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Facing His Fear   14 y  
A story about a man who discovers autheticity and responsibility.
Just a Typical Teenage Boy Facing His Fear The call was controversial-just as all really close calls in baseball are. Full speed the runner slid home and thinking he had just scored a game-altering run, he stood up only to face the words, ”You’re out!” Now you know how it is when you’ve given your all to an effort and you stand up, only to hear the ump say, ”You’re out!” Just running for home when the play could be that close takes confidence and determination, not to mention a certain amount of competitiveness that doesn’t just evaporate when you stand up. And it didn’t ...   read more

Be Specific   14 y  
Here is another empowered clarity tip. Ahhhh the rewards of "getting clear."
Be Specific with Your Goals ”Very often people hurry off with an idea that they are going to be successful, having no specific picture of what success, for them, really means. History teaches us that successful people were specific about what they wanted to achieve. Being specific with what you want to do will give your mind a directive that will make it work more effectively. Being specific with your thoughts and actions increases the possibility for you to be more pro-active. This gives you more power to choose your response to circumstance. This power to choose leads ...   read more

Imagery problem Solving   14 y  
Some techques for solving promlems using imagery.
Solve Problems Using Imagery - How To More Guidance Solutions Adapted from The Self Factor, by Duncan Coppock (Findhorn Press,2005). The word is out: imagery can be a powerful tool for problem-solving, and for gaining insight and clarity around life-issues. The technique is so simple, and the results are often amazingly helpful. You can learn how to use it yourself. This example will show you how to do it: Simple Solution: Phrase your concern as a question for your unconscious mind to help you with. In the world of imagery there are no restrictions on what can happen o ...   read more

Negative Entity   14 y  
Here is some straight up advice in dealing with disruptive and negative entities.
Sweetening A Sour Fruit When A Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch Because life requires that we interact with different personalities, it is not uncommon for us to encounter a situation where there is one person whose behavior may negatively impact the experiences of others. Someone who is loud and crass can interrupt the serenity of those who come together to practice peace. A disruptive worker can cause rules to be imposed that affect their colleagues’ professional lives. A team member who is pessimistic or highly critical may destroy the morale of their fellow members. And one or m ...   read more

Pursuit of Happiness   14 y  
Happiness can be found in many "little" things.
Passage from... Days of Healing, Days of Joy by Earnie Larsen & Carol Larsen Hegarty In the pursuit of happiness many people are too busy to find that which they seek. Frequently the happiness we so passionately desire is found in little events that are but whispered. If we don’t pay attention, we miss them. There can be happiness in the way light falls through the trees. There can be happiness in the way our children call for us by name or in the familiar sight of our home as we round the corner two blocks away. Happiness weaves its way through precious memories and k ...   read more

Invest In You   14 y  
"The moments that are most meaningful are the moments into which you invest your effort, your energy and your commitment. "
Invest In You A significant part of your environment is the people you spend time with. These people have a huge impact on you and your decisions. That is precisely why you need to be sure you surround yourself with those who support you and your ambitions. Do your best to avoid people who belittle your enthusiasm, put you down or try to squash your dreams. Do your best to seek out those that support your goals and share your infectious energy. Surround yourself with positive people. When you combine that with both positive energy and attitude, you can’t help but so ...   read more

And Yet We Strain   14 y  
Poem about existence.
And yet, though we strain -- Rainer Maria Rilke-- And yet, though we strain against the deadening grip of daily necessity, I sense there is this mystery: All life is being lived. Who is living it then? Is it the things themselves, or something waiting inside them, like an unplayed melody in a flute? Is it the winds blowing over the waters? Is it the branches that signal to each other? Is it flowers interweaving their fragrances or streets, as they wind through time? ~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~   visit the page

Quality Begins...   14 y  
Quality quote.
”Quality begins on the inside, then works its way out.”   visit the page

Grand Angel   14 y  
To see behind the filters....ah yes clarity!
Raising My Sights By Terri McPherson My six-year-old granddaughter, Caitlynd, and I stopped at a Tim Horton’s donut shop for a blueberry muffin. As we were going out the door, a young teenage boy was coming in. This young man had no hair on the sides of his head and a tuft of blue spiked hair on top of it. One of his nostrils was pierced, and attached to the hoop that ran through the hole was a chain that draped across his face and attached to a ring he was wearing in his ear. He held a skateboard under one arm and a basketball under the other. Caitlynd, who was walking ahea ...   read more

Affirmations   14 y  
Once we have released some of the deeper and larger incoherent belief sytems and thought energy patterns, we are able to reprogramm our consiousness through the use of long as they are fully beleivable for our current level of awarenss. This is why doing the work of getting clear is essential first of well meaning affirmations will just bounce off our deeper entrained consciousness.
What are Affirmations? One very effective technique used to change energy is by using affirmations. Affirmations are actually very easy to do. Simply repeat at least 15-20 times a day, or write out on paper a statement such as *I deserve a healthy and joyful long term relationship, filled with love and devotion, and I shall find it very soon.* You may even want to type your Affirmation out on paper and place it strategically around the house, where you’ll frequently see it. You should keep the message going in front of you for the entire period of time that it takes to attra ...   read more

Divine Human   14 y  
The patterns that we accept as our conscious reality are quite interesting as they weave and connect in a deep spiritual tapestry.
Whole Man - Divine and Human ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The development of the physical form is activated at conception by the incarnating soul on the astral plane. As the physical form develops in the womb, so do the etheric threads, the ”silver cord,” which connects them and through which the seed atoms travel. The physical seed atom arrives about the fourth month, the time called the ”quickening,” to reside in the heart. The physical body, as it is forming in the womb according to the DNA pattern of its heart seed atom, att ...   read more

Listening To Spirit   14 y  
Interconnectedness equates to service...not in a slave-like manner, but in a spiritual flow manner.
Listening to Spirit By Judith Costello, editor of Parenting with Spirit ă2000 A young man who is highly successful in his business and in his life, reports that he starts everyday in contemplation and meditation. He sits quietly and asks the God/Spirit who resides within him the following three questions: 1) How can I be of greater service to the world? 2) What do my children and spouse need from me at this time in their lives? 3) What do I need to do to make my work successful? Why ask these questions and how do we get clear answers? In order to receive spiritual guidance ...   read more

~ 50 Spirit Connectors ~   14 y  
Here are 50 ideas to help you reconnect with your unmaksed, unfiltered, spiritual self.
50 Things for Spiritual Connection a.. Sit quietly and watch the clouds move for 30 minutes b.. Listen to a different radio station everyday for a week c.. Talk to an elderly person about the world of their youth d.. Visit an ethnic grocery store you have never been to before e.. Watch the Lawrence Welk Show and enjoy it! f.. Go to a hardware store and look at tools and nails and bolts. g.. Drive or walk in a part of your town or city you don’t usually go to h.. Watch MTV and enjoy it! i.. Read the US Constitution j.. Plant a tree or plant seeds in a pot and watch them gr ...   read more

Curve Ball   14 y  
"The ability to acceptwhat is happening and let go of your original expectations is key when dealing with these unexpected turns of fate."
Embracing Unpredictability When Life Throws You A Curve Ball In life, we are always setting goals for ourselves and working to make them happen. This gives us focus and ensures that we use our time and energy efficiently and effectively. It also provides us with a sense of purpose and direction. We know where we are going and what we want to do. But quite often, due to forces outside our control, things do not go as we had planned-the flat tire on the way to the wedding, the unforeseen flu virus-and we have to adjust to a postponement or create a whole new set of circumstances. ...   read more

Detachment   14 y  
This is a critical areas to master. John Lennon knew this well.
The Law of Detachment ”Allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they are. Do not force solutions-allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential, and your path to freedom.”   visit the page

Look Closely   14 y  
"Expect to find goodness, beauty, value and opportunity, and you will."
Look closely The more lovingly you look at life, the more value you will find to live. The more fully you appreciate what is now, the more positively you can influence what will be. Look deeply enough, and you can find the goodness in any situation. The perspective from which you view the world determines what you will see. With a positive, thankful, life-affirming perspective you’ll see opportunities for growth, achievement, fulfillment and joy. With the best of expectations you’ll enjoy the best of all possible results. On the surface, today may look just like all the days b ...   read more

Out Of A Slump   14 y  
"Those who achieve the most are those who attempt the most."
How to Get Out of a Slump Volunteering not only brings joy to others—it can help you feel better about yourself. By Susan Jeffers, Ph.D There are times on our Journey through the huge-ness of life that we feel lost, unloved, helpless and defeated. What do we do when we find ourselves in such an unhappy state? Some of us escape into the land of danger and defeat. We ”get out of ourselves” by drinking too much, or taking drugs, or feeling sorry for ourselves, or complaining, or whatever else that stops us from doing what is truly necessary...and that is taking responsibility fo ...   read more

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