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Peer Pressure   14 y  
A great story on the dismantling of peer pressure from a loving source.
Revenge of the Fifth-Grade Girls By Carolyn Magner Mason A mother cannot force her daughters to become sisters. She cannot make them be friends or companions or even cohorts in crime. But, if she’s very lucky, they find sisterhood for themselves and have one true ally for life. My daughters did not seem likely candidates for sisterly love. They are as different as night and day, and as contrary as any two girls living under the same roof can possibly manage. My youngest daughter, Laura, is smart, athletic and good at most everything she tries. But for her, friendships are t ...   read more

~ Attitude ~   14 y  
Attitude helps steer the ship (your life).
Attitude is a direction which we follow. If you have a positive attitude, it means you will lean towards a positive direction. If you have a negative attitude, it means you will lean away from the Spirit. Therefore, if we lean toward spiritual values, then our actions will become significant and important. If we lean away from spiritual values, our actions will become insignificant or unimportant. For example, if we value love, we will lean towards it; we will prefer to express and embrace it. ”Spiritual Values are an Attitude.” --Leonard George, Chief Councilor   visit the page

World Prayer   14 y  
A wonderful prayer by one of our most spiritual groups on the planet...our native americans.
World Prayer The objective of this website is to gather the great prayers written by the spiritual visionaries of our planet into an online database representing all life affirming traditions. Many of these prayers have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. Others are from spiritual contemporaries in today’s intricate global fabric. Though these sacred verses arise from divergent paths, voices, languages, cultures and heritages, they all carry within them the same burning flame - the same impassioned love for life and the divine mysteries. Creator, open our h ...   read more

Winners Never Quit   14 y  
A lovely story about "stepping up."
Winners Never Quit By Lisa Nichols I had been swimming competitively for about five years and was ready to quit, not because I had satisfied my desire to swim, but because I felt I was horrible at it. I was often the only African American at a swim competition, and our team could not afford anything close to the great uniforms the other teams were wearing. Worst of all though, and my number-one reason for wanting to quit, was that I kept receiving ”Honorable Mentions” at each competition, which simply means, ”Thank you for coming. You did not even rank first, second or third, ...   read more

Being vs Doing   14 y  
"...align with your life purpose by focusing on BEING the truth of who you are. Focus on transforming all of the fear inherent in your body about BEING who you are born to be. Then the doing becomes a natural _expression of who you are, as easy as an apple tree making apples. "
Living Your Life Purpose - Being vs. Doing Living Your Life Purpose By Colleen-Joy Page You are on purpose and your existence matters. Without you, there would be something crucial missing from the universe. Without you the universe would not be the same. You may only feel like a drop in the ocean, but I tell you this, you have the power of the ocean inside of you ... and the ocean knows you, even if you have forgotten the ocean. When you find the ocean in you, you will feel like the river the runs towards the sea, not trying to climb hills but simply flowing in accordance ...   read more

Helping Others Awaken   14 y  
Here are nine ways to help others awaken to consciousness.
Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken To Consciousness Expanding Their Vision Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken To Consciousness 1. Living by your values allows you to become a positive source of inspiration for others. Don’t hide - express yourself and embrace life without reservation. By simply being yourself, you can help the people in your life see how one person can make a difference by being a living example of consciousness. 2. When you communicate your views, do so casually and in a nondogmatic manner. Allow the people you speak with to ask questions. Offer only as much ...   read more

3 Faces of Victim    14 y  
"Most of us unconsciously react to life from a position of victim-hood. Anytime we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves, we are opting to play victim. This leaves us feeling at the mercy of, done in by and un-faired against; no matter what our situation might be."
The Three Faces of Victim By Lynne Forrest Victim-hood consists of three positions outlined by Stephen Karpman, a teacher of Transactional Analysis, on what he called the ”Drama Triangle”. Having learned of it some thirty years ago, it has been one of the most important tools in my personal, as well as professional life. As my understanding of the Drama Triangle has expanded, so has my appreciation for this simple, but powerfully accurate instrument. I call it the ”shame machine” because through it we unconsciously re-enact our vicious cycles, thereby creating shame. Every dysf ...   read more

Most Don't Want Healing   14 y  
Most people confuse healing with masking. Healing takes considerable attention and work and most people aren't willing to "do the work."
Why Most People Don’t Really Want to Heal (Part 1) By Kevin Burk I recently attended a metaphysical lecture facilitated by Guy Williams, a friend of mine who also happens to be a minister of Religious Science. After the lecture, Guy opened the floor for prayer requests, and one of the attendees asked for healing for a family member who was experiencing a significant health crisis. In the course of the discussion, Guy asked if the attendee was certain that her family member actually wanted to heal, observing, ”Most people don’t really want to heal. Most people just want to stop hurtin ...   read more

For My Friends   14 y  
A good freind sent me this today and rather than email all my wonderful freinds who I know often check this blog, I will post it here. Thanks for caring. I love you all!!!!!
One day a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then she told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed in the papers. That Saturday, the teacher wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and listed what everyone else had said about that individual. On Monday she gave each studen ...   read more

Getting Well   14 y  
Here is a short essay I composed, based on personal experience, about on "getting well".
Getting Well By Lapis Illness equates to disharmony and victim consciousness Want to be well? Look no further. Disease is the equivelant of toxicity and lack of nutrition in all forms (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical). It’s not something that ”happened” to you. It’s something you chose and continue to choose. I love this saying: ”the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” There are emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to all disease. One can choose to learn from what one has manifested in physical form by exam ...   read more

Message From Within   14 y  
Here is some importnant information I am sharing with you, which was later reinforced by one of the greatest scientific minds of our time. Please reflect on this information.
Message From Within by Lapis A couple months back I was consciously flowing and as the universe opened up to me, a good freind of mine witnessed the thought forms that came forth. Basically the information that bubbled up from within was that as a microcosm of Gaia, we humans have allowed ourselves to take on a parsasitic expression in relation to the rest of the macrocosm. I was getting the importance of the interconnectedness of all dimensional realities and how we, as humans, have collectively chosen a parasitic expression of consciousness. By living with the mentality that t ...   read more

Trace to Source   14 y  
Clarity through emotional tracing and realted things by Osho.
OSHO --- The Book Of Secrets Chapter 16 Beyond the Sin Of Unconsciousness The Questions How to practice not placing our moods on others without suppressing ourselves? Why are psychoanalysts in the West not very success­ful with the ”unwinding” technique? Isn’t it true that no method is powerful unless one is initiated into it? If identification is the only sin, why do many tech­niques use it and say become one with a thing? The first question: The last technique You discussed yesterday said that when a mood against someone or for someone arises, ...   read more

Mass Extinction   14 y  
Bruce Litpons really strikes a chord in this one. We must choose coherency and reconnect with the total expression that is Gaia and beyond if we are to remain part of this current expression we call "human."
February 16th, 2006 ”Mass Extinction” with Bruce Lipton We are facing a mass extinction of our own creation, our reptilian behavior... not seeing the future only the current gain, whereas mammals consider consequences. Human nature is to expand, yet we are making Earth sick... she has a fever called global warming, what if *your* temperature was 5+ degrees too high? Hordes of money being made on people’s illness; James Lovelock’s Gaia where all represents one living system, and the church’s belief that Earth must be destroyed before the ”Rapture”. BTO listeners are part of the group t ...   read more

Committment   14 y  
A nice little essay on committment.
Things which now come easily and naturally to you, at one time seemed difficult and even impossible. You found a way around those obstacles which once were so daunting. You found a way because you had enough desire to find it. You found a way because you had the commitment to find it and to make it work. When you need to, or want to, or must, you can find a way to move past whatever is blocking your path, toward whatever you desire. The difficulty of the challenge is not nearly as important as the strength of your commitment. What do you sincerely intend to do, and what do you t ...   read more

Alive   14 y  
Here is a piece that takes you through a very centering, vibration raising selection of thought forms. Enjoy!
”Celebrate being alive” Today, celebrate being alive. Sing the blood as it rushes through your veins, bringing vibrant energy to each part of your beautiful body. Be glad to be alive, just as you are, just as your life is, everything in its perfection at this moment, exactly as it is. Step outside and look at the sky. Take a deep breath as you feel your connection with the great all. Study a leaf, stand under a tree. Feel the vibrant life force as it pours through each living thing. Feel your connection as you breathe in the oxygen that the tree gives out, as you ...   read more

Compassion   14 y  
Here's a blurb on compassion.
Understanding Be kind. Everyone you meet may be fighting a ”hard battle”. Let us be slower to condemn and quicker to forgive. If we knew the other fellow’s troubles, we might hesitate to criticize. We might admire their courage for carrying on. Go beyond yourself and reach out to other people with a sincere love, respect, caring and understanding of their needs. The more we are aware , the better we forgive; Whoever feels deeply, feels for all who live.. It’s called...compassion. Author unknown   visit the page

Tell The Truth   14 y  
A nice story about being truthful.
To Tell The Truth ”Who did this?” asked my teacher. Thirty children tried to think about not only what they had done, but also what our teacher may have found out. ”Who did this?” asked my teacher once more. She wasn’t really asking, she was demanding an answer. She seldom became angry, but she was this time. She held up a piece of broken glass and asked, ”Who broke this window?” ”Oh, oh,” I thought. I was the one who broke the window. I had not done it intentionally. It was caused by an errant throw of a baseball. I was working on my knuckleball. It needed more work. Why did ...   read more

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