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Raw Guru Interview   19 y  
"We cannot ignore the role of food in our consciousness. As it says in the Upanishads, “When food is pure, the mind is pure.”"
More Raw Food Articles Here Healing with Live Foods The Satya Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens Gabriel Cousens, M.D., is renowned as a physician who promotes the therapeutic benefits of live food. He is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, which he describes as “the manifestation of my life’s work.” Nestled in the wilderness on 166 acres, the Tree of Life is a sanctuary for both physical and spiritual growth, offering individualized programs incorporating modalities like yoga, meditation, acupuncture and naturopathy in addition to celebrated ...   read more

Raw Testimonial: Adenoma   19 y  
One of manny stories of how a raw diet can be instrumental in healing.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Raw Testimonial Susan Ahl Piper In February, 2001, I was diagnosed with an adenoma in my right parotid gland (salivary) and was told I had two choices: radiation or total parotidectomy. I was certainly not open to radiation, nor was I very eager for surgery, as there is some risk of facial paralysis, because four brances of the facial nerve grow through the parotid gland, which is located along the jaw area. So I began asking around and found that many people are having excellent results healing themselves through raw foods. So by March I w ...   read more

Raw Chef   19 y  
A chef who gave up cooking for raw is featured.
More Raw Food Articles Here Cooking raw offers great taste, health benefits By Marilynn Marter Knight Just a few years ago, chef Matthew Kenney was ascending to the height of success and celebrity, with a string of thriving New York City eateries, two well-received cookbooks, and, early on, a ranking by Food & Wine as one of the ”Ten Best New Chefs in America.” But after Sept. 11, 2001, his empire collapsed in the economic fallout. And the French-trained chef took a surprising turn. He gave up cooking. For raw food. After a three-year culinary journey, he and his partner (i ...   read more

~ Raw Diva ~   19 y  
Here is a quote from keynote speaker, Deanna Latson who speaks at various venues spreading the health benefits and virues of the raw vegan lifestyle.
More Raw Food Articles Here In Deanna’s own words... ”Raw foods changed my life and the lives of my family. I now spend my days traveling around as a professional speaker educating corporations and college students about food and how it affects the body.” I encourage you to check out her website for more information. Thanks Deanna for helping spread the ”raw” message and help heal our planet one bite at a time.   read more

Vitality With Raw Foods   19 y  
THis excellent article explores why a raw food diet is the ultimate healthy diet.
More Raw Food Articles Here Raw Foods by June Butlin “Feeling good”, “energising”, “vitality”, “longevity”, “aliveness”, “dynamic state of mind”, “anti ageing” and “calmness of spirit” are all descriptive words and expressions used by those recommending a raw food diet. The benefits advocated from eating such a diet seem endless: lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, eliminating cravings, preventing overeating, purging the body of accumulated toxins, balancing hormones, maintaining blood glucose levels and reversing degenerative diseases. There is much evidence to b ...   read more

Why Eat More Raw?   19 y  
Here is a good article on why to utilize a raw food lifestyle.
More Raw Food Articles Here Why Eat More Raw Foods? For hundreds of years scientists have been seeking methods to deal with disease. And for hundreds of years they’ve been looking in the wrong place. The answer was right there under their noses - In an organ called the mouth! What we put in our mouth creates either health or disease - our choice. But we only have a choice if we find out what edible substances are beneficial and which are harmful. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors picked up the bad habit of cooking their food which has been passed down to us ever since. That ...   read more

Vegan Humour   19 y  
A picture is worth a thousand words. A cartoon, well even better.
More Raw Food Articles Here   visit the page

Olive Oil Scandal   19 y  
Important information on healthy olive oil.
More Raw Food Articles Here The Olive Oil Scandal By Raymond Francis Reprinted from Beyond Health Copyright 1998 For more than a decade I have advised people to substitute olive oil for the regular oils available in the supermarket. Good advice. But here’s the problem: trying to find real olive oil is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Olive oil has been part of the human diet for more than 5000 years. These millennia of human experience plus modem research indicate that olive oil is beneficial to health and that we can safely include it in our diet. In fact, olive oil has ...   read more

Beyond Raw: Eternal   19 y  
A coherent diet is only one step to ultimate health and living....creating coherency in your mind is another(more impoortant but leads to coherent diet).
More Raw Food Articles Here YOUR ”SACRED” LIVE FOODS CANNOT SAVE YOU FROM YOUR MIND by Brother Sage People think that because they maintain a certain lifestyle or diet, like Live Foods that they are some how protected from dis-eases, negative emotions and self-destrucitve tendencies. Truth is the greatest cause of all death on the planet does not come from the SAD American Diet, or AIDS, Heart Dis-ease, Cancer,etc. The Greatest cause of Death on the Planet (greater than all ”known causes” combined) is THE BELIEF THAT DEATH IS INEVITABLE. When we still have the Unconscious Death U ...   read more

Raw Interview: Jeremy Safron   19 y  
Interview with Jeremy Safron.
More Raw Food Articles Here Interview with Jeremy Safron Question #1: What are some rawfood staples in your current diet? B) Are you 100% raw? C) How did you start? The primary staple foods that I consume on a regular basis are: Wheatgrass, Coconuts, Sprouted Buckwheat and Sprouted Sunflower seeds, Avocados, Macadamia nuts and Papayas. I also consume a large variety of fruits in season throughout the year mostly mangos, lychee,melons and berries in the summer, prickly pear cacti, figs, persimmons and plums in the autumn, oranges, and cherimoyas in the winter, and sapodilla, caro ...   read more

Raw Crunch   19 y  
Anton La Guardia and his family get out the blender to get a taste of life on a raw food diet.
More Raw Food Articles Here Raw Crunch Anton La Guardia I couldn’t help myself. The aroma suffused the air, my mouth was moist at the thought of the morsels melting on the palate, and my stomach stirred in agreement. Looking over my shoulder to make sure the children could not see me, I walked up to the counter, ordered a cheeseburger and ate it behind the cover of a potted plant in the service station. Delicious. My wife, children and I were about to try the latest diet craze, ”raw food”, in which one is supposed to forsake all cooked food - never mind junk. For the next tw ...   read more

Snacking in the Raw   19 y  
"Hunger is the mother of palate invention, however, so it wasn't long before I was shucking and gnawing."
More Raw Food Articles Here Snacking In The Raw J. Scott Wilson , Food Editor When I was a young man, I set out around the country to have all the experiences required to fill out my resumé as a writer. If you look at the bios of most popular writers, guys who actually pay the bills with money they get courtesy of people buying things they’ve written (wonder of wonders!), they’ve all worked as short-order cooks, farmhands, taxi drivers, valets, and a host of other menial jobs. I figured that if I wanted to be the next Dave Barry or Stephen King, I had to pile up the experiences. ...   read more

Life In The Raw   19 y  
A raw-food revolution is under way and celebs are leading the way, writes Genevieve Roberts...
More Raw Food Articles Here Life in the raw There was a time when only hippies and health fanatics would consider living on raw food. No more. A raw-food revolution is under way and celebs are leading the way. Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstone have all been eating uncooked food in the name of optimum health. But then, the beautiful people were beautiful and shiny haired before they gave up ovens. I decided to give my oven a rest for a week, to see if I can catch any symptoms of becoming glamourous and gorgeous. Tuesday. Bloating is not the nicest word. So thank ...   read more

Popular Dietary Delusions   19 y  
"...before you say, "The raw food diet is completely radical and bizarre!!" ask yourself if its possible that your views could be colored by any or all of these factors. If so, now you are in a better position to move beyond dietary dogma and to learn the health-enhancing attributes of a raw and living foods diet!"
ORIGINS OF POPULAR DELUSIONS ”The raw food diet is completely radical and bizarre!! Cooked food is poison??!! People have been cooking food for centuries, so how can you say it’s wrong or harmful??” Haven’t you heard this response, at least once?! Don’t you sometimes wonder why everyone doesn’t immediately grasp the significance and truth of the raw food message?? What gets in the way? Several factors commonly interfere with reason, logic, and common sense in such instances. People confuse the norm with the truth. Just because something is popularly accepted doesn’t make ...   read more

Rah-Rah-RAW!   19 y  
Here is an article featuring Victoria Boutenko, an outspoken raw/living foods activist.
More Raw Food Articles Here Rah-Rah-RAW! An Ashland woman shares the joys of uncooked food By ELAINE BEEBE LAPRIORE The Register-Guard VICTORIA BOUTENKO credits raw food with great things. The Russian native lost 80 pounds; her heart arrhythmia and her suicidal tendencies vanished. She says eating raw food cured her son’s diabetes and her daughter’s asthma. Her husband, Igor, had arthritis, thyroid ailments and high blood pressure. ”Now his pulse is 47. Like yogi,” she says. ”That’s what raw food does to us - it cleans our brains and our hearts! It does!” she declares, wid ...   read more

Raw Radio 1   19 y  
Rhio and Felicia cohost another edition of "Hooked on Raw Radio."
More Raw Food Articles Here From Hooked On Raw Radio, Rhio and Felicia discuss frequently asked question from newcomers to a raw foods diet. Hooked On Raw Radio   visit the page

RAW: Before & After   19 y  
Some very compelling pictures of people once they have gone "raw."
Here are some links to before and after pictures of people that have embraced a living foods/raw lifestyle. There are stories to back up the pictures. More Raw Food Articles Here Angela Brenda Cobb Esse Hopper Gina S. Houston Jinjee Talifero Kim & Sean Smith Lillian Butler Lynda Carter Pradeep Shannon Shazzie Shelly Borsits Shirley of Shirley’s Wellness Cafe More Before and Afters   read more

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Discussing the incredible health benefits of eating a Raw, vegan diet. Topics will include juicing, sprouting, cultured vegetables, organic food, life force, etc. After studying countless diets and trying many of them first hand, I believe this way of life to be ideal for optimal health, for each of us as individuals, and for the entire planet as a whole. After all, you can’t improve on the intricate ”plan” of nature. When is the last time you saw a zebra sit down to a cooked meal? .....this is truely nature’s intended diet, a way of life that creates harmony, balance and abundant health.… more...

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