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Please Read   16 y  
see how you get government and in this case CAFTA is mandated, but also Bill of "Wrongs" and Terrorism...tracks the same
COMMENT: The Poison Sausage Factory. Dear A-Letter Reader: You might think it was Mark Twain or Will Rogers who observed, ”No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session,” but recent scholarship attributes the quotation to 1866 and a New York judge, Gideon Tucker. Even that’s not certain, but the statement remains totally appropriate as the US Congress is in recess during the month of August. I once quoted this statement during a debate in the House that was seen on C-Span TV. A dear lady somewhere out West sent me the quote (with my name under ...   read more

Gee, I think....   16 y  
Pleading guilty to a misdeamenor fraud charge isn't going to slow these ol' boys down one bit-In fact, they will stay employed....In other words, they were practicing business as usual..all the large houses and firms did exactly the same thing during the same timeframe....Spitzer actually is unwinding industry practices that were well known in the insurance sales channel.
Four More Insurance Execs Plead Guilty Fourteen insurance-industry executives have pleaded guilty to criminal charges since last fall. The most recent group includes managers from Marsh and Zurich. Stephen Taub, CFO.com August 05, 2005 New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has racked up another four guilty pleas from insurance executives in his nearly two-year investigation into abuses in the insurance industry, according to published reports. Three of the executives are from Marsh & McLennan Cos. and the other is from Zurich American Insurance Co. The defendants plead ...   read more

Oh, Canada   16 y  
Well why shouldn't you have all the same issues we U.S. companies have-after all the investment/money community is global and attached at every juncture to it's brethern
The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week By Colin Barr Companies Editor 8/5/2005 7:11 AM EDT Click here for more stories by Colin Barr 1. Moving Forward CIBC (BCM:NYSE - news - research) sure is moving up in the world. For years the Canadian bank longed to play on a bigger stage. Former CEO John Hunkin pumped up the CIBC World Markets brokerage unit with a string of acquisitions in Toronto and New York. A 2001 newspaper ad trumpeted that the purchase of a retail brokerage chain had ”created a home for Canadian investors that is second to none,” Toronto’s Globe & ...   read more

Treat a Dragon!   16 y  
And IF this is the last word on the Unocal (and I am not saying that it is) then we all know how the U.S. views China and how politics influence money (rather than the other way) and the way we (the U.S.) deal with our "global economy"...Wall Street is not a free-globalmarket...ah well, it was as I expected...But there may be another chapter awaiting us..in the U.S. China story~ one may be sure of that...
No Way to Treat a Dragon E-Mail This Printer-Friendly Published: August 4, 2005 Facing crippling delays imposed by Congress, Cnooc, a state-controlled Chinese oil company, has now withdrawn its $18.5 billion bid for Unocal, conceding the prize to Chevron. That’s a victory for Congressional China bashers, who continually blame China for economic woes that are largely of America’s making. They successfully raised the specter of national security to justify their interference in the takeover contest. Skip to next paragraph Forum: Today’s Editorials But their victory is a loss for t ...   read more

Cendant Vice   16 y  
And somone is held accountable~ while someone makes a name for themselves...It was overdue, huh!...but I marvel at the tremendous lack of commonsense attached to an "brass balls" ego! One might think inflating balance sheets for the Wall Street quarterly reports was common practice.
Cendant’s Shelton Gets 10-Year Sentence Prosecutors reportedly charged the former vice chairman with inflating revenues by $500 million at Cendant’s predecessor company, CUC International, in an attempt to boost the company’s share price. Stephen Taub, CFO.com August 04, 2005 E. Kirk Shelton, a former vice chairman of Cendant Corp., was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in an accounting scandal during the 1990s that cost investors more than $3 billion, according to the Associated Press. He was also ordered to pay $3.27 billion to Cendant, the travel company that own ...   read more

Enron; 7 Billion!!!!   16 y  
That's right, my sweeties, 7 Billion~ here's an example of leadership and it's ego foolishness...."Austin Powersish"~ 7 Million? NOoooo 7 Billion it's the 2000's! 99% of us folks can't even wrap our head around 7 Billion~ Thank you Jeff Skilling!
Enron Settlements Hit Record $7 Billion With the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s $2.4 billion settlement, the energy giant pulls ahead of WorldCom. Also, Credit Suisse bulks up Enron litigation reserves. Stephen Taub, CFO.com August 04, 2005 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s agreement late yesterday to pay $2.4 billion to settle a securities fraud class-action suit stemming from Enron Corp.’s bankruptcy brought the total amount recovered in litigation involving the company to $7.12 billion, according to William Lerach of Lerach Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP, ...   read more

Hedge Funds   16 y  
Hedge Funds...still in vogue?
Wall Street’s New Raiders By Emma Trincal 8/2/2005 7:05 AM EDT Hedge funds, Wall Street’s bastions of privacy, are finding it can pay to wear a public face. In the space of a year, the world-beating success of Ed Lampert at Kmart and Sears (SHLD:Nasdaq - news - research) has turned so-called ”activist” investing into the style du jour for the fast-money crowd, with huge implications. Sleepy boardrooms have been jolted into action; Carl Icahn’s image has been rehabilitated; and investors have found a new way to gamble on corporate turnarounds. The tactics of hedge funds tha ...   read more

Investors or Gamblers?   16 y  
It is the only gamein town....And So It Is!
ADVICE: PERSONAL FINANCE Financial pros show how to own the market Dallas duo sets up index funds so Wall Street works for investor By SCOTT BURNS Universal Press Syndicate As their book title, Wealth Without Worry, suggests, James Whiddon and Lance Alston are doing just fine, thanks. So are their clients. The two Dallas financial planners are the prime movers of JWA Financial Group, a small, fee-only financial planning firm. While most advisory firms promise careful security selection, unrelenting attention to economic events and high fees for their sublime foresight about fu ...   read more

Fee based vs Commission   16 y  
This is the attitude of most planners...mine included. But it has been suggested to me that ethically perhaps these black and white delineations are not the best idea...eh?
Financial planners keeping up with new trends By BOB CHUVALA Baby boomers edging closer to retirement are causing ripples in the financial services industry as they shift from years of amassing wealth to planning how to distribute those assets during their golden years. ”People like my dad, who are going to retire within a few years, have to shift from growing their wealth to protecting and preserving it for income,” said Keith Sommers, owner of Summit Financial Management in Shelton. ”One investment vehicle that can grow and protect at the same time is a variable annuity w ...   read more

Balance Transfer On CC's   16 y  
Debt transfer or Paydown?~ another thought comes to mind~ Many Americans refied their home "to pay down debt", and deduct the transaction from their income taxes...Question: How many refier's took a vacation, or bought a new car..and WHEN (not if) interest rates rise to the constriction level-what will happen to the real estate market..the only real gains in town...what happens to the economy then? Certainly high interest rates constrict the stock market, except the fixed income sector (corp/muni debt)..what will our fatted calf economy act, taste, look like then? AND what will your home equity and your balance sheet act, taste, look like then?
Bankrate.com 12 questions to ask about balance transfers Thursday July 28, 6:00 am ET Erin Peterson Those low-interest credit-card balance transfer offers showing up in your mailbox almost daily -- some going as low as zero-percent -- are hard to resist. But read before you leap. The fine print, that is. You could end up paying more than you would have if you’d just stayed put. ADVERTISEMENT That’s not to say transferring balances is a bad thing. It’s just that you should understand exactly what you’re doing and figure out whether it’s really good for you. Here are 12 key ...   read more

Morgan Stanley   16 y  
Morgan Stanley, ah memories of a past life~lived in this life~ Gee we can reincarnate any time we choose ~ we don't have to physically reincarnate to flow on...
9th~ my old brokerage firm, 95% male in 1986 and not wanting any ”skirts” as it was jokingly put to me.(truthfully joking though) For 4 years I picked up the telephone, (to a lesser degree each year..But still..) and cold called...so sad and so leaving out relationship. Talk about a food chain! Ah well, it is just a memory now...Thank God Opinion : The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week By Colin Barr Companies Editor 7/29/2005 7:02 AM EDT Click here for more stories by Colin Barr Mackaroni and Cruz And red meat ...   read more

Edited   16 y  
Demographics-What's in a number
9th ~Geez, I gotta laugh at this one- What? Most americans wish they were over 40? BS!Although, I did like 42 the best, but that was about a man, not an age. I still think of that one fondly! Ok back to the point- what was that point? Ah yes, 71 is the beginning of old age only because we babyboomers aren’t there yet! Believe me when I say I’ve been watching the demographics for the last 15-20 years and as soon as the wave of population that I belong to hits any demarcation having to do with age~ it suddenly is young~ no matter the number. And here comes the point...it is not the n ...   read more

Bernie got 25yrs, yes!   16 y  
Bernie got 25 years and fined some large amount (but not all his assets) and Scott faces 25 years also.
Ex-CFO of WorldCom to Forfeit Estate Like Bernard Ebbers before him, Scott Sullivan has agreed to relinquish most of his assets toward the settlement of a shareholder lawsuit. Craig Schneider, CFO.com July 27, 2005 Scott Sullivan, the former chief financial officer of WorldCom Inc., has agreed to forfeit his Boca Raton estate and his retirement fund to settle a class-action lawsuit for his role in the company’s $11 billion accounting fraud, according to press reports. Rather than try to claim an exemption under the Florida Homestead Law, reported The New York Times, Sullivan a ...   read more

Unocal and Free Market   16 y  
Will Chevron settle the "issue" by winning the bid on the free market? Tune in same bat channel, same bat time...next week...
By AMY MYERS JAFFE Published: July 27, 2005 Houston LATELY there has been much grandstanding about the dangers of the bid by a government-backed Chinese oil company, Cnooc, for Unocal. But protectionists are focusing on the wrong target. It’s true that China could be a threat to American energy security some day, but not because it wants to buy an American company already on the block. Skip to next paragraph Forum: Op-Ed Contributors Before American politicians intervene to make sure that Unocal’s Indonesian gas and oil fields remain in the hands of a United States corporation, ...   read more

Lance Armstrong   16 y  
The character and the intestial fortitude of Lance Armstrong bespeaks the power we all have...but activated- He heals, He survives, and he supercedes, He wins-Courage,Character, and strength of Purpose...Example for Politicos?
By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: July 27, 2005 There is no doubt that Lance Armstrong’s seventh straight victory in the Tour de France, which has prompted sportswriters to rename the whole race the Tour de Lance, makes him one of the greatest U.S. athletes of all time. What I find most impressive about Armstrong, besides his sheer willpower to triumph over cancer, is the strategic focus he brings to his work, from his prerace training regimen to the meticulous way he and his cycling team plot out every leg of the race. It is a sight to behold. I have been thinking about them lately becau ...   read more

Yuan   16 y  
Cheap Chinese Stuff.....Interesting their valuation of 2.1% appreciation. Me thinks once we have taught the Chinese the game, they will beat us at it...Time and Time again
China Says It Does Not Plan More Revaluation By DAVID BARBOZA and JONATHAN FUERBRINGER Published: July 27, 2005 BEIJING, July 26 - Just days after China modestly revalued its currency and did away with its longstanding peg to the American dollar alone, the nation’s central bank issued a statement Tuesday denying that there were any plans for further revaluation of the currency. The People’s Bank of China released the statement in what appeared to be an effort to quell widespread speculation that over the next year China would allow its currency, the yuan or renminbi, to further a ...   read more

More shakeout   16 y  
Self dealing in insurance companies portfolio?
Wells Notices for RenaissanceRe Execs Possible civil actions are connected to an SEC investigation into the reinsurer’s restatement for 2001 to 2003. Craig Schneider, CFO.com July 26, 2005 RenaissanceRe Holdings announced that two executives have received a Wells notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission, indicating that the regulator could bring a civil enforcement action against them for possible securities laws violations. The notices were issued to chairman and chief executive officer James Stanard and former senior vice president of specialty reinsurance Michael ...   read more

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