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Bittersweet   16 y  
Yin & Yang, Bitter & Sweet, it all becomes a dance of balance
A now-famous band got their start in my ”village” some years ago. They sing a song describing the quality (taste) of ”bittersweet” as bitter-sweetness relates to a relationship. It’s a simple song, really. There’s repeating chorus: ”It’s bittersweet, more sweet than bitter, bitter and it’s sweet.” Hmmm...well...which one is it? So much in my life lately is bittersweet. A great example is my full time job (career ?). We’ve all got our employment issues, right? There’s got to be enough sweetness to keep you there, but oh, the bitterness!! It can really take you by surprise. I ...   read more

Flower Essences   16 y  
This is all about practical uses of Flower Essences in our daily lives
The first time I ever heard about flower essences was in 1971. There was someone who lived in an ashram in a big city where I lived at the time, and he had an informal flower essence clinic, where he met individually with people and helped them figure out what Bach flower essences they needed in order to achieve some semblance of emotional balance. The 70s were oddly chaotic for those people in their formative many dropouts, drug overdoses, acid (LSD) casualties, and such. The Vietnam War and its aftermath were intensely damaging to so many psyches. So the subtle yet effect ...   read more

All is Well   16 y  
Another week in the life of vibr8 streaming peacefully by...
Another work week is almost at an end. Honestly, things at work are hellish again. I am so grateful to have this Alternative Health business that I do in my ”spare time”. It gives me a chance to b r e a t h e and relax and to spend a few hours each day in a rejuvenating environment. I like that. Every now and then, a client comes in. I like that too. Eventually, maybe this business will generate enough income that I can afford to go part-time at my regular full time job. That would be so nice. And it has been my long term goal all along. We had our first Acu-Vibe clinic ( ...   read more

Transcending Depression   16 y  
I've always had a proactive and persistent approach which helped me to find a solution to create balance and put an end to this depression that haunted me for years...
I have been dealing with the spectre of depression in my life ever since I was a teenager. Going into the whole big story would probably bore you, so I won’t. It’s not necessary. Pharmaceutical antidepressants never really worked for me, though there was a time when I patiently and hopefully tried every drug and combination of drugs that the doctors prescribed for me. It felt like they were experimenting on my soul. I felt so shattered when it was all over. Kind of like Humpty-Dumpty after the fall. Fortunately, I’ve always had such inner strength, and I was able to put myself ...   read more

Acu-Vibe::Perfect Treatment Synthesis   16 y  
A Collaborative Open House focused on various alternative health treatment modalities is a smashing success and surprisingly introduces a new combined modality
Ok. So, basically, I spent more than two weeks worrying about every little detail involved with the collaborative Open House party I was planning with the Acupuncturists in my complex. Looking back, it is clear I chose to agonize over this event far too much. Of course, as they say, hindsight is always 20/20. The Open House was yesterday, and it went brilliantly, all in all. Brilliantly. A friend of mine from California who was visiting (planning a move to our peaceful little village) and who knew very little about Acupuncture or the VIBE Machine or Subtle Energy Therapies in gen ...   read more

Getting Balanced   16 y  
Vibr8 asks the question: How is it possible to live life in such a way that one is not swayed by external stressors? Who will answer?
Sometimes it takes me days and days of being ”out of sorts” to realize that I’m simply out of balance and need to get balanced. Something that’s always worked to get me balanced quickly: Acupuncture. Well, I felt a little bit out of sorts for most of last week. I was at my office earlier this afternoon, still feeling out of sorts. An Acupuncturist who has an office nearby dropped in and said, ”You look flushed.” She offered to give me an Acupuncture treatment, and I had the good sense to accept her offer. It was very helpful. Just having the opportunity to lie still in one pla ...   read more

So Much is Happening!   16 y  
Planning an exciting Open House, love the Ohm Tuning Fork, going to another Raw Foods Potluck tonight, and lots more...
Hello everyone! It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve written a blog entry. Time has literally flown by. Amazingly, I was on vacation from work for most of that time, and my intention during the vacation was primarily to DO NOTHING. Well, I did want to get some projects done around the house, in the yard, & in my garden. Or, rather, in what WAS my garden. Didn’t get any of the house and yard stuff done. Completed a few more Reiki II classes, and my attunement is a few weeks hence. I’ve got a lot of practicing, mostly self-Reiki, to do between now and then. I’ve done some practicin ...   read more

Amazing Reiki   16 y  
Remote healing apparently helpful for son's basketball injury
Something amazing happened in my life this week. Actually, it began with a sports accident my son had last Sunday night. He was playing basketball and somehow hit his head. He was unable to see for several minutes following this head trauma. He did not tell me about this until the following Tuesday. He had not gone to the doctor’s office, and had not gone to the hospital for a check-up. His girlfriend had done some thorough research on the internet, and based on her observations of his symptoms after the accident, determined that he had experienced a mild concussion. She was able to ...   read more

P o e m   16 y  
sharing a gift of the Muse from vibr8's archive
Ever since I can remember, I’ve written poetry. Every now and then a poem of my creation has been published, or recognized by someone I respect as being good. That’s great, but mostly I write them for me. It’s part of the process I use for getting through difficult times. I would love to hear about other peoples’ tools for getting through difficult times. I really would! Here is the poem I have chosen to share, from my archives: ........beginning of poem................... In This World I’ve had enough good morning poems to Last a lifetime Threw my baggage overboard ...   read more

Raw Foods Potluck   16 y  
...a vast array of bright & colorful uncooked foods was the centerpiece of a pleasant evening for vibr8
Tonight I attended a rawluck. It was quite amazing. I had spoken on the phone with the woman who coordinates the rawlucks, and made a plan to bring organic watermelon as my contribution to the meal. It was my first raw foods potluck. I’ve eaten raw foods before. Well, of course, everyone has...when they eat salads or when they eat fruit. I had also tried many different raw foods that are prepared from recipes that have been outstanding. But I had not been to one of these gatherings of people with a vast array of intensely colorful raw foods. There was a frozen coconut dessert ...   read more

My Bit About MLMs   16 y  
What can I say? I was duped. Life is full of choices and maybe you can learn from my wrong choices.
There is already quite a bit of information here at Curezone about MLMs, including a good informational bit in the Curezone Blog Rules. Don’t want to be a flamer so I won’t mention specific MLMs, as they’re all operating on similar ”principles” anyway. I just want to say that I feel like a complete fool. After countless past bad experiences, I signed up to join TWO MLMs in the past 6 months. Why would anything be different for me with these? Of course it hasn’t been. The products are ok, but it would be better if they were available in the retail realm where the prices would no do ...   read more

Sadness in the Village   16 y  
On the passing of local raw foods enthusiast, Andy Hoart
This morning I received a phone call from Deradune, a blogger here and friend of mine who lives many many miles away. She was crying, and told me that Andy Hoart had died recently. Suicide. She did not know many details. She has written a sweet memorial for him in her blog, and it is a living, growing memorial which can be added to, so please go there if you’d like to say something in memory/celebration of Andy’s spirit: I remember meeting Andy at Deradune’s little ”rowhouse” on Pearl Street back in the 80s and listening to him speak o ...   read more

Bioenergetics   16 y  
BodyScan 2010 is similar to QXCI
A word I hear with some frequency in this picturesque village where I live is bioenergetics. The first time I remember hearing this term was in a college seminar in the mid-nineties, when an intern in a bioenergetics program was addressing our class. He told a story about being diagnosed with cancer, following the allopathic advice and getting the tumor removed, getting radiation and chemo, etc. Then he spoke of finding out that despite this, the cancer was metastasizing (spreading). Given a grim prognosis, he was apparently sent home to die after ”doing the right thing” the allopath ...   read more

Toxin Elimination   16 y  
If you live on the planet Earth, eliminating toxins is a recommended daily activity
I’m feeling so much better since starting treatment with the Perkl-Light TM. I have mentioned it before in another blog entry, and must mention it again, because I really didn’t go into detail about my own experience, and that’s really what’s important here. The Perkl-Light TM has millions of possible settings, and there’s a long list of specific settings that the inventor has programmed to produce focused results with. There are categories, called modes, and they are: Ayurvedic Acupuncture Elements Psycho-Spiritual Frequency Clearing Body Systems Acupuncture Meridians Organ ...   read more

CH CH CH CHanges   16 y  
different name, same vibrational aim
It’s strange, I know, to change names in midstream, but that’s just what I’ve done. I thought about this on the way to work this morning. It was a long ride, hydroplaning along the highway in the rain, but thinking about my blog helped me through. I think this new name, Vibrational Health Village, fits the essence of this blog better than the old name, Vibrational Healing Rocks! The old name sounds like an emphatic statement of opinion about Vibrational Health, whereas the new name makes it clear that the topic is still Vibrational Health, but it is a more subtle way of communicatin ...   read more

Summertime   16 y  
Lolling around indoors during a summer downpour, vibr8 is pondering life, but not too deeply
Livin’ should be so easy in the summertime, according to the age-old song. Don’t know about where you are, but here there have been torrential rainstorms for almost 24 hours. Highways were flooding, and one neighborhood flooded. This sort of thing doesn’t usually happen in Colorado. What’s up with this? Well, weather is something that the average citizen is absolutely powerless over. Therefore, I may as well not go on and on about the inclement weather. It’s so...victimish. No, that’s not a word; I just made it up. For once, since this is a blog, I’m just going to be bloggish ...   read more

~Love~   16 y  
After all, love is a vibr8tional frequency
Many years ago there was a small color postcard, a bit ragged and slightly torn, that I had fastened to the window in my office, and I vaguely remember a picture of a small bird on it, and a quote that went something like this: ”Love is the binding force between all universes. Without it there would be no life.” This statement, or its reasonable facsimile, was attributed to Guatama Buddha. That quote got me through some rough times in the work realm Think about it. Do you know what love is? How can any of us know,really, when love actually exists within the heart (aka emotional ...   read more

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