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Color Therapy   16 y  
Vibr8 discovers and experiences the Perkl-Light
A month ago while volunteering at the What the Bleep Conference, I was in the midst of being my usual cynical and edgy self in the registration room, when a tall thirty-something gentleman came walking up to the registration table to show us his recent invention. It looked like a small black box with a thick arched piece of plexiglass emerging from it. When he plugged it in and moved the dials, words denoting various settings appeared on a digital screen. The plexiglass shined in various luminous colors as this gentleman, David, who revealed himself as co-inventor of the Perkl-Light, co ...   read more

Vibr8's Neighborhood   16 y  
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...or is it? A discourse (rant?) on the Fine Art of Modern Psychiatry and how it sometimes relates to everyday life
Still drinking at least an 8 ounce cup of pomegranate juice each day, and loving the results. Powerful antioxidant. Very cleansing too. About my neighborhood: what I define as my neighborhood is the community where I live, the place where I work, which is several miles from my community, the studio where my alt health business is, and all of the people and animals and beings and inanimate objects, animal, vegetable, and mineral, that surround my life. Big definition, but at least I didn’t include the solar system; maybe I should. In my neighborhood, and often in the most unlik ...   read more

Pomegranate Juice and Reiki II   16 y  
Some words to wind you through Reiki land and Pomegranate ville
Lately I’ve been noticing some of my clients coming in with little round-shaped bottles of pomegranate juice. It looked refreshing and piqued my interest. I saw it at the market near my house, and the little bottle was a bit over four dollars. I wanted to look into why this particular juice is so costly, and discovered that it is a powerful antioxidant and the process for making it is complex and of course it takes quite a few pomegranates to make just one little bottle of juice. I found that for less than two dollars more one can buy more than twice as much pure pomegranate juice th ...   read more

The Dance of Lawn-Mowing   16 y  
No more vibr8ing around the yard with those stinky old gas mowers for me
If you live in a climate where there are 4 distinct seasons, and have responsibility for the care and feeding of a lawn, or have ever been there or done that, perhaps you will relate to this month-long dance that has been happening behind the scenes in my day to day life as I’ve been blogging here at Curezone. I’m here to tell you that something absolutely delightful is available to save the day for people with grassy yards: the ELECTRIC LAWNMOWER. I know now it’s been available for a number of years, but I have to tell you: I catch on to things very slowly. I’ve probably noticed peo ...   read more

VIBE Machine Revisited   16 y  
Further thrilling tales of the VIBE, and a pIcTUrE too
The VIBE Machine At the beginning of this blog, I had intended to take you on a journey through my adventures with the VIBE Machine in the past 7 months. So much has happened. We had gotten through my first sessions in front of the VIBE Machine in Greeley, Colorado, at the inventor’s shop. Then, of course, in late October, I purchased a used VIBE Machine and began observing the volunteers who were kindly taking care of operating the machine for those who were coming in for sessions. I was primarily an observer for those first few weeks, covering the end of October and movi ...   read more

People Come in all Sizes   16 y  
Vibr8 "Curbs her Enthusiasm" for the (brand name deleted in respect of reader request) Massage Bed
Yesterday while at the bank I noticed a brightly-colored flyer offering complementary sessions on the (brand name deleted) Jade Infrared massage beds. Though I was not quite sure just what these beds would be like, I’m open to trying something new when it comes to energy work. So I called and made an appointment. It became clear that the reason the sessions are free is that they want people to try the beds and then buy the beds. But the beds are FDA approved and can be purchased through most health insurance plans, which is a good thing. But I am not here to advertise the (brand na ...   read more

Stress Stress Stress   16 y  
Vibr8 is treading water in an ocean of job-related stress. Come join her for a swim.
My original intention was to keep this entry solution-focused. However, I am currently at work and right in the midst of a stressful moment. Why write in the blog now, why not wait until post-stress, you wonder? Well, dealing with life’s stresses in a way that will not impact my overall health is especially important right now. Basically, sometimes a person needs to VENT, and that’s basically what I’m doing here. Hopefully forming the seedlings of some positive transformation in the process. Simply put, sometimes my job is stressful. New situations, and behaviors and statement ...   read more

Addiction & Recovery :: Ups & Downs   16 y  
vibr8 is determined to accomplish positive health transformation and to continue to explore issues along her path honestly.
My original focus when I began this blog was to recount my journey so far with using primarily vibrational approaches to improving my health after receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness from my HMO Physician in October 2004. I was progressing reasonably well, as evidenced by regular testing at my HMO’s lab, as well as feeling full of energy and healthy on a day to day level. But then after I started this blog, I went in to my HMO lab for yet another blood test (I go in every 6 weeks) and received news that my blood glucose and cholesterol levels were up. My reaction to this was cl ...   read more

Mother's Day Mystery Tour   16 y  
Why not go on an inner magical mystery tour with vibr8 as she attends a Mother's Day Art Party?
There’s a Mother’s Day Art Party happening at the candle shop in the studio complex where my vibrational energy studio is located. I’ve been over there a few times since I got here around lunch time. They’ve got jewelry, candles, art, photography, wine, and cocktails. Have to pause the conversation here to reveal to those of you reading this that I have chosen not to drink alcohol or consume any other drugs (yes, alcohol is a drug) including prescription drugs that fall under the addictive category for over 11 years now. Sometimes I end up spending time around ”normies” who can drink a ...   read more

Weight Loss, the Epic   16 y  
Vibr8 is bound and determined to slowly, gradually transform toward becoming the slimmer & shimmery gal she was...not so long ago
Ok, could someone who knows the perfect way for me to lose weight and keep it off please let me know? It seems like I have tried everything out there, at least twice. I would love to get down to my ideal weight, which is 135. Over the years there have been various approaches that have been effective for me, at least for awhile. But then I usually plateau, and stop losing weight after awhile. The classic approach involves aerobic exercise and a diet specifically created for the purpose of weight loss. Our wonderful Curezone blogger Deradune has experienced amazing weight loss when ...   read more

Energized   16 y  
Post Bleep Conference, winding down.
So, this What the Bleep Conference was amazing. Quite a bit of highly technical information and debate about quantum physics, and more interesting information than one person could absorb in a weekend. Basically, I did my best. Since I was deeply scheduled with much to do in my regular existence, as well honoring my commitment to volunteer at the conference, my weekend was busier than my workweek is! Even with all this activity, I find myself feeling energized at the other end of it. There’s a CD of the entire conference if anyone’s interested, which will be available soon at: ...   read more

What the Bleep?   16 y  
The conference has started and vibr8 is there.
I have no doubt that because I have chosen to journey along this vibrational healing path, an opportunity to attend the What the Bleep Do We Know? Conference came to my attention a few weeks ago. The conference started today, and I spent the morning volunteering at the registration desk. I’m impressed with Robin and Cody who own and operate Axiom Mystery Conferences, the organization that facilitates What the Bleep and other spiritual conferences worldwide. I’m impressed with their clarity, integrity, and brilliance. There was an opportunity to interact briefly with a few of the facu ...   read more

Acupuncture with Scenar was high point of vibr8's day   16 y  
Thanks to the Russians for inventing Scenar, and thank heavens for the simple beauty of banana carrot orange juice too
Reaching a livable level of acceptance around my recent medical test results (see blog #4) seems to be where I need to begin. I feel pretty calm about it all tonight. Today I went in to see the acupuncturist who recently moved into my office complex, and she assessed me and gave me a treatment that partly involved acupuncture needles and partly a fairly new small device used directly on the acupuncture points called a Scenar. This acupuncture session was reassuring. I felt great when the session was done. The Scenar checks and evaluates the various points, and can sense which poin ...   read more

Navigating Around Obstacles Along the Healing Path   16 y  
Vibr8 takes an honest look at an allopathic obstacle along her healing path.
First of all, I want to thank everyone at CureZone for taking the time to read my blog entries. I really like this place on the net and am grateful that I have found it. Yesterday I came upon something which presented itself as quite daunting to the healing path I have chosen. You see, after that yearly physical I had back in October (see my 1st blog entry) I was asked by my doctor to come in for follow up blood tests. I had gone to the HMO’s lab for one of those requisite blood tests last Friday. Yesterday my doctor’s nurse called first thing in the morning to let me know that my b ...   read more

Another Looooonnnng Journey for Vibr8, but Hopefully it's the Last   16 y  
A huge leap of faith is taken by an energized vibr8.
Just a few days after the first visit to Greeley, Colorado to try a session with the V.I.B.E. (Vibrational Integrated Bio-Photonic Energizer) Machine, I decided to journey there again, because I wanted to keep my energy level just where it was. It was so nice to have enough energy to do what I needed to do in my life, for the first time in years. So I headed to Greeley again for a VIBE session. This second session was 4 minutes long, 30 seconds longer than the first session. I felt great afterwards, even more full of energy than the first time I tried the machine. I had not specif ...   read more

One Sunny Day in October   16 y  
Vibr8 drives to Greeley, Colorado, meets VIBE Machine inventor, and tries the VIBE Machine for the first time.
So I made an appointment with Gene Koonce, inventor of the VIBE Machine, and set out that Tuesday morning in mid-October for Greeley, Colorado, not really knowing exactly what to expect. What I found when I arrived at my destination was an electronics repair shop, full of large television sets. I proceeded to the service counter and spoke to the woman there. She directed me to the far right side of the repair shop, where there was a small waiting room created in a wide hallway leading to a few offices and a back room. There was a tall and deep shelf unit on the wall opposite me. Sev ...   read more

The Beginning of Vibr8's Excellent Adventure   16 y  
Surprise news from the doctor, then vibrational healing interview on radio, and then deciding to try the VIBE Machine, all in less than a week...
In October 2004 after a routine physical which included the usual blood work, my physician informed me that I had blood readings indicating diabetes. He said the readings were not extremely high, and it was something that could probably be balanced & corrected through diet and exercise. The approach he suggested was for me to alter my diet, (he gave no specific instructions) and get some exercise and then to get my blood tested again in 6 weeks. At the end of that same week I attended a conference in the mountains. At the end of the conference I was on my way back into the city, and ...   read more

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