For A Change
by forachange

fasted 1 day   8 y  
1 day complete. Didnít have any diet coke, which is a big deal for me since I have been a heavy diet coke drinker for years. Drinking just water and seltzer water. Slept most of the day. Walked around this big park.   visit the page

Fasting after New Years Celebration   9 y  
Ordered this DVD for inspiration while I fast. I canít afford to go to a fasting clinic so I am going to do it myself at my own risk. Also this womanís video about her fast keeps is inspiring.     visit the page

Day 1 of Fast   9 y  
Iím ready to do this, the holiday eating is out of the way and I will fast through New Years, I donít care, I want to do this. Today was fine. Took a lot of naps. Did have some diet coke. I am trying to stop and wean off that. Eventually I am sure I will get to just water. Going for at least 30 days, or more if I can.   visit the page

So I ate this X-Mass   9 y  
It wil take a few months...I got a ways to go.
And gave fasting some thought. I wasnít doing it right. I was drinking lemon water and plain teas. (no sugar). For the health benefits I should do it right. Cause I donít just have a lot of weight to lose. My skin looks unhealthy. Lots of flab, cellulite and stretch marks. Dark circles and lines under my eyes. Large pores and acne scars. I want to see if those things can at least improve with fasting, eating a low fat raw vegan diet and exercising. But I have to do it the right way. First I just have to get all this excess weight off. Lots of fasting, eating raw. Then when ...   read more

Yes, the holiday is over for me!   9 y  
I had my holiday visit with family. Ate and drank. Now itís all out of the way and I can do a long fast with out worry. When I weighed myself this morning I was 217, but it may go up since I ate and drank today.   visit the page

fasted   9 y  
Made through one day of fasting, I would like to do a long one, but it might get difficult to not eat anything around family on X-Mas, trying to think of excuses to say. Fasted today but not sure, maybe I should start my long fast after the holiday.   visit the page

Fasted Day 1   9 y  
Feel fine not really that hungry. It would be comforting to eat something, especially since itís really cold. But I want to do this. The lymph nobe on the right side of my neck is kinda of puffy the other side looks normal. I donít know what that is but it will be interesting to see if it improves with fasting. Going to try and just weigh myself once a week, every Saturday, so I donít become too obsessed with the scale. My weight did go up from yesterday, I didnít over eat so it must be water weight cause I had a lot of salty condiments in my salad.   visit the page

Getting back in the groove   9 y  
Nope. Didnít manage to fast. I know I can do it but itís hard to get back into that fasting groove. My weight did go down on the scale 3 pounds since yesterday. Today I ate a salad but it had too many salty condiments in it. I have a long long ways to go but I calculated that I will be at my goal weight by May 2012.   visit the page

Day 0.5   9 y  
I ate a little food in the morning but fasted the rest of the day, so Iíll count it as half a day of fasting. Feel fine, no hunger. Ready to get back into fasting. It takes a couple of days to psyche myself into it.   visit the page

My plans and goals.   9 y  
What its all about
I did a 5 day fast and it was easy. Going to continue and do another fast, this time I would like to see how long I can go. The last time I weighed myself I was down to 226 pounds, my average high weight was around 240-245 pounds, so I have made some progress. But have a long ways to go. I had a nice body but in my 20ís I gained a lot of weight and was obese since. Now I am reaching my mid-30ís and havenít really felt like I have been living life since being fat. Itís hard to date, make friends and feel good about myself. And I used to look so good, now my body is a complete wreck ...   read more


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Doing a lot of fasting to lose weight, trying different vegan diets. more...

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