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Closely Held Businesses   15 y  
How does one cash out of a closely held business?
Cashing Out Can Be Tricky Help clients look closely at alternatives By Kathleen M. McBride Taking cash out of closely-held businesses can be a tricky thing for your clients to do. Some people want to go public and that can be an alternative—for the right kind of company, according to Scott Adelson, senior managing director and member of the board of directors at Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, an investment bank based in Los Angeles. Speaking at the Financial Planning Association’s National Conference in San Diego, Adelson said that clients sometimes “wake up one morning and say, ‘I’ ...   read more

Faking Katrina Inquiry   15 y  
You know we have a short memeory for these types of forced inadequacies! If JFK murder produced the Townsend Inquiry- Then Katrina murders will not stand a chance OR Will they-?
Faking the Katrina Inquiry Published: September 26, 2005 As the nation reels from Rita’s devastation along the Gulf Coast, any hope for a thorough investigation of government’s gross mismanagement of Katrina is quietly ebbing away behind the political levees of Washington. The White House and Republican-controlled Congress, resisting popular support for an independent, nonpartisan commission, remain determined to run self-serving, bogus investigations. President Bush has designated his domestic security adviser to deliver the supposedly no-holds-barred investigation he promised after ...   read more

California Lottery   15 y  
Mega Lotto? Odds 1 in 23? d'ya think there will be a correction in Sunday's Pahrump valley times?
California Lottery No one matched all five numbers and the mega number in Wednesday’s drawing of the California Super Lotto. The next jackpot will be at least $50 million. The winning numbers were: 3 30 34 37 41 (18) Drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday. Odds of matching all five winning numbers and the mega number are one in 41,416,353. Overall odds of winning are 1 in 23.   visit the page

Motley Fool Retirement   15 y  
I love these guys, their tongue is firmly planted in their cheek- check this out- When R Brokamp retires "he plans to finally clean his room" funny thing-me too!
Retirement as we’ve known it is changing. The days of working for the same company for 30 years and getting a pension for life are certainly over for most Americans, whether because of increased worker mobility or decreased pension security. But many people are questioning the very notion of retirement, wondering whether they even want to spend the last couple of decades of their lives engaged in full-time leisure. In fact, a survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates found that two-thirds of the over-50 crowd plan to work in retirement -- most for reasons other than money. Su ...   read more

Social Security-when? if?   15 y  
This is the simplest and best article on Social Security benefits, that is, the choices, the considerations before and after one starts their benefits
How benefits are calculated Let’s start with the basics: your Social Security number. It has been used on every tax form you and your employers have sent in since your first day of work to keep track of your earnings. To be fully insured, you need 40 credits earned over your lifetime. You get up to four credits per year based on your earnings. For 2005, you receive one credit for every $920 you earn, so you max out your four credits with an annual income of $3,680 or more. That’s a pretty easy bar to clear, by design: Social Security sprang from the depths of the Great Depression to en ...   read more

Logo Ad on Vegan Outreach   15 y  
If the neighborhood is bad, get out and give to others...It creates a shift in the DNA. Your soul will thank you, and you can meet the coolest people by giving of yourself!
Your Group’s Logo on Why Vegan In the past, some groups have printed a batch with their logo printed in the ”Distributed courtesy of” box on the back cover. This time, there are two options, starting at around $125 plus shipping for 1,000. If you are interested, let Jack know at jack@veganoutreach.org as soon as possible. 9th~ I am running this opportunity by WSSD (Waldorf School) But People’s is a great Choice and Tierra Miguel also. I am finding such richness and depth in the Waldorf, Rudolf Steiner connections. I am having a great time at my job! And I am very well suited ...   read more

Retire Rich   15 y  
This is one of the better articles on retirement savings and expense cutting for retirement. I will be working with my websites after retirement...I I will always have some source of active working to supply cash flow...Yes, I actually like that Idea...call me silly but I do not want to retire. I do LOVE the idea of freedom to choose,
Home » Your Money » Retirement » Magazine SAVING FOR RETIREMENT Fresh Ideas for Retiring Rich These seven bold strategies can help you supercharge your savings and realize your dreams. By Mary Beth Franklin America is on the verge of a retirement revolution. The oldest of the baby-boomers -- the 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 -- are turning 59˝, the magic milestone when they can start tapping their retirement accounts penalty-free. In just three more years, the same advance team will be eligible to take early benefits from social security. But just beca ...   read more

Change to S&P Index   15 y  
Often we hear of annuities whose returns are based on the S&P Index- there are more than one-! The small cap Index has changed some stocks that comprise the Index. This actually happens regularly, and most advisors speak-One would think there is only ONE Index with a static company membership- Not So- Just for fun ask your advisor what stocks comprise each of the Indices!!!go check out the mcgraw hill site...LOOK the REIT(RealEstate Investment Trust) was deleted- what does that tell you?
NEW YORK, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard & Poor’s will make the following changes to the S&P SmallCap 600 and S&P REIT Composite indices after the close of trading on Tuesday, September 27, 2005: -- Prosperity Bancshares Inc. (Nasdaq: PRSP) will replace CRT Properties Inc. (NYSE: CRO) in the S&P SmallCap 600. CRT is being acquired by clients advised by DRA Advisors LLC, along with S&P SmallCap 600 and S&P REIT Composite constituent Colonial Properties Trust (NYSE: CLP), in a deal that is expected to close on that date, pending final approvals. -- LTC Properties Inc. (NYSE: ...   read more

Katrina's Losses in $$   15 y  
CFO.blog~ Here comes the Insurance Companies estimates on damage during Katrina
AIG, Berkshire Estimate Katrina Losses The first loss estimates from insurance companies are being disclosed, as Hurricane Katrina’s financial toll mounts. Stephen Taub, CFO.com September 21, 2005 Officials at American International Group (AIG) and Berkshire Hathaway—two companies currently linked in a probe into alleged violations using finite insurance products—said their companies will probably each lose more than $1 billion from Hurricane Katrina. AIG executives noted that initial estimates of the company’s total expected losses relating to third quarter catastrophe events ...   read more

Stagflation?   15 y  
There is some truth here, and I wish I didn't believe it..
COMMENT: Stagflation Whammy. Dear A-Letter Reader: When last I left you on Monday, dear reader, it was in the middle of my conversation with Money Trader editor Boris Schlossberg, in which he explained why he believed stagflation - stagnant economic growth combined with inflation - would rear its ugly head. Stagflation is when inflation is rapid but economic growth lags or is missing altogether. Stagflation makes the poor wretchedly poor, it can put the middle class on the slippery slope toward poverty, and anybody with any money tends to hide in precious metals. In a nuts ...   read more

Who are the best Traders?   15 y  
I could have told them that without wasting money on a scientific evaluation! These are the people that run the world we live in-!
LONDON (Reuters) - ”Wanted: psychopaths to make a killing in the markets.” Such an advert will not be appearing in the world’s newspapers any time soon, but it may have a ring of truth after research revealed the best wheeler-dealers could well be ”functional psychopaths.” A team of U.S. scientists has found the emotionally impaired are more willing to gamble for high stakes and that people with brain damage may make good financial decisions, the Times newspaper reported Monday. In a study of investors’ behavior 41 people with normal IQs were asked to play a simple investment game ...   read more

8 Companies Indicted   15 y  
Yes, well we'll see if this puts a dent in the self-dealing that goes right on up to the leaders of this country.
Spitzer Indicts 8, Says More News In Pipeline By MARK E. RUQUET NU Online News Service, Sept. 15, 2005, 1:32 p.m. EDT After close to a year of civil litigation and plea bargain deals, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has announced the indictment of 8 insurance brokers on charges of bid-rigging and defrauding clients. The 37-count indictment, unveiled today in a New York state court in New York City before Judge James Yates, charges the 8 former executives from the insurance brokerage firm Marsh, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc., New York, with grand larceny, s ...   read more

Sovereign Society   15 y  
Foolish or Wise...It could be that Bob Bauman was having a bad day when he wrote this one!
Dear A-Letter Reader: Earlier this week we reminded you that ”the Sovereign Society was founded expressly to enhance personal and financial freedoms -- liberties that are being leached away by the growing cancer of incompetent, nay, by malevolent, power hungry government.” We also noted that, well after the Katrina deluge, police confiscated firearms in New Orleans, even though gun ownership is legal there. We said: ”What most Americans don’t realize (though we’ve tried to tell them), is that we have all been disarmed -- to the extent that we have not moved some or all of our as ...   read more

Children Managing Money   15 y  
Start talking to your elementary aged children about money. And also the charitable giving spiritually aligned value of money.
2. The Champion Within Article MANAGING MONEY for Your Elementary Age Children by Dr. Denis Waitley and Dr. Maryann Rosenthal Money management is one of the least talked about issues of family life. Children’s lifelong attitudes toward money are based on what they learn at home, so when do our children start to learn about money? When a child begins to count, you can begin to teach them to distinguish one coin from another. Then, how many coins equal another. An allowance will show your child how to handle money and when she is ready for school, she is ready for an allowance. Whe ...   read more

eBay & Skype   15 y  
VOIP Communication- was just a fledging in 2000 when the communications industry had it's first major set back, since then there have been several more...WorldCom,Avanti, Lucent (what is Lucent doing now?)
eBay Believes the Skype By Scott Moritz Senior Writer 9/13/2005 7:00 AM EDT Take the Internet, add some communication services and you’ve got a new growth industry. At least that’s some of the thinking behind the stunning $2.6 billion deal between eBay (EBAY:Nasdaq - news - research - Cramer’s Take) and Skype. And that’s not all. The concept that the Net is about to turn communications into a hotspot was the motivation behind Yahoo!’s (YHOO:Nasdaq - news - research - Cramer’s Take) June purchase of Dialpad, and it was the brainstorm behind Google’s (GOOG:Nasdaq - news - r ...   read more

UN Hypocrites   15 y  
We have all suspected that the food and medical services that are donated by the international community for the poor are not distributed to the poor!
Meet the Fakers By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: September 13, 2005 The biggest gathering of leaders in history unfolds this week at the United Nations, as they preen and boast about how much they’re helping the world’s poor. In short, it may be the greatest assembly in history - of hypocrites. More Columns by Nicholas D. Kristof Web Journal: KRISTOF Responds The fact is that with just a few exceptions, the presidents and prime ministers coming to the U.N. summit are doing a disgraceful job in helping the poor. That’s one reason the world’s richest 500 individuals have the s ...   read more

Katrina&Global Economy!   15 y  
This is another sane and commonsense look at the Katrina situation..and The U.S. as the Global Economic Engine that it is.
COMMENT: Ripples on the Pond. Dear A-Letter Reader: As the Gulf Coast picks itself up after being flattened and flooded by Hurricane Katrina, many worry about the affect it might have on the US economy. I think other nation’s economies could be even more at risk. Now, it’s easy to see the risk to the US. After all, we’re talking at least $125 billion in economic damage...400,000 jobs may disappear... higher gas prices which squeeze consumer spending and business profit margins...damage to offshore rigs and onshore refineries...and interruptions of shipping through the vital gu ...   read more

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