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In just 3 minutes U can change your future   7 mon  
This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever How to ask better questions. Josh Spector
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind. The 3 Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever How to ask better questions. Josh Spector Read when you’ve got time to spare. Since my tips to improve your writing in two minutes were so popular, I thought I’d share some similar tips to improve your next conversation. Following are the simplest tips I can give you to ask better questions, which will make your conversations more valuable to you and the people you engage with. Don’t ask yes/no questions. Open-ended questions generate more interesting respo ...   read more

Learn to walk with the wise   7 mon  
Each great journey starts with one small step! When are you starting and where are you going?
Blog: Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator Learn to walk with the wise Here the phrase “walks with” is a metaphor for “living one’s life with,” encompassing thoughts, actions, and feelings. The person who lives in the company of the wise cannot help but to grow in wisdom because he will learn from the experiences and knowledge of his companions. Date: 10/24/2020 1:28:48 AM ( 8 mon ) ... viewed 439 times One of our goals in our earthly existence as Christians should be to say with the apostle Paul, “I have learned to be content . . . regardless of my circum ...   read more

Beirut once was a guilded kingdom.   8 mon  
Having spent sometime there, plus knowing the French - flavor when it was the Paris of the Mid east; it now has a mixed message!
Beirut, Lebanon was perhaps the best city in the Mideast up until about 50 years ago. But like so many places where free types governments have existed the Socialist-Despotic controllers types have taken over! When you start to look at world history, one thing should become a plain fact. Some of the more recent have been: Caracas, Venezuela: Havana, Cuba: Phenom Penn, Cambodia: plus Hong Kong, China: plus some others in many parts of the world today! These names show how evil and lack of freedom come to dominate! ** Just to understand that there are many dominated countries in this ...   read more

If you can not get it right NOW? How is that gona'work?   8 mon  
You will not often like or see what the majority of people ever expect to get, or use in their life. Life is a trip which you will only get to do once!
Stop - take time to sit down and analyze your life! Because since it is a one time event it is best if you get it right . For many this is problematic because they have no real reference or knowledge about the Whole Truth! Words form the basics of your eternal existence! Either you come to some basic understanding as to the Real Truth of whatever you are about to attempt to do! The main problem is many people attempt many of the trillions of things on earth, which only interfere. Unless you find or have been shown the Truth it may never happen. But do not believe me just step loo ...   read more

This Reactor May Have Finally Solved Nuclear Fusion's Plight   8 mon  
Having worked in the Neuceal power system some years back: I can say this is great news for all forms of Electrical power generation! Worked for 5 years - one of the best things about power is it does not have many pollution problems! When operated correctly it is cheaper and has less pollution output! I worked in at least a dozen Nuke power plants in the USA alone!
Popular Mechanics This Reactor May Have Finally Solved Nuclear Fusion’s Biggest Problem Caroline Delbert - This Reactor May Have Finally Solved Nuclear Fusion’s Biggest Problem This nuclear reactor may have finally solved fusion’s biggest problem. The next frontier for energy is closer than it’s ever been. © U.K. Atomic Energy Authority/Culham Centre for Fusion Energy/EUROFusion This nuclear reactor may have finally solved fusion’s biggest problem. The next frontier for energy is closer than it’s ever been. A unique nuclear reactor could finally solve a huge fusion problem. ...   read more

Returning to Writing by REN    8 mon  
It is a long journey well worth taking. It's not actually long as the Gods and the ETs don't perceive time the way we do.
Blog: Uncovering The Starchild Within by Ren Returning to Writing I’m writing once again. I love writing more than youtube which started out as leaving a vlog of myself because I didn’t kids. I don’t want to be forgotten. Date: 4/13/2018 viewed 626 times I love making videos’s weird to have six views for a good video. So much has gone on with my Starseed journey. I am starting my own business, a spiritual business. When I get it up and running, I will post about it on here. Right now I am doing some light fasting to tune up the self-discipline and to rec ...   read more

Blog: Ren's Natural Womb Life   8 mon  
Here is why flaxseed powder can provide such a multitude of health benefits:
Blog: Ren’s Natural Womb Life by ren flaxseed for women’s health (and male life companion) Date:6/15/2007 ... viewed 2236 times Flaxseed Supplementation: An Integral Aspect of Vibrant Health by James Meschino, DC, MS Ground flaxseed, ingested daily, is one of the most ”multipurpose” natural agents that may reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases and help optimize health and well-being for adult men and women. Flaxseeds are an extremely rich source of a mammalian lignan precursor known as secoisolariciresinol glycos ...   read more

Do you really want to find yourself?   8 mon  
Many are in this quandary of ignorance and hardheartedness. You really need to start with some Critical Thinking!
Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator Want to find yourself? Just Read! ** Many people in the world today are lost and confused! WHY? Date: 9/22/2020... viewed 380 times Are you one of the bored people who looks everywhere for their answers? Well, you are not alone. It seems that in this modern age of so much information - people have become info-zombies! They can get online to seek an answer or zip of a dozen Cell calls - but in actual reality, they are lost! What? How can this be? It comes down to how well, they can reason and make critical decisions! Because un ...   read more

Analyze your often distorted views   8 mon  
** Look for the best of God's plan for all humanity! Did Bob Woodson write any books? The Triumphs of Joseph: How Today's Community Healers are Reviving our Streets and Neighborhoods 1998; A summons to life 1981; Gang Mother: The Story of Sister Falaka Fattah 1986; Private Sector Alternatives to the Welfare State: A New Agenda for Black Americans 1987; ** There are some Blogger comments within this post!
Blog: Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator Un-United States? **we lift up and affirm our country’s true origin and its authentic founding values and virtues. We offer an aspirational and inspirational take on America’s history, debunking the misguided argument that the present-day problems of black Americans are caused by the injustices of past failures, such as slavery. Let’s bury that tired, harmful victim-hood mentality once and for all. Date: 4/15/2021... viewed 102 times MARCH 18, 2020 1776 Unites Blog Posted By Woodson Center ** 1776 Unites is a proje ...   read more

What is the one thing you should want in this life?   8 mon  
Our life is conditional based upon what we know and how we use this information! How well have you done?
Our existence is based upon the crimson thread of blood we all share. Yet most people take this for granted and just waltz off into the night as is if there is no consequence! Mais oui, mon ami! It is all liked to the fact that we actually come to the place where we come to realize that our life is not our own! Because you have a spirit that is the seat of our existence and life while we live in this earthly body! Just stop and think or reason how you came into being? Well, we all know how the sexual process began this resulting life form! The question is not your physical body ...   read more

When You Eat   8 mon  
TEDxSanDiegoSalon = adjusting one specific factor — when we eat — could improve our lives just as much as changing what we eat.
Pocket-worthy stories to fuel your mind. When You Eat Can Be Just as Important as What You Eat By doing something as small as adjusting your mealtimes, you can reset your body clock and improve your health, says chronobiologist Emily Manoogian. TED Ideas Mary Halton Read when you’ve got time to spare. 19_whenyoueat_4000.jpg Illustration by Raúl Soria . When you think about eating better, what comes to mind? Adding servings of fruits and vegetables to your lunches and dinners? Cutting down on processed foods? Consuming more locally grown produce? Chronobiologist Emily ...   read more

When I die   8 mon  
Love doesn’t die, People do. If you do not understand how Love functions in Eternity - then your life will have been wasted!! Remember you can not give away something you never had in the first place!
Epitaph poem from NCIS Epitaph By Merrit Malloy When I die Give what’s left of me away To children And old men that wait to die. And if you need to cry, Cry for your brother Walking the street beside you. And when you need me, Put your arms Around anyone And give them What you need to give to me. I want to leave you something, Something better Than words Or sounds. Look for me In the people, I’ve known Or loved, And if you cannot give me away, At least let me live on in your eyes And not your mind. You can love me most By letting Hands touch hands, By ...   read more

Moral Values   8 mon  
Your moral judgment and desires will determine your Eternal Standing!
Blog: Ya’ think?? by kerminator People with no moral values Either we are spirits of God, allowed the time and intelligence to grow in the Grace Of Almighty God or we become failures in our Eternal desire to be saved - from the evil! Date:7/19/2020 viewed 299 times Each of us has been designed unique - yet the world system tends to blend and bend us into self-centered souls driven by self-pleasure and purpose! Yet, the above scenario is completely wrong and demon-driven! The question you must answer is do you really want to become a special citizen of the Highest He ...   read more

R U walking your life away?   8 mon  
According to Walking Specialists.
The Worst Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Walking, Says Olympic Walker All too often walkers get short shrift in the exercise world. Though taking brisk walks every day is well known to be an amazing way to burn tons of calories, increase your cardiovascular fitness, negate the ugly effects of sitting, and ultimately extend your life by upwards of 20 years, exercisers are far too quick to dismiss it as some sort of geriatric pastime for those who are incapable of running or performing more intense forms of exercise. ”I’ve seen people who walk on a treadmill in a gym get yawned ...   read more

How your speech and writing can change people   8 mon  
"Clear writing is clear thinking."
Blog: Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator How your speech and writing can change people How was it? Save stories you love and never lose them. Write like you really want to help, guide, and really inspire others! ” Have the key message, as your theme and purpose which you want to leave with your audience.” Date: 12/29/2020 viewed 347 times ”Clear writing is clear thinking.” My 10th-grade English teacher shared that morsel of wisdom once as I was slogging through a 20-page term paper with no idea where I was going or how to make the points I wanted to make ...   read more

Stop fooling around - get right   8 mon  
Don't believe me, just check this out yourself!
Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator Do you really know, Who you really Are? ** Learning to understand your real self is often complicated and nerve racking! When are you going to start? Date: 9/27/2020 viewed 316 times Many people tend exist in a realm of ignorance - because they do not understand who they actually were! This is why, so many people follow popular trends and fads to try to be in sync! They want to be part of some important things to feel connected and whole! The problem comes because we are and were meant to be single individual people! The fads are si ...   read more

My Early & Navy years!   8 mon  
Hitchhiking was part of my younger life, it was a less expensive and adventuresome way to get around! I did even did it several times while in the Navy, and then later by necessary demands while I was in college!
Travel has been a huge part of my life! It all started early, where I lived in 3 states before going into elementary school; ** where I attended school every other year in a different state. Right up until the 5th grade, which is where we finally stayed until I graduated High School. Then even then, I attended 4 different schools until I got into High School. Think God, I was able to spend all 4 years of my High School years in the same school. By then I gotten used to traveling and moving! Attended Junior College , before the Draft looming ahead inspired me to join the NAVY. ...   read more

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