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Evidence of Hanukkah Story part of Jewish Roots!    62 d  
This is part of the history of Islael and the Greek - Take over by the Seleucid Greek rulers, 2000 years ago! * Though Hanukkah, also known as the Feast of Dedication, isn’t mentioned in the Old Testament, it is in the New Testament in the Book of John 10:22-23.
Israel Displaying 30+ Stories Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of Hanukkah Story in Ancient Fortified Building 11-17-2021 Julie Stahl Israeli archaeologists have uncovered evidence they contend backs up the stories of a Jewish victory over Greek rulers – events that are connected to the celebration of Hanukkah. More than two thousand years ago, a hilltop fortress with a commanding view was supposed to protect the Greek-ruled city of Maresha from a legendary Jewish revolt. But Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists digging in the Lachish Forest, say it di ...   read more

Where and why do people often get lost in life? part 1   65 d  
Your life is an option and effort which you must learn to live properly in order to have a successful existence! I learned long ago that nothing comes from just dumb luck! There is a reason and purpose which each of us must learn and master in order to be successful! Have you even gotten to the point where you know this fact and have begun to learn how to apply your God-given talents? Most people pass thru this world and never even come close to the true facts of life. BTW it is not just entertainment, parties, caniving and many such wasted eternal opportununites...
The reasons are vast and eternally important! We will expand and seek the truths which govern our existence! One of the first things many people do when jumping into a new active or idea is ; not using planning and forethought! One of the best avenues to success with a new idea or plan for better development is :Stop, Look and Listen! This way you do not just waste time and effort chasing a rainbow! The next step is to document your plans and start checking for the right direction! Because research has found that most new projects tend to fail or fizzle out due to poor planing an ...   read more

Apple Cider Viegar as health guide   65 d  
I have used Apple Cidar Vinigar for years and it has helped - Kerminator! Drugs never make a condition go away but they sometimes treat symptoms that allow the chemically imbalanced mind and body to continue work, go to school and participate in life... but the cost to one's physical health and mental health is often chronic illnesses.
Mental Health:Apple Cider Vinegar Five years later, I still believe apple cider vinegar should be added to what we do to help us maintain optimal physical and mental health. Date: 3/8/2010 ... viewed 45263 times Drugs never make a condition go away but they sometimes treat symptoms that allow the chemically imbalanced mind and body to continue work, go to school and participate in life... but the cost to one’s physical health and mental health is often chronic illnesses. Many mental and physical health conditions are probably caused by genetic predispositions that make those ...   read more

Have you noticed how recent things have hampered things   67 d  
What has made most of the major changes which have become so important? Much of what we see and hear is driven by large media search engines, looking to post things confuseing or distorting the real News of today! Check and recheck your reading and understanding of such information!
Everything from the Flu, to Guns, plus the Economy have been used to create this false state of maybe facts and misdirection in the world! WHY? Mainly it is the result of large search engines which throw out vast blankets of facts and prepositions! Much of this is a fool the facts type argument! I.E. a no win way to keep people confused and fighting each other! This way the large power mongers can keep most people in fear and fighting ghost posts! It does not take many groups using the vast array of on line computers and the great number of outlets world wide to cause a field of fals ...   read more

Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator read and succeed!   68 d  
Your task is to start following many of the Critical Thinking posts on: My unusual road of life by kerminator
Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator There is not enough time, even with energy or praise If Riots, lies and killing were so beneficial - then why are so many souls lost in sorrow and wishing; they must not have ever entered such total destruction? Date: 9/3/2020 viewed 361 times When do you get all of whatever you are seeking? Never is the only true answer! Then why is there so much Greed and lies? Most people are so involved in whatever they are into that they seldom stop to realize this fact! Be honest - because this not about you getting Bozo points, or w ...   read more

How to better your Brain Today!   68 d  
This Is How Some Folks Stay Sharp In Their 60s, 70s, and even 80s...
Cerebra - Natural Brain Health Supplement Nov.13.2021 3 Foods That Fight Memory Loss* This Is How Some Folks Stay Sharp In Their 60s, 70s, and even 80s... Why do some people stay sharp as a whip as they get older, while others have trouble recalling names, dates, and even conversations? According to recent research out of Harvard university, age may not be the culprit. Because studies on so-called ”Super-Agers” show that even folks in their 80’s can have the brainpower of young adults. Even more studies show it all starts with the right foods. Specifically, 3 key nutrients ...   read more

How we should reason..   68 d  
Unfortunately, the biggest loser in all of this is you.
From: Al Sears, MD 11905 Southern Blvd. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 November 12, 2021 Kerminator, Big Pharma regards telomere therapy as a direct threat to its multibillion-dollar drug business. And conventional doctors, well-meaning as most of them are, usually just go along with the flawed and self-serving research handed out by drug company reps. Unfortunately, the biggest loser in all of this is you. Not only are you being denied the latest life-saving advances in medical science, but you’re also being deprived of the opportunity to naturally defend your own body from ...   read more

the 2021 political typology   69 d  
These intraparty disagreements present multiple challenges for both parties: They complicate the already difficult task of governing in a divided nation.
ReportNovember 9, 2021 Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology Even in a polarized era, deep divisions in both partisan coalitions How we did this Partisan polarization remains the dominant, seemingly unalterable condition of American politics. Republicans and Democrats agree on very little – and when they do, it often is in the shared belief that they have little in common. Chart shows the 2021 political typology Yet the gulf that separates Republicans and Democrats sometimes obscures the divisions and diversity of views that exist within both partisan coalitions – and ...   read more

Absolute Truth! All else is a falsehood!    70 d  
If this post does not stir your emotions and cause you to wonder what is the Absolute Truth? What we must learn to do is seek the Absolute Truth! All else if a falsehood!
Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator So what is the truth? 1 of 1000 questions *** Friedrich Nietzsche famously suggested that an ancient, metaphysical belief in the divinity of Truth lies at the heart of and has served as the foundation for the entire subsequent Western intellectual tradition: ”But you will have gathered what I am getting at, namely, that it is still a metaphysical faith on which our faith in science rests--that even we knowers of today, we godless anti-metaphysicians still take our fire too, from the flame lit by the thousand-year old faith, the Christian faith ...   read more

Leading childern the wrong way to internet learning!   71 d  
A separate issue altogether is the idea of handing your child a tablet or smartphone in the hopes that they might learn something from an app. Research shows that children under the age of five have an exceedingly challenging time learning from a 2D screen and translating that into the 3D world without help! ** Christakis’ studies: for every hour of daily television that a child aged 0-3 watches, the child’s risk of developing attention problems consistent with ADHD increases by 9%.
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind If You’re Going to Put Your Preschooler in Front of a Screen, Choose a TV. Here’s Why Screens aren’t all the same. When it comes to cognition, there are big differences between an iPad and a television. The Guardian Sophie Brickman Read when you’ve got time to spare. The Guardian More from The Guardian Children born during pandemic have lower IQs, US study finds 394 saves Forget their future - worry about what your kids are doing now 546 saves Are iPads and tablets bad for young children? 552 saves ...   read more

What is possible if done right? Most anything!   72 d  
*** Inverse - by Kastalia Medrano = Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind This post originally appeared on Inverse and was published January 26, 2017. This article is republished here with permission. {Go to the original site for full details : Scientists created the metallic hydrogen by pressurizing a hydrogen sample to more pounds per square inch than exists at the center of the Earth. This broke the molecule down from its solid state and allowed the particles to dissociate into atomic hydrogen.
Two Harvard scientists have succeeded in creating an entirely new substance long believed to be the “holy grail” of physics — metallic hydrogen, a material of unparalleled power that could one day propel humans into deep space. The research was published in January 2017 in the journal Science. Scientists created the metallic hydrogen by pressurizing a hydrogen sample to more pounds per square inch than exists at the center of the Earth. This broke the molecule down from its solid state and allowed the particles to dissociate into atomic hydrogen. The best rocket fuel we currently hav ...   read more

Live to Learn - not to follow defeats   74 d  
To be resilient, you must understand that objective is to use what hits you to change your trajectory in a positive direction. ** In Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, Eric Greitens Navy SEAL says, “The first step to building resilience is to take responsibility for who you are and for your life. If you’re not willing to do that, stop wasting your time reading this letter. The essence of responsibility is the acceptance of the consequences — good and bad — of your actions.”
Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator Live to Learn - not to follow defeats ** To be resilient, you must understand that objective is to use what hits you to change your trajectory in a positive direction. Date: 8/29/2020 ... viewed 564 times Why do some people bounce back from adversity and misfortune? And Why do others fall apart? Resilience make all the difference. Turns out surviving the most difficult obstacles have some good lessons you can use to learn how to be resilient in everyday life. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trau ...   read more

Climate Change? Send in the Otters   74 d  
But since the 18th century, California's kelp forest has been steadily mowed down by purple urchins, thanks to the massacre of their natural predator—the sea otter—hunted for its one-of-a-kind fur.
Matt Simon Science 11.04.2021 07:00 AM The Cutest Way to Fight Climate Change? Send in the Otters Saving California’s adorable (and very hungry) sea otters helps control other species, leading to the growth of more carbon-sequestering vegetation. Off the coast of California lies an underwater forest of giant kelp, a kind of seaweed that grows to 100 feet tall at the rate of a foot a day. Just as a terrestrial forest sucks carbon dioxide out of the air, all that rapidly growing seaweed soaks up carbon from the water, playing an incredibly important role in climate mitigation. ...   read more

Batteries but at what cost?   76 d  
I know battery systems very well - having worked as an Electrical engineer for many years Installing, Engineering and Repair of: UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply. These help keep most of the world's computer data systems up, by providing emergency power to a load, if and when the input power source or main power fails. Worked over 20 years in the Installliton, and Repair maintenance in many various applications around the world This included most all types of electrical equipment used in Ships, Aircraft, plus all types of Plants and Mines, found in most areas of industry - So what were the most common failures? ** The higtest failure rates were with both Battteries and Capacitors, being the worst failures! YA, Battteries again?
ber Aarian Marshall Business 11.02.2021 07:00 AM Cars Are Going Electric. What Happens to the Used Batteries? Used electric vehicle batteries could be the Achilles’ heel of the transportation revolution—or the gold mine that makes it real. This summer, B****** Spiers, a tall, rumpled Dutchman-turned-Oklahoman, got a heads-up from General Motors about more problems with the Chevrolet Bolt. Over the previous year, the car model that had once been celebrated as GM’s grand victory over Tesla—the United States’ first truly mass-market electric vehicle—had begun to look more like a slow-m ...   read more

Cured myself!   76 d  
Views: 145,472 Published: 12 years ago I CURED MY IBS/Candida THIS IS WHAT I DID.... First thing i did was get a bowl cleanse from GNC called triple cleanse. Then i changed my diet to no Sugar causing anything (no fruit just sour apples limes lemons), no refine anything, all organic meats ( Antibiotic in meat aids in Candida), no root veggies they are Sugar forming, just tones of greens, and super healthy food... I was on Antibiotics for Acne ignorantly 7 years. It destroyed my digestion, caused systematic candida, and leaky gut... so i had to rebuilt my digestion, ...   read more

Repeated from: Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery    79 d  
"Clear writing is clear thinking." My 10th-grade English teacher {Ms. Maybel Smith - SPHS} shared this morsel of wisdom once! Read and become a better writer who can express your message using some of the following ideas and helps! Go fo it!
Blog: Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator Clear speech and writing can help change people! How was it? It had felt like I was writing in circles. Save stories you love and never lose them. Write like you really want to help, guide, and really inspire others! ” Have the key message, as your theme and purpose which you want to leave with your audience.” Date: 12/29/2020 ... viewed 515 times ”Clear writing is clear thinking.” My 10th-grade English teacher {Ms. Maybelle Smith - SPHS} shared this morsel of wisdom once as I was slogging through a multi-page term ...   read more

Bless the rains down in Africa   79 d  
Here is a song that reminds me about a place I have been, in an area where the people are emerging to become whomever they were meant to be! Memories are strong, as time passes, yet in my memory, I can still see Africa, still see Kilimanjaro's risings like Olympus above the Serengeti! There is a picture { 12" x 36" } over my office door, of a Geriaff, looking out over plain there! Oh, what your memories can still be seen in your mind's eye!
Africa Song by Toto Analysis Lyrics: I hear the drums echoing tonight But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation She’s coming in, 12:30 flight The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation I stopped an old man along the way Hoping to find some old forgotten words or ancient melodies He turned to me as if to say ”Hurry boy, it’s waiting there for you” It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do I bless the rains down in Africa Gonna take some time to do the things we never had (o ...   read more

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