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Important Works   16 y  
Read history in the making from the following 3 books by one of the leading minds/physicists of our time...William Tiller.
Some Science Adventures with Real Magic by William A Tiller, PhD. Sir Arthur Clark once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. The advancement of science naturally goes through a MAGICAL phase where new discoveries are made that are incomprehensible using the existing paradigm and that spur the development of an entirely new one. Such is the nature of fresh, new discoveries into deep mysteriousness that impact all of humanity. In addition to describing this new work for a general readership, rich flavor of the magical nature of the disco ...   read more

Cause & Effect   16 y  
" the diligent application of personal effort, one can increase the structural refinement in their biobodysuit so that it exhibits a greater capability. Thus, more of our high spirit self can enter the body and the individual exhibits a higher level of consciousness. This manifests, in part, as greater personal awareness, the recognition of new possibilities, more flexibility, more adaptability, a greater ability to just love and not judge another human, the recognition that only win-win situations are enduringly stable, the recognition of others as part of our larger self, etc."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles A White Paper on The Law of Cause and Effect © by William A. Tiller (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Stanford CA) My working hypothesis is that we are all spirits having a physical experience as we ride ”the river of life” together. Our spiritual parents dressed us in our biobodysuits and put us in this playpen, which we call a universe, in order to grow in coherence, in order to develop our gifts of intentionality and in order to ultimately become what we were meant to become -- effective cocreators with our spiritu ...   read more

The Tiller Model: Reality   16 y  
Tiller, a classically trained and celebrated physicist has come up with this model of consciousness/reality.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Higher Dimensional Framework The picture on the left represents a particular biconformal Base-space (8D) for expressing ”physical reality” imbedded in Higher Dimensional Domains of Reality. Biobodysuit Metaphor Each layer has unique substance and infrastructure The outer 2 layers constitute temporal physical reality The middle shell is non-temporal and could be called the soul The layer infrastructure and the coupling between la ...   read more

***Excellent Interview***   16 y  
Compelling Interview with Mike Wright who discusses physics and the inertia of change.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Classical physics is blown wide apart here by Mike Wright in this excellent interview. He discusses the language of physics in nothing more than a collectively agreed upon construct of numbers. (numbers aren’t a real, tangable thing but a representation of conceptual relations within the mind...psychological). Also he relates the story of Tiller who was outcast from the world of classical physics due to his journey into consciousness. How dare he! Galileo stated that mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe. ...   read more

~ God ~   16 y  
What is God?
I think that ”GOD” is everything. The appearance that we are seperate is an illusion. It is a mere interference pattern overlapping the totality of ”All That Is”, to have the ”seperated” and thus interactive experience for the ”One” consiousness. It’s ALL GOD. The essence of consciousness is holographic which is in part why some with developed consciousness can ”access” information beyond their ”normal” senses. Although the illusion is convincing for the sake of the experience, the creation is not outside of itself (the creator).   read more

Awareness/Perception   16 y  
"Individual "realities" are easy enough to perceive on their surfaces, so to speak, generally because most people will tell you what they are. But otherwise those "realities" are made up of a number of complex factors."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Awareness and Perception vs Status of Individual ”Realities” Ingo Swann (02Oct99) Individual ”realities” are easy enough to perceive on their surfaces, so to speak, generally because most people will tell you what they are. But otherwise those ”realities” are made up of a number of complex factors. Thus, any discussion of individual ”realities” requires the drawing together of various elements that can, in some general way, be thought of as relevant to the formation of individual realities. Individual realities are usually seen as ...   read more

Soul Mate Truths   16 y  
The following tips are based on the booklet 55 Soul Mate Truths and Tips to Make the Most of Your Love Life by Stephen Petullo.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Soul Mate Truths and Tips by Stephen Petullo Consider the Meaning of a Soul Mate Our perception of soul mates and love relationships are based on movies, television, books and fairy tales. These sources often present only part of the picture due to space considerations, attempts to make the story more harmonious or marketable, or for other reasons. Because of this, they can be downright misleading. The metaphysical definition of a soul mate is someone you knew in a past life, and the following basic soul mate relationship traits have be ...   read more

~ Dis-ease ~   16 y  
Various passages from Seth on the topic of dis ease.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Seth on illness/dis-ease and suffering, and the power of suggestion ”Illness and suffering are the results of the misdirection of creative energy. They are a part of the creative force, however. They do not come from a different source than, say, health and vitality. Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is its purpose.” ~ Seth-Jane Roberts -- Session 580, p.302, Seth Speaks ---------------------------------------------- ”Suffering is not NECESSARILY good to the soul at all, and left a ...   read more

Letting go...Letting Be   16 y  
"This flowing river of change is our being. As we learn that nothing is worth grasping on to or identifying with, we begin to realize that the purpose of meditative awareness is not to have good or bad experiences, pleasant or unpleasant experiences, but to see how we relate to all phenomena and learn to act on them more skillfully."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Letting Go, Letting Be Lama Surya Das How do you spell relief? For starters, stop trying to change things you have no control over. Q. I hear a lot about letting go, but how do I do it? There seems to be few teachings on the subject, except that letting go and practicing nonattachment are supposed to be good things to do. A. The Buddha said we experience the peace of nirvana by letting things be as they are. Indeed, applying the Beatles’ exhortation to ”Let It Be” to our lives can bring a lot of serenity and equanimity. My own personal ...   read more

Anger Quotes   16 y  
Some quotations about anger.
Anger ”Whoever grows angry amid troubles applies a drug worse than the disease and is a physician unskilled about misfortunes.”--Sophocles ”A man has no more character than he can command in a time of crisis.”--Ralph W. Sockman ”Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand.”--Baruch Spinoza ”Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.”--Buddha ”To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”--Confucius ”To disagree, one doesn’t have to be disagreeable.”--Barry Goldwater ”He ...   read more

Energy Practice   16 y  
"The premise of this exercise is that there are two fundamental energies available to humans, the feminine, magnetic, "earth" energy, and the masculine, electric, "spirit" energy. The exercise helps us become more aware of these energies and balance them."
Running Energy Practice The premise of this exercise is that there are two fundamental energies available to humans, the feminine, magnetic, ”earth” energy, and the masculine, electric, ”spirit” energy. The exercise helps us become more aware of these energies and balance them. The exercise helps you ground in the earth energy and open to the spirit energy. It also has the effect of opening the various energy centers or ”chakras” and balancing your subtle and life-force energies, creating a clear space for doing process work. The subtle energy centers used in the exercise are the ...   read more

Healing Guilt   16 y  
"In healing guilt it is important to remember that we are here to learn. Learning is a trial and error enterprise. Sometimes we make mistakes, we do things we don't wish to repeat. So we learn. If, however, in the learning process we get infected with guilt - we then feel bad, sometimes really bad. A learning experience turns into an internal crime and courtroom scene with the feeling of guilt as the primary punishment."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Healing from Guilt From the beginning of human history, each generation has taken on guilt and passed it down to the children. Parents, children, friends, spouses, partners and others have used guilt for behavior modification, punishment and revenge. Institutions like businesses, governments and religions have used guilt to keep people in line. Guilt is so much a part of the fabric of our culture that it seems quite radical to suggest that it’s been a mistake. But it has. Guilt (and its relations, shame and blame) have been a plague that h ...   read more

~ Clown Chakra ~   16 y  
A humorous, but spiritually stimulating look at "the clown chakra."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles The Clown Chakra The Clown scientists have found that all our problems can be placed under one heading: Seriousness. Seriousness is the leading cause of everything from Cancer to Reincarnation. Scientists from the Clown Academy have already discovered a new source of healing. It is a psychic energy point located between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is called the clown chakra. If people are feeling miserable; if they have financial problems; if their relationship situation is the pits; if they are in ill health; if they have a ...   read more

7 Ways We Lose FORCE   16 y  
"We have a "bank account" of force, and the more force we have in any given moment, the bigger and faster our manifestations occur for us."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Seven Major Ways We Lose Force Stephanie Yeh Force, used in the context of magic, is the energy that allows us to manifest what we want and desire. Throughout our daily lives, we constantly gather and expend force by the things we do, the way we feel, the thoughts we think, the things we say, and the choices we make. We have a ”bank account” of force, and the more force we have in any given moment, the bigger and faster our manifestations occur for us. There are seven major areas in life in which most of us experience major losses of force ...   read more

~ Course In Miracles ~   16 y  
A plethora of audio discussions based on A Course In Miracles.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Here is a storehouse of some truely great recorded sessions of group discussions based on A Course In Miracles. ENJOY! A Course In Miracles Archive   visit the page

Karma & Reincarnation   16 y  
" Everything you need to know is here in the moment. Now is all that ever mattered and all that will matter. Now is where the power to create good karma and change the affect of past karmas resides. Every moment offers you an opportunity to move closer towards enlightenment."
KARMA & REINCARNATION Taken From Part One ”The Doctrine of Reincarnation and the Law of Karma” Through this series we will look at the Doctrine of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma, the fear of death, the obstacles to enlightenment, and how to overcome these. The Buddhists and Hindus believe the universe is illusion (maya). Brahman projects this universe. This illusion is what we live in here on earth, as opposed to the ultimate reality or union with Brahman that we attain when we reach enlightenment. One way to u ...   read more

Spiritual Pitfalls   16 y  
"Really, the worst that might happen if you make a mess of things is that you'll stall your own growth for a while and possibly contribute to stalling other peoples growth. You might add some negativity to the world and reaffirm the already overwhelming thought we all unconsciously buy into - that the world is a place of suffering, and we'll never get out of it, and we have to sacrifice our true selves to incarnate. But the more conscious and intentional you become, the less you'll be able to tolerate causing any level of pain, confusion, or even inconvenience to others."
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Pitfalls & Blind Spots on the Spiritual Path From ’When you start loving God, he starts putting money into your life or a lovely woman or a temptation like power or authority. He puts it before you to see if you will let it go, to see who you love most.’ Yogi Bhajan ’The more spiritual you become the harder times you experience; the more spiritual you become, the more slandered you are.’ Yogi Bhajan ’Not having flexibility to change is a tragedy in itself, and having too much flexibi ...   read more

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