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Sake of the Whole   14 y  
The 5th of 5 tennants.
The Fifth Tenet: For the Sake of the Whole The fifth tenet, For the Sake of the Whole, recontextualizes the seeker’s fundamental relationship to the spiritual path. It describes the evolution of the very motive to be free. When we embark on the path, most of us naturally want freedom or enlightenment for our own sake. This is why we begin with the first tenet, which says I want to be free more than anything else. But if we sincerely pursue that one-pointed aspiration and authentically develop and mature, we will find that eventually our motivation begins to shift. As our understandi ...   read more

Impersonality   14 y  
The 4th of 5 tennants.
The Fourth Tenet: The Truth of Impersonality The fourth tenet is called The Truth of Impersonality. It states that ultimately every aspect of your own personal experience can be seen from a perspective that is completely impersonal. And it is from that vast universal perspective alone that true liberation can be found. The impersonal view reveals to us that the separate self-sense, or ego, is nothing more than an illusion of uniqueness, created moment by moment through our compulsive habit of personalizing almost every thought, feeling, and sensation we have. The truth is that the h ...   read more

Face Everything   14 y  
The 3rd of 5 tennants.
The Third Tenet: Face Everything and Avoid Nothing The third tenet is the ultimate form of spiritual practice. It tells us that if we want to be free we must be willing to Face Everything and Avoid Nothing at all times, in all places, under all circumstances. Most forms of spiritual practice are ultimately about the cultivation of awareness, and facing everything and avoiding nothing means cultivating a capacity for awareness that is profound. The ego is deeply attached to self-image and is always manipulating its environment in such a way that it will only see the reflection of its ...   read more

Volitionality   14 y  
The second of 5 tennants.
The Second Tenet: The Law of Volitionality The second tenet, The Law of Volitionality, states that if you want to be free more than anything else, you must be willing to take absolute responsibility for your own self. Living the second tenet is no easy task. There are many influences that come together to make up the self: personal history, cultural conditioning, biological instincts, and perhaps even the karmic imprints of previous lifetimes. There are the fears and desires of the ego and the evolutionary impulse of the authentic self. But what makes it possible for you to take res ...   read more

Clarity Of Intention   14 y  
The first of 5`Spiritual tennants.
The First Tenet: Clarity of Intention The first tenet is called Clarity of Intention, and it places the outcome of the spiritual quest directly in your own hands. In the teaching of evolutionary enlightenment, the individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own development. You may say that you want to evolve, that you want to become liberated or enlightened, but whether or not that aspiration bears the fruit of transformation is entirely dependent upon you. The bottom line is that if you truly want to be free, nothing will be able to stop you. Clarity of intention is the fo ...   read more

Tom Robbins Quotes   14 y  
A great author who has a nice spiritual bent to his writings.
When they tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing. - Tom Robbins, In Perspective In the staircase of life, Art is the only stair that doesn’t creak. - Tom Robbins, In Art Teachers who offer you the ultimate answers do not possess the ultimate answers, for if they did, they would know that the ultimate answers cannot be given, they can only be received. - Tom Robbins, In Education/Teachers See, I think we have to ask ourselves--and this is corny in a way--what are we doing here. And I’ve become convinced, after a lifetime of asking that question,that we are here to enl ...   read more

Illusion Quotes   14 y  
Seeing through illusion is essential for healing and spiritual power.
Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: ”Ego-generated emotions are derived from the mind’s identification with external factors which are, of course, all unstable and liable to change at any moment. The deeper emotions are not really emotions at all but states of Being. Emotions exist within the realm of opposites. States of Being can be obscured, but they have no opposite. They emanate from within as the love, joy, and peace that are aspects of your true nature.” Ken Wapnick, The Healing Power of Kindness: ”Whether a person has a splinter, cancer or AIDS makes no difference, because ...   read more

Playing The Role   14 y  
Peel away the veil and see if life is running you or you are running life.
IF I AM EXHAUSTED, I AM PLAYING A ROLE Many of us get thrown into exhausting situations in which we burn out, because we are acting out our beliefs about how we should be. When we act out of our roles, rules, and duties, we may be doing the right thing for the wrong reason; acting out of habit instead of choice. This has us do things that are unnecessary, do things to avoid certain feelings, or do things to keep us from receiving good things. Choice energises us. When we feel most exhausted, we can set small goals for ourself. Each time we reach that little goal, it allows us to ...   read more

Getting Started   14 y  
Breaking inertia and creating momentum is everything when it comes to creating your life.
Getting Started ”A beginning is a cause, and as such it must be followed by an effect, or a train of effects, and the effect will always be of the same nature as the cause. The nature of an initial impulse will always determine the body of its results. A beginning also presupposes an ending, a consummation, achievement, or goal.” ~ James Allen, Byways of Blessedness Just like me, you’ve probably heard it a million times - the first key to all success is getting started... taking the first step. James Allen gives us even more reason in the verse above when he explain ...   read more

Best of Thoughts   14 y  
"Don't discard your best thoughts, or hide them or bury them. Give them life, give them time, give them passion."
The thought comes to you of who you can be, of what you can accomplish, of how you can live. Put that thought where it can grow, where it can become strong, where it can be made real. What is this day for if not for living true to the highest and best of your possibilities? Now is the moment in which your most treasured dreams have the opportunity to be made real. Everywhere you go, everything you have and become begins with a thought. So give the very best of those thoughts the room and the energy and the action to grow. Don’t discard your best thoughts, or hide them or bury ...   read more

Reason   14 y  
Extraordinary achievements come from the consistent application of very ordinary and available qualities.
Extraordinary achievements come from the consistent application of very ordinary and available qualities. Success is within the reach of anyone who can find sufficient desire to succeed. The fundamental tools of success and achievement are not locked away in secret, or hidden in some unattainable place. Those tools are readily available to all who wish to use them. What does it take to be disciplined and focused, persistent and committed to making whatever effort may be required? It takes nothing more than a strong, compelling and meaningful reason. When the reason is there, whe ...   read more

Focus   14 y  
"Envision your dreams, focus yourself on their fulfillment, and see how truly effective you can be."
Imagine taking your knowledge, your experience, your attention, your skills, your energy and your passion and pointing them all in the same direction toward a common objective. That’s what it means to be focused. Without such focus, you end up working against yourself, and the things you desire seem hopelessly out of reach. Yet when you put the power of focus to work, anything is possible. You already have everything you need to be highly focused. In fact, focus is nothing more than taking all the energy you have and pointing it in the same direction. There are no magic tricks ...   read more

You Have The Power   14 y  
"You have more power than you realize. You have the power to bring yourself to peace at any moment, no matter what the circumstances."
You have all the power” You have more power than you realize. You have the power to bring yourself to peace at any moment, no matter what the circumstances. You have the power to see the light as it shines through the clouds, to see all that is beautiful and wonderful in even the most mundane, to open your heart fully to love and beingness. You have all this power. It is all much simpler than you think. You spend your life thinking that if only you do this, if only you achieve that, if only you can get enough money, build enough positive relationships, get a more su ...   read more

Art of God   14 y  
"Today help me hear the sounds of nature and let them comfort and heal me."
Nature is the Art of God. --Sir Thomas Browne The most relaxing activities may be the ones in which we do absolutely nothing. And if we can do nothing amid the sounds of nature -- birds chirping, water bubbling in a brook, the wind rustling in the trees -- so much the better. During these moments, away from the noise and chaos of our fast-paced, stress-filled lives, we commune most directly with nature and our Higher Power. Without distraction, our bodies can totally relax; there is no danger, no need to be ready to respond to anything. All we have to do is be. If we live in ...   read more

Heart-Powered   14 y  
"The world is changing. Welcome to the New Reality!"
Heart-Powered Consciousness With heart-powered consciousness comes inspiration, love and creativity. The pioneers within society - one in four adults - have already shifted to heart-powered consciousness while the others are finding their way and following suit as soon as they become ready. The news media, meanwhile, appears to be under the impression that people find fear entertaining or compelling. They believe that a news story that engenders fear is exciting in that it grips the imagination. In reality, people are working through their fears rather than being held c ...   read more

50 ways.....   14 y  
Here are 50 ways to "touch" someone in your life.
Fifty Ways to Love Those Closest To You by Dwayne Cox Prior to proceeding, let us first visit for a minute about what I mean by Love. I’m speaking of love as a verb. Consider that I do not have much of a distinction between expressing intimacy and loving. This article is written to share a few ideas about what love can look like, a sensual, spiritual expression. This is the way of being that is worthy of your life. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone loved everyone else deeply. What a world that would be! We do not allow ourselves to do this, and many of us feel ...   read more

25 Ways To Be Happy   14 y  
Some tips to raise your vibration to one of happiness.
25 ways to be happy Life is full of ups and downs. In order to experience happiness you must experience other emotions, including sadness and anger, to some degree nearly every day. The ideal you should work towards is to be accepting of what you have and who you are, to enjoy life whenever possible and to feel happy most of the time. I say most of the time because nobody is going to be happy every moment. Life is just not like that. Happiness needs to be earned, worked at and appreciated. For those of you with no real reason to be unhappy - those whose life is basically trou ...   read more

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