Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie
by kerminator
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I was a thinkin'   11 y  
As we hear and see the going on in today's world, ya have to wonder why? Is all this really necessary or is it just certain people ideas, with lots of money involved of course? I'm a thinkin' it is about freedom of choice or control (domination)
  Title: All humans were created equal? Post by: Weknoz on  06  March 2010  In the Western World the thought that all men & women were created equal; is predominately; from the Greek and Christian influence!  Before you get all bent out of shape, we know that through out history, people have been dominated,  there were slaves, and women were restricted, plus all the other inequities of the society! Now this is exactly where we are going with this post!  Read the preamble to The Decoration of Independence, 1776; where it states ...   read more

Gee what is going on here?   11 y  
This is another view of who and what the world really thinks; vs a few misdirected folks who have their hand on the power button of the country right now!
A February 2nd CNN story reports that some Democrats in the Congress are now joining Republicans in opposing President Obama’s decision to try terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian criminal courts.   The Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act, a high priority bill for ACT! for America, passed both the House and Senate with strong bi-partisan support.   Syndicated columnist Michael Barone, in an op-ed entitled “ Easy on ...   read more

Sun lite in your life!   11 y  
We all have sunsets in our lives, but what do you do with them? Have you learned to enjoy the pleasant things in life like sunsets? They are simple things that pass before you...
   This is based upon a story of two women watching a marvelous sunset on a beach...  They had sat down an hour or so before sunset, below them were some young people having a beach party... There was the usual noise and activity of the young people...  Which caused the two women to consider going in because of the shrieking group on the shore line...  Then suddenly a glorious sunset began to swept the western horizon; as a kaleidoscopic of reds, pimks, gold, and lavenders streaked across the sky!  A deep hush fell upon the youth on the beach, as t ...   read more

Gifts   12 y  
What are gifts? It seems that most people think of them as some sort of free stuff that they deserve! Some even think it is another right in life! So what is the real story?
    A gift by its very nature is an expression of love or at least some form of affection or admiration or respect!  An actual gift can be may one of many things:  It can be as simple as a smile, or a nod of the head, or a wave of the hand...   It can be any expression of gratitude or thanks for someone’s help or considerations...  It can be the remembrance of some person’s accomplishments in life...  It can be a gesture of gratitude to someone for their past help...  It can be a way to get someone’s attention or ...   read more

Syncretism?   12 y  
We play a dangerous game when we try to mix the worship of God with Idolatry! What is idolatry anyway? Let's find out!
What is Syncretism and how does it effect us today?   The following from Wikipedia:   Syncretism is the attempt to reconcile disparate or contrary beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. This may involve attempts to merge and analogise several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, and thus assert an underlying unity allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths. Syncretism also occurs commonly in literature, music, the representational arts and other expressions of culture ...   read more

What a reader said!   12 y  
Often in this life you will be called upon to explain things that really are not your doing, yet it appears so!
   First let me say I am not nor will ever be perfect, I write only from observations, inspiration or personal experience... Only Yeshua has ever lived a perfect life on this earth, and they nailed HIM to a cross! Received an Email from a reader, (who is one of the few that I have actually met in person) who had found a 1953 Newspaper article on some criminal behavior of my father!  Well since I am a Jr. named after him; it would appear at first glance; that I must have started on a life of crime at an early age (11) eleven at the time of occurrence...  My Moth ...   read more

We all have the freedom to fail!   12 y  
In this earthly life we all share one most important attribute; we were given a free agency (the ability to choose)which allows us to either succeed or to fail in our quest for the truth!
  What does that mean to you? " A large part of life is to learn to observe, learn and put into practice the truth we find along our pathway! "  a True-ism     Most of what happens in this life is generally based upon the decisions of man; driven by selfish desires and personal wants!  Mankind has the freedom to fail which is proven through out history, and continues to be seen in the current events...  Why is mankind so bent on self distruction and failure?   Could it be that the Hell Bent selfish desire to try to control everyth ...   read more

Invisible People!   12 y  
As we go through life we encounter many invisible people...
   Who are these invisible people?    Well you could start with most of the service and people who preform the maintenance jobs at most large buildings... These include but are not limited to the Maids, food workers, janitors, street sweepers, parking lot attendants, baggage handlers, and yard keepers....  It appears that the society is actually comprised of more invisible people that the beautiful, supposedly talented, better educated, generally management types...  If we were to remove these upper class people out of the over all picture, ...   read more

Drug deals?   12 y  
Most of what is put out by the BIG Pharma group is high priced; due to advertising cost to make unreal amounts of money off the common people!
    How Do Antibiotics Work? February 3, 2009 in General Health Easy AdSense by Unreal    A few thoughts for a rainy day. Like…. We all have our pet cures for a pet ailment, that we keep falling back on, thinking they’ll work the same way each time. Trouble is, the human system doesn’t always tally together with the tidiness of a chemical equation on paper. Do you know for instance that you could react differently to the same drug each time you take it? I learnt this lesson at a price. I’m rar ...   read more

God given intelligence!   12 y  
Some times even down in Dixie, we catch a glimpse of the BIG PICTURE in life!
   "We all share God given intelligence in this earthly life!"   a True-ism   Life is primarily about how you use your God given intelligence...   [Some do not even want to give God any say in their life...   What a stupid eternal mistake, they make!]  Each of us should recognize the pros and cons of life...  Because if we continually resist or fight against the very principle of our existence; then you are on a path of grief in this life and on into the Eternity to come...   In fact most grief an ...   read more

Vulnerability   12 y  
Life is a calculation on the vulnerability or the over all condition of being over whelmed! It is how we respond that sets our Eternal prospects...
     *** An interesting difference!        We all go through rough places in our lives...  There can always be some surprises just around the corner!   What we should do in life is to live as to be ready for what ever life throws at us...   Since things do happen to people without any warning,  therefore it behooves us to be ready to   respond in the best possible way...   Since we can not control the most things in life,  we should therefore   learn to seek the best solution ...   read more

Have some conserative French (Francais) thoughts...   12 y  
Talk is cheap, but a necessary part of our existance... Because it is one of the most effective methods to convay information, the question is what is it saying?
Qui parle? « on: 28,Aug2009,07:09*:GMT »      "I can speak;  telling you things all day long, but you must stop to really listen; if it will have any effect!"  a True-ism   This exactly what I attempt to do on this blog forum...  Help you make decisions that could change your life...   While I may not always have the best answer or say what you want ...   read more

Herbal Information!   12 y  
It is good to understand how herbs act in your body!
Herbal Info « on: Today at 03:16 PM »    Herbal Information: Important Considerations; Before using an herb you are unfamiliar with, find out its medicinal properties. Research it thoroughly and/or consult with an appropriately qualified practitioner or expert. If you are taking prescription drugs, or have a medical condition check with an appropriately qualified practitioner before using herbs medicinally. ***  &nb ...   read more

Live a Lie?   12 y  
Unfortunately we all at some time or other reverted to lying about or in our life!
   Who has not lied at some time in their life?  I have and so has everyone at one time or another!  a True-ism  What it comes down to is not the fact (truth) which we can not dispute without lying again; rather it is how are we going to act in the future!  As we say down in Dixie " How ya going act? "   This gives the whole situation a new look and feel... It becomes personal!  Which is where it has been all a long...  Even though most people tend to slide it off some where else, which is just more deceit (lying)... ...   read more

What does all this %^#*&@$ mean anyway?   12 y  
Many people down in Dixie have strived to learn the truth then try to live a better life! How, you may ask; Read on Dear Friend!
    What is the difference between the truth and most of which you see in the mass media today?   Well it has became blurred since the 1960’s when journalism took on a supposed "holy calling" of exposing certain areas; that they considered wrong or need adjustment!  This is just another form of a power play or control! Once armed with the so called authority (?) of the " Perceived Truth "  they have became one of the most powerful elements in the world...  The present news media is now more powerful than governments, soci ...   read more

Honey one perfect food!   12 y  
Honey is a Dixie delight, we put it on our biscuits, bread, griddle cakes or to mix in our mash... It is just about the best thing since puntang! Go ahead Try some!
 From: NaturalNews Losing weight has never been sweeter, as long as you use the right sweetener. A new study indicates that the use of table sugar or mixed sugar leads to weight gain. However, honey does not lead to weight gain. Diets including sugar were found to increase the levels of HbA1c, indicating higher levels of glucose in the blood. Diets including sugar were also found to increase triglycerides, an aspect of blood fat that is known to damage arteries. In this study, researchers from Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand fed three different groups ...   read more

It's a go'n a Happen!   12 y  
Most times in life we are given warnings or advance knowledge to help correct our wrongful ways, yet we many times seem to ignore such!
        " It’s a go’n a happen!"  Many consequences follow certain actions!   a True-ism              For those of us raised in Dixie; this was a word of warning about changing your current actions or some certain future event would come about to make you wish you had!  The term was often used in context with some course of action that the ones being warned would recognize and hopefully be smart enough to ch ...   read more

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