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Words to live by...   12 y  
Most people today do not even know what right and wrong are....
      Knight’s Creed « on: 18*10 »      Here is something to consider on your walk in life:   Two parts;     the first is something we all should try and do in this life,      the second is the exact creed of the Templars Order,  which  has some merit and offers some guidance...     1) A Knight’s Creed ...   read more

You are what you eat!   12 y  
Diet is generally a matter of choice...
  What a diet!     My mother a Registered Nurse for over (40) forty years; used to say "you are what you eat!"   So it is with your diet, you are what you eat...  Your diet should be your regular fare, it is simply a matter of personal discipline...   It is a matter of your personal drive and dedication for this to become part of you life plan...      Only determina ...   read more

Slavery dead?   13 y  
Most things in this world may change names; but the game is still the same!! HUH!! Slavery, prostitution, gambling, p 0 r n, stealing,lying,and greed!
    "Slavery is alive and doing well in many parts of the world today!"  a True-ism  Dec 2008  Here is more of the truth, like it or not!   Read the true story from the AP release by Ric Francis below...    [Note:  The *** comments at the end were added by the Truth Barometer!]   Illegal but common in Africa The trafficking of children for domestic labor in the U.S. is an extension of an illegal but common practice in Africa. Families in remote villages send their daughters to wor ...   read more

Bad things do happen to good people!   13 y  
We can not control much of anything in this world, so it is better to learn to make certain mental adjustments!
 From my web site...   Dear friend:      We all have things in our life that cause us pain and memories that come back to haunt us...  Any number of traumatic events in your life can leave you holding on to a lot of emotional baggage!  Depending on what happened or the circumstances of the traumatic event; certain things will trigger or bring up anger, hatred, fear or even righteous indignation...  These responses are a reflection of emotional wounds from your past!! We call the residual effects of your past traumas,  the ...   read more

$ 50 Billion missing?   13 y  
Do you really think Obama will find it??
 It seems that recent Democrat Presidents seem to just find very large sums of money laying around... HUH! Remember the Clinton’s found a big pile in the Whitehouse hallway a few years back!  The only problem or wrinkle I see is:  Everything is somewhere {if it exist} so someone will have to relinquest these funds; but just who and how will that happen??  Oh,well stay tuned to see how Obama works his magic!  Maybe?  Offshore: $50 Billion Missing! ...   read more

The Truth is seldom popular!   13 y  
What we want to happen and or be; is not always the truthful outcome...
 If you think! Then this is a wake up call:  A little something for your feeble brain to ease the strain!!     Fall has fell, we are under the spell...  Obama reins, expect some pains...  Often we seek, that which would be bleak...  What we find, there is really a sign...  Looking for trust, we may be following our lust...  While yet we yearn, it maybe more than we earn...  So seek the truth, before all hell is let loose...  Only the sincere, will escape the great fear! &n ...   read more

It does not work!!   13 y  
talking about something does not make it true or right!!
 As an engineer, I have learned to deal with facts and the truth no matter what!  Well it seems that some of the politics does not ring true with the facts...  lets take a look at an article on energy in the USA and the claims of certain people...  "If everything on this earth; was free and unlimited then there would not be any unfulfilled needs!" a True-ism  Oct 2008  Since we live in a restricted world, and have to live within the parameters of the existing elements; we must learn to cooperate, coordinate and conserve... HUH!! ...   read more

ACT for Americia...   13 y  
The meaning of any word depends on who you ask...
 Now I know that everyone has a view on most things, but here is some truth that may well help you out...  Lets examine the reason and reactions of some people:   What Is An “Islamophobe?” By Brigitte Gabriel FrontPageMagazine.com | 9/26/2008 http://frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=63E81FA2-BB8A-466C-9BC4-7CF20C272431 For the past five years, I’ve been traveling the world in an effort to inform people about the threat of radical Islam. I have often been accused of “hate speech” and &l ...   read more

When is less more??   13 y  
Exercise can be done effectively with less long time effort... P.S. This means less time in the GYM; more time at what you had rather be doing!!HUH!!
This is a good over view of a program that could improve your health and quailty of life...     This is from a newsletter:   Dear Health Conscious Friend, I have been running since 1968, nearly forty years. I typically run six miles three times a week, although I have run four to five times that distance when training for long distance events. Until recently, I thought it was the best way to protect my heart and stay lean. But after trying Dr. Sears’ new PACE® program, I was amazed! Although I’ve received significant benefits from my previous regi ...   read more

Time to change!   13 y  
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country...
Now is the time; read the article below:   ABOUT THE FAIRTAX ABOUT THE FAIRTAX::  Summary of Recent Research on the FairTax Plan by the BEACON HILL INSTITUTE   BEACON HILL INSTITUTE BHI is the research arm of the Department of Economics at Suffolk University in Boston.  It specializes in the development of state-of-the-art economic and statistical models for the analysis of federal, state, and local economic policies and how they affect citizens and businesses.  Dr. David G. Tuerck, director of the research team, ...   read more

Do you believe everything you see & hear??   13 y  
It was once said that a man can be judged by those to whom he listens... or Not!
 Yes I know the sky is falling or at least the is what most of the mass media  and politicians have to say today!  This past week-end (20th July 2008) the movie box office grossed more money that ever before, with certain ones making  new record sales...  Walmart stores are full, and the number of large flat  screen TV is double the number sold last year this time... Interesting!!   But, We are doomed by this so called "recession"  and only a change in the form of a new "Change" President of the USA will save us ...   read more

Green by gosh!   13 y  
Here are a few facts on current world green projects... Some of this may be a lead into investment opportunity; so be warned!
The Big Picture on Renewable Energy By Nick Hodge The following is a condensed version of a presentation given by Dr. Eric Martinot at the 5 th annual Euromoney Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York City. His presentation stemmed from the recent report: Renewables 2007 Global Status Report: Market, Policy, and Investment Trends. Dr. Martinot is Senior Researcher for the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies. His insights give a clear picture of the current state of global renewable energy and green investments . Analyzed properly, they can be a very effective tool for ...   read more

HHO Future!!   13 y  
HHO is one of the best ideas to come down the pike in years... I have been watching the tech scene for years...
 Here is more info to help your life better...   “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” – Chinese Proverb Welcome to the Bridge to the Hydrogen Future - the only commercially viable application of hydrogen in the consumer marketplace today!   With increasing evidence, daily, of the twin perils of declining fossil fuel stocks and the increasing risk of catastrophic climate change/air pollution, ...   read more

hho ii   13 y  
The rest of the story on Hygrogen fuel for use...
 Here some info that may help you!!   H 2 O - The Mystery, Art, and Science of Water The Chemistry of Water Professor Jill Granger The Hydrogen and Oxygen of Water     Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water The simple statement that water is made from hydrogen and oxygen doesn’t give us a very clear picture of what really goes into the creation of a molecule of water. A quick look at the chemical equation for the formation of water te ...   read more

h-h o?   13 y  
Is one answer to the high Petrol prices...
 Which driver does not want to find some cheaper fuel, today??  Well we have all seen the hand writing on the wall so to speak... Fuel has been on an up ward spiral since WWII...  You may notice that just like the population curve, almost everything has gone up drastically in recent years...  Not just wanting to complain or just state the obvious; here are some options:  Hydrogen fuels for you car now...  Yes now!!   Stay tuned or reply and we will show you how to save money on fuel for your you car...   read more

Ethanol?   13 y  
Why do we the people sit around and let the big money/power brokers run our lives?? Start thinking outside the box!!
 Here is something to think about, for those who still can... The U.S. and Europe Just Can’t Compete with Brazilian Ethanol Neither U.S. corn-based ethanol, nor wheat-based ethanol from Europe, can come close to matching the Brazilians’ “cane” on a production cost basis. The sugarcane plant, which flourishes in Brazil’s tropical climate, produces a “yield” of 6,000 liters of ethanol per hectare of land – that’s about twice the yield of corn-based ethanol! In fact, Brazilian ethanol is about 40% cheaper to m ...   read more

To kill a rat   13 y  
Something I came across that may help some of you... This way you get to eat the cheeze...
Are one of those who has some unwanted house guest?   If these are the small, ones with long slender tails this just may be what you have been looking for...  Read on at least it will broaden your horizons...     How to Use Soft Drinks To Kill Mice and Rat ...   read more

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