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Some help for a friend   8 mon  
From; a friend: PS feel free to tell me about your opinion, experience...and maybe there is someone who wants to join me in this journey?
Blog: 100 days of juice fasting/mono eating to heal my body and spirit by blackpirate pre fasting pre fast, about myself Date: 3/8/2010 1:37:40 PM ( 11 y ) ... viewed 16575 times Hello! I’ll start with introducing myself. I’m Kate, 20 years old woman from Belgium. So please pardon me for my english...sometimes it’s quite terrible ;-) as it’s not my native language. But we’re gonna be fine! I have a binge eating disorder with bulimic dendencies...yeah that’s kind of why I couldn’t maintain raw food diet for longer than 2 weeks - because I ended up bingeing every sin ...   read more

The inventor’s vision of a global wireless-transmission   8 mon  
The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla
The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla and his Tower The inventor’s vision of a global wireless-transmission tower proved to be his undoing. Smithsonian Magazine Gilbert King Read when you’ve got time to spare. Wardenclyffe Tower in 1904. Photo from Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain. By the end of his brilliant and tortured life, the Serbian physicist, engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla was penniless and living in a small New York City hotel room. He spent days in a park surrounded by the creatures that mattered most to him—pigeons—and ...   read more

What is killing the nation! Like a slow poison?   8 mon  
*** Government naturally wishes to perpetuate itself and eventually the government will consume its host, if allowed to operate unchecked it eats itself! Mainly by Greed and the lack of concern for others!
Blog: Ya’ think?? by kerminator What exactly happened and what can we do now? *** Less tax money to spend means the politicians can stay home more and the people can rest assured that things are close to normal - ... *** Date: 3/13/2016 viewed 816 times An important question to ask is - ”Exactly what got us here in the first place?” Mainly Liberalism happened! Which is the thief of the working class efforts (money) placed into politician pet {paid} projects and made to look like the people are better off... The main tenant of liberalism is more government, followed by ...   read more

You never grow too old to think & learn!   8 mon  
Your brain is grown and developed completely by 18. Yet our thinking and knowledge can continue until death!
Meditate on These Things Philippians 4:8 NKJV 8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy — meditate on these things. ================== ”The Word and Science both believe in these things!” Dr. Caroline Leaf; leading brain scientist/learning specialist. While the brain takes 18 years to grow completely, it takes a lifetime to mature! So we never reall ...   read more

This Dishwasher Soap Poisoned Over 15,600 Americans!   8 mon  
A highly absorbent mixture...
This Dishwasher Soap Poisoned Over 15,600 Americans! (Change It Immediately!) Inbox Linda Allen (Yeast Infection No More) via May 6, 2021, 9:26 AM Hi, Are you taking in toxic metals with your food? Over 15,600 Americans filled emergency rooms vomiting and accusing over-tiredness... Doctors were alarmed to detect over 100 different poisonous metals in their bodies... And soon discovered what was wrecking their systems. As no medication or traditional cleanse could remove the deadly toxins fast enough... They decided to use a new treatment, based on cutt ...   read more

The skyrocketing epidemic of chronic disease   8 mon  
I do not normally post other people's blog info - BUT then why, is chronic disease suddenly so out of control in our country? Conventional doctors don’t see it.
Al Sears, MD 11905 Southern Blvd. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 May 6, 2021 Conventional doctors don’t see it. It’s not that they don’t believe it… they’re just trained to stay in one lane… evaluating your symptoms, assigning you with a diagnosis, and treating your “ailment” with the corresponding drugs. The problem with that is it’s missing the BIG picture. The connections that can mean the difference between you living a vibrant, healthy life and being saddled with a declining life filled with doctor appointments and more and more drugs. What I’ve discovered is the conne ...   read more

My get & go - got up, and went   8 mon  
This is a saying of my Grandma, it is all so true and yet just a truthful relative declaration of experience!
We all have a past that is made up of the various parts of our existence! Once we get enough miles on our odometer of life, this phrase becomes a true statement! The question is how, why, and when! This is our personal history or our life’s story! This is actually the fabric of our life and past existence! It tells all and as long as you are truthful will show who you were and how you expressed your existence! This is where the rubber meets the road! If you can not be truthful about your life them what can you do? ** More later!!!   visit the page

How we use Hindsight Bias   8 mon  
What is Hindsight Bias? Hindsight bias occurs when people feel that they “knew it all along” – when they believe that an event is more predictable after it becomes known than it was before it became known.
An example of how it works in people’s lives today! In 2000, a 69-year-old man began experiencing a persistent cough, chest discomfort, and weight loss. His physician recommended a radio graph of his chest to identify the root of the issue, which revealed a large tumor. A biopsy confirmed the worst: malignant thymoma, cancer hiding between the lungs consuming the patient’s body from the inside out. Though the tumor had been growing for years, if left untreated, the man would die of the disease within 16 months. Shocked, the man struggled to understand how this could have happened. T ...   read more

Quelle est l'histoire?   8 mon  
** Le biais rétrospectif se produit lorsque les gens sentent qu'ils «l'ont toujours su».
Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator histoire? Quelle est l’histoire? Arrêtez-vous et apprenez: Date: 12/25/2020 viewed 204 times Des moyens d’apprendre et d’améliorer votre vie! 1) Économisez et soyez heureux 2) Quelle est l’histoire? 3) Qui a dit - croyez-le simplement? 4) Ma route inhabituelle de la vie - 5) Pouvez-vous croire - pourtant le temps nous le dit 6) Soit vous apprenez, soit vous retombez 7) Apprenez à être prêt pour la vérité 8) La plupart de la vie est un mystère - mais nous pouvons apprendre 9) Vous pouvez apprendre et élargir vot ...   read more

Discover How to Stand Courageous   8 mon  
It's time to take a STAND! Here is your chance to be serious. God established our gender and identity before we were born!
It’s time to take a STAND! God established our gender and identity before we were born; however, they are under attack like never before. Now, many people criticize masculinity—and some even consider the term to be offensive. But that’s not how God views it! Join us for the Family Research Council’s Stand Courageous Conference as they let men know who they are from a biblical perspective. During this event, you’ll receive tools and resources that will help develop character, build or rebuild relationships, and make commitments that move you closer to God’s purpose and desi ...   read more

What is good for you?   8 mon  
I didn’t know any of these secrets either.
PLUS: How A 99-Year-Old Grandma From A Small Village in Ecuador Discovered The Unusual Secret To A Younger Metabolism Do you know why you should sip a cup of licorice root tea at 1 pm? Or why some of the world’s most famous celebrities sniff rosemary before bed? Or why you should have two cups of hot black tea after a long walk? If not, don’t worry… I didn’t know any of these secrets either. Until I spent the summer in Ecuador… Visiting my wife’s 99-year-old grandma… Who doesn’t look a day over 50. In a small village called Giron. I didn’t know what their s ...   read more

Most People Don’t Really Want to Be Happy   8 mon  
People are more likely to choose satisfaction—the long-term feeling that comes with achieving your goals.
Psychologist Says Most People Don’t Really Want to Be Happy People are more likely to choose satisfaction—the long-term feeling that comes with achieving your goals. Quartz Ephrat Livni Read when you’ve got time to spare. people gathered in a bar lighting sparklers and drinking Many of us are going about this life business all wrong. Photo by Reuters/Marko Djurica We think we want to be happy. Yet many of us are actually working toward some other end, according to cognitive psychologist Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in economics. Kahneman contends ...   read more

Environment The Climate Solution Actually Adding Millions   8 mon  
This story was co-published with MIT Technology Review. If you are really interested in the whole truth as to CO2 control - Read and find out how things are not as you have been led to believe! HUH?
New research shows that California’s climate policy created up to 39 million carbon credits that aren’t achieving real carbon savings. But companies can buy these forest offsets to justify polluting more anyway.   read more

Pedestrianism   8 mon  
Pedestrianism The Insane 6-Day, 500-Mile Race That Riveted America what played out before a screaming fan base was more than just a race. Weston, a New England dandy who often competed in flashy outfits, was the man to beat. He’d made his name eight years earlier, when he walked the 1,200 miles from Portland, Maine, to Chicago in under 30 days, winning a $10,000 wager in the process. A blue-blooded Yankee, Weston embodied old money and an old America.
In the 1870s and 1880s, competitive walking—formally known as pedestrianism—was America’s most popular spectator sport. As cities grew and the nation industrialized, people found themselves with spare time and a little money to burn. The country’s mood had also changed post–Civil War: A stern antebellum work ethic had given way to a new appetite for simple fun. And competitive walking was certainly simple. Matches cost little to stage and competing required no special equipment. Before long, the nation was swept up in “walking fever.” The rules for the walk-off were clear: The fir ...   read more

What happened when? 1 of   8 mon  
People are curious and will seek whatever knowledge or the pretense of such to look good or interesting! Why?
When you look at how people have existed and presented themselves, you can notice how things tend to shift and adjust in their life in many ways! Much of this is based upon being self-centered! This seems to be the modern trend to find, investigate, or expand on some bazaar topic. This has been going on forever yet now due to the vast amount of knowledge out there - readily available and questionable subjects things are barreling down our road of life! It seems that most want to get some of the action! The modern opinion seems to be how do you look better, smarted, knowledgeable and ...   read more

You,shor'is Right Boss Buddy!"   8 mon  
In this earthly experience, we are each given people who were placed upon our pathway of life, in order to help us learn humility, wit, and often the real purpose of life! One such man was Barner Green:
This is a phrase I picked up working with an older Black man down in west GA some years ago! He had worked in Dixie since birth and grown up under the pre-1968 Desegregation laws. He spoke of having to walk to school while watching the Whites ride on school buses in the 1940s. He was a great worker at the Film plant and came out to help us move a new Organ into a nearby church. Another time we spoke about things from the past. He brought how difficult it was to be Black in GA at that time. He had worked at a facility and had a really overbearing White Boss Man. With whom there ...   read more

Why eat? Only to find you can not digest it?   8 mon  
Mad as a HatterHow to Avoid Toxic Metals and Clear Them from the BodyBy Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D., CCN and Galen D. Knight, PhDWise Traditions -SUMMER 2008Wise Traditions 42
What’s wrong when people follow Dr. Weston A. Price’s dietary principles but still suffer from sig-nificant health problems? Why do so many people try to eat good fats but find they cannot digest them? What is the reason for digestive distress and dysbiosis despite taking high-quality probiotics and consuming cultured foods and broth? Why are some babies sickly even when the parents eat a nourishing diet prior to conception and throughout preg-nancy and lactation?The answer may be toxic metals. Though we may honor our bodily temples with nourishing foods, we canno ...   read more

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