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"Fracking" Enviro Hazard   9 y  
‎"The biggest environmental issue of 2011 — at least in the U.S. — wasn't global warming. It was hydraulic fracturing, or what is commonly known as "fracking" .
”Research shows that methane leaks over the full life cycle of shale gas production cause a larger greenhouse footprint than oil and potentially twice the worsening effect on greenhouse and climate change as coal, so shale gas is not by any stretch of the imagination ’clean’ as touted by endless gas industry TV commercials we’re seeing every day.” Read More:,28804,2101745_2102309_2102323,00.html What is Fracking? ”Hydraulic fracturing is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer caused by the presence of a pressurized fl ...   read more

Spirit Bears Threatened   9 y  
Pres.Obama has put a temporary hold on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline; however, Canadian officials are now seeking another route to run dirty tar sands crude oil to the United States and Asia, threatening the Canadian coastal rainforest that is home to the remaining Spirit Bears. TAKE ACTION! READ the information,VIEW the video, and SIGN the online petition asking Canadian officials to abandon the proposed pipeline!
Kevin Bacon calls attention to a proposed pipeline and supertanker traffic that would endanger the world’s last 400 Spirit Bears in British Columbia. President Obama announced in November that he would not approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. “The Keystone XL pipeline, proposed by TransCanada, would carry almost a million barrels a day of volatile raw bitumen from tar sands trip mines and drill sites in Alberta, Canada. It would cross eight U.S. states and the vast Ogallala Aquifer, terminatin ...   read more

Occupy Tokyo   9 y  
Occupy Tokyo: Mass demonstrations go unreported by Japanese media. Japanese protest nuclear power and the government coverup of Fukushima nuclear disaster. Sott Editors Tue, 15 Nov 2011 00:53 CST You’ve heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Berlin, Tel Aviv and elsewhere around the world. But did you know that huge demonstrations have been taking place in Tokyo as well? We certainly didn’t until a SOTT forum member sent us the details. The general lack of awareness of the protests in Japan is probably due to the fact that there has been zero coverage of ’Occupy Tokyo’ - w ...   read more

Monsanto Found Guilty!   10 y  
Monsanto,Syngenta,Bayer,BASF,Dow, and Dupont--The 6 largest pesticide and Biotech firms in the world, found GUILTY of Human Rights Violations! “Big 6″ Guilty of Human Rights Violations Posted on December 10, 2011 by Admin Citing Systematic Human Rights Violations, International Court Hands Down Verdict to Six Largest Pesticide Manufacturer After an intensive public trial covering a range of human rights violations, jurors issued a scathing verdict* to the six largest pesticide and biotechnology corporations, urging governments, especially the US, Switzerland and Germany, to take action to prevent further harms. &ldq ...   read more

Monsanto GE Corn Fails   10 y  
Corn plants are falling over, their roots devastated by a ravenous insect called the corn rootworm. The corn fields are planted with seed engineered by Monsanto precisely to kill the corn rootworm. Monsanto's product known as Bt corn, has failed; rootworms are developing resistance to it. Mother Jones Magazine: Monsanto (Still) Denies Superinsect Problem, Despite Evidence —By Tom Philpott | Thu Dec. 8, 2011 4:00 AM PST   corn rootworm: You call it Smartstax, I call it breakfast. imarsman/Flickr Back in August—as I reported here (1)—something strange began to happen in isolated Iowa corn fields: Otherwise healthy corn plants were falling over, their roots devastated by a ravenous insect called the corn rootworm. The weird part wasn’t pest outbreaks in vast c ...   read more

Help Somali Refugees   10 y  
LuminAID makes a solar-rechargeable, inflatable, low cost portable lamp. They have set up a partnership with an organization called Advance Aid to distribute LuminAID lights to the refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya, home to over 400,000 Somali refugees. Please help.
Dadaab is home to hundreds of thousands of people who have fled regions of conflict in Eastern Africa. Advance Aid will work with World Vision to distribute the LuminAID lights. Here’s a World Vision report on Dadaab’s refugee camps: World Vision’s Mindy Mizell vlogs about arriving in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp where more than 400k Somalis are seeking shelter...many of whom are children. To find out how you can help bring light to refugees and disaster relief victims, and read more about LuminAID, go to:   read more

Portable Solar Light!   10 y  
LuminAID Lab is proud to introduce the LuminAID light: a solar-rechargeable, inflatable lamp that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. If you buy one light, another will be donated to someone in need through the Community Projects for Matching Lights
To donate or purchase a LuminAID go here: LuminAID: Give Light, Get Light About the Project LuminAID Lab is proud to introduce the LuminAID light: a solar-rechargeable, inflatable lamp that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. Safe, sustainable, and portable, the LuminAID light provides up to six hours of LED light, ideal for disaster relief situations, recreational use outdoors, or in the home as an extra light source. Our mission: make light more affordable, sustainable, and av ...   read more

Gift to the Earth   10 y  
The Holiday Season is here. Please consider giving a gift to the Earth. Donate to an environmental organization. My favorite three are below:
National Resources Defense Council/Save BioGems specially selects wild places across the Americas that face an imminent threat of destruction: pristine coastlines that could become industrial ports; ancient forests that could be stripped of trees; and unspoiled wildlife habitats that could be sacrificed to oil and gas drilling. Our imperiled BioGems are irreplaceable remnants of wilderness that provide sanctuary for endangered wildlife, curb global warming, preserve biodiversity and enrich the lives of local people. Pesticide Action North America promo ...   read more

Buy Nothing Day!11/25-26/2011   10 y  
November 25 in the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving, and November 26 WorldWide, known as "Black Friday" when all good consumers are supposed to go out and spend, spend, spend and buy, buy, buy--BOYCOTT on this day and BUY NOTHING! Buy Less and Live More The 20th Annual Buy Nothing Days for 2011 are November 25th: North America and November 26th: Worldwide. Launched in the mid-1990s by the Canada-based anti-consumerist publication Adbusters, it’s an idea in which people are encouraged to stay out of the shops for 24 hours to make a small stand against rampant consumerism. This year they are thinking bigger than ever. You see, Adbusters Magazine started the Occupy Movement. In last July’s issue of Adbusters, they ran a one ...   read more

No More Corporate Greed!   10 y  
Buffy Sainte Marie really sings it--"No No Keshagesh" "That's the title of native American folk singer, Buffy Sainte-Marie. The title translates as 'No No Greedyguts' and is a rant against corporate greed."
Buffy Saint-Marie - No No Keshagesh, taken from the album ”Running For The Drum” Out now on Cooking Vinyl Records, ”With a thundering beat and stark words, Buffy tells it like it is! da lyrics: I never saw so many business suits. Never knew a dollar sign that looked so cute. Never knew a junkie with a money Jones: He’s singing, ”Who’s selling Park Place. Who’s buying Boardwalk”? These old men they make their dirty deals. Go in the back room and see what they can steal. Talk about your beautiful and spacious skies. It’s about uranium; it’s a ...   read more

Give for FREE!   10 y  
We are heading into another Holiday Season soon. Why not Give for FREE by "clicking" every day?
There are eight very worthy causes on this site:     I’ve been "clicking" for years now. If folks go to the very top of the page they will see links to the following causes: Hunger/Breast Cancer/Animals/Veterans/Autism/Child Health/Literacy/Rainforest Preservation (my personal favorite). The GreaterGood Network is a family of websites that provide simple, effective, feel-good ways to directly help people, animals, and the planet. Thank you for your caring online actions. Since 1999 ...   read more

Reusable Pizza Box   10 y  
Help entrepreneur launch reusable stainless steel pizza box and keep 3 BILLION pizza boxes a year out of landfills!
Good News Reuse™ Set to Launch First Reusable Pizza Container September 20, 2011 by Rick LeBlanc   Filed under Latest News We throw away over 3 billion single-use cardboard pizza boxes in the United States every year. Good News Reuse ™, a Mill Valley, CA start-up says it has a sustainable solution – the world’s first reusable pizza container made of thin, food-grade stainless steel, reusable over 1,000 times. To fund the idea, Good News Reuse™ founder Susan Lopes has launched an online campaign on IndieGoGo, ...   read more

Styrofoam Alternative   10 y  
This is so cool!! EDIBLE, biodegradable, compostable packaging material made from mushrooms, an alternative to unsustainable styrofoam!
Styrofoam packaging famously does NOT biodegrade and has continued to pour into our landfills where it sits, intact. Eco Cradle is new packaging that biodegrades harmlessly. It’s made with mushrooms, seed husks, rice, grain and other agricultural byproducts. Eco Cradle uses only 1/10th the energy needed to create styrofoam. Toss it in the compost, or right in the garden. It is even edible! More information about Ecocradle Natural packaging from Ecovative Design: More information about GreenSulate, insulation made from mu ...   read more

MCS:Homesick, the Video   10 y  
Mulitple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness MCS/EI) has for too long remained invisible to the public, and those with this chronic illness left unchampioned. Susan Abod, who has had MCS and Chronic Fatigue for over 25 years, has worked on her film HOMESICK for over 10 years. As someone who also has lived with MCS/EI for over 25 years, this project is dear to my heart. I personally know the filmmaker Susan Abod. Please watch the trailer for her film HOMESICK and consider helping to sponsor her film so it can be completed and distributed. Contributions are tax-deductable. Thank you and blessings! Liora
For more information or to make a contribution, go here:   OUR STORY Imagine that houses make you sick—dangerously sick. Common products like paint, carpeting, new building materials and insecticides are poisonous enemies. Your bones ache, you’re feverish, you suffer from extreme headaches, disabling  fatigue, mental confusion, asthma, nausea and sleeping disorders. The longer you stay in toxic housing, the sicker you get—and the less resources you have to deal with your des ...   read more

Child's Poem   10 y  
Child's poem for the Earth
As I sit here on the grass still wet with dew I listen to the sounds of nature: The birds chirping The wind blowing through the trees The bell rings and children come out to play They run to the handball courts It seems to be their favorite game I watch them play until they go inside Once again I’m alone The world seems big and frightening I once thought it was exciting and beautiful Now it’s dull and scary But maybe this world is still beautiful and it has just turned raw with industry If this is so then there is still hope that we can ...   read more

Photo:Stunning Saturn   10 y  
Stunning new photo of Saturn taken by NASA's Cassini space probe NASA’s Cassini orbiter snaps unbelievable picture of Saturn By Mike Wehner, Tecca | Today in Tech –  Thu, Sep 8, 2011   Sometimes reality is just as stunning as science fiction   Science fiction movies have spoiled us on high definition views of our planetary neighbors, but real-life photographs with equal jaw-dropping potential are exceedingly rare. That’s what makes NASA’s awe-inspiring snapshot of Saturn ( hi-res version here ) such a stunning pi ...   read more

Dream of Peace   10 y  
10th Anniversary of 9-11, Dreams of Peace/John Lennon's "Imagine" sung by young Iraqi refugee
Emmanuel Kelly sings John Lennon’s ”Imagine”   read more

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