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Elephant birth   14 y  
View this video of a live elephant birth in the wild!
Subject: The Birth of an Elephant in the Wild! Elephant cows encircle the mother-to-be in midwife process; the actual birth captured on video!   read more

Tree as Art   14 y  
Artist Joel Tauber was captivated the first time he laid eyes on the little sycamore in the middle of the Rose Bowl parking lot. "It struck me on a metaphorical level," he says. "It just seemed like this forgotten figure in this sea of asphalt, and that seemed indicative of where we are environmentally."
Pasadena artist goes out on a limb A tree in the Rose Bowl parking lot has become the project and passion of artist Joel Tauber. By Sharon Mizota, Special to The Times March 10, 2007 Click on: to see photo of the Rose Bowl sycamore tree and see a preview of Joel’s video; he explains his efforts to protect the tree and why this is important to him and to the environment Since that day two years ago, Tauber has devoted his life and art to the tree. He began watering it and installed metal railings to protect it from ...   read more

"Green" Tampons/Pads   14 y  
Updated: Seventh Generation and Natracare are two of my favorite "Green products" companies. Their tampons and pads are chlorine-free and use organic cotton, so Mother Earth and women both benefit.
  For information about Seventh Generation chlorine-free menstrual supplies: "Most conventional feminine care products are made with absorbent fibers that have been bleached with chlorine, a process that sends dangerous chlorinated toxins into the atmosphere, water, soil…and our bodies":     For more information about Seventh Generation green cleaning products, paper goods, and other household products, go to their website:   “In our every deliberation, we must consider th ...   read more

Gack!   14 y  
missing blogs for past 4 months
what happened to all of my blogs??!? oh, well, I guess this is the ultimate in electronic recycling....sigh.   visit the page

Christmas Tree Story   15 y  
My favorite Christmas Tree story told from the perspective of the tree, written by a 12 year old!
  MY LIFE AS A CHRISTMAS TREE 12/19/05 Today is a wonderful day. The sun is out and shining on my forest home. I am surrounded by my friends and family. I watch as a blue bird lands in its nest upon my mother’s head. We are pine trees, green and tall, masters of the forest. We are at peace with the world and all its inhabitants. I am talking to my mother when I hear a strange sound, the sound of trees falling down. I watch in horror as I see my mother being pulled to the ground by humans. Now it’s my turn; I feel my roots start to shake, ...   read more

Eco-XMAS Trees   15 y  
The Holidays are almost here! How about an eco-friendly Christmas Tree this year? Here are some resources to guide you:
1) Annual Question: What should we get this year, a fake tree or a real tree? A cut tree or a live tree? The most eco-friendly tree: Avoid plastic trees made from petroleum, and buy a real tree from a small-scale sustainable (organic) grower to avoid pesticides and herbicides. If you live in a city or if an evergreen tree is inappropriate to your landscape, buy a cut tree and recycle it after the Holidays. If your environment can support a live tree, be sure to plant it with care after the Holidays! Or, consider not buying a t ...   read more

Recycled XMAS   15 y  
How a real family worked together to do something different, ecologically responsible, and fun with their Christmas celebration.
”Recycled Christmas” from the website: REPAIR, RESALE and REUSE COUNCIL By Brian Smith Environment News Service One Family’s Revolution Against the Shopping Mall Sitting around the dinner table out at the farm last Thanksgiving, the subject of what to do about Christmas came up. How would we organize a family gathering now that we kids are grown and scattered across the state? Whose house would we use? How would we deal with the whole gift-giving thing? Everyone seemed completely unenthusiastic about engaging in anot ...   read more

Reconnecting w/Nature   15 y  
Dr. Michael J. Cohen is an ecopsychologist who teaches that, in industrialized societies, stress and other disorders arise from our "disconnect" with Mother Earth and the natural order. Read on for more of his philosophy and information about his unique educational program to re-connect us to our natural source of wellness--Nature herself.
INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL EDUCATION Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council Website: from webpage: We unnecessarily suffer personal, environmental and global disorders because: ESTRANGEMENT FROM NATURE: Over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thinking arises from indoor relationships that are separated from the grace, balance and restorative powers of nature. This estrangement from nature removes the wise sensory signals of over 45 natural systems from our consciousness and r ...   read more

ReCycled Gift Ideas!   15 y  
Yep, the Holidays are rolling around again. Here's some great gift ideas made from recycled products! Thanks for having GREEN Holidays!
Find Recycled Products in the National Green Pages™ Looking for some creative gift ideas for the holidays that aren’t too resource intensive?  You might be surprised by some of the results you get when you search ”recycled” at our revamped National Green Pages ™ Web site. Celebrate America Recycles Day by checking out all the amazing and innovative uses for making one person’s trash into another’s treasure:  sandals and belts made from recycled tires , stemware and tumblers made from recycled glass, handbags made from recycled candy wrappers and other packaging, outdoor picni ...   read more

A Greener America!   15 y  
Environmentalists claim victory for the environment as pro-environment legislators are elected, replacing pro-Big Oil officials!
Excerpt from e-mail received from League of Conservation Voters: Yesterday saw major victories that set the stage for a safer, cleaner, smarter America. At least eight of LCV’s Dirty Dozen – anti-environmentalists in Congress – went down. We are keeping a close watch on the three races that are currently undecided, especially in Virginia where Senator George Allen is expected to lose. Additionally, eight out of nine of our Environmental Champions prevailed. Check out LCV’s Election Results: Americans showed Wa ...   read more

Best Wildlife Photos 2006   15 y  
National Geographic Best Wildlife Photos of 2006
Photo Gallery: Best Wildlife Photos of 2006 Announced   Next Photo   Overall Winner: ”Beast of the Sediment” Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, 2006 This image of a massive walrus looming through clouds of mud while probing for food in Arctic waters was voted best overall photo in the 2006 Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Unveiled October 19 at the Natural History Museum in London, the winning images—five of which are included in this gallery—were chosen from 18,000 entries from amateur and professional photographers in 55 co ...   read more

"Free Hugs" Update!   15 y  
How one man can change the world! video update about the "Free Hugs Campaign" video, with music by Sick Puppies
Watch the original video, ”Free Hugs Campaign”:   read more

VOTE for Environment   15 y  
CALIFORNIANS: Vote for the Environment Tuesday November 7 Propostions Are the Key!
VOTE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT  TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7 YES on 84   Natural Resource Protection YES on 87   Alternative Energy Funding   NO on 90   Eminent Domain *********************************************************** Sierra Club California Voting Guide: Put the Propositions in Your Pocket So many elections, so many propositions...It’s easy to be overwhelmed. That’s why the Sierra Club has created a handy pocket guide to help you vote for the environment when you hit the election booth on November 7th. Go to: Even ...   read more

Personal MCS Story   15 y  
I am volunteering to help Susan Abod connect with sponsors so she may complete her independent film "HOMESICK" about people living with multiple chemical sensitivity and their search for safe housing. I am doing this because for over 20 years I have been living with MCS...
...and in more recent years with CFIDS as well (Chronic Fatigue/Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Almost six years ago my career as a social worker ended when I became too ill to work. I was, and still am, very fortunate because I had family and friends who provided me and my children with housing, financial, emotional, and spiritual support. I consider helping Susan with her film as my way of ”paying it forward”, or giving back to the community after all of the help my children and I have received. Many people with MCS do not have the level of support that I have had and find themselves ...   read more

Home Make You Sick?   15 y  
Is your home making you sick? You may have multiple chemical sensitivity. 15% of the US population has sensitivity to chemicals commonly found in household products. Many of those with MCS are thrown into poverty and homelessness, unable to find housing that does not make them sick.
From: Homesick, a Video About Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: Coal miners used to send canaries into the mines ahead of them to check the level of lethal gases. If the canaries died, the gasses had reached deadly levels. If they lived, it was safe to mine… Today, millions of people are made sick from the toxicity of their everyday environments. These “human canaries” suffer from a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). This condition overlaps with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sick Building ...   read more

Pollution,Poverty,MCS   15 y  
This is an excellent article from Grist Magazine about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and how it relates to the larger issues of poverty and environmental pollution in our industrialized society.
Sense and Sensitivities Multiple Chemical Sensitivities can drive sufferers into poverty as well as ill health By Todd Hymas 17 Mar 2006 Consider the trappings of modern life: Calvin Klein Eternity, gasoline, Gore-Tex, Aveda hairspray, paint, particle board, polyurethane iPod cases. Now imagine that you’re allergic to virtually all of them. Environmentalists usually think about chemical toxicity as either a dramatic local crisis (Bhopal, Love Canal) or the simmering concern of those far away (brea ...   read more

The Enviro,Itchy Skin, & MCS/EI   15 y  
A friend of mine asked for information about finding out about and eliminating the various causes of itchy skin. I approached the question from the standpoint of MCS/EI as well as using less-toxic and eco-friendly products and taking a look at the foods we eat.
I received the following e-mail from a friend of mine: Hi Liora, how are you doing? I recently heard from a friend who has been suffering for the past year from itchy skin. Her dermatologist and a panel of dermatologists have not been able to identify the cause, poor thing! I thought of you and the saga you have had with your allergies, and wondered if you had any ideas for her, especially in the way of identifying what could be causing this, and also ways to reduce the artificial crap we all have in our lives that can become problems for sensitive people. Thank ...   read more

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”Mother Earth Heals” focuses on everyday ways that we can help the Earth by using home products that are healthy for us and for the environment; easy ways that we can be involved in action campaigns directed towards government and industry to address environmental and health issues; and my own personal experiences in nature that are helping me to heal in mind-body, heart and soul.… more...

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