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by thomas
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Transmutation Visualization   17 y  
A Method I Learned for Transmuting Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Images into Positive Energy
Back in February of this year I left a job in the legal field where I had worked for almost six years. The job itself was no longer bringing any joy into my life and was actually causing me a lot of undesired stress and frustration. I left work on a Friday and on that Monday I flew out on my own to Sedona, Arizona. I spent a full week in Sedona and received much needed rest, relaxation and nurturing for my body, mind and spirit. While I was out there, I was taught a visualization/meditation to transmute negative or discordant thoughts, feelings, emotions and images into positive energ ...   read more

Message on Healing   17 y  
A Message I received on Healing and How We Can Choose to Modify Our Understanding of Diseases and Illnesses
Here is a message I received late tonight regarding diseases and illnesses and how we can modify our understanding of healing them.   This really provides a window to the future and hopefully how the medical community will be transformed from its dependence on drugs, chemicals and surgery. We have a message for you regarding healing.   The healing of your physical bodies takes on many dimensions.   There is so much more going on than simple the physical dimension of your disease.   And so the remedy or medicine by your terms for these diseases are more comple ...   read more

Animal Totem Meditation   17 y  
What Happened During My Recent Animal Totem Meditation
Yesterday I did an animal totem meditation that wound up being a wonderful experience. For those who have never heard of an animal totem the easiest explanation is that a totem is the equivalent of a symbol, so they are in essence animal symbols. However, they take on another dimension because they are much more than just symbols, they can be like guides or messengers. For some they are akin to guardian angels or spirit guides. The power and symbolism of animals is present in many native cultures in the world. Most of us here in the U.S. equate these beliefs with the wonderful beliefs ...   read more

Heart Dis-ease   17 y  
Is Heart Dis-Ease Only About Genetics and Poor Lifestyle or is there More Going on then there Seems
Heart disease and the effects it has on the human body have been important issues in my family for literally generations. There is a clear family history of heart disease going back on my father’s side to my great-grandmother. She died of a sudden heart attack when she was in her late 50’s, her son and my grandfather died of a heart attack when he was in his 40’s, my own father had quintuple bypass surgery at 57 and I just recently learned that my uncle may require open heart surgery. Now I know that most doctors or others in the medical profession would simple look at this situation ...   read more

My First Message   17 y  
A Message I received Today During My Meditation
As I went through my daily meditation today, I decided to ask a question.   The question was simple, “Is there a message you wish for me to provide others through my blog?”   What follows is the answer I received.   I don’t usually get such clear responses, so this is definitely a new thing for me.   But as the old adage goes, ask and you shall receive.     The Message: Yes.   We have a message for all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.   Listen to yourself.   Be true and honest with who you are ...   read more

Dream Release   17 y  
Dreams Allow us to Experience and Release Emotions that We May be Blocking During our Waking Hours
A short time ago, I was talking with someone regarding one of their dreams which they had found very disturbing. The dream had many violent images and was full of anger. We talked about the dream, the images that were presented and the feelings or emotions that the dream brought up. Through talking about this dream, we both realized that these were all emotions that this person was trying not to express or feel in their life. In essence, an emotional block was being created. The amazing part is that the block that was being created by the conscious mind was being released by the uncon ...   read more

The Cancel Method   17 y  
One Method I use to Defeat the Negative Self-Talk
Several months ago I learned a wonderful technique for fighting the negative thought patterns that most of us have. It is a great method which I have termed the cancel method. Many thanks and blessings to the friend who passed it along. The best part is that it is really easy. Any time you have a negative thought say out loud or to yourself cancel cancel and then thank God and the universe for making it so. This is based on the premise that there is a lag time between the time we think of something and when it is created. This lag time is a safety net that allows each of us to cancel ...   read more

Creating Unity   17 y  
How I am Trying to Create Unity within Myself and My World
The other day I was thinking about this path I have been traveling on and I realized that the ultimate goal for me is to create unity in an attempt to become one with all things. While I have begun the process of creating unity within myself, I also acknowledge the importance of creating unity within all of my relationships including those with family members and friends. Up to this point my experiences have shown me that the key to unity within myself and these other relationships is truth. I now see truth as the light that fills a darkened room. Many have said that dark is not an ent ...   read more

Choosing Everything   17 y  
If You’re Going to Choose Something, Why Not Choose Everything
One night last week when I was down the shore, I decided to have a conversation with God. It was late and everyone else had already gone to bed. I walked out onto the deck and stared up into the sky. I could see hundreds and thousands of stars twinkling away. There was a heck of a lot more up there than I am used to. With all the light pollution in my area, you can only see the brightest of stars. So it is pretty much a treat when I can get away from all those disruptive lights and see the true beauty of the night sky. I started off the conversation by asking God to give me clarit ...   read more

Present Phobias/ Past Lives   17 y  
Some Present Fears and Phobias may be from the Past. Past Lives that is.
Last Monday I drove down to the Jersey Shore to meet up with my brother, sisters and their families. They had rented a house for the week which was only a stones throw away from the beach. I was really looking forward to hanging out with my family and enjoying the shore. Beyond that, I really had no other expectations. I wasn’t planning on doing any kind of spiritual work on myself. Yet, now I realize that the journey never stops or goes on hiatus. The universe is always present and ready to help us to achieve greater unity within ourselves. If the opportunity arises, the universe ...   read more

Death: A Different Perspective   17 y  
The Recounting of a Recent Experience that Gave Me a Different Perspective on Death
Several weeks ago I had a very interesting experience that gave me a whole new perspective on death. It’s amazing to me that this wonderful experience happened while I was driving in my car. It just goes to show that you never know when the universe is going to knock on your door or your windshield for that matter. So now onto the story. I was leaving my sister’s house at 12 or 1 in the morning after a day of spending time with her and my niece. As it was late, I knew there would not be a lot of cars on the road. I was glad for this as it would make for a nice, easy and uneventful r ...   read more

Illusions   17 y  
We are the creators of illusions that keep us disconnected from the truth
I decided that for this particular entry I was going to ask for some divine inspiration. I had a couple of thoughts running through my head and instead of picking one of those I decided to ask God to lead me to the most important message I could share with others right at this time. I then had the feeling to open up the book, A Course of Miracles. I opened it up and read the passage. Unfortunately, the message did not immediately strike a chord within me. It gave me a few ideas to think about, but not one particular one that really inspired me. Due to that lack of inspiration, I dec ...   read more

Dream Revelation   17 y  
My views on the importance of dreams and the meaning of a recent dream I had
I have a strong belief in the power of our dreams. Throughout the ages we as humans have marveled at this dream state. Hundreds of philosophers, scientists and mystics have dedicated their time in an attempt to explain the purpose and meaning of dreams. Some say that in our dreams we delve into our subconscious mind and work out many of the problems or issues that trouble us while we are conscious. Others have said that within the dream state we are in greater communion with God and are able to receive messages from the universe. And there are even those that believe that during our d ...   read more

Bruno Groning, Miracle Healer   17 y  
A summary of his teachings concerning spiritual healing
I first heard about Bruno Gröning from a friend of mine who picked up a pamphlet about him at the New York New Life Expo which was held earlier this year. The pamphlet was an advertisement for the playing of a film about his life. As we were interested in the topic of spiritual healing, my friends and I decided to go see the film. This was a big commitment as it was five hours long. Although this was a long time to watch any movie, we wanted to learn more about this man who had been termed a modern day miracle healer. The movie itself was done very well. It covered everything from ...   read more

Losing Weight and Transforming My Physical Body   17 y  
A short description of the lifestyle changes that helped me to loose the weight and live a healthier life.
I recently lost a little over 40 pounds. I went from an unhealthy (high blood pressure and stuff) 240 to just under 200. I chose to loose the weight through a lifestyle change and not a diet. I have done the diet thing in the past and it never really worked for me. I would lose weight and then gain it back again. So I finally decided it needed to be a lifestyle change. I began by fundamentally looking at what food I was eating and what drinks I was drinking. I then began to replace the unhealthy items with what I consider to be healthier alternatives. One of the first things I did was t ...   read more

Animal Symbols   17 y  
A reminder that the animals around us can be powerful symbols
As I was walking home today from my usual run in the park, I noticed three crows in one of the pine trees. As I stopped and looked closer, I noticed there were two or three more of them sitting in the tree. As I stood there, they must have sensed my presence and took off into the air. Several of them began squawking and circling above me. They did this for several minutes and then flew off altogether. If this were several years ago, I may have simple shrugged off the experience and said boy that was weird. Had this been a normal occurrence, I may not have even taken notice. But becau ...   read more

The Beginning of the Journey   17 y  
Introductory Blog Post with list of reccommended books.
I began my journey of light like everyone else when I was born into this amazing and wonderful world of possibilities. Starting off as a young child, I always felt that pull towards greater unity with God and the people around me. I had a deep sense of empathy towards others and was able to connect with certain people on a deeper level than most children my age. I now realize that I had the ability to sense and feel emotions and energy. At the time, I was just considered to be oversensitive or too emotional. Terms used by those who did not have a full understanding of their true natur ...   read more

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