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Spiritual Basis/CFIDS   16 y  
Spirit says that the forerunners of the "New Human" are the ones experiencing "ascension symptoms" such as chronic fatigue and other immune system dis-orders!
Spirit speaks: You humans are so readily distracted, your minds travel in multiple paths/roads/dimensions all at once, most of which you are not aware! No wonder you are so tired! You are not aware of the enormous amount of energy it takes to be multi-dimensional while in a 3-D body! As you read in the article tonight on CFIDs (chronic fatigue/immune deficiency syndrome), the incidence of ”chronic fatigue” as your doctors/scientists label it, is on the rise in humans--why? toxins in the environment? viruses? No, more humans are becoming inter-dimensional while still in a 3-D ...   read more

Imagination is the Key!   16 y  
Spirit tells us we are limited only by our own thinking! Our imagination is the key to unlimited power and knowledge!
Dear One, We address you now as those who love you. Write now, Little One, what We say to you in love: You do not have to/need to capitalize ”we” although we realize it is meant on your part as respect for us, as you and we are ”One” and to capitalize means/implies a hierarchy of power, with ”We/Us” being ”Greater” than you (little ”y”) and thus somehow more valued, more powerful, more ”knowing” than you. While we ”See” things and ”know” things that you in your limited form can not, we are not greater nor lesser than you! We ”partner” with you, so to speak, so how can one p ...   read more

Free Will   16 y  
As Spiritual BEings we have free will to make life choices among myriad potentialities at any given moment...
Spirit speaks:  Your future is ”cloudy” to you, as there are many potentialities you can choose. You have free will. We can lay out the ”map” for you, so to speak, showing you the possible ”routes” to take on your journey, we can hint and guide and nudge you in one direction or another, and set the stars in the sky to help you to navigate, but you are the wanderer, the journeyman, the captain of the ship and the ultimate direction in which you steer yourself is up to you. Yes, you may get ”lost”, you may ”back-track”, you may even go in circles as the picture in your mind shows you--all ...   read more

War is Anathema to Our BEings   16 y  
Spirits tells us that killing one another, particularly in war, affects us all at a soul level. Bodily, the shock of war can show up as Gulf War or Agent Orange syndromes...
Q: What about help for those with ”Gulf War Syndrome” or those suffering from ”Agent Orange” including the Vietnamese peoples, not just our Vietnam veterans? How to help them? A: Some are traumatized in war where killing other BEings like themselves is so profound an experience as to ”shock” the body out of a natural state of health--(yes, it is ”natural” to be in good health always! the Creator designed your bodies so)--and thus manifest as auto-immune dis-orders that are labeled as ”Agent Orange” or ”Gulf War” syndromes. As to those with ”Gulf War” Syndrome and ”Agent O ...   read more

Spiritual Basis:MCS/Part II   16 y  
Spirit continues the discussion on spiritual causes and healing for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS):
Liora asks: Re: MCS, are there different "causes" of this imbalance for different people with this "dis-order"? Spirit answers: As for "MCS" as you call it and others with this "dis-order", you have already answered your own question--"MCS" is a blanket label for a set of "dis-orders" that appear similar in dysfunctions but whose origin is different for each person. In all cases there is some sort of "imbalance" in the body, the "immune system" if you will, that is due to various underlying caus ...   read more

Spiritual Basis:Allergies/MCS   16 y  
I have had environmental allergies my whole life, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) for 20 years. Spirit addresses the nature of these "dis-orders" from the standpoint of "energetics":
Environmental Allergies: You worry that you are “allergic” to Mother Earth-- how ludicrous can this be! Your hunch that the reason you react to the grass is correct, that it is non-native to your area, and this is why you react because humans have intervened in the natural order of things and grow things that are not meant to be in this habitat and you sense, recognize this as such. You react energetically to the misplaced growing things and thus have what is labeled as an “allergy” when it is really an energetic displacement, if you will, that you ...   read more

Greatness Within   16 y  
Spirit tells us, no matter what level of our earthly "achievement", we all have potential for Greatness!
Come out of hiding, Lovely Human, and let the world see you, know you, feel you for you have much greatness within you as do you all, yes, all six billion souls on this lovely, wondrous planet of yours/Ours/the Universe’s! You humans compare each other by ”achievement” all the time to distinguish yourselves, separate yourselves into hierarchies--yet you ALL have EQUAL POTENTIAL--it is the potential, that potentiality of awareness that is important here, not the actual ”achievement” as you humans perceive it. Do you NOT SEE YOUR VERY POTENTIAL FOR GREATNESS? All of you, repeat, ...   read more

Multi-dimensionality   16 y  
In a Q & A format, Spirit discusses that although humans perceive ourselves to be "individuals", we are actually multi-dimensional beings who are all part of the Oneness of the All-That-Is!
Humans do like so much to think of yourselves as independent entities when no such thing exists! You are all so multifaceted and intertwined in multiple dimensions, yet your 3-D ”field of vision” is so narrow/constricted as to ”see” yourselves as individual beings! It is just not so! If that were so, how could We, your ”Guides”, communicate with you as We do? You and We are One, so connected as to share ”thoughts”--energy patterns, really, translated through the ”ethers” as ”thought patterns” so your biological brain can comprehend the information. OUR DEAR ONES! Hear this ...   read more

Mutuality of Healing   16 y  
Spirit tells me that my purpose is to "serve myself as I serve others, and to serve others as I serve myself". Spirit discusses the mutuality of healing from this standpoint:
How deliciously ironic! To be the healer in need of healing! And the ”healee” helps the ”healer”! Yes, healing is a ”two-way street” as you like to say. We have given you your motto---”serve and heal others as you serve and heal yourself; serve and heal yourself as you serve and heal others!” The purpose of this is to see, unlock, the potential of healing in all of you, not just those who identify themselves as ”healers”. This leads to mutual assistance, inter-dependence, and mutual joy and gratitude. Even as the bodies of all may not ”heal”, there is healing of the rend/rip of ...   read more

Darkness, a Poem   16 y  
I'm inspired to post this after reading the comment "Reality Construct" from Lapis: "Without darkness to compare the light to there would not be contrast. Without this duality, we would have no experential reality as we currently know it."
  Darkness Darkness is not to be feared, but embraced From the darkness of the womb we are born Through the darkness of death we return to Source Within the darkness of space we see the light of the moon and stars The darkness of night gives way to the light of day The darkness of our Soul is illuminated by the Light of Knowing It is the balance of Darkness and Light within our Soul that brings us into Universal Harmony with the Creation Darkness lends strength and power ...   read more

The Light and the Dark   16 y  
Spirit asks us to embrace not only the Divine Light within, but the Divine Darkness as well, so we may truly Love ourselves.
We truly are in awe of all you do for We do not experience the 3-D existence as you do, and your assignment, your play, your part here in the Earth plane is indeed hard and difficult--there is no question of this. Your challenge is to find the Love in you, the Love in all of you, and bring it forth, bring it forth, bring it forth into the Light at the same time you celebrate the Divine Darkness in your Soul, for that is part of the duality of the Cosmos, the Light and the Dark, so long kept apart but that which so longs for rapprochement, reconciliation, reunification, the Univers ...   read more

Love Yourself First   16 y  
Spirit loves us unconditionally and asks us to love ourselves in the same way.
Dear One: Love yourself first above all else and the rest will flow from there. You must embrace all of you, not just the parts that you find pleasant, but those parts of yourself that you label as dark or bad or ugly or shameful, for We do not see you in this light, this way at all, for We love all of you, and We love all of you unconditionally. It is hard to imagine what this is like but We ask you to try and FEEL it, not think it, and you will understand Our meaning, dearest one. And We desire you to strive for this love and compassion and unconditional love for yourself. ...   read more

Sexual Relationships   16 y  
Human relationships are an opportunity for us to learn from each other, using each other as "mirrors" in order to learn life lessons.
Human relationships need not be static. To be static is to “die” a little death in your soul. In this New Energy humans are to live and love and learn from each other, not necessarily in a “marriage” or a bonded couple for “life” as in old energy concepts of “marriage” but in relationships of various lengths and times of duration. Some will be for many years, others for very few, or even months or weeks. Take what you need for your Lives’ lesson, and then let go and move on. Simple, but not so simple; sometimes painful --emotio ...   read more

The Nature of "Time"   16 y  
Spirit says "Time" is a Human Illusion: All the events of our lives are happening all at once, past, present, and future!
What is "Time" and the "Universe" but physical manifestations of the Divine? Yes, Time itself is a construct and has no real "meaning" in the Universal Eternal Mind where there is no Beginning and no End. "Time" is an illusion born of limited Human Mind, but no harsh judgment is meant of this. Humans see themselves a finite because of the decline, decay, "death" of the human physical form and as such the Soul of Humanity is "asleep" and remembers not its Divinity and Timeless Divine Origin. There is no begin ...   read more

Creation of the Earth   16 y  
My Spirit Guides tell me our planet was formed by Entities/Angels in a "group process". There was/is no separation between the Creator and the Creation, all is ONE!
We laugh at the debate between your staunch ”evolutionists” and ”creationists” as both principles really apply to your earth. Evolution was a ”group process”, if you will, involving the expertise, ”minds”, love, skill of many, many angel/entities all working in collaboration with each other over eons of earth time. Some entities/angels were more involved in the energetics, the ”form”, if you will, of the Mother’s body--rocks and dirt and mountains and crystals and oceans and waters--the physical, geo-physical as your scientists would call it--realms. Others were more invo ...   read more

Yeshua & Materialism   16 y  
Spirit says: Yeshua taught that EVERYONE is "God made manifest through the Flesh". As we are all "God", we are all deserving of the basic human needs to sustain our bodies, "The Temple of the Soul".
Dear Ones, To be Holy in thought, word, action, and deed is difficult, as the human mind strays to that which will bring but temporary pleasure to the body-physical.  Humans are easily led down this path of acquisition for the material, as if these things will somehow satisfy the Soul in its desire to be Whole. Of course, one must care for the body-physical and not deny it basic sustenance of food, clothes, shelter for how else can the body-physical serve as Temple for the Divine-within-Flesh unless it is whole and well? But massive accumulation of m ...   read more

Co-Creation w/Spirit   16 y  
When my Guides speak to me, I call it an act of "co-creation with Spirit"...
Dear Ones: You may be asking, what does Liora mean when she says she receives ”messages” from her Spiritual Guides? Some people use the word ”channeling”, but this implies that the mind and personality of the ”channeler” is set aside and that the message from Spirit comes through in a ”pure” form, whether verbally or in writing. I prefer to use the term ”co-create”, as I learned from both Rev. Michael Beckwith of AGAPE International Spiritual Center and James Twyman, International Peace Troubadour. I am fully aware and awake when messages come through me. I start out by ask ...   read more

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