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by Liora Leah
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Spider Scare!   13 y  
Still recovering from a spider bite four weeks ago, I had another encounter with a little black spider...!
I like spiders! I usually catch the Daddy-Long-Legs in my house by hand and put them outside. I let the ones in the bathroom stay, though, ’cause they eat the ants that always get in through the bathroom window every summer--they come in looking for water. The brown spiders that make their way into the house, I pick up with a cup and put outside. I don’t remember ever seeing a Black Widow, although a nice young man who came to the door yesterday offering to spray the outside of my house for ants and spiders assured me they were around this neighborhood (I firmly but politely decline ...   read more

Spider Journal   13 y  
Two more entries from my Journal documenting my healing from Spider Bite!
Left Brain Energy...flows through the Heart Space...and out the right hand! Journal Entry 5/22/08 Let Go of the Left Brain! Let Go of fear/doubt! Let Go of Western Mind! Left Brain Energy: logic reason Western Thinking anxiety/fear doubt shame/guilt Using the left hand connects us with our Right Brain Energy: intuition creativity Spirituality vision-states higher consciousness Shaman-within Christ Consciousness "Brain Drain: The Brain drains itself of negativities" Journal Entry 6 ...   read more

Spider Totem   13 y  
I was bitten by a spider 3 weeks ago. What is the spiritual message of the spider bite?
Page from my Journal: "Spider Woman, Weaver of Life, What Potentials Do We Carry Within?" dated 5/25/08 My shamanic practitioner says the spider bite was a "wake up call from Spirit" telling me it was time to "get serious" about my spiritual practice. My shamanic practitioner is a Native American woman; in her culture, Spider Woman is a very powerful Spirit, and the bite of a spider can be seen as an initiatory experience. What doesn’t kill you will lead you to something new!!  "The Spider: Many s ...   read more

Spider Bite!!   13 y  
I haven't posted much lately, having been bitten by a spider on Tuesday May 20, 2008. Herein lies the tale of healing...
Normal Left Hand for Comparison Swollen Right Hand, two days after spider bite I never did see a spider.  All I know is that I was doing yard work, pulling out tall grasses that were growing among the ivy plants on the front easement of my house. I had my hand in the ivy.  I didn’t feel a bite.  I just know that the knuckle of my middle finger on my right hand suddenly was hurting--it was red, inflamed, and painful.  Oh, well, I thought, something has bitten me, and I went about my day, ignoring it. Four hours later, my knuckle was swollen the size ...   read more

Organic Cotton Sale!   13 y  
Conventional cotton grown in the U.S. ranks third behind corn and soybeans in total amount of pesticides sprayed. What to do about the clothing we wear? Buy organic cotton clothing if you can afford it, or...
buy ”recycled” clothing from thrift stores or re-sale stores. Hold off on buying clothing until you ab-soul-utely have to! I wait until my stuff is nearly in tatters before I replace it, or I’ve ”outgrown” it (at age 51 I’m not likely to get any taller, just wider)--yeah, not exactly fashionable, but easier on the environment and on my budget! By buying ”recycled” clothing, the consumer demand for new clothing diminishes--the consumer is ”buying out” of the ”consumer mentality” that grips Western culture. ”Recycle, reduce, reuse” applies to all aspects of consumer consumption, not j ...   read more

HELP China Earthquake Survivors   13 y  
Aide is needed for survivors of the earthquake that struck China on Monday, May 12. Listing of international agencies excepting contributions.
Excerpt: China quake rescuers face tough going Hampered by rain, mudslides and lack of electricity, they race to find survivors buried in the rubble. By Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer May 14, 2008 MIANZHU, CHINA -- Rescue workers facing a rising death toll and heavy rains Tuesday dug for survivors of China’s worst earthquake in decades, as people throughout the country searched for loved ones, medical help, water and food. Outside Zhu Renmin Hospital in Mianzhu, where thousands of dead and severely injured people were gathere ...   read more

HELP Myanmar Survivors   13 y  
The cyclone that hit Myanmar Saturday May 3 has affected up to 2 million survivors. The Myanmar military junta is now allowing limited international aide into the country. Below is a listing of aid agencies accepting contributions to help those affected by the cyclone:
Latest from Myanmar: Monday, May 12, 2008: Excerpt: YANGON, Myanmar - The first U.S. relief airlift arrived in Myanmar on Monday after prolonged negotiations with the country’s isolationist junta, which considers Washington its enemy and has restricted international aid to as many as 2 million cyclone victims. Richard Horsey, a spokesman for U.N. humanitarian operations, said... ”clean drinking water, shelter, medical supplies and food are still desperately needed by hundreds of thousands of people in order to prevent widespread starvati ...   read more

Bhopalis Suffering Continues   13 y  
Survivors of the 1984 Bhopal Disaster in India have walked 500 miles to the Indian capitol of New Dehli. After camping out for one month, the Prime Minister still refuses to meet with them. Survivors have been arrested for "trespassing". TAKE ACTION: Send a NEW FREE FAX to the Prime Minister of India, asking him to meet with the Bhopali Survivors!
    To send a free fax, click here: Bhopal, India, 1984:  A deadly gas leak from a pesticide manufacturing plant (Union Carbide, now part of Dow Chemical) killed 15,000 people and poisoned scores more.     May 2008: Survivors of the disaster are still seeking health care, justice, and cleanup after 24 years! Help the survivors by sending a free fax to the Indian Prime Min ...   read more

Vegie Oil Fuel!   13 y  
YouTube video: 7-year-old boy explains how his family car runs on used vegetable oil! Cute and informative video!! ”My son and I made this video for the ’Convenient Truths’ contest at It features our yellow Beetle that runs on vegetable oil, and the larger possibilities.” A work truck runs on used vegie oil: Filling up mercedes with vegetable oil   read more

Doc:Grandmothers Speak   13 y  
For the Next Seven Generations: The Grandmothers Speak is a full-length documentary in the final stages of editing. It is a companion piece to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and 11th Hour and green programming of the highest order. The movie talks about the degradation of the earth and of the human spirit and how to use the knowledge from ancient traditions to remedy these ills.
Dear All: I received this request and am passing it on. Please view and pass on! Blessings, Liora *********************************************************** Hello Community, The trailer For The Next Seven Generations: The Grandmothers Speak is on Current TV News: The trailer can move onto the Current TV homepage based on views and votes. Generating internet publicity means a better chance the 7 Gen trailer will get into film festivals and be picked up by television. ...   read more

Father of LSD Dies   13 y  
Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered the hallucinatory effects of LSD by accident in 1943; he also identified active ingredients of other psychoactive plants.,0,6505378.story Albert Hofmann, 102; Swiss chemist discovered LSD Walter Bieri / Associated Press Albert Hofmann was a synthetic chemist with Sandoz Laboratories, now Novartis, in Switzerland when in 1943 he stumbled on the hallucinatory effects of LSD. After it became seen by Harvard’s Timothy Leary and others in the ’60s as a pathway to spiritual enlightenment, and then as a major recreational drug, “Instead of a ‘wonder child,’ LSD suddenly became my ‘problem child,’ ...   read more

"Eco"-Dry Cleaning   13 y  
I put "ECO" in quotes because there really isn't a true "Green" solution to dry cleaning except to buy clothing and products that don't need to be dry cleaned! But if you have something that just can't be cleaned any other way, read on for safer dry cleaning alternatives and resources... By Melissa Breyer, Senior Editor, Care2 Green Living When I was young, I assumed dry cleaning meant that clothing was, somehow magically, cleaned with hot air. It was not until I was older that I began to suspect the chemical smell from freshly dry cleaned clothes. When I learned what dry cleaning really is, I was a bit shocked. I wouldn’t say I was filled with disillusion, but definitely a shudder of “eeeew” shot through me. The dry cleaning industry started in the 19th century, and volatile liqu ...   read more

"Green" Cleaning Products   13 y  
Plant-based or natural ingredients don't always mean a cleaning product is safe. The market is largely unregulated.,0,6833310.story How safe are green cleaning products? By Elena Conis, Special to The Times April 28, 2008 JENNIFER MARTINÉ threw a party Thursday night, and her guests brought food, wine -- and empty spray bottles. Using vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and castile soap, they spent the evening making batches of natural household cleaners. Martiné, 28, is one of more than 100 women who’ve signed up to host so-called green cleaning parties across the ...   read more

Electric Car Comeback   13 y  
Electric car for the masses to be made in Southern California. Norway's Think Global will begin selling its inexpensive, eco-friendly vehicles in the U.S. next year.,1,4269330.story Electric Car for the Masses By Ken Bensinger, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer April 22, 2008 Norwegian automaker Think Global said Monday it planned to sell low-priced electric cars to the masses and will introduce its first models in the U.S. by the end of next year. The battery-powered Think City will be able to travel up to 110 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of about 65 mph, the company said. It will be priced below $25,000. Think City vehicleOslo-based Think said ven ...   read more

Photos:Nature Walk   13 y  
Photos: A Spring walk at the West San Gabriel River Parkway and nature trail adjacent to Monte Verde Park in Lakewood, California. This two mile trail features California native drought tolerant plants & grasses
all photos by Liora Leah, April 2008   read more

Photo:Full Moon   13 y  
April 20, 2008 Full Moon as seen through the trees of my neighborhood.
Photo by Liora Leah Related Blog: Spirit Speaks/Full Moon   visit the page

"Green" Mom's Day!   13 y  
May 11 is Mother's Day. How about Going Green for Mom's Day?
Buy ORGANIC FLOWERS for Mom’s day! Why are organic flowers more healthful for Mom and for the planet? Not into flowers? Thinking of buying Mom gold jewelry or a diamond? STOP and read this first: NO DIRTY GOLD for Mom’s Day!   Thanks for GOING GREEN!   Mother Earth thanks you!   read more

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