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Bathroom Epiphany   18 y  
The idea of "The Dream" and how it impacts us.
More Spiritual/Consciousness Articles Short Circuit Victimhood Lapis ”We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens.” ~ Epictetus ~ Byron Katie, founder of ”the work” ( a way of using internal defuse one’s story) told this story. I think we can all relate to this way of thinking. ”Once as I walked into the ladies room at a restaurant, a women came out of the singles stall. We smiled at each other and as I closed the door she began to sing and wash her hands. What a lovely voice I thought. Then as I heard ...   read more

Lipton on Ecosphere   18 y  
A great and important interview with Bruce Lipton on the Hell we are currently creating on our home (planet earth).
Bruce Lipton is one of my favorite speakers. In his latest interview (June 27th/06) on he has some very important things to say. He discusses why New Zealand is much better off than the rest of the world due to their resistance to corporate rule, pollution, Genetic Engineering, etc. Edgar Cayce, and Dr. Lipton all say that New Zealand lives in a way that the rest of the world needs to adopt. This would mean a world without its current parasitic infection (globalist totalitarianism). It is imperative that we rebalance this crazy thing, one cell at at ...   read more

Scientology Interview   18 y  
Here is an interesting interview concerning Scientology.
Jim Beebe Winter 1999 An interview with Jim Beebe, former Scientologist and member of the original Cult Awareness Network. There seems to have an air of psyop in this interview using scientology nbonesens and pull down other conspiracy info in the process. Two birds with one stone...classic psyop associative derailing. The old CIA ”conspiracy nut” labeling is a dead giveaway. Turning away Rockerfeller and the banking elite as unsignificant is a huge giveaway. Hubards spin on things is obviously, also innacurate and this is harnessed to create a mistrust of solid conspiracy. So w ...   read more

***Profound Series***   18 y  
Here are 5 excellent broadcasts covering some of the important aspects of experencial and theoretical consciousness. This is very much worth the time investment. Listen in order.
TreeIncarnation The Science of Meaning Fintan Dunn Branching Through Time TreeIncarnation forms a convincing body of evidence showing how the tree of life carries us as it’s leaves. Based on the Science of Meaning, a breakthrough on the origin of our universe and the eternal nature of humanity. Cogent insights, unfold in a blend of science, philosophy and Jungian psychology. Revealing the underlying dreamscape which drives our life drama thru time. To re-create ourselves in our image and likeness, we reflect thru mirrors in mind and in matter. One mirror plane divi ...   read more

~ Out Of The Trap ~   18 y  
Here is a testament of an ex fundamentalist christian who has escaped the "hell" trap that is part of religious programming that resonates with victimhood. Take your power back and let yourself out of the belief system trap.
”As a Fundamentalist Christian I was taught that the only spiritual truth was in the Holy Bible, that was it and I better never, ever look anywhere else. So I didn’t. What changed? I started thinking for myself. I contemplated Hell for a long time. That is the one hook sunk into you from the get go: fear of Hell. It’s just that Hell doesn’t make any sense. A God of true unconditional love couldn’t create it. So what kind of god is the god of the holy bible? Not a god that I care to know. I looked in many places for truth but nothing felt right until I found the teachings of Ram ...   read more

Dalai Lama/CIA   18 y  
Many people don't know that the Dali Lama was on the CIA payroll, among other things. It is very clear why this man has such wide inroads to mainstream media and leaders of most countries. He is a religious leader that leads people to subserviance in(giving power away) which leaves the NWO uncontested. Just another religious psy op of many. Each religion responsible for a particular psycho demographic leading people into a system of thought with the main goal of creating a slave to the main global system.
Dalai Lama on CIA Payroll? The Dalai Lama is one of those people I’ve always just sort of uncritically accepted. I never gave him much more thought than being this sort of vaguely pleasant dude with a robe and a smile and a massively successful franchise in contemporary spiritual markets. Recently, I came across some rather public information about him and his past which puts that all in quite a different perspective. He’s a CIA man! Communist China asserted it’s claim on Tibet in 1950, and for the first few years allowed the Lamas to maintain loc ...   read more

Shadow of Dalai Lama   18 y  
A thought occured to me the other night. Why does the Dali Lama have such incredible access to mainstream media (propoganda pipline for the NWO) as well as world leaders? It has been noted that he was freinds with the last pope and Bush senior, as well as known nazis. Then the answer bubbled up within. Just as other religious leaders act as pied pipers leading people into systems of mind control, his system is no different. He is just another sheep herder acting on just another demographic. Again we have religion in all its forms acting upon the minds of people helping mold subserviance, and docility so the controllers of this planet can herd people systematically. We appear to have choices, when indeed the invisible fences are very much erected and maintained. The illusionary choices given are nothing more than varied herding chutes. Access to the culture is always the strongest clue. If you publically go against the NWO with any credibility, you die. Only people who help..
...the cause are promoted within the system. Even the alternative media, etc is being carefully crafted as a ”choice”, which ultimatley just leads into another stall that renders you powerless. The key in seeking freedom is to hold nothing outside yourself (in the material world..people, places...things) as sacred. Explore all things openly, especially things you may have trusted and felt comfort most of your life. There are no sacred cows. Many, if not most, symbologies outside of self, take ones power and focus it away from spirit (the flow from within) and hive the mind/experience ...   read more

Anti-christ   18 y  
An interesting look at the meaning of anti-christ beyond 2 dimensional christian dogma.
Anti-Christ is the ancient word for the psychological person-ality, the self created psychological person that the inner self become identified with and assumes to be. The Greek concept of Anti-Christ is described a NARCISSUS the one who thinks one is the center of all things and SEPARATE and INDIVIDUAL, a separate being, subjective. (Greek mythology) Anti-Christ was refered- to by St. Paul as the outer man, the man of dust. The man born of woman as opposed to the man (or woman) BORN AGAIN as SPIRIT, which is, God-Self-Realization, Heaven the second man. The Heavenly man etc etc. ...   read more

The Prince....   18 y  
Step up and create your OWN reality. Many are standing by waiting to unsurp your power. Will you allow it?
The Prince and the Magician Once upon a time there was a young prince who believed in all things but three. He did not believe in princesses, he did not believe in islands, he did not believe in God. His father, the king, told him that such things did not exist. As there were no prinxiv cesses or islands in his father’s domains, and no sign of God, the prince believed his father. But then, one day, the prince ran away from his palace and came to the next land. There, to his astonishment, from every coast he saw islands, and on these islands, strange and troubling, creatures who ...   read more

Don't Give Up   18 y  
Things are not always what they apear. As the story (of victimhood) collapses we must go within where "that river is flowing" (spirit projecting forth). See the illusive filters for what they are, remove them and shine forth the pure flow. There's a place we ALL belong!
Don’t Give Up Lyrics Artist: Peter Gabriel Album: So In this proud land we grew up strong we were wanted all along I was taught to fight, taught to win I never thought I could fail no fight left or so it seems I am a man whose dreams have all deserted I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name but no one wants you when you lose don’t give up ’cos you have friends don’t give up you’re not beaten yet don’t give up I know you can make it good though I saw it all around never thought I could be affected thought that we’d be the last to go it is so strange the wa ...   read more

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