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Spiritual Presentation   14 y  
You live in a vibrational universe. The following link has a nice wisdom flash that speaks to that truth.
Here is a great flash presentation that speaks to creating vibrationally produced by James Arthur Ray. It is entitled ”Spirituality Spirituality Flash Presentation ENJOY!   visit the page

~ Shape Shifting ~   14 y  
Lisa Bonnice has produced a nice presentation about creating your reality, especially how it aplies to your body.
Here is a nice, new spiritual flash presentation about how we create our realities with our thoughts. Shape Shifting Flash Presentation ENJOY!   visit the page

Sorting Dogma   14 y  
There is a big difference between religion and spirituality. Read on...
Sorting through the Dogma Religion, Spirituality, Enlightenment and Consciousness are all intertwined, connected. Since the beginning of Ancient civilizations, From Atlantis more than 10,000 years ago, to the Egyptians and indigenous people of the Mayan, and Native cultures, the secrets of life were passed on and respected. The secrets of life, that are so guarded and kept from the masses now in the 21st century, were second hand to these people. They were aware of their consciousness and the interplay of forces and energy between nature, the universe and all that is. They were a ...   read more

Dropping the Labels   14 y  
Labels create trapped thinking/consiousness. Disgard them for deeper freedom.
Dropping the Labels by Susan Ann Darley What a joy when you buy something, take it home and the label effortlessly peels off leaving not a trace of gummy guck behind. However, when the opposite happens and it stubbornly adheres to your new item, whether it’s a gift or a goody for yourself, it’s horrible. Not only is it frustrating to spend time trying to remove it, but what is new begins to look used and old. The half-peeled paper cheapens the product regardless of the amount you paid for it. Somehow it seems devalued. The same thing happens when we label others and ourselves. ...   read more

Living in Wholeness   14 y  
"When we give ourselves permission to express all our feelings (both positive and negative ones), when we allow them to run their course, we always feel lighter, fresher and more centered."
Living In Wholeness By Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D. A warm breeze blows across an open field. The tall blades of green grass and brightly colored wildflowers that fill this open space bow their heads gingerly, allowing the heated air to rush by. Then as if orchestrated, these precious gems one by one return to their original position, standing proudly, basking in the afternoon sun. They have returned to their center and are maintaining the delicate balance between their internal needs and the environment. They are living in their wholeness. We as humans also must bend and flow to ...   read more

Defensiveness   14 y  
Some good quotes on "defensiveness."
”To rise above defensiveness is now possible.” ”When we are defensive we have let the ego take charge. The ego wants to win, to be right, to control all decisions and people. When the ego encounters others egos, arguments result and we find ourselves getting defensive. Disagreeing, pouting, resentfully giving in, compromising, and unwillingly negotiating become a way of life for most people. That wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t thwart the growth that is the gift of our journey here. Our time here is full of purpose, and we aren’t fulfilling it if we are caught in battle ...   read more

Persist   14 y  
We expande our circle of influence by moving through areas of difficulty (fear).
Persist When you’re weary, it means you’ve been making a difference. Keep going and see it through. When each obstacle is more difficult than the one before, it means you’re making real progress. Persist, and make it all count for something great. The exhaustion you feel is preparing you for the sweet taste of accomplishment that is surely to come. Every effort you make serves to give that accomplishment more value and meaning. Sure, the way is difficult, and by moving through each difficulty you’re creating something that can never be taken away. Keep going, and enjoy the ...   read more

Make Changes    14 y  
Fostering new behaviors can take courage. Here are some insights in the reprogramming of your subconscious mind that steers the ship.
The Courage to Make Changes I had a wise teacher many years ago. He said that you can’t really change old habits, but you can replace them with new habits. It was a psychological fact that he had learned. He was one of my tuba teachers and was a true genius. He incorporated that information into his teaching technique and created exercises away from the instrument, away from all previous habits and associations. The bad habits didn’t enter in to the exercises and were gradually replaced by a new set of behaviors. Then when you went back to the instrument you had a new set ...   read more

Grattitude Tips   14 y  
Here are some ways to stay in a state of gratitude.
Taking the time every day to recognize what you are grateful for helps keep things in perspective. Gratitude carries you through the tough times, and gives you the strength to surpass the stress of challenges. Reflect on your family, your friends or the place where you live, and the satisfaction they bring you. Think about your good health and your mental or physical talents. Consider the pleasure you received from a phone call with a friend or a laugh you shared with your children. Look back on small and large moments- the affection of a pet, your success in the garde ...   read more

Obstacles = Fear   14 y  
Fear has many faces and manifests many "obstacles."
There seemed to be endless obstacles preventing me from living with my eyes open, but as I gradually followed up clue after clue it seemed that the root cause of them all was fear. --Joanna Field How often have we complained that we would be able to do something if only another thing weren’t preventing us. I can’t is our answer when we look around us and see only potential obstacles to accomplishing something. We need to realize, however, that I can’t is just another way of saying I fear. If we took away our fearfulness, think of all we could do. There would be nothing to pre ...   read more

What's The Rush   14 y  
Stop and smell the roses.
What’s the Rush? Chief Joseph Your modern world and most -- but not all -- your cultures are obsessed with time. How often have you heard someone say ”I don’t have enough time.”? Or perhaps you’ve said it yourself. It’s that old human bugaboo about there never being enough -- enough time, enough money, enough opportunity, enough . . . well, you name it. And so you rush about your daily life, never or rarely taking time to, as you say, ”smell the roses.” You have your schedules, your deadlines, and all the pressures and stresses that go with schedules and deadlines. N ...   read more

Ongoing Meditation   14 y  
Life itself is meditation.
”The mountains, the rivers, the whole earth, the entire array of phenomena are all oneself.” If you can absorb the essence of this message, there are no activities outside of meditation: you dress in meditation and eat in meditation; you walk, stand, sit, and lie down in meditation; you perceive and cognize in meditation; you experience joy, anger, sadness, and happiness in meditation. - Muso (1275-1351)   visit the page

Projectors Not Collectors   14 y  
Yes, we project our reality, We are projectors...not collecters.
HUI HAI, IN A SPEECH TO THE ASSEMBLY OF MONKS (8th century) Friends and brothers, it’s all right for you to be monks, but it is much better to be unattached to all things. Why run around making karma to hem you in like a criminal’s chains? Trying to empty your minds, straining to attain enlightenment, blabbering about your understanding of the Buddha-Dharma--all this is a waste of energy. Once, the great Ma-tzu said to me, ”Your own treasure house already contains everything you need. Why don’t you use it freely, instead of chasing after something outside yourself?” From that day ...   read more

Christ Mind "says"   14 y  
Howsoever you judge..shall you be judged!
Paul Ferrini, Reflections of The Christ Mind: ”In your interactions with others, you have a simple choice: to find them innocent or to find them guilty. This choice occurs over and over again, every day, every hour, every moment. Thought by thought, you imprison other people or release them. And as you choose to treat them, so do you deliver the same judgment upon yourself.”   visit the page

Fight or "Flight"   14 y  
"The best response to hostility and anger is not more hostility and anger."
your efforts to fight it, you give it more power in your life. Seek instead to create a positive alternative. Make the negative situation irrelevant by building an even more powerful positive force. The best response to hostility and anger is not more hostility and anger. The best response is a new vision and energy that will move everyone to a more valuable and creative place. Choose to transcend the fight, and then you can make your way forward unhindered and unopposed. Take the energy of the situation and re-direct it toward positive, productive pursuits. When you feel th ...   read more

Keeping Conscious   14 y  
10 Tips on helpoing you stay "grounded" in a busy world.
Keeping Conscious Staying Grounded In A Busy World 1. Live simply and live deliberately. By choosing not to get caught up in the details of this fast-paced world, you are doing your part to slow down the . You will also discover that you have more time to enjoy being alive. 2. Stay in touch with yourself. Soul searching, meditation, and journaling are just a few of the many activities you can take part in to stay aware and learn as much as you can about your emotions, reactions, likes, dislikes, dreams, and fears. Having a solid sense of self gives you a firm foundation for liv ...   read more

Better Every Day?   14 y  
A posotove outlook helps steer the ship in the right direction.
Are You Getting Better Every Day? How can you NOT remain positive and optimistic knowing that in some way, every day, the quality of your life is getting better and better? This is not a hard task, even for those who consider themselves ”over the hill”. We are all endowed with the ability to make positive changes in our lives every day and literally become better people if we choose to. Some people let time get the better of them. As time passes, they lose their health and vitality, and give up on their dreams while slipping into an ongoing state of depression. Others em ...   read more

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