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10 Success Secrets   16 y  
Although I like some peace and quiet at meals- I understand his point, breaking bread with others is a form of bonding. His point....Have something to offer, what do you bring to the party?
10 Secrets to Success by Keith Ferrazzi 1. You Can’t Get There Alone. For each and every thing you want to achieve in life—whether it’s landing a job, earning a raise or promotion, or finding lifelong romance—there’ll be at least one person on the other end making decisions. Everything we do can only be accomplished through and with other people. Simply put, success, of any kind, requires relationships. 2. Business Relationships Are Personal Relationships. The most common mistake people make when building relationships for career success is treating business contacts differently ...   read more

Global Energy   16 y  
Finally our global economy is forcing the U.S. to play with global politics...or more specifically pretty much revealing how we play...our lips say yes, but our politics say no. What did they used to call those girls in college?
With politicians on both sides of the Pacific rattling sabers over CNOOC’s (CEO:NYSE ADR - commentary - research) bid for Unocal (UCL:NYSE - commentary - research), what are China fund managers doing? Two weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution calling on the president to review the $18.5 billion bid on the grounds that it could threaten U.S. national security. Why the alarm over a relatively simple corporate acquisition? Ostensibly because CNOOC’s largest shareholder is the Chinese government. In response to Congress’ jawboning, the Chinese foreign min ...   read more

Social Security?   16 y  
Everytime the government does not live up to its mandate, and flubbs the directive, we hear Privatization! Everyman for himself- but hold on now- we as the baby boomers were willing to take that on, wanted to take it on-we were "forced" to contribute, we had little say on what the monies were used for OTHER than to save for retirement- and now when the crisis is 5 years away~ Bush says Privatize- No I don't think so Mr Bush~ this should've been done long enough in advance to make sense! If Enron used monies irresponsibily- then maybe the government should be sued and held accountable for their misuse of funds!
More Social Security Follies Published: July 18, 2005 Of all the participants in the strange Kabuki dance that passes for a Social Security debate, the one who might have had the best chance to do some actual good was Representative Bill Thomas, the Republican chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Last May, Mr. Thomas held a hearing on ways to boost retirement savings, and some of the ideas put forth - such as matching funds rather than tax deductions for I.R.A.’s - could increase retirement security, if they were combined with prudent measures to ensure the solvency of Social Secu ...   read more

yes! yes! wheeee!   16 y  
OK so it took a movie (???) 'Enron, smartest guys in the room'~ to make those indicated 'tapes' public (that one would guess a CA State Attorney General could've subpeoneaed BEFORE a movie was out for 6 months~??!!) On the other hand, better late than never.... Wonder if there will be any $$ left? What about the small business man who lost his shop because he couldn't afford protatec electricity @ $500.00 a kilowatt to run his freezers, or pumps ,or whatever machinery he had to run to stay in business? How about the traffic accident victims during the black and brownouts ~when NO traffic lights were operating! Maybe the Enron guys were the smartest in the room afterall..eh?
Enron Settles Energy Claims for $1.52B California’s attorney general filed a lawsuit after the disclosure of audiotapes and transcripts of Enron trader conversations. Stephen Taub, CFO.com July 15, 2005 Enron Corp. has agreed to pay $1.52 billion to resolve charges that it manipulated the market and gouged prices in California and several other Western states during the 2000-2001 energy crisis, according to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer. Under the settlement, a number of California parties will receive $875 million in unsecured claims from Enron’s bankruptcy, plus $ ...   read more

Google $350.00 per sh?   16 y  
I love google, use it all the time but , really, metacrawler is a better source for real research!
Google Target $350 at Lehman By TSC Staff 7/14/2005 7:57 AM EDT The paid-search business is returning more on Google’s (GOOG:Nasdaq - news - research) capital than Wall Street realizes, Lehman Bothers said Thursday in raising its price target to $350 from $275. The stock closed at $298.86 Wednesday and was recently up $5.24, or 1.8%, to $304.10 on Instinet. The stock’s all-time high is $309.25. ”We believe Google simply can’t spend money fast enough given the extremely high incremental margins associated with the core search business,” Lehman said. ”The company’s technolog ...   read more

Unocal: Another Opinion   16 y  
Jubak says; We have been financially irresponsible with our treasury debt (no argument here!) and a sale of the magnitude of UNOCAL will even up the balance sheet. Huh! Maybe....It will be interesting to see- Lassie Faire~ Let the Buyer Beware! This will be an interesting historic note when today is a distant past OR it will be the legitimate combination of two antagonistic Super Powers...Strange Bedfellow dicated by economic convenience? Time will tell...
Let China Buy Unocal By Jim Jubak MSN Money Markets Editor 7/13/2005 7:17 AM EDT Why the furor at the bid by China’s third-largest oil company, CNOOC (CEO:NYSE ADR - news - research), for Unocal (UCL:NYSE - news - research), the ninth-largest U.S. oil company? What’s the surprise? That oil-hungry China would buy an oil company? That the Chinese, who are swimming in U.S. dollars, would use them to buy something other than U.S. Treasuries, with their 4% yields? Were the Chinese just supposed to start burning piles of greenbacks to heat their homes and run their factories? A ...   read more

EFT, Exchange Traded Funds   16 y  
Exchange Traded (Index) Funds~ less costs than a regular Mutual Fund (not saying much!) I've just done an extensive study on iShares EFT's for a Yoga buddy of mine, and I must say I like them. At first I thought them to be like Closed End Funds, the idea of trading on an exchange is identical- the difference is the engine inside the wrapper ~indexing. Let's face it most indexes have beat their Mutual Fund counterparts- Consider the trading expenses, paying the money manager ungodly sums, and all the admin work that accompanies this structure-so it makes sense that the indexes won...In a robust upward trending market~ maybe not...We'll have to wait and see until we're there again! At any rate, if you can't own positions in individual stocks at 50-100 shares per position minimum- then EFT's make a great portfolio-be ware not to duplicate industries and internal positions within the indexes when picking more than one EFT.
Exchange-Traded Funds, in a Rainbow of Choices By CARLA FRIED Published: July 10, 2005 A 128-CRAYON box of Crayolas does not guarantee a better drawing than the standard eight-crayon version, but any child will tell you that more is better. And so it goes in the fast-growing world of exchange-traded funds, as marketers busily dream up new shades of index-tracking portfolios for investors who have recently adopted these funds as the new ”it” investment. Noah Berger for The New York Times Lee T. Kranefuss, chief executive of the E.T.F. business at Barclays Global Investors iShar ...   read more

The Repeal of Estate Tax?   16 y  
Estate Taxes~ yea? or Nay?
Few Wealthy Farmers Owe Estate Taxes, Report Says E-by DAVID CAY JOHNSTON Published: July 10, 2005 The number of farms on which estate tax is owed when the owners die has fallen by 82 percent since 2000, to just 300 farms, as Congress has more than doubled the threshold at which the tax applies, the Congressional Budget Office said in a report released last week. Forum: The 109th Congress All but 27 farmers left enough liquid assets to pay taxes owed, the budget office found, although it hinted that the actual number might be zero. The study examined how much in cash, stocks and ...   read more

Unocal and China   16 y  
So Mr Hu, the Cnooc exec, says "Stay out of business" to the Politicians~ hmmmm- Self Interest? Well, let's face it U.S. has been the kings of self service...maybe we don't like some other country is getting into the act-Still what are the long term ramifications?
A Deft Balance in Orchestrating China’s Oil Offer By JOSEPH KAHN Published: July 7, 2005 BEIJING, July 6 - Fu Chengyu, the chairman of Cnooc Ltd., says that profits, not politics, are behind China’s most ambitious takeover bid, his company’s $18.5 billion proposal to buy the Unocal Corporation. Strategic energy policy and the whims of Beijing leaders do not concern him much, Mr. Fu, an English-speaking, American-trained executive, said. ”I have no talent for politics,” he said, ”only business.” Vincent Yu/Associated Press Fu Chengyu, Cnooc’s chairman, seems at ease with Ameri ...   read more

Dissenting Vote for Olympics and G-8?   16 y  
I'm sorry to report this activity strains world markets and does get recognition from the global economy-
London Blasts Spur Selling By Robert Holmes TheStreet.com Staff Reporter 7/7/2005 10:00 AM EDT Updated from 9:40 a.m. EDT U.S. stocks fell Thursday while bonds and gold firmed after a series of apparent terrorist explosions ripped the London transportation system. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was recently down 35 points, or 0.3%, to 10,236. The average has been steadily firming since futures indicated a 200-point plunge in the immediate aftermath of the 4:30 a.m. EDT blasts. The S&P 500, which traded as low as 1167 before dawn, was at 1188, down 7 points, or 0.6%. Th ...   read more

Over $60 a barrel   16 y  
Over $60.00 a barrel, but not much over~ what will the zenith be this year...
UPDATE 7-Oil prices touch $60 as US storms stoke fears Tuesday 5 July 2005, 4:17pm EST (Updates throughout, previous dateline LONDON) NEW YORK, July 5 (Reuters) - Oil prices jumped on Tuesday as tropical storms threatening the Gulf of Mexico added to worries that supplies will fail to build in time for peak fourth-quarter demand. U.S. oil prices settled 84 cents higher at $59.59 a barrel after touching $60.10. The gain came on top of a rally late last week that halted a fall from the all-time high of $60.95 on June 27. Brent crude in London rose 35 cents to $58.29 a barrel, e ...   read more

Paper Money & Politics   16 y  
I've read some disgruntled posts about the subject matter on CureZone being NOT "on topic". If any of you who posted suggestions to Web Master have a moment-take a read. This speech was made in 2003, anything look familiar? If your economic system is dis~eased- even if you are bodily healthy- the rest will not be-The Macro is a relection of the Micro.
HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES September 5, 2003 Paper Money and Tyranny All great republics throughout history cherished sound money. This meant that the monetary unit was a commodity of honest weight and purity. When money was sound, civilizations were found to be more prosperous and freedom thrived. The less free a society becomes, the greater the likelihood its money is being debased and the economic well-being of its citizens diminished. Alan Greenspan, years before he became Federal Reserve Board Chairman in charge of flagrantly debasing the U.S. do ...   read more

Perfect Storm   16 y  
I agree with Bob, unfortunately, so while we are all "getting well"-just in time for.....? Upheaval?
COMMENT: Greenspan’s Coming Perfect Storm. Dear A-Letter Reader: You may have noticed that from time to time we quote with approval the Honorable Ron Paul, a Republican member of the US House of Representatives from the great State of Texas. (Actually, Ron is far more a libertarian than Republican, which is all to his credit). Ron Paul also is a senior member on the House Committee on Financial Services, and it is here that he has been a consistent (and persistent) critic of Alan Greenspan, the long time (since 1987) chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, personally confrontin ...   read more

GE, shuffling the deck?   16 y  
Do large, well imaged companies, reshuffle the deck when restatments would be necessary anyway? Would information become evident that enlightened us to GE's "double digit" returns? Answer; go look at the annual reports! GE Exec's should be our ambassadors to China, they are the political genius of image. I remember in the end "go-go" 90's when they were one of the only large old companies to sustain a "double digit" growth- I think the reports pointed to the fact that floating of debentures/bonds were the likely source of rising dividends and "growth" ????
GE realigns businesses, affirms forecast Thu Jun 23, 2005 11:08 AM ET Printer Friendly | Email Article | Reprints | RSS (Page 1 of 2) General Electric Cutting Costs Top News Bush tries to overcome flagging support on Iraq U.S. military helicopter crashes in Afghanistan Ex-HealthSouth CEO Scrushy found not guilty MORE By Daisuke Wakabayashi BOSTON (Reuters) - General Electric Co. (GE.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Thursday said it is streamlining its businesses to six operating segments from 11 in an effort to cut costs, and it affirmed its second-quarter and full ...   read more

Archetypical Scarcity   16 y  
Scarcity, Control, Oil, Power, Politics, and Humans
China’s Costly Quest for Energy Control UnocalA natural-gas processing plant off Thailand is owned by a subsidiary of Unocal, the American oil company that China has offered to buy. By JOSEPH KAHN Published: June 27, 2005 BEIJING, June 24 - From the dusty plains of East Africa to the shores of the Caspian Sea, China is seeking to loosen the grip of the United States on world energy resources and secure the fuel it needs to keep its economy in overdrive. Its energy deal-making has cost tens of billions of dollars and has dominated China’s foreign policymaking for the past two years ...   read more

I O U/China/ USA   16 y  
Greenspan, it is time to retire if you can't influence the Congress ...And this is just what you are up to now- time for another to speak more clearly than your morse code politicism...
Op-Ed Columnist A Glide Path to Ruin By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: June 26, 2005 The biggest risk we Americans face to our way of life and our place in the world probably doesn’t come from Al Qaeda or the Iraq war. Rather, the biggest risk may come from this administration’s fiscal recklessness and the way this is putting us in hock to China. Forum: Nicholas D. Kristof’s Columns ”I think the greatest threat to our future is our fiscal irresponsibility,” warns David Walker, the comptroller general of the United States. Mr. Walker, an accountant by training, asserts that l ...   read more

Editorial on Unocal   16 y  
Are we at our Best, it is getting very complicated: Global economy and politics-Money and Power-it is an International Game now!
Editorial Chinese Strength, U.S. Weakness Published: June 26, 2005 If China’s attempt to buy an American oil company does nothing else, it should, at long last, force the United States to decide how it plans to protect its economy, husband its resources and grow in a world where it is no longer the only economic powerhouse. Forum: Today’s Editorials With China on a buying binge for raw materials to feed its ever-expanding economy, it was inevitable that it would eventually go beyond the more modest corporate purchases it has already begun and make a grab for something the United S ...   read more

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