Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery
by kerminator
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Up dates with answers so; Be smart expand your mind... Food for thought... DUH!!   15 y  
Just when you thought you knew it all.. We find out that there is more out than we knew about...DUH! Try to find these answers...{ Don't wait for success, find out for yourself...)
Why do we spend so much of our time looking for stuff that does not really help, lets get our brain in order...   The first order of getting our brain ready is to be able to recognize facts and disseminate between them...  Then you can set priorities, using discernment and  make sound decisions... This is how you can learn to make proper decisions... Lets get back to brain training.....  Lets look up some things and start getting straight...  This goes for both sexes, male and female...  All ages young and old alike....    GOT ...   read more

Brain power of the hour... This message is a winner, folks...   15 y  
Life is about what you learn.... Here are ten traits {complied analyzing successful people /via Investor's Business Daily..} to follow and then learn how to apply it!!
There are things in this life that we need to know....  Some of which are in your brain, but a few come from your heart...  Life is a balance of your hopes and dreams; then the adventure, of living it.... We will go over is a list that was published by Investor’s Business Daily...  It was compiled over several years, analyzing leaders, and successful people from all walks of like...  These were the top traits people combined to turn their dreams into reality... As follows: 1) HOW YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING: Always be positive. Thi ...   read more

And we think we know it all....   15 y  
One thing I know for sure is that no human on this earth today knows it all... DUH, so get on with your life...
It seems that we (most humans) are looking for someone to come and save us.... But unless you are looking to GOD, Almighty; you are wasting your time, folks....  Many people think someone or some thing like the government will save them, most government programs are so large and out of control, that the administrators do not know what is happening most of the time....   This is true with any large ( over approx. about 25 persons)  group.....  Not just the government... It ain’t going to happen folks... So get over it!! I have seen graft ...   read more

Do you have a brain overload or stress level in your life??   15 y  
Almost everyone has had a time when you (we) must take the opportunity to clear and rearrange our thinking....
This has been a busy week for my brain, there have been several "In Air Emergencies.. (IAE)"  [ Folks, an IAE, is when out of the blue as you are flying straight and level; something comes up that requires a instant response, to save both the aircraft and the personnel on board...  The FAA rules say you can respond to an IAE with any course of action that will ensure the safety of the aircraft and/or persons on board... { key words Any course of Action(s) } ... GOT IT!] We need to have this plan of action ready and available to go if and when we have an IA ...   read more

With your brain you think and function or you decrease and cease!   15 y  
Ultimately we must have a clear and precise decision making process or we fail at the main things of life....
We are always looking for the truth on Brain Boot camp folks...   One place that you can look is the book " The well trained brain" by Susan Wise Bauer....   I strongly recommend it....  Check it out at your local library or pick it up at a book store... Ultimately it is up to each of us to decide the meaning of our life and how we will life it...  This starts with a well trained brain folks...   The human brain reacts to numerous stimuli: many times simultaneously, there by making instant decisions, as to what you should do in an ...   read more

Oh so many of the why answers are DUH!!   15 y  
What so many people do in life is to miss the mark.. Make it out as more difficult than it really is... DUH! Life is simple!!
I have been doing a blog "why", in order to answer many of these obvious questions in life...  What most people do in this life is to over shoot the field, to not see the forest for the trees, to miss the mark...  DUH... Why do we do these things?? Well it is due to social conditioning, economic status, rank order, and many times to some type of religious training.... Lets talk about it:  This is the classic class struggle(s) of history...  One group thinks themselves better that another, or in some cases all others...  Then there is ...   read more

Health for the body, health for the brain... DUH!! Go for it folks...   15 y  
GOOD health takes time and talent both of which the GOOD LORD gave each of us, so learn to use use or loss it...
What we have here is the lack of concern for proper health; folks.... And you know it!!  What are we going to do about it??  We are going to get into shape, GOT IT!! There are so many health questions and so called solutions that we nearly became confussed....  The key term is; ” nearly became confused...”  We will get past this if you are willing to work it out...  Lets get busy... The first thing to establish is what is good health??  Well obviously folks it is having all your systems in top operating order...  All systems go...  Everything  should function properly...  ...   read more

Teas and thee or me, you see, could be?   15 y  
Many brewed beverages are excellent for you, check out these teas... Life can be wonderful if you just look and listen...
It is time to get back to some brain exercises....  Yes training, GOT IT ? We want to have you not only train your brain but also help your body....   Body - brain; what a combination...  Only you can control and see to it that you are getting the correct training and food for both....  GOT IT!!  {Both is the key word here}  Well life is a series of choices, some good and some not so good... But we must all learn is what is important at the time!  In the feeding of our bodies we learn that certain things help us and others do not...& ...   read more

If you think you know; then there is a good chance that you do!!   15 y  
What are you going to do with the rest of your life?? The only acceptable answer is to get your brain in order and start doing something useful... An empty brain is wasted!! ** Look for the answers to the quiz...
Back in training, get ready for some brain exercises and don’t be wussy.... What are you going to do with the rest of your life?? Lets start by looking at the facts...  You have a brain which controls and allows you to function...  The better it is trained and under control the better chance you have to be a better person....   GOT IT!!   Here are some brain teasers: {Answers next time please...} 1) Why did the chicken cross the road??? { This is not a trick question...} To prove to the Opossum that it could b ...   read more

The brain is the central command center for your body!!   15 y  
If you don't use your brain, then you are no better than a common house plant, fed, watered, and kept out of the weather..
Brain power is the key to all your activity, thoughts, and future....  When you come to have a better trained brain; you have come to see the potential of your future....  It is pretty simple folks; no brain no future.... What we all need to do is come to a point where we know how to improve our brain power....  Study, is your key element, there are several items that each of us can work on in our lives....  1) "Learn to read the room..." this is an Ole gambler’s term, meaning to survey your surroundings, as to be aware of what is happening ...   read more

The brain need to be fed daily...   15 y  
A well trained brain is your best bet for a successful life...
We all want a better life, it starts with a better brain, so lets get it going....  Got It! This is a boot camp to get yourself in better condition...  But you have to put some effort into it....   Got It!  What we all need is a well trained brain....  We should be in some program to keep our brain in top condition...   It has been noticed, that people who have a regular program of brain activity; are more likely to lead successful lifes....   This should be a goal to keep your brain in top condition, and live a better lif ...   read more

Better brains are the answer, where is your's?   15 y  
Commone sense is the key to life, with out it you are truly a drift in this life..
Since I am on the road and must be brief here is a thought for your day... You are what you make of youself... Start with your brain...  It is all a matter of determination, observtions, training and most of all your attitude...  Life is what you make so it can be either good or bad...  Lets consider the positive aspect(s)...  While it is ok to understand not everything in this life will be any where near perfect...  Then we can move to set our life into action...   One of the key elements in life is "common sense" which is lac ...   read more

Education and training do no good unless applied to life...   15 y  
Life is a training camp and we need to continually learn how to deal with it... Training and preparedness is the key...
Our brain(s) are the best and most complex computers known in the world.... We need to become better manager of our GOD given resources.... Mainly our brain(s)... What good does it serve a person who knows everything in the world; but does not have any idea or purpose on how to use it for the good of others...  Until it is used the brain and all the information it may contain, is useless... Our task or assignment is to try and learn to put this valuable information to use... Brain boot camp is for those who care the best training in the world....   Once ...   read more

Brain training for everyone.... Why people get sick....   15 y  
Disease and illness come from certain things and we should train our brain to recognize what they are and learn to avoid them
Sickness is when the body is out of sorts, as we say down South...  When you get ill, is because of a reason...  Your brain has certain auto functions for the body, but a lot of staying well is knowing what to do.... It all comes back to your Modus Operandi; [Review back editions of Brain Boot Camp for the meaning..]  There are really just a few main reasons that people get sick: A) Most people develop a disease( illness) thru one of the following methods.... 1) This generally means there is some imbalance in your system....  Your ...   read more

Build a better life; get more brain power....   15 y  
Brain power is the ability to see life for what it is and learn to be selective, so that you will cut down the mass of data to that which is really needed...
Brain power requires; some work on your part...  If  you try real hard you might just succeed in building a better brain....  Then you will be able to make better decisions, that effect your as well as others you may come in contact with....  Got It!! "Times of general calamity and confusion create great minds....  The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace, and the brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storms" - Charles C Colton (1780 - 1832)   " These are the times that try mens souls; these are the ...   read more

Going over the homework.... GOT IT!!   15 y  
Life is short we need to be prepared to do what ever to be at our best... Brain power is the key...
Well here we are back for another lesson on getting and keeping your brain in perfect operating order...   Last time I left some words for you to learn to use, and come up with the definitions of same....   Lets go ....  Will go over the list today... 1) Rooibos....  It means red bush,  it is a Dutch word, and comes from South Africa..   It has been known for thousands of years, grows only in the Cederburg Mts.  It’s leaves are is known as red tea, for those who would like to start enjoying one of life pleasant drinks...  ...   read more

Brain work out program.... read and learn, or else...   15 y  
Life is an opportunity to learn and help others... If you are not doing one or the other or both then you are wasting good air...
We have some things to for you to look up, ya that means study....  Got it! Here is what we are looking for:  define or otherwise determine what these terms mean...  These are not difficult, so lets get on with it... 1) Rooibos.... 2) Chlorella 3) Modus Operandi 4) Improvise 5) Obligatory 6) Ristretto 7) Gene Dope 8) Compact Crank 9) Cajun 10) Boss Buddy We will discuss what these should mean in your life; so you can get your brain in proper order...  This is not a drill...  Get ...   read more

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