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Spiritual Doldrums   12 y  
Finding myself in the Spiritual doldrums, I felt compelled to speak with my Higher Self, and then to share the "information" with you.
Just watched a movie about a young man traveling from England to Australia--took 6 months in the 1800’s, on an old, leaky wooden-hulled sailing vessel. When the ship came to a point west of the African continent, it was stuck in a becalmed sea for weeks, nary a breeze in site, drifting aimlessly, caught in what sailors call "the doldrums." When finally the sails caught the winds, much to the relief of passengers and crew, it was beset by a fierce storm that threatened to sink the ship, and which blew the ship backwards along its path, back to the doldrums once again, this time wi ...   read more

HELP Reny Cabral   12 y  
I am posting this with the hope that we can help Reny Cabral, a young man with schizophrenia and quadriplegia, whose story is below.
Dear Curezoners: I first read about Reny in the Los Angeles Times in December 7, 2007, and was both moved and angered--moved because of the determination of Reny and his family for his recovery, and angered because of the suffering Reny and his family have had to endure because of California’s failed mental health and penal systems.      I am asking you to do the following:   ...   read more

Sacred Music   12 y  
Beautiful flute music by Rogelio Herrera, recorded in an ocean cavern that is a natural echoic chamber. FREE MP3 downloads of 3 flute songs!
http://www.josephrael.com/music.htm Download Mp3s of Rogelio Herrera’s Flute Music (for Mac’s control-click, PC’s right-click): High Tide Song of Peace Birdsong The origin of the flute music on the Song Of Peace video by Rogelio Herrera Inabuyatan Island, 1,105 feet high, at the entrance to Bacuit Bay in Palawan, Philippines, resembles the profile of a woman’s head looking up to the heaven. For years the locals called her the Princess, but she is also regarded as a Healing Goddess. According to local folklore the Princess had gone i ...   read more

History of Humanity   13 y  
One of the most amazing Kryon channelings I've ever read! Kryon, a feminine group energy channeled by Lee Carroll, tells us that humanity is only 100,000 years old, discusses the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations, our Pleidian "brethren", the formation of the Akashic Record, and the truth about global warming and other earth phenomena. Most wonderously, Kryon tells us about our "test" of 144,000 years...READ ON to find out where we are right now, what challenges we have to come in the years following 2012, and what we will become if we survive our "test"!
http://kryon.com/k_chanelcruise8.html Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I’m giving my partner a glimpse of what I’m asking him to do, and it makes him nervous. When we get into these kinds of things, this new information, I have shown him through energy how important it is to be accurate. This is a unique situation, for you are slipping over the ocean now, underway, floating above the earth. This is a disconnect with the energy that you normally always have, and because of this disconnect, it allows a perception that is grander, more reflective, both of the send ...   read more

Solstice Full Moon Photos   13 y  
Winter Solstice started Friday night, 10:09 PM PST, followed by a Full Moon on Saturday December 22, 2007. This is a time when strong Spiritual energies of the Masters Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and others are at their highest manifestation on the Earth Plane. Here are 4 photos I took on the night of the Winter Solstice Full Moon. Two of them (blue/red) have been color enhanced, the other two are au naturel. The small "dot" next to the Full Moon is the planet Mars. Blessings, Love, and Light to you on this Eve, in celebration of the Christ Consciousness made manifest on the Earth! Liora Leah
  read more

Solstice Gift   13 y  
from Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. Winter officially begins Friday December 21, 2007 at 10:09 PM PST, 1:09 AM EST
Joseph Rael http://www.josephrael.com "Peace will come and will be with you always."--Joseph Rael, 2007 "While leading a dance in Australia in 2006, I had a vision of a Horn of Plenty in the sky, pouring blessings on the Earth. When I saw the Horn of Plenty, I understood what that meant. "The message of the Horn of Plenty is that we humans have fooled around long enough, and God is going to take over. From now on, we are going to get plenty of everything we focus on and act on. If we focus on conflict, we will get more co ...   read more

Holiday Prayer   13 y  
Holiday Prayer To the One Creator and Sustainer of the Universe from Steven Sadleir
A Prayer Lord help me to continually realize your living presence within me and around me protecting and guiding me through all my activities day and night in all places. Help this mind to remember that it is only serving as a vehicle for your love. Assist this body to remain conscious of you. Help this vehicle to stay on track and fulfill the purpose which you intended. Lord help me to see that this physical person is only a vessel of your Spirit and that I am n ...   read more

World Peace Meditation   13 y  
Steven Sadleir offers a free tele-conference Peace Meditation: Dial in and Peace out!
World Peace & Shaktipat Meditation Come join people from all over the world in this Meditation for Peace. The more of us that come together the stronger the collective force of the intention, so please invite a friend. Date: Thursday, December 6, 2007 Time: 6 pm, pst / 9 pm, est Dial: 1-605-475-8590, pin 549 0316# For Skype / UK numbers please email us. Mute: *2, Un-Mute: *3 Self Awareness Institute Phone: 949-355-3249 Email: Info@SelfAwareness.com http://www.selfawareness.com/   visit the page

Chanukah Prayer   13 y  
Chanukah Prayer
Photo-Prayer by Liora Leah 12-2007   visit the page

Eighth Wonder of World   13 y  
Inspired by childhood visions, Italian man creates astounding works of art, kept hidden until a few years ago!
Light fantastic: The giant glass dome of the Hall of Mirrors To See more photos, go to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=495538&in_page_id=1811 News » World news Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by ’paranormal’ eccentric by HAZEL COURTENEY - More by this author » Last updated at 09:58am on 22nd November 2007 Nestling in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from the ancient city of Turin, lies the valle ...   read more

Thanksgiving Prayer   13 y  
Thanksgiving Prayer
Thanksgiving Prayer A Prayer   Lord help me to continually realize your living presence within me and around me protecting and guiding me through all my activities day and night in all places. Help this mind to remember that it is only serving as a vehicle for your love. Assist this body to remain conscious of you. Help this vehicle to stay on track and fulfill the purpose which you intended. Lord help me to see that this physical person is only a vessel of your Spirit and that I am not ever separate from you, that my true nature is revealed in you, ...   read more

Video:Song of Peace   13 y  
YouTube video: Song of Peace by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)
"Peace will come and be with you always." --Joseph Rael, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1bD0cosFOk or:   http://www.josephrael.com/peace.htm You are invited to participate in a small act that will have an enormous effect in moving the world toward peace. Beloved Native American visionary Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) has created a peace blessing and asked that it be shared with people all over the world. Joseph created this blessing -- a Song of Peace -- to bring inner harmony and serenity to every individual who listens to it, knowing that the ...   read more

Echad:Oneness   13 y  
The powerful Hebrew prayer, the Shema, reminds us that All is One
Hebrew prayer: ”Shema yisra’el adonia eloheinu adonia echad.” Translation: ”Here O Israel, Adonai is Our God, Adonai is One.” Alternate translation: ”Listen, all of you who wrestle with the concept of God, God is One with us, and we are One with God.” Echad: Oneness Let us expand our understanding of ”echad” from its numerical meaning (”one”) to the concept of Oneness. The Divine is one with everything that exists. There is no point where the Divine ends and manifestation begins. Manifestation is one with the Divine in much the same way as the wave is one with the ocean. Each ...   read more

Mexican Goddess Calendar   13 y  
Ancient carvings of Goddesses newly discovered in Mexico may be a lunar calendar predating the Aztec Calendar
Subject: [DiosasAncianos2012 ] Huastec ”Mother Culture” & Lunar Calendar in Southern Mexico Monolith raises questions about ancient Mexican culture Deep in the Huastec jungle (Mexico) the enormous carved stone monolith stands, suspended over the pool of water where a team of archaeologists discovered it. A powerful woman stands at the center of the carving, flanked by two smaller decapitated women. A stream of liquid flows from the headless women toward the woman in the center. The women on each side are thought to represent priestesses, and the liquid represents the life force, ...   read more

POEM:I am No Name   13 y  
Spiritual poetry by a 14 year old!
I Am No Name ”I am no name,” she said. She had no true form, but kept changing shape before my eyes. ”I am in every human on earth, so all of them are in me,” she continued. Then in front of me stood myself, and I could see all the doubts, lies, hopes, thoughts, and truths I had ever felt. Before I knew it, her shape had changed again in under a second. ”Some people call me dreams,” she spoke again. And I knew it was true, for in her image were all the realities of mankind. ”I’ll be back again when I am more ap ...   read more

Ancestor Work   13 y  
I have been privilaged to know Danelia Wild for several years now, and have worked with her intensively in a Women Healers Group affiliated with the Topanga Blue Flag Dare' Community. Danelia is a dynamic, dedicated, intense, and talented woman who possesses deep spiritual insight. I am pleased to post this email I received from her telling of her classes on Ancestor Work and her availability to see clients for spiritual counseling, healing work, divination and inner guidance. Danelia teaches and practices in the Greater Los Angeles area.
Dear Liora, I’m writing to let you know that I am starting to see private clients and also teaching classes on Ancestor Work. And I am asking for your help in getting the word out. I am available to private clients for spiritual counseling, healing work, divination and an inner guidance process I have developed that I call Star Maps. I am also offering a weekly class – Stories on the Way Home – where we will explore the stories of our ancestral lineages as spiritual events that call for consciousness and healing. The day and time will depend on the needs of those who are interes ...   read more

Shannah Tovah!   13 y  
Happy Rosh Hashanah! (Jewish New Year!) A blessing from an Israeli friend of mine that I wanted to share!
I wish you a most prosperous, happy new year, health, fulfillment, peace, joy in your hearts. may there always be love in you, may beauty always surround you, may the earth below you be quietly fertile. may the heavens above be generous with rain, may you breathe deeply in the sweet air. may there always be laughter in your voice, twinkle in the eye, sweetness on your tongue, song in your heart may all your hearts’ desire come to fruition ______________ Blessings! Lior ...   read more

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