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Inflation   15 y  
This is why Greenspan and FOMC keep raising rates 25 basis points every other meeting. Oil is taking an inflationary toll on our economy.
BUSINESS/FINANCIAL DESK | January 20, 2005, Thursday Price Index Rose 3.3% In ’04, Highest In 4 Years By LOUIS UCHITELLE (NYT) 1090 words Late Edition - Final , Section C , Page 1 , Column 5 ABSTRACT - Labor Department reports Consumer Price Index rose 3.3 percent in 2004, largest increase since 2000; higher inflation rate is result of surge in oil prices early in year; index fell by 0.1 of a percent, first month-to-month decline since July; many Wall Street economists predict that Federal Reserve’s policy makers will continue to raise interest rates by quarter of one point at th ...   read more

oil   15 y  
Oil and the economy
The Oil Effect Published: August 20, 2005 Just when it was starting to seem as if consumers were really shaking off high energy prices, Wal-Mart announced this week that its profits stumbled in the second quarter, rising at their slowest rate in four years. Forced to choose between their closets and their gasoline tanks, Americans unsurprisingly chose their tanks. Wal-Mart warned that future sales would be curtailed as well, and no wonder: gasoline is now averaging $2.60 a gallon nationwide, nearly a 39 percent increase from last year. At the same time, natural gas prices are up 60 per ...   read more

Google $4B more?   15 y  
Google has money to burn and insider tells me and they are hiring and investing like it's 1999~ they are experiencing the growth that much of the entire tech world was before the 2000 collapse. There are risks but we love a winner...
Google Wants Another $4B Google plans to sell another 14.16 million shares, triggering speculation it may acquire Baidu. August 18, 2005 On the first anniversary of its IPO, Google said on Thursday that it plans to raise another $4 billion by selling more stock, touching off speculation it may use the cash to make acquisitions of complementary companies such as Baidu. The upstart media company said it will issue 14.16 million Class A shares. The extra money will be used for working capital, capital expenditures, and possible acquisitions of complementary businesses, technolog ...   read more

Gracious space   15 y  
Leadership & Good, Compassionate leaders communicate
Communication: Gracious Space gracious space and leadership....communication at a non-heirarchial structure What Is Gracious Space? Gracious Space is both a spirit and an organizational tool that creates opportunities for deeper listening and understanding, welcomes diversity, and encourages the creative potential of disagreement or diverse views. Aspects of Gracious Space include: A spirit of compassion and curiosity A setting that is expressed externally A commitment to invite the stranger A commitment to learn in public A container for working with conflict, and ...   read more

Support Sheehan via Conyers   15 y  
Cindy Sheehan wants to talk with you Mr Bush...It's good PR to respond to the voters...Ah but I forgot the electorial college elects you not the popular vote..and even they seem to have been outmanuvered- so why speak to a mother- we can make our voice heard if you choose that course...
Cindy Sheehan’s vigil outside in Crawford, Texas has clearly struck a nerve in this country, and her willingness to speak truth to power resonates as a model of courage and dedication to us all. I am proposing that we take three steps to support Cindy in the face of a ferocious assault by the right wing. First, I am organizing an effort to write our local papers to support Cindy and her efforts to meet with the president. I have set up a form on my web site as part of a Crawford Action Center (which includes news reports, pictures, video, audio, and talking points) to allow you to ...   read more

Ethic Profiling?   15 y  
Sovereign society, A Letter, Bob Bauman
COMMENT: British Police Testilying? Dear A-Letter Reader: ”Shoot to Kill” was the title of my Comment in this space (July 26) that concerned the death (by eight police bullets) of an unarmed, 27-year-old, dark-skinned man in a London subway who was judged by the policeman who killed him to be a possible terrorist suicide bomber. It was widely reported at the time that the officer had good cause to believe the ”fleeing” suspect might detonate a bomb and take the lives of others, just as London bombers killed nearly 60 people in days prior to this police shooting. I was delug ...   read more

30YR Bond Reissued, Premium?   15 y  
The 30 year bond's reissuance will tend to lower volatility in the shorter maturities
The 30-Year Bond Is Back, and So Is Romance Steve Goldstein for The New York TimesWilliam F. Hummel, a retired aerospace engineer who has a Web site about financial topics, says he doesn’t like 30-year bonds because they offer little growth potential. E By ELIZABETH HARRIS Published: August 14, 2005 FOR money managers on Wall Street more than for investors on Main Street, the return of the 30-year bond is like the rekindling of a close relationship. ”It’s like having an old friend back,” says Clifford A. Gladson, a senior vice president for fixed-income investments at USAA Invest ...   read more

AIG, changes..?!!   15 y  
Yes, I think maybe a clean sweep just to be on the safe side.
Investors Press for AIG Board Overhaul ’’There are a number of board members whose roles should change and who should leave,’’ says one. ’’We intend to work through the nominating committee and with [special board adviser] Arthur Levitt to make this happen.’’ Stephen Taub, CFO.com August 12, 2005 Shareholders attending the annual meeting of American International Group Inc. on Thursday seemed to be in an agreeable mood. With former chief executive officer Maurice Greenberg out of the picture, they OK’ed the insurance giant’s entire slate of 15 directors and renewed the contract o ...   read more

Canadian Citizen Ship   15 y  
Offshore investing, tax free investing, dual citizenship
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Dear A-Letter Reader: I am writing to you today from Vancouver, British Columbia at the Agora Wealth Symposium, an annual gathering sponsored by the publishing company of which the Sovereign Society is a part. I am speaking today on offshore asset protection and dual citizenship, along with my colleague, Sean Brodrick, Investment Director for the Sovereign Society who is talking about the many profitable investments available offshore. As many times as I have visited Canada, as a Yankee from the south, I always have found a warm welcome from our nort ...   read more

Unocal Political Dynamics   15 y  
This will be one of the most "telling" incidents in global economy that will reverberate through all China/US relations from this point forward. Sometimes when out political branch moves it lips...rhetoric is all that escapes
Foiled Bid Stirs Worry for U.S. Oil By JAD MOUAWAD Published: August 11, 2005 When Cnooc, the Chinese government-owned oil company, dropped its bid to buy Unocal this month, it said political opposition in Washington had scuttled the plan. The question oil companies now face is whether they might suffer similar political retribution in their own dealings with foreign governments. Chris Pizzello/Reuters Charles R. Williamson, chief executive of Unocal, in Los Angeles Wednesday. Congress opposed a bid by a Chinese company to buy Unocal. Forum: Markets and Industries The fate ...   read more

Mitchell on Money   15 y  
I like his style, so I've signed up for his newsletter. I have the premonition that he will be instrumental in some endeavor..don't know why?!
Money’s Sad Lack of Intrinsic Value Terry L. Mitchell Terry L. Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, VA. He’s been in the software development and engineering line of work for over 23 years. His regularly updated blog also appears on this website. He operates the site, http://www.commenterry.com on which he assails the conventional foolishness and posts commentaries on various subjects such as politics, current events, technology, religion, health and well-being, personal finance, and sports. By Terry L. Mitchell August 8, 2005 A ...   read more

Energy Bill   15 y  
Deb Callahan, president of the League of Conservation Voters, said the bill will do nothing to improve the environment, reduce dependence on foreign oil or bring down gas prices even in the long term. "They did as little as they possibly could in order to have a nice talking point," she said.
Bush Signs Bill to Give Energy Tax Breaks Monday August 8, 9:51 pm ET By Nedra Pickler, Associated Press Writer President Bush Signs Sweeping Energy Bill That Grants Tax Subsidies to Energy Companies ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- As crude oil prices hit a new high Monday, President Bush signed a bill that will give billions in tax breaks to encourage homegrown energy production but won’t quickly reduce high gasoline prices or the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. ADVERTISEMENT ”This bill is not going to solve our energy challenges overnight,” Bush said in a speech shortly b ...   read more

Berkshire Re: Fired   15 y  
Spitzer saw enough during the AIG inquiry to taint General Re and Berkshire...Here comes Spitzer Warren!
NEW YORK, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKa.N: Quote, Profile, Research) (BRKb.N: Quote, Profile, Research), which is run by billionaire Warren Buffett, said on Friday the chief executive of a British unit of the company’s General Re Corp. reinsurance subsidiary has been fired. Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire said the executive, Milan Vukelic, was terminated in July, two months after he was placed on administrative leave. Vukelic had been chief executive of Faraday Group, a unit of General Re. He previously ran General Re’s international finite reinsurance business unit ...   read more

AIG/Berkshire   15 y  
More fallout from AIG's Greenberg's uncooperative nature and self serving ego.
Berkshire says regulators examining its books Sat Aug 6, 2005 7:11 PM ET By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK, Aug 6 (Reuters) - Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKa.N: Quote, Profile, Research) (BRKb.N: Quote, Profile, Research), whose General Re Corp. unit has been investigated over its role in helping insurer American International Group Inc. misstate results, said governmental authorities were inquiring about some of its own accounting. In its quarterly report filed on Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Berkshire said the authorities were looking into th ...   read more

OK Kids, Who owns U.S. Debt?   15 y  
Furtures of Treasuries...Shorting U.S. Debt?
Was Someone Squeezing Treasuries? E-Mail This Published: August 7, 2005 A STORM swept through the United States Treasury market in June, creating big losses at banks and brokerage firms and bringing back memories of the infamous short squeeze by Salomon Brothers in 1991 that ultimately brought the firm to its knees. Widening GapThe recent turmoil is a troubling sign that the pools of capital at hedge funds and investment firms have grown so enormous that they can easily swamp the government securities market, one of the world’s deepest, most liquid and heavily used financial ma ...   read more

Naked Shorts   15 y  
How does one short a stock that is not currently in their portfolio- and close out the position? Huh? I guess one doesn't anymore! So why would one short a stock? Perhaps one may see a trend or oscillation of trading pattern that shorting will bring profits without holding positions -how does that happen...Perhaps, some traders want to "create" the trend or oscillation of trading range?
Naked Shorts Enjoying Long Shelf Life By Kevin Kelleher TheStreet.com Senior Writer 8/8/2005 7:35 AM EDT Click here for more stories by Kevin Kelleher What if they passed a law and no one followed it? Not one of those bizarre, outdated laws you hear about -- like in Maine, where people are required to bring shotguns to church -- but a brand new law with an entirely sensible goal, like keeping people from selling equities that don’t exist. Since January, Regulation SHO has required self-regulatory organizations like the NYSE or the NASD to keep a ”threshold list” of secur ...   read more

Betty Sezs:   15 y  
I just pulled it out of the air, honey! I can think of a more physical place it all was "pulled out of" 9th
Ex-WorldCom Accountant Gets Prison Time Pressed to say how she chose which entries to change, Betty Vinson reportedly testified, ”I just really pulled some out of the air. I used some spreadsheets.” Stephen Taub, CFO.com August 05, 2005 Betty Vinson, a former accounting manager at WorldCom Inc., was sentenced Friday morning to five months in prison and five months of house arrest for her role in the $11 billion accounting fraud at the erstwhile telecommunications giant. Later in the day, Troy Normand, another former accounting manager, was sentenced to three years of probation ...   read more

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