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Arctic Toxins Down   13 y  
New study shows that carcinogens and pesticide toxins have been leveling off or declining in the Arctic. Work is still needed to ban toxic pesticides. What YOU can do to reduce toxic chemicals in your home that make their way to the Arctic.
Toxic levels falling in the Arctic The Canadian Press reports the first large-scale attempt in a decade to measure contaminants in Arctic food animals has found carcinogens such as PCBs and other pesticide toxins "have largely leveled off or have begun declining." Survey researcher Laurie Chan of the University of Northern British Columbia says it’s good news that "organochlorines, like DDT or chlordane or toxaphene or industrial chemicals like PCB, are declining." Chan called the falling levels proof that "the Stockholm Convention is having some effect." ...   read more

Soy Reduces Sperm Count   13 y  
Study shows men who eat soy on a regular basis have lower sperm count; may be a factor in infertility for some men
Soy reduces sperm count: study WASHINGTON (AFP) - Eating or drinking a lot of products containing soy and isoflavones can result in reduced sperm count among men, a Harvard School of Public Health study has shown. ”There has been a lot of interest on whether soy affects fertility because many studies in animals suggest that this is the case, but there are very few studies in humans,” said researcher and lead study author Jorge Chavarro. ”This only the third study to look at whether soy food has a relatio ...   read more

Photos:NightBlooms   13 y  
These three flowers bloomed tonight as I sat at my computer...they are Epiphyllum, night-blooming cacti. By morning, these large and beautiful flowers will close and droop.
Close Up All Photos by Liora Leah 7-28-2008 Read about Epiphyllum: ”The Epiphyllum (AKA ”epi”, orchid cactus--or incorrectly, night-blooming cereus) is known and cultivated for its beautiful and fragrant flower, which opens and closes in a single night.” Related Blog: Monster Plant Last of eight stories in the Yard Notes series, in loving memory of my father. In my backyard, I have two huge cactus plants that only bloom at night, one night ...   read more

4 Pound Zucchini!!   13 y  
Organic is bigger and better! Delicious!
Homegrown 13 inch organic zucchini, weighing in at almost 4 pounds! Below is a standard sized store-bought organic zucchini for comparison. photo by Liora Leah 7/28/08 A friend of mine grew this behemoth in her back yard, along with tomatoes, lettuce, and other delicious summer vegies! I’ve never seen a zucchini this large before! Have you? :)   read more

Art:Mother Nature   13 y  
Sketch of Mother Nature
Mother Nature 8-1/2” X 11” colored pencil & ink on standard notebook paper created by Liora Leah 7-25-2008 More Art Honoring the Great Mother: Flowering Earth   read more

Rockies Wolves Saved!   13 y  
Federal Judge puts a temporary restraining order on killing wolves. Environmental groups continue to work to have wolves put back on the Endangered Species list.
» Urge the Interior Department to ensure a healthy future for wolves in the northern Rockies: It’s the best possible news. Seven weeks after we went to court, a federal judge has ordered the Bush Administration to restore endangered species protections for wolves in the northern Rockies until the full case can be heard. This interim ...   read more

Al Gore Challenge   13 y  
Did you catch Al Gore's challenge to the United States? 100% of electricity for the entire country using carbon-free renewable energy within 10 years! It's Possible! Solar, geothermal, wind!! The sound-bites you get from the news don't do it justice-- Watch Gore's entire 27 minute speech! Read the entire text!
Video and Text of entire speech: (27 minute video) Excerpt from Al Gores’ speech: ”What if we could use fuels that are not expensive, don’t cause pollution and are abundantly available right here at home? We have such fuels. Scientists have confirmed that enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world’s energy needs for a full year. Tapping just a small portion of this solar energy could provide all of the electricity America u ...   read more

Spiritual Wasteland   13 y  
I have lived in "suburbia" in Southern California all of my life. Martin Prechtel--shaman, writer, artist--describes suburbia as a spiritual wasteland. Reading the truth in his words, distraught and a little angry, I wrote the following poem as a response. Prechtel may be right about suburbia, but there IS life here, even if you have to search a bit harder to find it.
 "...strange isolating failure of...suburbs where the insatiable hole of meaningless details of lawn chemicals, matching outfits, dead food and bad air from unpaid-for cars necessary just to keep afloat in the lonely synthetic soup of machine-dependent comfort, keeps them as individuals constantly struggling against invisibility, where daily one can painfully watch the beauty of their culturally neglected natural hearts bulldozed by the one-sided sham of television’s trance-like promise of real communication into the morass of shallow thought, look-alike c ...   read more

HELP Bhopalis!   13 y  
In February 2008, survivors of the 1984 Bhopal Disaster in India walked 500 miles to the Indian capitol of New Dehli, where they are camping out on the streets. The Prime Minister met with the survivors, but his promises for assistance have been empty. Survivors have started a hunger strike; the current strikers have not eaten for 16 days. Please read on for further information about how YOU CAN HELP the Bhopalis!
Bhopal, India, 1984: A deadly gas leak from a pesticide manufacturing plant (Union Carbide, now part of Dow Chemical) killed 15,000 people and poisoned scores more. July 2008: Survivors of the disaster are still seeking health care, justice, and cleanup after 24 years! In February of 2008, 50 men, women, and children--survivors, children and grandchildren of the survivors, and supporters--walked 500 miles to New Delhi seeking an audience with India’s Prime Minister. The survivors have been camping out on the streets of New Delhi for over 4 months. Some have been ar ...   read more

Art:Flowering Earth   13 y  
Just finished reading Martin Prechtel's 4 books...they inspired me to paint. Martin is a shaman, artist, author, and teacher living in New Mexico...
”Emerging from the Heart of the Flowering Earth” by Liora Leah 7-16-2008 Water Color 10” X 14” Martin Prechtel is a half-European, half-Huron (Canadian First Nation) man who grew up on a Pueblo reservation in New Mexico. In the 1970’s, at age 20, he wandered for a year in Mexico, having many adventures and misadventures before finding his way to Santiago Atitlan, a large village of Tzutujil Mayans in the highlands of Guatemala. Newly arrived, he was met by an elder who berated him for being late! So began Martin’s apprenticeship to Nicolas Chiviliu Taxaxoy, renowned Tzutujil sham ...   read more

Photos:Sunset/MoonRise   13 y  
Some photos of sunset and moon rise over my neighborhood taken a few days ago
Sunset July 2008 by Liora Leah Sunset 2 July 2008 by Liora Leah Moon Rise July 2008 by Liora Leah   read more

Geometric Art Solution   13 y  
Here's the solution to the Geometric Art Puzzle
1) Looking at the lines in the puzzle--- What is the basic geometric shape involved in the creation of the puzzle?   The basic geometric shape is a "3-Dimensional"  cube , or what I call a "box", drawn on a 2-Dimensional paper!  Remember doing this in grade school? --There are two 3-D boxes of each primary color: red,   yellow, and blue --Each set of same-colored boxes overlap each other by sharing the same solid colored square as one side of the "box" --there are 3 such sets total, one for each pr ...   read more

Art:Geometric Puzzle   13 y  
My most recent watercolor painting has turned into a geometry puzzle--anyone care to try and solve it?
”Dancing Through the Winds” watercolor 10” x 14” created July 4, 2008 by Liora Leah I was sketching this drawing on a piece of paper, trying to figure out the color transitions; I fell asleep. In the dream that followed, I could see the colors flowing along the channels created by the lines in the drawing. I heard these words to describe what I was seeing: the colors were ”dancing through the winds,” hence the name of the painting. Only after I finished the drawing did I look at it and realize it would make a nice geometric puzzle. Since many of them are mathematical whizzes ...   read more

Rainmaker Experiment   13 y  
Calling all Californians! Want to help end the drought? Sign up for a FREE teleconference to help bring rain to California and other areas of drought and fire.
Rain Maker Experiment Teleconference Saturday, July 5 @ 11am Pacific Time 1 hour No Charge All my life, I’ve enjoyed a very close relationship with the sun, clouds, wind and rain; the Elemental Realm that contributes to the weather.  I could give you many examples and have many witness of how the weather spirits have responded to my requests. Many past cultures knew how to work in harmony with Mother Earth and had special prayers, dances, songs for making special requests and keeping human life in balance and cooperation with nature.  It’s time we remember this lost relationship. I ha ...   read more

Our Hearts Are The Same Color   13 y  
Peace Activist and spoken-word artist Dreaming-Bear Kanaan, son of a Cherokee mother and a Palestinian father, speaks at the Separation Barrier between Israel & Palestine
View Dreaming-Bear on his ”World Tenderness Tour” filmed In Bethlehem at the Separation Barrier between Israel & Palestine For more about Dreaming-Bear: For more videos with Dreaming-Bear: Spoken Word Performance: ”When Angels Start Kissing” The World Tenderness Tour from DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan on Vimeo.   read more

Dreaming Bear   13 y  
WOW! See and Hear spoken word artist Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan's performance of his piece, "When Angels Start Kissing"!
Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan has been called by many the ’Rumi or Hafiz of our time!’ He is an internationally renowned spoken word artist, author, and peace activist. He poetically blends quantum understandings of the universe with inner expressions of the heart, offering a fresh perspective on how to transform pain into beauty. Most recently, his work has been focused on the war torn regions of the Middle East, where he uses creativity and art to build bridges of commonality between life-long enemies. “I have devoted my life to the artful weaving of conscious expressions t ...   read more

"IRS" Fraud Email   13 y  
Thought I'd alert folks about a national problem in the U.S.--fraudulent emails supposedly from the IRS stating you have a refund...if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!
Dear Curezoners: I just got an email supposedly from the IRS saying I had a refund due me, please click on link below for a form to fill out, etc. Since when does the IRS notify you by email??? THIS IS FRAUDULENT! DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK AS YOU MAY GET A NASTY VIRUS ENTERED INTO YOUR COMPUTER! I checked out the IRS website and they state clearly and emphatically they do NOT use email to notify anyone of anything, refund or other. If you get one of these emails, the IRS recommends you forward it to their antifraud division at For ...   read more

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