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You are the first responder! Ready or Not!!   14 y  
In an emergency or natural disaster you are the first responder!!
You are in charge of yourself... DUH!! It is so sad to hear people are auguring about who was responsible for the Natural disaster that  struck The upper Gulf coast last year!!  When will we learn that; we must take action; and be the first responder to any thing that happens in our life!!  The government  ( or anyone else for that matter) will never be able to do everything,  so lets get out of that thought pattern... Clear your mind so you can decide what you should do;  when some thing happens...  You can go back ...   read more

What do you see??   14 y  
Brain needs good stuff both in and out...
What is it?? Peaches; and they are so good for you...  These are some we got yesterday; some Georgia Peaches...   Think on your health; because if you do not have good health then you do not have much use for your brain...   Eat good food, and add to your health and have a better brain and life...  DUH!!  Don’t forget to exercise...  I try to hike about 5 to 6 miles a week, bike and kayak weather permitting!!  It is your life so live it BIG!!    See Ya, ... Kermit   read more

Some brain training...   14 y  
The mind is a terrible thing to waste... What are you doing with yours??
Discover where the body and mind meet??   What is the role of noetic awareness?? If you change your perception... will it change your life?? Knowledge is power!!  Knowledge will always master ignorance and doubt!! Do you realize that it does not take a life time to change your life?? Change your life; if you do not who will?? These are a few of the ideas we will discuss more in a future blog...  If you really want to know, stop back by some time...   See Ya.. Kermit     read more

Trust and truth!!   14 y  
How do we trust??
Trust is key to our survival!! I can agree that there are some people; both male and female who attempt to control situations in other people’s lives...  But there are probability more males attempting to control especially younger or lonely females; than the other way around... The problem usually occurs when the controlled person does not think for him or her self!! DUH!!     There is a very thin line between honest straight forward advice or assistance and some form of control or manipulation...  In attempting to help ...   read more

A great site to let your kids read... A must see!!   14 y  
Safety is no accident....
The NFPA web site has some info every child should read...     GO to  http:// This is a winner for all children to learn safe ways to do things...   As an Electrical Engineer; and a Company Safety Director this is  a site that every parent should have their children see...   Remember:   " Live is not; Predictable randomness, rather it is uncommon courtesy "      another Kermit-ism  Try it you will like it...   See Ya  Kermit   read more

Do you ever think??   14 y  
When life does not follow your plan maybe time to change course!!
Yes; we do... I think??   Sunday, 25 June, 2006 6:52:32 Subject: [Simply Truth] When life does not follow your plan... " The  greater we think we are; the harder we fall upon hitting the wall of reality! " a Kermit-ism...   It has always baffled me as to how some people can come to be so high and mighty!! They breath the same air, drink the same water (generally) and put their pants on the same way; as every one else does... { Allow for some persons who do not wear pants; OK...}   The idea that some ...   read more

What's in a picture??   14 y  
Many times the answer is right before us... We just need to take time to see the truth...
What do we see??   A corner of a desk top... But what is there?? First in the right foreground; we see a hand carved dog...  This was done by myself in 8th grade shop, in FLA many years ago... I used to be talented... HUH!! To the center foreground we see a Tea canister...  It has a description of "Gun power Green tea"  But what does that mean??  Well first most people do not know much about firearms or such are lost as to any description and it’s meaning to them... Well first of all gun power as it is called:  is not a ...   read more

Up date...Go to & blog by bluepastry...   14 y  
Look at " Iraq pictures 11 June 2006" This is the story from those who live in harms way day to day... GOD bless them... A must read!!
{ sorry that I misspelled the site, it is correct now, forgive me!} This is an other blog to get the truth out on what is happening by asking or getting the story from the people who really know...  The people who are doing the job... DUH!!  If you want to know about any situation; from child birth to weather balloons, ask some one who has been there and done that...  I am tired of seeing some half baked information about the War efforts in the middle east... Since I have had boots on the ground in Kuwait, and several other Mideast countrie ...   read more

We treat life as if it is forever, but it is only a moment in Eternity!!   14 y  
We think this life will go on for ever, but everything here except our memories; will all come to pass...
As we move forward into the great Eternity; which is beyond end...  Silly people tend to think that all this stuff and these things we see & have or can possess will last forever...   What a lie or false assumption...  BTW: Nothing except our memories will go with us into Eternity... Of course this daily world is based on have, have, have... And Buy, buy, buy, so what is a body to think??  Well as your Truth Barometer; I am here to set you straight...  Get your brain in order and start thinking about why you are really here?? Surely you know l ...   read more

Your whole existance....   14 y  
These should be our shining moments... We are making them our story on the pages of history... This is the time for you to shine, friend!! HUH!!
Life is cyclic based on an Eternal rythum... Each of us play a part in this grand scheme of things... You are, I am as we all have been doing since the beginning of time... Most things in life we must accept for what they are.. Past times, are done and our only position is to accept they for what they are...  No matter what you or anyone else thinks what is done is done... So lets get on with the present as this is all we have to work with... We have all been given two important items in this life; first is the period our life, and then the free will to decide what we w ...   read more

Wasted days & wasted nites; then the next stop is Eternity...   14 y  
We pile our plate to full of trivial things; that steal our future and dilute our past...
We each share time on this earth... Every man, woman, and child have the same amount of time each day but most seem to just let it slip though their fingers disappearing like water down a drain;  forever gone ... Why??  Well most of it has to do with how well we trained our brain...  Then there is the molding of our attitude so we can make the most out of our circumstances...  Learning to cope is the key ...   It has more to do with getting our mind wrapped the right way... Our mind is the seat of our soul while in this eart ...   read more

Meth is messing up more than just moods & minds... May 2006 !!   14 y  
If it is fun you are looking; don't choose Meth... The enjoyment drops off after a few hours and the recovery rate is less than 10% even after just 1 snort... Not very good odds for a life time of misery and pain... HUH!
Well the buzzards seem to come home to roost....   Found a note on my front porch, just yesterday left by a "meth mind/ crack head"  cousin to the wife of one of my sons...  He has been on Dope for several years....  Lost their house, and now has  been kicked out by all his dope ring (if you can call them) friends...  Got his wife on dope, she lost her job, their children are being kept by her mother, thank GOD...  There are other details, which we could mention....  And now after a life of going around to ...   read more

What people think they are or become...   14 y  
So start thinking success, and get or keep your brain tuned up for maximum performance... Other wise you cheat yourself..HUH!
As we left off on the previous blog, people, generally don’t really want to put out the effort to change...  It is a sorry start of affairs, but true never the less... So where does that leave you, friend??   Lets see what we can do about it.... HUH!! 1) First for one of the most important tools for a better brain and thus life, is uncommon wisdom... Most of the world’s wisdom is based on selling something...  Fame, or fortune, or sex, or notoriety, or a better body, or what ever stuff...  This thinking never, never results in peace or joy...  ...   read more

Maximize your mind with a better brain!!   14 y  
If you could do one thing to improve your life; it should include a better brain, therefore a better mind!! This is the key to the rest of your life... HUH!!
Life is more than; sex, money, food, games, work, and most activies.... HUH!! Well if you really want to be able to improve your life, first you need to get your mind in the best condition possible....  It is the seat of your soul, while in this earthly body... The better you brain is the better your mind can function.... Your mind is a magnet for the senses; sight, sound, smell, speech, and the other body functions...  We all have these items, which are the input source for our brain, and thus the mind becomes the great central storage and computer center...  ...   read more

A thought for your brain development; while you diet....   14 y  
Most of our life is trying to learn control your body, but the more important think is your mind development.... A better brain leads to a better body and thus a better over all person... HUH!!
In order to get your body on course try to get your mind developed...  Some ways include thinking on things that will enrich your life...  Among those are these thoughts and ideas...  Read and think on them so you will have a better mind!! What do we need to do to live a better life ...  Think... Think... Think...  A quote... "Hatred paralyzes life; Love releases it!   Hatred confuses life; Love harmonizes it!   Hatred darkens life; Love illuminates it!"   By  Dr Martin ...   read more

De Mal en pis.... or where did we go wrong??   14 y  
Don't go from bad to worse.... Look for the proper mind set, and learn to control your life!!
 Read this message; it should make your mind, smoke, and quiver! In other words think... That is the future of your life.... "Force Mal Jeure..." We all appear to have an vulnerability in this life; so should always be ready and willing to counter any such threats.... Most {if not all} governments and the present so called "liberal" thinking wants you to believe that everything.... yes, everything is being taken care of for you, children...   Even the Corporate world seems to have this notion, so the thought pattern permeates through out all the ...   read more

Boolean Algebra ?? Does it help the brain to be better??   14 y  
What is Boolean Algebra, you may ask... Well this is another in a long series that should get your brain trained.. HUH!
What it is???  Well friends this is what makes the electronics possible in your computer so we can have this conversation or intercourse today...  It also allows a way to see or analyze the relationships between certain functions in life...  It was named after British Mathematician George Boole...  I was introduced to it in the US Navy, in our computer electronics course...  Then I got further involved when I took a college course "Mathematical Logic" ...  BTW this was one of the  most informative and live changing courses I studied i ...   read more

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