Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie
by kerminator
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The Coon Dog and the Elephant....   17 y  
Most people will only change when the pain becomes unbearable, and most of us will make decisions based less than the whole truth, or fact(s)....
Howdy folks:   Here we go again with some more great tales about the Southland... Many stories have been handed down, most all of them teach a real life lesson... Our family has had story tellers, in each generation, and now it is my turn, as a Grandfather now, a few times over....  So we will have some of these tales from time to time on this blog...  Sit back and enjoy, remember you are suppose to learn something as well... The first tale is about a hound dog down in Dixie....  Well a city slicker, {not necessarily a Yankee} was going down t ...   read more

The north has moved south... or so it seems..   17 y  
The South is a wonderful land of nice people, and a great climate... We have been taught to love our neighbors...
Welcome back you all...  We have been waiting for you to come on down and enjoy some southern hospitility...  Just don’t plan to stay...  as we have too many Yankees here now... I have nothing against those people in Yankeeland...  I have been all over, there and seen some beautiful sights...  There are some of the most beautiful women in the world in yankeeland... Sorry never paid much attention to the guys...  So you see I am not against yankees...  I even know a few, and they are good friends... What we want to do here is set up a refl ...   read more

The Confederate Battle flag / naval ensign is one of the most popular in the world...   17 y  
We need to honor the bravery and courage of those who served under the Confederate Battle Flag... Over the years, it has stood as a flag of pride, determination, and courgage...
The Confederate battle flag, which is square, normal 45 x 45 or 54 x 54 inches... It is made up of the cross of St Andrew {The X shape} and the Cross St George {The + shape}...   It has Thirteen Stars, to represent the States, on the  Royal Blue Cross of St Andrew, set on  Crimison....   The more common 3 x 5 FT Flag seen is actually the Confederate Naval Ensign... It was the last to Surrender, with the CSS Shenandoah, in 1866 in England.....  It was taken around the world by the Confederate Navy, and flew on all the major seas of the ...   read more

This Memorial Day remember it was started by Southern women...   17 y  
We need to thank and pray for the veterans who went before us...
 Memorial Day.... Remember the veterans, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice... The Memorial day celebration was started by Southern women, contrary to : some news reports, since there has been a tradition for over two hundred years;  in the South, called Decoration Sunday, where relatives go out , in the spring of the year, to local graveyards and clean and put in good order the graves of both loved ones and any others in need... This was done in the South after the Civil war, as many had relatives who were buried there..   O ...   read more

Be a blessing and learn to help your neighbors...   17 y  
Southerners are some of the most helpful people on the face of the earth...
What we don’t know will slow us down, but the truth will prevail.... In the spirit of the Southern traditions; I have found that no matter which race is involved the out look and results are much the same.. If not identical!!  We all have the same aspirations, hopes and dreams...  To progress is in human nature... We all want our children, friends, neighbors and relatives to be content sharing in the human experience(s).... We are all children of GOD; remember that!!! Southern people were taught to consider others needs...  This is really the only thing ...   read more

It is not about what we think, rather what the truth is about..   17 y  
What ever is true, can not be changed because someone removes part of it. The truth the whole truth so help me GOD; is that which we seek...
Now we have made some observations on the validity if an argument form... For any argument to be valid; all of its premise(s) must support the stated conclusion, or result(s)....  So when someone wants to just, eliminate, eradicate, or remove facts, which are based on the truth, they have moved into what would be considered an invalid argument form...  Thus the conclusion, or result of their statement would be faulse...   In other words remove the truth, and believe a lie.... Such things do not go on; some would say...  But to their demise since on ...   read more

Is the City of Atlanta tiring to rewrite history??   17 y  
Just because you don't like history doesn't mean that you get rid of it......
Dear friends:  People need to learn that you do not have to throw away all your knowledge, in order to build a better community; Just need to make room for something more...  To rewrite or ignore your own history, is especially not only stupid, wrong, but  sheer folly....   The only thing one accomplishes in doing so, is to try to live a lie and then attempt to have others who follow to believe that lie...  This is apparently what the City of Atlanta, GA  is attempting to do....  Over the last twenty f ...   read more

Robert E. Lee a southern gentleman...   17 y  
A gentleman looks after the needs of others....
We left off with a study of a southern gentlemen...  One of our hero’s and a fine southern gentleman was Robert E. Lee...  If you did your home work then you know this...  If not go read the our previous blog...  Thank you for being so considerate.. Lets just take a few minutes to look at this great man...   He is most remembered for his role as the Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, during the war between the states 1861 to 1865...  Another good book on that period, showing the his character is "April 1865" at your local ...   read more

Southern Born by the Grace Of GOD...   17 y  
The best of any generation are those who look out for their fellow man... [Mankind]
Southern Gentlemen are raised to be so....  Ever since i was a wee lad, we were taught to look out for the rights of others... Especially the poor, the widows, and the fatherless children...  This was a for most duty in our lives... We were taught to love and care for women...   It has always been the duty of a southern gentleman to kind and gracious to all people...  If there were people in need then we were to see that they were tended to... To look to a hero, and example of a true southern gentleman: read the life of Robert E ...   read more

Do what you know feel is right, and the rest will follow...   17 y  
Manners are the bounders of the society... Without which we are just a pack of animals..
Many manners were passed down by mothers, GOD bless them all, refer to "Road Warriors" blog for a poem to mothers, where ever they are.... The whole of society is based on the acceptance of each other as persons...  We each are unique and all have our own ways ....  But to exist in a larger, society, group we must learn certain manners to keep out selves in a coherent and stable existance...  The family is that unit..   The southern family was taught to try and follow certain manners...  These were the difference between human and animals.. ...   read more

Why is everybody down on DIXIE???   17 y  
The History of Dixie, is everything found in the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes verses 1 Thur 8... As is all the world!!
Dixie is a land, a place, a dream, a history and one of the best places to live on God’s green earth....     So why all the negative press??? Most things people get themselves in an uproar about starts with something they heard or read somewhere....  Most of the time it is bad press, by people who do not know the whole truth...  We are for truth here..... The GOD honest truth.... First we must look back at history, which is your/our life story...  Many people have said to me[a student of history] it does not make any difference what happe ...   read more

Dixie darlings.... The real jewels of the southland...   17 y  
Girls, are unpredictable, always have been....
Grits or girls raised in the south...   They are different!! Remembering back a ways, i see those southern girls still running thru my mind... The first one i recall was Becky, sat across from me in the second grade...  i guess girls start thinking about boys, years before we notice girls..  Well i guess she liked me or something...  Because she was always passing me notes in class... stuff like hi, what are you doing after school??   i tried hard to ignore her, but if you know anything about females when ever they want something there is just about not any stopping her... ...   read more

What did they do with the South??   17 y  
What did they do to Dixie???
The question for some time has been what did they do with the South?? Down in St Pete, Fla where spent my adolescence years, you could not get a parking space at the mall from thanksgiving till april....   The car tags were, from: MA,MI,IL,OH,NY,NJ mainly yankeeland...... It was so nice when the snowbirds, went back home.....   One of the worst things was to hear them say "Back in (whichever) we did things better, than you stupid southeners..."  Our standard answer was well the bus still runs north why don’t you get on one??? So ...   read more

Manners are what saparate us from the rest of the animal kingdom.   17 y  
Some times we forget to mind our own business....
During the course of a day, nearly everybody has opportunties to react with other people.... ” It is how we act or react with others that shows our upbring...” My dear ole Grandmotther used to say... We called her BigMama, but not for the normal reasons for such a name.... Rather Since I am the oldest grandchild, my mother, was Mama, and in my wee brain, then the older lady must be Big Mama.... So the name stuck, and she was not a large lady.... Since my nearly worthless father, more on him later, {that is a book in it self} was gone most of the time, and my mother was a RN, she had ...   read more

Southern Belles or GRITS ( girls raised in the south)   17 y  
Southern Ladies...
Bon Jour neighbor....   We are back to speak a little french....  or parley francais ....   The french word for femminie beauty is you guessed it... belle, therefore the term as it applies to the southern ladies....   By the way,  a third of the english language is from french....   Now for those of you who have never been south, the girls here were raised to be perfect ladies....  A lady is a woman with refinement....  Manners is the key word here...  Proper manners that is, knowing when to say please, tha ...   read more

Who did Dixie???   17 y  
What do you know about the South???
It all comes back to what someone told you, since most never read much anyway... We will put the truth out about the South, stay tuned... Most of what they say is hot air, pure hog wash... Dixie is one of the best places on GODs green earth to live... And we of sourthern decent, say if you don’t like it down here, shut up and go back where you came from.... We will be discussing the merits of Southern Women in light of current world arrairs.. This will shut up a lot of those big mouth yankees.... See y’all here next time when we have more time to chaw and talk on such stuff....   visit the page

Why "Dixie" is delightful and not a dirty word....   17 y  
Growing up in Dixie, as a dirt poor white boy... A story of the southland...
I was born in the land of cotton, on one frosty morning... The 11th of January in my grandmother’s house in Hazlehurst, Ga.... USA, to be exact. My uncle Joe raised Hunting dogs, hound dogs, for fox & coons.... All my uncles were in WWII, most did not talk much about it though... Learned about white lighting and how to shoot by the age of 10, and started bird hunting w. Granddaddy while in the fourth grade... More on that later... Dixie is delightful.... Ya i know, you think this is a lot of hog wash, but before we are through, u’all will like me... We will told about history and ...   read more

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What you all always wanted to know about DIXIE... Born and raised in the South, so we ought to know... Y’all come on down - ya hear? more...

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