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Letter: Fukushima City mother   10 y  
Letter from a Fukushima City mother, regarding nuclear power plant disaster in Japan
To people in the United States and around the world, I am so sorry for the uranium and plutonium that Japan has released into the environment. The fallout from Fukushima has already circled the world many times, reaching Hawaii, Alaska, and even New York. We live 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the plant and our homes have been contaminated beyond levels seen at Chernobyl. The cesium-137 they are finding in the soil will be here for 30 years. But the government will not help us. They tell us to stay put. They tell our kids to put on masks and hats and keep going to school. Thi ...   read more

Protect the Amazon!   10 y  
Oil Drilling Threatens the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and Peru. Watch videos, sign petitions to help protect the people, animals, and environment of the Amazon rainforest.
Watch this video to the United States from the communities in Ecuador devastated by oil giant Chevron’s contamination. Then, sign the petition on the webpage: A court in Ecuador recently found American oil giant Chevron guilty of widespread oil contamination that has caused massive suffering for tens of thousands of men, women, and children in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Now they need our help to ensure Chevron isn’t able to use its political influence and seemingly endless resources to avoid paying for the cleanup the ...   read more

Book:"Eradicating Ecocide"   10 y  
Polly Higgins' book "Eradicating Ecocide" has been entered for the People’s Book Prize. Please help out by voting for her book and then passing this information on! Thanks!
”How wonderful would it be - if her book won? Not for her, but for all of us, and for THE EARTH.... I ask you to help make this happen... A prize like this will help energize her proposal to have Ecocide made the 5th Crime Against Peace, just as we had to do with Genocide. Do you know that it is only a crime to destroy large tracts of the planet during war? In peace-time there is no law against it, and so it is that the Earth is being destroyed at ever faster rate and level than before. The UN says we are at the tipping point...and her book shows how we can stop from going over the e ...   read more

Monsanto in Our Lives!   10 y  
Very important article! lets consumers now how ubiquitous Monsanto is in our everyday lives, including the foods we eat and the clothes we wear, and even organic seeds (I didn't know that!!) A Month Without Monsanto posted August 24, 2010 April Dávila wondered what it would take to cut the GMO giant out of her family’s life. She found that it was far more entrenched than she’d ever realized. In January of this year, while procrastinating on Facebook, I followed a link to an article reporting on evidence that there may be health effects associated with consuming Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) corn. Clicking on that link was one of those moments on which I look back and laugh. I had no idea how my life ...   read more

Deadly GMO Pathogen!   10 y  
GMO-Based pathogen is destroying plants and undermining health of livestock Connecting the Dots: Novel GMO-Based Bug Threatens U.S. Food Supplies Posted: 05/16/11 02:20 PM ET by Alison Rose Levy A newly discovered pathogen, visible only under an electron microscope, is destroying plants and undermining the health of livestock -- thereby posing a deadly risk to the U.S. food supply, a senior plant pathologist warned USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. In a January 2010 letter to Vilsack, (a former Iowa governor and agribusiness champion, appointed by President O ...   read more

Updates:Japan Nuke Disaster   10 y  
The nuclear power plant crisis in Fukushima Japan seems to have fallen off of the news radar, even though it is far from over. Below are two news articles with information from the past two days (May 10-11, 2011) about the ongoing nuclear crisis. * note: all Update times are Eastern U.S. time NUCLEAR CRISIS IN JAPAN UPDATE, 11:30 am, Thursday, May 12, 2011. At a Tokyo press briefing today, Tepco officials said that there is likely a hole inside the Unit 1 containment which is allowing highly radioactive water to leak—where the water is leaking to isn’t known at this point. Tepco has flooded Unit 1 with some 11 million liters of water so far, and the unit can only physically hold less than 8 million liters—although much of that loss could have been by evaporation and release of ra ...   read more

Pres.Obama on Nuclear Power in U.S.   10 y  
I wrote two letters to President Obama and sent several emails regarding my views about nuclear power in the U.S. These were all pre-dating the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan. I was surprised to receive a letter of response from the White House.
Summarizing, the messages I sent to President Obama basically stated that I opposed new nuclear power plants being built in the U.S., and that nuclear power is NOT ”green” and should not be considered a ”sustainable” source of energy. Below is the exact wording of the letter I received in response. To clarify, I did NOT write about nuclear disarmament, I wrote about nuclear ENERGY. My concerns about safety, cost, pollution caused by uranium mining, what to do with nuclear waste, etc. were NOT addressed. Needless to say, the White House letter infuriated me. I have yet to compose an e ...   read more

Uranium Mining/Grand Canyon   10 y  
Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining! Send letter to President Obama! PROTECT THE GRAND CANYON FROM URANIUM MINING! April 27, 2011 The Grand Canyon is majestic, irreplaceable, and in dire need of protection from the nuclear power industry. Uranium mining companies don’t see one of the wonders of the world when they see the Grand Canyon, they see the chance to dig up some of their filthy fuel for nuclear reactors. And so they’re pressing the federal government to approve new uranium mines all around the Grand Canyon. Don’t let them get away with it. ACT NOW: Tell Pres ...   read more

NEW Energy! Tidal Power!   10 y  
Tidal energy is an alternative form of power under development--the tides as powered by the moon are predictable. If we can harness the power of the tides, we could have cheap green energy. More Research & Development is needed! exerpt from the website: Introduction If there is one thing we can safely predict and be sure of on this planet, it is the coming and going of the tide. This gives this form of renewable energy a distinct advantage over other sources that are not as predictable and reliable, such as wind or solar. The gravitational force of the moon causes the oceans to bulge along an axis pointing directly at the moon. The rotation of the earth causes the rise and fall of the tides. The rotational per ...   read more

GREEN HydroThermal Energy!   10 y  
Hydrothermal energy has the potential to deliver 5 times the power of nuclear energy, and it's "GREEN"!
Hydrothermal energy has the potential to deliver 5 times the power of nuclear energy. The process involves harnessing superheated fluid spewing out from the ocean floor. It’s not that simple to do anything at a depth of 75,000 ft -- but now the technology exists! If the economic and technical challenges can be met, this is a monumental step towards a truly renewable energy solution. See this astounding energy source clearly explained in this video. Related Blogs: NEW Energy! Tidal Power! Tidal energy is an alternative form of pow ...   read more

Chernobyl:25 Years Later   10 y  
READ THIS IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE KNOW! Affects of radiation from Chernobyl--brain defects, birth defects, in humans and animals. Children dying in utero. Plant genetics damaged. 25 years of Russian SCIENTISTS AND PHYSICIANS studying ill effects of radiation. Governments all over the world lying, distorting, covering up information.
WATCH THE VIDEO: "A million people have died so far as a result of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant accident, explains Janette Sherman, M.D., toxicologist and contributing editor of the book Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment . Published by the New York Academy of Sciences, the book, authored by Dr. Alexey Yablokov, Dr. Vassily Nesterenko and Dr. Alexey Nesterenko, examined medical records now available--which expose as a lie the claim of the International Atomic Energy Commission that perhaps 4,000 peop ...   read more

HELP Japan   10 y  
Below are organizations that are working on relief and recovery in Japan
AMERICAN RED CROSS : Emergency Operation Centers are opened in the affected areas and staffed by the chapters. This disaster is on a scale larger than the Japanese Red Cross can typically manage. Donations to the American Red Cross can be allocated for the International Disaster Relief Fund, which then deploys to the region to help. Donate here . GLOBALGIVING : Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Donate here . SAVE THE CHILDREN : Mobilizing to provide immediate humanitarian rel ...   read more

STOP Nuclear Power!   10 y  
TAKE ACTION! Tell the U.S.Congress to stop funding more nuclear power plants in the U.S.!
Anti-Nuke Memorabilia from the 1980’s  photo by Liora 3-17-2011   It’s time to do more than reminisce, it’s time to TAKE ACTION! ”The lesson of (Japan’s) catastrophe is clear: we must end the use of nuclear power. Tell Congress: No more taxpayer $ for more nuclear power” !  Send an email to your U.S. Senators and Representative: GO TO Nuclear Information and Resource Service often for UPDATES ON THE JAPANESE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT CRISIS RELATED BLOGS ...   read more

Nuclear Disaster in U.S. Possible   10 y  
Congressman Markey Warns that Japan Nuclear Accident Could Happen in the U.S. March 13, 2011: Markey Warns that Japan Nuclear Accident Could Happen Here Congressman Recommends Actions to Prevent Similar Event in America WASHINGTON (March 12, 2011) -- Representative Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), the top Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee and a senior Democratic member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, today warned that a nuclear accident such as the one currently unfolding in Japan could easily take place in the United States. “I ...   read more

Japan Nuclear Crisis   10 y  
UPDATE: Nuclear Crisis in Japan takes turn for the worse Implications (and actions) for U.S. nuclear power   6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 301-270-6477; ;       UPDATE: NUCLEAR CRISIS IN JAPAN TAKES TURN FOR THE WORSE IMPLICATIONS (AND ACTIONS) FOR U.S. NUCLEAR POWER Sunday, March 13, 2011, 6:30 pm Dear Friends, The nuclear crisis in Japan has taken a turn for the worse this afternoon, as Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) has reported that six to ten feet of the core of its Fukushima Daiichi Uni ...   read more

Save Rainforest for FREE!   10 y  
Everytime you use an internet search engine, you can be contributing to rainforest preservation for FREE!!
  SEARCH ENGINE: Related Blog:] Save 11.4 Square Feet of Rainforest Daily! With a simple click of the mouse, you can save endangered forestland -- for free! -- every day!   read more

Ingredients in Food   10 y  
What's in the food we eat? Unless it's certified as "organic", its almost guaranteed to contain ingredients derived from GE (genetically engineered) crops!
I received a very nice email from Sally Shepard who is the public relations representative for Newman’s Own Organics, thanking me for the ”Mother Earth Heals Award” that I gave to the company for their support of sustainable, organic agriculture and farm worker safety (See ”Mother Earth Heals Award: Newman’s Own Organics She answered my question about processed foods with the USDA Organic label on them. I was wondering if, for example, soy lecithin (an emulsifier that is commonly used in processed foods to hold the other ingredients together ...   read more

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