

100% RAW and Candida   18 y  
Jinjee shares her way of healing candida overgrwoth by going 100% raw.
Conquering Candida by Jinjee Talifero. In answer to all the emails about how I cured my candida here is my candida story. I’ve been on and off the 100% raw vegan diet for 13 years now. Before I went raw I ate a SAD (Standard American Diet) and I had really bad candida (a sugar related condition). When I went 100% raw it became worse at first but then went away entirely. Then I went about 75% cooked vegan and 25% raw vegan and my candida symptoms returned. When I went 100% raw again, the symptoms again got worse at first but after a few weeks went away completely again staying away fo ...   read more

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