Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie
by kerminator
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End of the Appalachian Trail, folks... It was hard but worth it!!   17 y  
What did we see, well more than we expected, but not as much as you would think... So read up on our actives and see for your self, friend....
The AT as it is called, was and is set up for many reasons.... We will discuss some of those....  The AT was conceived by Benton MacKay; forester, philosopher, and dreamer... It stretches from Georgia in the south over 2000 miles to Maine in the north...  It is a footpath along the crest and ridges of the Appalachian Mt. chain... It is maintained by volunteer hiking clubs, with support from the US forest Service and Natl Park Service; all coordinated through the independent Appalachian Trail Conference.....    {This people doing something for others and t ...   read more

The Appalachian Trail starts in Dixie..   17 y  
This is one of the best and most well known trails in the world... We will be hiking it starting tomorrow afternoon...
Life is an adventure, so tomorrow we [one of my sons, Steve, 32} and I will explore another part of it...  The Appalachian Trail.... The Appalachian trail starts in Georgia and ends in Maine... Over two thousand miles long, it offer some of the finest scenery in the world, bare none....  It was developed just after WWI, and has brought thousands of men, women and children, the pleasure of being in the outdoors, as GOD intended... We will start with some MREs and a tent, camel pak for H2O, a water purifier,  a couple of hiking sticks each,  ...   read more

Respect is something to be both learned and earned...   17 y  
Where do we get off, not showing some respect to others?? It is something taught in the southland...
What do you think of your neighbor??  Where ever you live, you should have learned simple respect and descent manners...  Down in Dixie we were all taught, {not that everyone listened} to respect the rights of others....  Man, woman, old, young, black, white,red or yellow....   Respect is the basic part of getting along with our fellow human beings...  So let review the way it should be folks....    1) Love:  love your neighbor just as you should love yourself... {Golden Rule} 2) Honor: Is to pay proper respect ...   read more

Respect and honor a southern tradition...   17 y  
With out respect there is no real honor.... It is the duty of every body to respect the person and property of others....
Life demands respect, though few children are taught this today....  Respect is the most basic form of human interaction(s)...   We should learn to respect out fellow mankind...{this includes all humans...} Just this past week had a discussion, with a southern woman about they way we southerners were raised years ago....  It used to be that children were to respect their elders, and not talk back...  This meant that we would eat last, answer when spoken to, said yes ma’am, and sir to those over about twenty and not give grownups  any hassles... ...   read more

Dixie is as Dixie does...   17 y  
Helping people is what we all must learn to do in this life... The southland has been an example of this lets do our part...
What is going on folks it seems that everyone is in a big rush...   We are not even sure what they are looking for yet...  But it seems that the world is Hell bent on destruction...  Look at the Middle East, Much of Africa, Russia declaring an end to a free economy, China looking to gobble up much of the resources of the world....  Well folks that leaves the wonderful southern attitude to help cool down some of these hot head ideas....  The southland has been a source of a slower living, more evenly paced lifestyle...  We down in Dixie, have al ...   read more

It was roasting in Dixie this past week... It was hot as Hell!   17 y  
The extreme hot weather conditions requires some cool heads...
Was up in the capital of the Confererancy; Richmond, VA last week for the wonderful, hot weather...  Boys and girls, it was hot enought to cook a hot dog on the side walk... Well the concrete pavement was bulking down in Dixie, the Scout Jamboree has seen 117F; which is HOT......  We have been having some extreme conditions here....  So we have been sitting in the shade a lot lately...  Eating some cold water melon, and iced tea...  We southern gentlemen have been helping the fair ladies stay cool....  But a cool breeze and some coo ...   read more

Dixie is still here until the last trumpet call...   17 y  
Life is brief, but is Dixie it is sweeter...
It takes more than a Hurricane to blow Dixie away, folks... Went over to a local GA state park, yesterday to ride my mountain bike, getting ready for the Appalachian Trail later next month...  One of my sons and I plan to do the GA portion of the trail, appox (35) thirty five miles...  Anyway I went over to the bait house to get my annual park pass, and met a fine Southern Lady; we spoke about south GA and farm land and the future of money... There is an interesting fact she pointed out to me(us), look on the back of a  USA one dollar bill and translate ...   read more

Hurricane in Dixie...   17 y  
wind and stuff every where...
It is blowing up a big one down in the southland, folks...  I even had to get the hogs to higher ground...  Blew down the chicken coop, too...  I think we lost our rooster in the blow...    Even  brought  the hounds in, this only happens about once a year around thanksgiving time, usually...  It’s a really storming... folks... Had to go dig a diversion ditch out in the front yard in the rain...  That way the water stopped coming in the lower level and headed down towards the creek... We will keep you posted on the results o ...   read more

Sugar creek, coon and fox hunting....   17 y  
Some of the Things the folks do down here, for fun... Fun is a activity of pleasure !!
Folks we are going to look at some of the actives of some of the southerners, down in Dixie...  Sorry but I will have to get back with you as something came up, you know those Yankees...  { Nothing against yankees just there are so many of them, and so many of  them want to come live down in dixieland..} They would mess up a good pig sticking... Don’t you think?? Back to the swimming hole down at sugar creek, there must be a hundred or so by that name, as well as Turkey creek down south....  Well these creeks run thru the southland ...   read more

Yes the fourth of July is celebrated in Dixie too folks....   17 y  
God bless all those who serve in our armed forces, where ever you may be... GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
Yes, we celebrate the fourth of July in Dixie too folks.... We believe in liberty for all! The Southland is home to some of the most patriotic people in this country...  Just look to many of the songs and artist who sing them...  Lee Greenwood, " God Bless the USA" is an example...  We in the South have always had a history of love of country and the truth of the gospel...  It is this base that has built the southern heritage and given our people the true love of country...  The south has always been first in going to the defen ...   read more

Choice of words... Words are power put into action....   17 y  
Please direct all replies to me, and if you respond do not attack any others... Do unto others as if you were the other(s)....
Folks we have all seen where a war of words leads....  When things go wrong don’t go with them...  Lets not stoup so low as to allow our decency to suffer....  We must always be considerate of our neighbors and even those who oppose us....  So let set a ground rule not to blame others.... Thanks you all... "As a knot appears unexpectedly in a thread, so disappointment blocks the smoothness of life...  If a few deft strokes can untangle the skein, life continues evenly...  But if it cannot be corrected, then it must be quietly woven into the desi ...   read more

Back in Dixie...   17 y  
Life is a grand experience and we do not know how long we each have to spend here, but we can learn to be of service to others while we are here!!
Well after spending ten hours in an airport in Calif...  I arrived back in Atlanta at 03:03 Hours Saturday morning...  Great to be home, if you know what I mean.... I could not get on line much, so this will be short....   Someone suggested that I hated Yankees....  Talk like that is being on the back side of trouble...  Well that could not be further from the truth....  In fact I like everyone....  We should all try to love one another and get along together....  Neighbors. friends and of course relatives....  Though ...   read more

I will be back in Dixie to night, though Calif was fun...   17 y  
There are nice people every where, and beauty is not just what we see on the outside, it really is in the heart of the woman..
Folks I found there are nice people every where you go....   It is kind the question some people (mainly men) have ask me;  since I have traveled much of the globe... "Which country has the most beautiful women??"  {There is a secret here folks...} the answer is I think none or rather all of them...  There are beautiful women every where....  And then you must come to realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder... {refer to my article in beauty in the "Absolute Truth, Some Wisdom and Intercourse" blog....}  Beauty is re ...   read more

The Miss GA Forestry Pageant... WOW!!   17 y  
Talk about a week, came down to south Georgia to visit relatives and meet some of the worlds best young women....
Deep in Dixie @ Tifton, GA....   Came down to visit some relatives, and go to a local amusement park.....  Both were great and we had an enjoyable time....  But Thursday evening ran into some of the nicest young ladies getting on the elevator at the hotel...   They were beautiful and very talented young ladies.  They  were some of the lovely contestants for the 2005;  Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant being held here... They were Representatives from (49) forty nine of the counties in Ga....  Having been a city slic ...   read more

Down deep in Dixie...   17 y  
Life in Dixie is as good as it gets....
Folks I will be down in South Georgia this week ... Kind of like old times week... We will visit with relatives and meet some new people, maybe even some yankees... So stay tuned for a update in coming weeks...  Then even though it doesn’t have a direct link to Dixie I will be out in Calif. next week so will being some Southern charm out to the west coast.  So stay tuned and reply with any questions and I will sure try to get you some answers...  See Y’all later....   read more

Confederate to the core... But never too proud to be wrong...   17 y  
We love everyone, red, yellow, black and white.... Do try to get along with your neighbors and make new friends...
It will be short and sweet today folks... We have been having what we call a "gully washer" rain Stroms down here the past week.... Received a email message "Things I learned being a Georgian"   It was filled with what we call "hog wash"....  But we understand not everyone has had the wonderful experience of being able to live in DIXIE...  So we just forgive them, Yankee brains and say " well y’all come on down, and set a spell, won’cha..."  If you ever get down in Georgia, pull up the the house and park ...   read more

Some Sayings from Dixie...   17 y  
Language is that which is understood by the a local group of people... It is just funny sounds to everyone else....
Well we all hear about the way we talk down South.....   An ole french teacher years ago, told me that: " when we think that someone sounds strange speaking a different language, remember that you sound the same to them...."  So just maybe it is the yankees that talk funny...  Here are a few Southern sayings: 1) When they say they know you backwards and forwards it means " They know everything about you..." 2) Fix is a verb as... " I fixing to go to da store..." or  "I’m a fixing to.. 3) ...   read more

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